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Crackhead V3
Crackhead V3 преди 4 часа
You should censor the kids face out of respect for him
Soulz преди 4 часа
Fr it’s been out this long and people still think they need money, game legit came out like 5 years ago or something and they’re still updating it, they only do that if it’s making them bank
Daniel jhalab
Daniel jhalab преди 4 часа
Children from America:eww my mommy kill Eastern european children:yes
Axton Dragunov
Axton Dragunov преди 4 часа
bruh imagine playing madden then imagine getting mad at said madden if either applies to you, I'm sorry you are a fucking loser
youssarian91 преди 4 часа
When Muta and Charlie make a video about you on the same day, you know you done messed up.
ruby преди 4 часа
if screaming got child protective services to come i would've been gone a long time ago. shit sucks but the system is even worse
Berry преди 4 часа
Reminds me of my dad
threemoo преди 4 часа
I think what's happening here is more than games. This is someone who's being watched playing a game + It's sports (generally involves more fanatic behaviour, no offense guys) + He probably sees this as a revenue stream. When you add those in you've got a really bad mix of elements giving you the bad side of a human... The fact of the matter is, that child should not be on a livestream in the first place, that is where the bad behaviour begins from the get go. The child is on a livestream for what purpose? Highly likely extra views, which means extra revenue, that is completely unacceptable.
ShroomsCake преди 4 часа
My dad is a gamer. Let that sink in bc I commented on this video for a reason :)
Reina the Misfortunate Fox
Reina the Misfortunate Fox преди 4 часа
Sir Sixty
Sir Sixty преди 4 часа
Give the kid to Muta
Daisuki Project
Daisuki Project преди 4 часа
He doesn’t break equipment he owns but but his neighbors 7:19
ImoTube преди 4 часа
I knew it!
Zuka Zealanee
Zuka Zealanee преди 4 часа
I am not a violent person, but after seeing him scream STFU in his baby's face like that... I've never wanted to do harm to someone so bad in my life.
THE COOL GUY преди 4 часа
Twitter is an online Epstein island
nothing matters
nothing matters преди 4 часа
How tall is that g fuel tower
Skater Boy
Skater Boy преди 4 часа
you people really getting fired up by a delivery service advertisement christ bruh
Symphony Soup
Symphony Soup преди 4 часа
Kill the bird
SirBearingtonOfLondon преди 4 часа
Bruh he can get a 300 dollar controller but a shit camera?? Wtfff
Chomi Cruz
Chomi Cruz преди 4 часа
as a gamer mother of 3 kids, this hurts my heart :(
n o
n o преди 4 часа
another case of a 14 year old trying to be edgy on the internet
PunchCounter преди 5 часа
Ur gonna see in the news headline Indian man complains about hit game "Aids: EA Sports"
Minnie Gunn
Minnie Gunn преди 5 часа
Guy: Screams at his baby Me: Alexa open the gun cabinet
stormz media
stormz media преди 5 часа
as a parent this is upsetting
Professor Meme
Professor Meme преди 5 часа
you know a video will be interesting when a disclaimer is immediately presented at the start
jackson hardaker
jackson hardaker преди 5 часа
ive gotten super mad at games where ive wanted to absolutely thrash my controller, but my brain always reminded me: you wont be able to afford another one so calm the fuck down
Evan Mihaly
Evan Mihaly преди 5 часа
2013 Chevy Equinox
Al the pal%
Al the pal% преди 5 часа
Dad of the year lol
mercilessbamboo преди 5 часа
im not going to say that i never get mad at a game but most of the time im perfectly fine and when i do get mad its not break my controller on the table mad its just a little frustration and leave the game after the match and thats coming from a guy who has beaten most souls borne games
Salmon преди 5 часа
why god
why god преди 5 часа
muta i can’t believe you sold your soul to ray dons why :(
; преди 5 часа
This is one of the few internet clips that actually makes me sick.
CAT_HQ_1 преди 5 часа
This is just becoming a better Drama Alert.
Youtube Gulag Escapee
Youtube Gulag Escapee преди 5 часа
TheDeepThinker 2000
TheDeepThinker 2000 преди 5 часа
but what I'd like to know is... what kind of controller costs 300 bucks? what? was it made out of gold or something?... well I mean. . You could probably buy a fricking console itself with that money. lol
:/ oof
:/ oof преди 5 часа
he said guys 1trillion times
hellomynameisazer преди 5 часа
i saw this on a video on tik tok thanks for covering this
GiZM0 преди 5 часа
this genuinely looks terrifying i cant wait for this shit honestly
GiZM0 преди 5 часа
r34 artists are going to love this one
BonsZGamer преди 5 часа
listen everyone, we need to get a new video platform BGpost doesn't give a shit if Jay is doing what he does. We need a platform that will PUNISH people like Jay.
Merukai преди 5 часа
i understand why people are mad at this, and that this parent should have been more calm and maybe calmed his child down but, why are people saying this is child abuse
Duh Gucci
Duh Gucci преди 5 часа
I mean if you’re gonna toss aside a baby like it’s a garbage bag then yell “then yell shut the fuck up” to it, because it’s crying I think that falls under verbal abuse. This guy got mad over playing against bots in fucking Madden then takes it out on his barely 1yo kid. You do the math
MaskedWolfDragoness преди 5 часа
Guy's definitely gonna get arrested, if he hasn't already. He has that attitude. Somebody's gonna say something snarky, and he's gonna assault them, or kill them, and he's gonna be Bubba's new plaything. Or worse, he's gonna lose all patience for his kid, and it's gonna end up getting whipped at a wall.
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves преди 5 часа
Fair's fair, that guy's a piece of shit. On the flipside, please refrain from calling yourself a gamer. There's a very clear difference between a "gamer" and a "casual gamer"; if you don't understand why gamers rage, you clearly belong to the second category. Use "casual" or the full "casual gamer" in the future please.
Duh Gucci
Duh Gucci преди 4 часа
Rage over bots in Madden?
Amy P and Dirty too
Amy P and Dirty too преди 5 часа
I don't like children. I don't hate them or anything, I just don't like 'em and never wanted to have any. Never even played with dolls. And I think this is disgusting. Even I would never do anything to hurt a child mentally or physically. I f you are the type of person who gets seriously pissed at video games, maybe don't bring your child into the same room whilst you play them?
Cameron Kujo
Cameron Kujo преди 5 часа
Big mommy vampy
BIG Boy John
BIG Boy John преди 5 часа
Bothing can excuse this shitty parenting but i hope the kid does not get taken away from the family because it would be Fucking Aids for the kid to go to a orphanege or whatever. Becuase the Dude seems to be able to provide a good childhood for the kid
HSP of FSH преди 5 часа
does the child even have a mother or any other guardian, because that father disgusts me
KytZu 2
KytZu 2 преди 5 часа
I would prolly be a better child, i was so quiet that my mum thought i was mute.
Shifty преди 5 часа
Man muta I'm messed up due to alcohol and other irresponsiblitess but you know what I appreciate your videos no matter how messed up I am. Thanks for uploading for us.
Lebre Alexandre
Lebre Alexandre преди 5 часа
Giraffe in a Storm
Giraffe in a Storm преди 5 часа
I’m very competitive in nature when I play video games. I’m the same when I play sports irl. When I play sports irl I don’t have outbursts and maintain control. It’s the exact opposite when I play video games. I think it stems from having others watch you. I was raised to always act a certain way in the public eye, but gaming is something I usually do in my house away from other people so my emotions able to be expressed freely. I’m not saying I flat out destroy things on the regular but I do bang my table sometimes in frustration, but not due to the game more so my inadequacy to play the game well. I still find much enjoyment in the video games I play regardless.
Beben преди 5 часа
holy shit thats so cringe
Tee преди 5 часа
Now I feel like a degenerate for getting pissed at games,like I should.
TimedCreature96 T.C.96
TimedCreature96 T.C.96 преди 5 часа
That poor kid, he doesn't deserve any of this. I hate parents like that.
Spooky Skeleton
Spooky Skeleton преди 5 часа
So the game takes place in Romania?
yodainthewater преди 5 часа
Facebook been hacked can you look in to it. If you type videos in fb its all porn lol
HK Kobayashi
HK Kobayashi преди 5 часа
I would rather the dad stick him in a play pen in a different room.
Urifuria преди 5 часа
Elxokas intensifies
Umbrella Corp Security
Umbrella Corp Security преди 5 часа
The speech he made about getting angry at games ....clearly he has never played a Souls game
MAKMagic преди 5 часа
I gotta wonder how long they’d survive in a Mw2 lobby
Grgur Ivanović
Grgur Ivanović преди 5 часа
As a person who gets infuriated at video games, nothing you just desribed made me any less angry. The only thing that would get me any less angry was if I broke something, doesn't have to be equipment. Just the loud noise of something breaking was enough to get me calmer but never enough to de-angry me I can't calm down after being angry.
handsinthefire преди 5 часа
Well remember Muta, violent games don't cause people to harm anyone. But there was that bar that got shot up by that one dude who lost a sports game tournament there...>.> sports games cause violence.
Jeeves Rothschild
Jeeves Rothschild преди 5 часа
I like cheeseburgers.
Mr.Scatman7 преди 5 часа
imagine being such of a low life you care more at a video game than your child
Fabrize Antonio
Fabrize Antonio преди 5 часа
I don't like the fact that he looks like Jacksfilms in the thumbnail
WhiskeyBrewer преди 5 часа
"Hey Buckkerz, have you seen how high these steps are?"
Pixel Silzavon
Pixel Silzavon преди 5 часа
Imagine playing a Madden game. Or rather, a Madden game that isn't '08.
Troveion преди 5 часа
I think you forgot to point out, this is a child and if his dad is talking like that on the daily this kid isn't going to have a great vocabulary
Brian Chez
Brian Chez преди 5 часа
This situation has taught me one thing. For my personality, kids and gaming should be mutually exclusive. I'm the kind of jackass who does throw controllers and scream expletives over losing to BS AI. Wouldn't spend 300 on a controller... or play madden. But if I have kids, I'm not going to be gaming with them around, if at all at that point.
Dillon Qaphsiel
Dillon Qaphsiel преди 5 часа
I rage when no one can hear me.
mreshadow преди 5 часа
I'm a pc gamer too! Got my 8yr old Gateway I3 with an upgraded msi graphics card running blue stacks and mtg arena like a champ!
Amateur преди 5 часа
It's sad to say that I see this type of person WAY too often, I cant help but think about the children who havent had their abuse exposed and are still stuck in their terrible situations
UmbreonTwinkle преди 5 часа
Some people don't deserve to be parents. Choosing games over their kids
Troveion преди 5 часа
"It's the kids fault he should of got up and walked away"
Ryan C
Ryan C преди 5 часа
Manbun= unhinged terrible dad's....
_Cłøud Circus_
_Cłøud Circus_ преди 5 часа
I believe the mom kicked that dude out for the baby’s protection
Evil Mo
Evil Mo преди 5 часа
Playing league of legends taught me you could get flamed for your elo, and if you have too many wins lol
Herald Of The Goldberg
Herald Of The Goldberg преди 5 часа
As a sufferer of C-PTSD (Complex PTSD) brought on by physical, mental, and verbal abuse from people like him, I have no sympathy for people like him. There is a special place in Hell (or whatever afterlives you believe exist, if any) for him and his shrivel-hearted ilk.
Kooldogkid преди 5 часа
My School has been using google meets and google classrooms since the beginning. I think I was one of the lucky ones.
Daddy Andre
Daddy Andre преди 5 часа
It’s just fetish porn isn’t it?