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csgo plays
csgo plays преди 20 часа
how much fucking gfuel do you have its going to fall over one day
TJ0410 преди 20 часа
this makes me wanna downgrade to windows 8.1
Musical Cactuar
Musical Cactuar преди 20 часа
Ah yes "Whatever browser you're watching this in, ya know, internet explorer... *Snorts*
Renn Mahin
Renn Mahin преди 20 часа
Need to order a Muta Mong to wear to the beach this summer.
Bon Chickenfry
Bon Chickenfry преди 20 часа
Gaming is such a waste of life why don’t you find something better to do other than bitch about capitalism
ChibiCloud0921 преди 20 часа
I’m never getting a next gen console or a pc, what a great world we live in
Welloup преди 20 часа
U forgot the last of us part 2
Future Nightmare Sans
Future Nightmare Sans преди 20 часа
Raid employees: Rushing to find a way to take down this video or copystrike it
AmbientSpaceNoise преди 20 часа
3:04 Did Muta just successfully predict the Last Of Us Part 2 writing process 5 years ahead of time?
Prathamesh Takane
Prathamesh Takane преди 20 часа
heard about pewdiepie after a while, stopped watching that dude a while ago so thought i should see whats going on with him, but there he is making distracks on stuff/country other people like lol, instead of picking these weird sub battles why not just engage with your audience or do something fun, the sub battles have always ended up in his favor in past so he just concluded that as long as he pretends to be in a contest against a channel and make a few distracks, people will keep subbing in, maybe just sit down and THINK, do you really need to? what are you accomplishing? how many more subs do you need to satisfy your hunger?, with such big following why not focus on educating them, OR just do your own thing instead of picking up these cringy battles and creating distracks.
Sen Kensu
Sen Kensu преди 20 часа
Oh but Muta, every gen is like this.
Nestor Melendez
Nestor Melendez преди 20 часа
Scalpers: We DOnT WaNNa BE ThE BAdS GuYs
Yharim преди 20 часа
Windows fucked his stream to death. shit man
Dank_Frank преди 20 часа
Shiiit RIP stream. I have no idea what really happened but i do know that windows fucked up
zanerkin dardis
zanerkin dardis преди 20 часа
I watched it crash and then say the video was private. Like the fuck?
damian ocampo
damian ocampo преди 20 часа
Lmaoo stream dead
Joseph преди 20 часа
His stream died again lol
Some random Shmuck 1122
Some random Shmuck 1122 преди 20 часа
his thing died bro.
Dexter преди 20 часа
Rip stream again
AmbientSpaceNoise преди 20 часа
Honestly, based on how much retconning JK Rowling has done, this will be probably be deemed canon to the books in a couple of months.
Kuhmodo преди 20 часа
here after the stream died lol
Dnic преди 20 часа
ayo muta why u salty bruh?
Aguara☆Meiryo преди 21 час
5:17 BGpost video from the 2008 era, the 2020 cosplay.
ZchryPlys преди 21 час
Confirmed larp
Vortex преди 21 час
It's really funny how the Clear Web has more explicit content.
Глад Валакас ФЭК
Глад Валакас ФЭК преди 21 час
꧁ ꧂
꧁ ꧂ преди 21 час
Oh no
ratherande преди 21 час
The amount of entitlement you need to think things like this actually matter. We have it so good in America.
Eldiezzz G
Eldiezzz G преди 21 час
you haven't showered in a couple days huh nasty
Sevay преди 21 час
i wonder if this comment section is the embodiment of how humans don’t like to think or talk about very sad things (Etika) so they focus on something else cause it’s easier to cope when you keep your mind busy (pyro since all comments are about him even tho the entire video was basically about Etika) ...... idk i was just wondering & thought this was interesting ....
hoola boi
hoola boi преди 21 час
rainbow six siege
ThatKidWolfy преди 21 час
I love going to this comment section and see a bunch of intellectuals talk about cringey white girls
Alex Balekjian
Alex Balekjian преди 21 час
Let's get a PS5 emulator
Neon преди 21 час
The Blue Demon Has Broke Your PC
Hybrid преди 21 час
I straight up he was about to think he said this video is brought to you by raid shadow legends
colorfulguy преди 21 час
Tmg Clips
Tmg Clips преди 21 час
Eat your cereal
Callum Bradbury
Callum Bradbury преди 21 час
1:00 I got the same thing! 3:00 oh, he almost died, uhhhhh
joneswillian1542 преди 21 час
When ur dog kisses you
OFFICIAL TIKTOK преди 21 час
wanna be Friends
Jeanette Angelica Alvarado Maso
Jeanette Angelica Alvarado Maso преди 21 час
Is not fun if you keep blurring what we really came to watch your video. You just read boring documents and censor the interesting part. I don't believe BGpost will block anything because there are videos for 18+ people. So, I hope you really share what you see otherwise there is no point on watching your videos
SkyTech RTS
SkyTech RTS преди 21 час
2012 Muta is back bois.
Vibe Time
Vibe Time преди 21 час
I think I’m in their server but I’m in purgatory
Goomba 456
Goomba 456 преди 21 час
I love "the greatest antivirus is common sense"
VirtuousAezon преди 21 час
UAE преди 21 час
What are the scalpers going to do when the PS5/XBSX become widely available?
J C преди 21 час
666 dislikes muta....
C B преди 21 час
Lost it at the $40 skirt lol
Marc преди 21 час
I'm really glad you're okay dude
Wade Ellingson
Wade Ellingson преди 21 час
You are correct. A real question how many people are playing a PS4 on average and an average of ps5 users because it would be ridonculous
Lady Datura
Lady Datura преди 21 час
Why are you so cute? Stawp. My hamster and cat are jealous.
ExoXev преди 21 час
What's up babe
damian ocampo
damian ocampo преди 20 часа
damian ocampo
damian ocampo преди 20 часа
Not much
Dexter преди 21 час
Did you get ddos?
this foo
this foo преди 21 час
This is 1 reson y i hate buying online shitty ass bots
KeyBlaster445 преди 21 час
when muta's stream dies
Legendarykart преди 21 час
Dexter преди 21 час
What happened to the stream
BasedJoker преди 21 час
The stream muta. What happened to the stream
zombiejjayden f
zombiejjayden f преди 21 час
did hes stream just crash
A_Ghost преди 21 час
I’m think it did or he stopped it
The 8-Bit Wolf
The 8-Bit Wolf преди 21 час
simping for wilbur
simping for wilbur преди 21 час
MidoriP преди 21 час
wait its 2021
Woodplanking преди 21 час
I hope you're doing fine Muta.
trake t.
trake t. преди 21 час
Dude i had no idea who maximilian was before today. I watched this this morning and max followed me on quora just now. I was like hold up... I recognized the photo and was like no fn way. Its him. His profile has all this stuff about how he used to be a youtuber and he is trying to get his acct back omfg
Thetaken Python
Thetaken Python преди 21 час
Money Talks
Jeremy Sauve
Jeremy Sauve преди 21 час
Wtf that 7778663473 milliseconds is only 2 months
Upbeat_Garbage 030
Upbeat_Garbage 030 преди 22 часа
If you wanna go further down this rabbit hole, there's a twitter thread talking about if you say "I want this on a shirt" the bots will create actual shirts with said image
SkyCroissants преди 22 часа
muta screaming is more intimidating than my dad screaming
Future Nightmare Sans
Future Nightmare Sans преди 22 часа
90% of gacha GLMM"s: Hated child. Is acutally hyper super omega rare legendary DIO joestar mega hyper fairy giant hybrid over heaven Requiem forgetten queen king princess breed.
Darth Revan • 420 years ago
Darth Revan • 420 years ago преди 22 часа
This sucks for poor people like me
Canar8 преди 22 часа
i like it
50_Foot_Punch преди 22 часа
If you're moving from windows to linux do you have to do something to access data that you had when you were using a different OS?
Hyphy Juice
Hyphy Juice преди 22 часа
These are the political fucks that drives us sane Americans crazy.
Levi. That's all
Levi. That's all преди 22 часа
Mutahar, I would buy the t-shirt not because of the design, It is because I can hear the sounds coming from that face.
Michael Henderson
Michael Henderson преди 22 часа
So many people gna ironically buy this sht now lmao
epic bobo
epic bobo преди 22 часа
Muta you should watch K-ON
Jonathan Lewis Live
Jonathan Lewis Live преди 22 часа
AnOrdinaryGamer преди 22 часа
Man was scalping ps5’s before they even existed
TJ0410 преди 22 часа
w h e r e w i n d o w 8 . 1