Deep Web 232 Has Pokémon Cards...

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преди 17 дни

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This time we return this weekly series for proper good and dive even deeper into the weirder parts of the Internet, with some wild meme art projects, odd companies and such, sit back and relax for some good old Deep Web Browsing. Thanks for watching!
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SomeOrdinaryGamers преди 16 дни
Big thanks to Ridge for providing a wallet and sponsoring a staple of this channel! Check them out at Use code "SOG" for 10% off your order.
CønTęnt Çrōw
CønTęnt Çrōw преди 9 дни
@VIG MINITAUR yikes 😬 you should actually poke around through everything
CønTęnt Çrōw
CønTęnt Çrōw преди 9 дни
“I’m getting aroused by CODE” hmmmmmmm I see
Jeffrey Bozko
Jeffrey Bozko преди 13 дни
@4 Chanits a backup mic his mic broke it says it in the video in text
Jeffrey Bozko
Jeffrey Bozko преди 13 дни
wallet LUL
Captain Dead420
Captain Dead420 преди 13 дни
I'm surprised Eye ForHentai isn't a website already
Fluidacid преди 4 часа
the gambling website is in Japanese I think because of the yen symbol i dont know about the legality
Nathan Norris
Nathan Norris преди 14 часа
9:20 wait this isnt minecraft hack
Mišo Deák
Mišo Deák преди 18 часа
I think these Deep Web episodes are getting better and better.
Idloxuh преди ден
Muta, Gfuel isn't evaluated by the FDA, does that mean people who use your code to buy Gfuel shouldn't put it in their bodies?
倪简Ni Jian
倪简Ni Jian преди ден
Got this on autoplay while sleeping
Danny the Dan Man
Danny the Dan Man преди 2 дни
When muta starts dating “DIIIIUED” instead of dude you know somethings up
clark778 преди 3 дни
Themnae преди 3 дни
He sounds like he's talking in a cup with a hole in it.
•THE TRASH BUNNY• преди 4 дни
I really want to see the CGI hentai TT
Guillermo Eduardo Roffe Steele
Guillermo Eduardo Roffe Steele преди 4 дни
purefilth преди 4 дни
I think we should absolutely explore the Chinese gambling sites a bit more. I think it's very interesting.
darkbrisco преди 5 дни
So are we hiring Liam Neeson or Les Grossman to save Muta from China when they get him?
Captain Price
Captain Price преди 5 дни
muta you friends with callmecarson
Darkune преди 5 дни
Did his voice just change?
Protogen Inc.
Protogen Inc. преди 6 дни
Umbrella making medicine for people, holy shit boys it's going down for real. Get ready for BOWs, Tyrants, Super Humans. Dude if he finds a site that's a PMC called S.T.A.R.S I'm fuckin buying a bunker cause some Raccoon city shits about to go down, lol.
🅱️ _O G R E_C H A N 69_🅱️
🅱️ _O G R E_C H A N 69_🅱️ преди 6 дни
If you go to the nameless void website there’s a paragraph called my 15 minutes of fame he saw this video bruh 😂
🅱️ _O G R E_C H A N 69_🅱️
🅱️ _O G R E_C H A N 69_🅱️ преди 6 дни
Succubus: Suck you bus
V-NUS преди 6 дни
So i think this Umbrella place must have a location in florida. Cuz I work at a 7-11 in florida, and this one lady always comes in to get snacks and shit, and she always has this Umbrella nametag on her shirt. At first i thought maybe she was just a Resident Evil fan, but she's like 55+, and she ALWAYS wears it, and it has like. Actual information about her on it. So this place must t least have some kind of branch in Florida somewhere. I swear if Florida is the source of a fucking Zombie outbreak, it's gonna be fucking *poetry*.
bucchi преди 7 дни
GOAT youtube series... please continue to make this weekly
Varde1234 преди 7 дни
13:40 - Muta I'm mad that you didnt mention yugioh. Do I mean nothing? >:( Ps. I heard you mention yugioh later. We cool
Eman Amen
Eman Amen преди 7 дни
Now I see this must be where charlie gets all his cards to fuel his addiction.
Olongapo Joe
Olongapo Joe преди 7 дни
Regarding the Chinese gambling site you found in this episode, they recently raided and shut down a number of Chinese nationals in the Philippines running illegal online gambling sites. They were operating out of the Philippines because it's illegal in China, but a good source of income for the CCP.
Richard Millie
Richard Millie преди 7 дни
lmao SARMS are actually harmless grey area drugs that can't be sold on places like amazon or ebay because they're unclassified by the government and non FDA approved. RAD-140 is a completely real and legal testosterone booster. People use and buy them all the time
Jo Paape
Jo Paape преди 7 дни
"That is the leaning tower of Pisa going into a woman!" Well. That's not what I expected to hear at 7am on a Tuesday.
Luminite преди 7 дни
"That is the leaning tower of pisa going inside that woman!"
Swavii преди 7 дни
Imagine not having an eye for that type of H-tai stuff, couldn't be me.
Danny Lopez
Danny Lopez преди 8 дни
Deep Web: Watch for dangerous rabbit holes. Also Deep Web: Oh boy Deep web Pokemon Cards, and CG Erotic pictures!
Steven Zavala
Steven Zavala преди 8 дни
SARMs works 100% just has real shitty side effects, took that shit back in 2017
Andreecko преди 9 дни
17:05 it's not over 9000, PASS 😂
Callan Cantell
Callan Cantell преди 9 дни
can we 100% revisit the shady chinses gambling stuff my dude?
Treevors 3.0
Treevors 3.0 преди 9 дни
You gotta have the dark web video ! Dark web video Dark web video
Callan Cantell
Callan Cantell преди 9 дни
10:30 "I don't have the eye for hentai" Muta 2020
Treevors 3.0
Treevors 3.0 преди 9 дни
Holy shit muta got hard to ready to get down with the fuck patch
Treevors 3.0
Treevors 3.0 преди 9 дни
There was a type of drinks they were selling and one of them was called Soylent Green so my dad showed me and we just started laughing our ass off so he messaged them saying you might want to change that and they did because if anyone knows what's Soylent green is you wouldn't be drinking that drink and if you don't know what soil and green is I highly recommend you watching the movie Soylent Green it's a classic
Treevors 3.0
Treevors 3.0 преди 9 дни
Have you ever heard of a bodog or bovada they where or maybe still ligit you can play poker pretty much anything you want sports betting
Treevors 3.0
Treevors 3.0 преди 9 дни
Oh ok there is more blue in the fake cause at first I was like wtf I dont notice anything different
Treevors 3.0
Treevors 3.0 преди 9 дни
I ended up buying or pre-ordering The Walking Dead Magic the Gathering cards so I'm just curious on how they're going to look I used to play Magic but I think the game has changed completely to a point where I wouldn't understand it anymore but back in the day I used to love to play I lost all my cards then I found out recently that a lot of cards that I had that were common are worth like for five bucks kind of crazy wish I didn't lose those
beep boop
beep boop преди 9 дни
does he use a smoothing filter or something cause damn he got some good skin
daily gaming
daily gaming преди 9 дни
bro you need to loose the ridge wallet promo....I know you need to make money my guy but a wallet for 135 dollars? yea its "cool" I guess but definitely not no 135 dollars cool. you're a nut.just offering your fan base such a overly priced wallet that was highly "unpopular/unreliable" money clip. it's the same thing as a money clip besides the bullshit tech they're telling people it has lol you and I both know it is nothing more or less then the typicalmoney clip give it up that's just the bullshit they feed people to justify the bullshit price. I'm sorry for shitting on your parade but I bought my money clip for 3 dollars. and I'm not kidding when I say that. sad really I didnt think you'd pull some shit like got blessed with the subs and now its time to get the Gucci bags out...typical sell out youtuber who dropped morals for the greedy gold. been dubbed for a long time man back when you had less then 100k. makes me feel like I dont even know you anymore bro.
Skelespook преди 9 дни
Umbrella Labs is real, in China, and is rumored to be the building that Covid-19 escaped from.
Treevors 3.0
Treevors 3.0 преди 9 дни
Good about time especially the month it just doesn't feel like Halloween time 🪦😪👹👻
fried brain gaming
fried brain gaming преди 10 дни
umbrella corp is resident evil and i love it i mean id propably get a bad uti from that enhancer but yeh
Arin Owns
Arin Owns преди 10 дни
gotta revisit the Chinese gambling stuff
Cai Chi
Cai Chi преди 10 дни
Dude, give me the devian art username
Cho Danger
Cho Danger преди 10 дни
i lost it at "umbrella gonna help you nut"... HAHAHA
NeoTokyo преди 10 дни
so you gon say "it's good looking" but not give us the sauce???
NeoTokyo преди 10 дни
Imagine "the incident" is a doujin about lolis, that would explain why the owner would raise the price EDIT: yeah, it's just some bawchit
5laughter преди 10 дни
Levi Gamer
Levi Gamer преди 10 дни
Revisit Illegal Chinese Gamble Site.
Rudra legend
Rudra legend преди 10 дни
Bruh can anybody plz send me the link of the website nameless void
Thigh Deologyy
Thigh Deologyy преди 10 дни
"Hey guyss welcome to another episode of deep web browsing dark web browsing dank web browsing." you forgot that
Rain Love
Rain Love преди 11 дни
It would be hilarious if raven was a fan
Rain Love
Rain Love преди 11 дни
0:10 Im really laughing at the flat bill sports hat
Jsrogo преди 11 дни
Bruh now I’m curious of the ray traced shit
Armaan Sandhu
Armaan Sandhu преди 11 дни
*P O K I M A N E C A R D S*
Jayinシ преди 11 дни
so if I get on the dark web i can flex?
Goldy 1985
Goldy 1985 преди 11 дни
is it just me or is audio a lil weird
Floppin N
Floppin N преди 11 дни
I have that fake empoleon card lmao
Umbry Kane
Umbry Kane преди 11 дни
Someone probably mentioned this but the Sands was a casino in Las Vegas until it imploded and they replaced it with the Venitian. My mom used to work at the Sands, was a nice place. A lot of big singers used to sing up in there (like the rat pack if that tells you how old the casino was)
TheVencarock преди 11 дни
those links to these chinese gambling websites are always sent as spam text messages to me, and I live in the Southeast Asian region. Online gambling sites like these are quite popular here
Slimepoop Productions
Slimepoop Productions преди 11 дни
Hey muta would be cool if you could link some of the nameless void’s work, for research purposes of course.
HGAMES69 преди 11 дни
Muta's back with the 2014 Mic quality
Fizzy преди 11 дни
ah now i can get behind this
Mystninja преди 12 дни
I carry super old condoms in my wallet.
MemeMasterJackal _
MemeMasterJackal _ преди 12 дни
Seafire the Dragon
Seafire the Dragon преди 12 дни
19:31 Why is the background the same as my 2012 2nd grade yearbook? Now I'm confused...
zwz преди 12 дни
More Chinese gamblin
Kobe Murphy
Kobe Murphy преди 12 дни
Johnny’s Bricks
Johnny’s Bricks преди 13 дни
Blobby Fishman
Blobby Fishman преди 13 дни
*Mutahar looking at hentai with his wife’s boyfriend* This is pretty epic
Emz преди 13 дни
Do a follow-up on the gambling site. Says my friend Don. Mutafuta #1
Ralph Jimenez
Ralph Jimenez преди 13 дни
Wait... Muta is a ZOOMER?!?
Mph преди 13 дни
Revisit the sus Chinese gambling site
Beavis преди 13 дни
Can ridge wallet hold my weed
Jashua Martinez
Jashua Martinez преди 13 дни
Why don't you make your own website or patron where we can watch these uncensored
Clarence21 преди 13 дни
Gamble on one of them
Saibi Sureddo
Saibi Sureddo преди 13 дни
Is anyone else legit wondering if that deep web site about Anita is Sweet Anita's stalkers page? the links really made me think so.
Moist Gameplays
Moist Gameplays преди 13 дни
Audio 10/10
Andy Thunder
Andy Thunder преди 13 дни
Revisit Muta
MARmario25 !
MARmario25 ! преди 13 дни
Back in my day in elementary school it's all about Pokemon Cards and Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance yeah that's how old I am
HardcoreTentacleRape преди 13 дни
The real scariness comes from Muta’s microphone.
Lil Bit
Lil Bit преди 13 дни
15:46 Fisher Price: Baby's first counterfeit
l. Boogie
l. Boogie преди 13 дни
Listened to the current leader of the us describe the “cocktail” of stuff he was given while in the hospital recently. I suggest everyone check out his commentary bcuz it’s totally the opposite of the description of the sarm stuff..
Sam -mbs-
Sam -mbs- преди 13 дни
100$ wallet holding 10$ credit cards genius idea
joe bennett
joe bennett преди 13 дни
Captain Dead420
Captain Dead420 преди 13 дни
I like how we went from Pokemon cards to underground chinese online gamblehouse
Dovis Pavarde
Dovis Pavarde преди 13 дни
Raytraced h3ntai? How it looks tho
Ashley Sharma
Ashley Sharma преди 13 дни
i tried RAD and my mate tried some other sarms at the beginning of the year. Gave us severe depressive episodes and he ended up getting a lot of panic attacks and had to stop. However we packed on a decent size and pumps lasted a lot longer. All pbs went up by like 5kg in a month. the bottle we got it in was from a shop who sold them "behind counter" i would not recommenced it
Ashley Sharma
Ashley Sharma преди 13 дни
he had LGD4033 and i had RAD140
Cog Bait
Cog Bait преди 13 дни
Real Pokémon cards have a layer of black in them almost all fakes dont
mangobitchslap преди 13 дни
34:49 mutas shaggy impression +
Cover Kid
Cover Kid преди 13 дни
I’m so happy you are starting this again. What do you use to find all these sketchy websites. I know you need tor but is there like a dark web browser I need?
Starry-p The Clown King
Starry-p The Clown King преди 13 дни
I used to buy fake Pokémon cards from the icecream man when I was a kid. I collected them because I like fake things
BlackDolphin90 преди 13 дни
Muta is getting mutahard looking at Hentai on the dank web.
Nox Megido
Nox Megido преди 13 дни
I think that tumblr stuff at the end is a part of the sexygirlmax arg from a few years back, that was a fairly interesting one, might be worth a look at for its own video
Shubham Mukherjee
Shubham Mukherjee преди 14 дни
As now indian servers are out, is safe to play valorant in INDIA ???
Che1seabluesdrogba11 преди 14 дни
The thing is is that he really only finds either people's art shock projects on the dark web or he comes across weird obscure things that can be found on the regular web.
IronWolf 369
IronWolf 369 преди 14 дни
does Muta use tails or does he just use tor on his linux machine?
Pandemonica Valkyrie
Pandemonica Valkyrie преди 14 дни
That last site with the angels and stuff was an old tumblr ARG from last year, weird that it ended up on the deep web (if anybody's curious, the blog was sexygirlmax2019 and ReignBot made a video on it back when it was still going)
VectazePlayz преди 14 дни
You always look tired
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