The Stupidest YouTube Moment In History...

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преди 28 дни

Please don't show up to someone's house if they don't want you to. Common knowledge I know.

威廉·朗 преди 8 часа
I wouldn't expect someone of your demographic to find Sam Hyde funny.
Sami Peracha
Sami Peracha преди 20 часа
Nostalgic people when you don't remember something nostalgic 3:28
Stonks05 преди 22 часа
i have autism
Cameron Kujo
Cameron Kujo преди 4 дни
Ching Chong
Ching Chong преди 5 дни
It’s illegal to fire a warning shot.. that bullet came down somewhere
LilVurte3N преди 7 дни
Tf Muta you’re 26?!
Garrett Rodgers
Garrett Rodgers преди 7 дни
Boogie is in the right here idc what frank is or did. He was in the wrong all the way and ig he died I would have been okay with it
foxtailedcritter преди 8 дни
>Showing up to an Americans house unsolicited and unwanted. >Second amendment. B R I L L I A N T.
pieman12345678987654 преди 8 дни
This is a tricky situation, obviously boogie didn't want to blow the dude away in front of his house in broad daylight and I understand that. But the gun shouldnt have been discharged unless it was for a purpose. And obviously warning shots don't work as shown the guy didn't even flinch when boogie pulled the trigger.
Obladi Oblada
Obladi Oblada преди 9 дни
That bullet definitely landed somewhere it shouldn’t
Kevin Carpenter
Kevin Carpenter преди 9 дни
I like them both and I think it's hilarious. I wish honestly that this whole fiasco ends in them hugging in the next video. Maybe at most some playful tickling or a pillow fight.
Jay Love LC
Jay Love LC преди 9 дни
Firing a weapon inside city limits is usually illegal.
Bobby M
Bobby M преди 10 дни
Let the police know in advance? nah Call the police during the incident? nah Lock the door? nah Use a firearm that is not yours and you have no training with to threaten an unarmed man with death for being an ass? HELL YEAH!
SirLaggsAlot343 преди 10 дни
Muta's a gun owner? Respect
NintendoFanBoii преди 10 дни
There was a child that was struck with a stray bullet in my area recently.
Cody Simon
Cody Simon преди 10 дни
Here in Canada we have the option to walk up to someone's house and harass them because guns are banned without a permit even if self defense isn't legal here with a weapon especially a firearm but we don't do that shit because it's Canada
7R Esports
7R Esports преди 10 дни
Any sensible gun owner dont fire shots into the air
Jude Barrett
Jude Barrett преди 10 дни
56 year old man*
Marcus Halberstram
Marcus Halberstram преди 11 дни
Yea it might be felonious discharge of a firearm within city limits.
Takashishiful преди 11 дни
I didn't know you could even own a gun in Canada. I thought they were completely banned.
!GoGecko! преди 10 дни
Oh boi do you got a lot to learn about gun laws. I would suggest to research gun laws a lot more
๖ۣۜ KENNEXS преди 12 дни
9:06 why you had to swear GOD I was subbed notified the belt enjoying your content then you cursed... Pity I will never support someone who curse like you Unsubbed!
Thomas Schliffke
Thomas Schliffke преди 12 дни
Dude im 34 now.... I can tell you the plot: i told you, i knew and shitt i have to be in this shitt..... How do i survive in this idiocracy.... Its called getting old for most of us 🤣
Kabuki Kitsune
Kabuki Kitsune преди 12 дни
The law in Boogie's state specifically says that it is illegal to fire warning shots.
Cameron VanDeMeme
Cameron VanDeMeme преди 12 дни
Booger hook off the bang trigger until you are certain the thing you're aiming at needs to be utterly destroyed. A good principal is if you wouldn't light a grenade on it dont shoot at it at least for me.
Nick M
Nick M преди 13 дни
hey has anyone ever told you your beard is majestic. i cant stop staring at it..... no homo
Leneal! преди 14 дни
you dont fire a fucking warning shot in the air
your local FBI agent
your local FBI agent преди 14 дни
guns are tools some people say that they are weapons and they are but you give the gun purpose
DeathMinion11 преди 14 дни
As someone who also lives in Arkansas, he should be legally fine
Kill on Respawn ent.
Kill on Respawn ent. преди 14 дни
I didn’t realize the responsibility of owning a firearm until I went to Vegas with my friends for my birthday. I brought my gun to the hotel, ended up getting into a fight with the girl I was talking to.. and I just got on a plane and left. The next day I found out she ended up getting real sad and taking my gun into the bathroom to end it. Luckily she didn’t know how to use it
Henry Cavil Gaming Highlights
Henry Cavil Gaming Highlights преди 14 дни
Third world problems
birdboi theo
birdboi theo преди 14 дни
Remember angry grandpa. He was the most awsome person ever
Josh Smith
Josh Smith преди 16 дни
The angle of Boogie's warning shot is the biggest factor in the "death" scenario. If you shoot a gun straight up in the air, that bullet will reach a complete stop when it ends its ascent upward and fall down at a relatively non-fatal velocity. Unfortunately, shooting at the arc that Boogie did, instead of straight up, means that the initial force of the bullet doesn't dissipate NEAR as quickly and is capable of an accidental fatality for pretty much as long as the bullet is in the air. I still feel that the "troll" guy should've been held somewhat responsible if a fatality had occurred since he was being a f**king dumbass and waste of the gods' time by actually going to Boogie's house. Seriously!
Blax преди 16 дни
Didn't know the punisher was harassing boogie
Sharuez PJL
Sharuez PJL преди 16 дни
boogie needs gun training warning shots into the air is highly illegal... Warning shots(depending on state laws) must be shot into ground if applicable such as grass, wood, anything that can catch a bullet and not ricochet it. But most places do not allow it, and all training advisors tell you not to do it, as guns are for removing a threat indefinitely.
tiagocosmos преди 16 дни
oh wow i'm 4 years older than Mutahar.
Dale Senior
Dale Senior преди 16 дни
You said you was 26 at least 10 years ago
Is this where I put username?
Is this where I put username? преди 16 дни
In the army in my country, you always fire a warning shot if you see an intruder while on guard duty.
Steeve Wheelis
Steeve Wheelis преди 17 дни
The warning shot was uncalled for period. As a gun owner this is irresponsible and he could have killed some bystander that was not involved. This is not acceptable as a gun owner at all!!
Sekkendo преди 17 дни
Muta you sold out to the stink squad. Frank knew boogie wouldn’t shoot him. Frank never threatened his life unless you think being a “sissified little slave” is a threat. Boogie said numerous times that he was invited to his house and said that he would kill frank. Muta has been hypnotized and sissified by Charlie and the rest of the stink squas
Thinktank2000 преди 15 дни
bad day?
RadBear !
RadBear ! преди 17 дни
A dude trying to control a gun when he can’t even control his own life
Noah преди 17 дни
Wait are guns legal in Canada?
Mario Baic
Mario Baic преди 17 дни
Can we talk about the fact that Boogey, a person infamous for his bad way of dealing with any provocation, owns a gun?? In most countries, having that low a temperament, would mean failing a psychological test. He could have just called the police, but no, Big Boog has to act like this is Gta going full "You broke into the wrong house fool".
343NotGuiltySpark преди 16 дни
Will Fryer 2
Will Fryer 2 преди 18 дни
Gun control works at reducing gun crime and mass shootings This is a statistical fact backed by data and research
Will Fryer 2
Will Fryer 2 преди 17 дни
@K that doesn't prove anything nations with gun control have lower gun crime per capita and in proportion than the US, the US also has some of the highest gun crimes and mass shootings on the planet I don't need to discuss it, you obviously don't about facts you only care about any statistic or data that supports you'd view if you did the actual research without bias you'd know that gun control works Prohibition works at reducing the occurrence of things Drugs are banned so the amount used is reduced the same applies to guns in countries that have strict gun control gun crime is significanly lower. Bullet wounds are harder treat and more fatal than stab wounds that's a fact All the evidence is out there I'm not wasting anymore time I gave literally wrote essays with multiple references and sources backing me that gun control works and that it reduces gum crime but the Level of cognitive dissonance is unbelievable as I say you can't have a rational debate with someone who only cares about furthering their narrative like you people you don't care what the facts say all you care about is the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms Its the sane as the people who say the US justice system is one of the best when its one of the worst just like the US healthcare system is one of the worst Believe what you want, facts don't care about your opinions
K преди 17 дни
Wrong. Chicago and Baltimore have extremely strict gun control laws, but have the worst gun crime statistics in the country. Try again.
Hank J. Wimbleton
Hank J. Wimbleton преди 18 дни
Its not self defense if you're going out and engaging him. Call the cops, stay inside, and if the guy starts to break in, fire no warning shot. If your guns out, it should be because you intend to kill another human being because there is no other option. And thats fine... if its actually self defense and not a fat lunatic vs a troll
Vinayagar Thamara
Vinayagar Thamara преди 18 дни
In the audio with boogie he sounded genuinely scared that it might come to Frank dieing
whats up
whats up преди 18 дни
I believe boogie lives in Arkansas (correct me if I'm wrong) but firing off a warning shot not on your property can get you charged for aggravated assault then again it was on his property so he could justify it as being threatened which would then be stand your ground law dunno
DIO Brando
DIO Brando преди 19 дни
Imagine commiting a crime and going to prison and your cellmate is fucking boogie
Henry Cavil Gaming Highlights
Henry Cavil Gaming Highlights преди 14 дни
why would my cellmate be fucking boogie?
Clancy Rosenberg
Clancy Rosenberg преди 19 дни
Its not self defense to dare someone to come to your house and tell them that you will take pleasure in killing them
LiL_Bitch_Mane преди 19 дни
I’m not gonna claim I know a lot about guns but I thought you fire a warning shot at the ground, just because you are shooting a piece of metal really fast up in the air doesn’t mean gravity doesn’t exist, you shoot the bullet at the the dirt Edit: thank you for bringing this up your a very smart fella
Weeby McWeaberson
Weeby McWeaberson преди 19 дни
Unless you're shooting to kill, stop a threat, or practicing on a range, you should never discharge a gun. You know how they say don't point guns at things you aren't prepared to shoot? That goes doubly so for firing randomly. Bullets ARE affected by physics, and are even more of a danger discharged randomly than at specific targets. It's basic gun safety. Frank SHOULD NOT have went to Boogie's house, that much is obvious, but that doesn't excuse Boogie from carelessly firing a bullet up into the air where it could strike and kill someone completely uninvolved.
Snayotic преди 19 дни
As a responsible canadian gun owner seeing boogie do that make me physically cringe, if I did that, AND ESPECIALLY if I did it with a restricted firearm. (Some rifle platforms and handguns) the RCMP would fucking FBI OPEN UP my house so hard, and id be getting a longer sentence then a child molester.
Johan Nilsson
Johan Nilsson преди 19 дни
Bullets that go up into the air must also come down somewhere. Incredibly dangerous to shoot into the air in a suburban area.
NizzleNotes преди 19 дни
Warning shots are stupid. Ammo is too expensive anyway.
ManiacX1999 преди 20 дни
Frank (sounds like) Castle... Like... The Punisher?
Castiel belongs with Dean Winchester
Castiel belongs with Dean Winchester преди 20 дни
in America common sense + guns don’t equal anything but harm towards others.
SlyyBucket преди 20 дни
A literal man child😂
Sergej Dmo
Sergej Dmo преди 20 дни
in germany we have a 'boogie' for our own. he is called Drachenlord
Plocký преди 20 дни
boogie is twisted idiot
aromardu преди 20 дни
More like an Epic Gamer Moment.
Infinitenik преди 20 дни
Damn this dude 6 years older than me.
Mr. Blueberry
Mr. Blueberry преди 20 дни
Frank Castle???
Wub Nub
Wub Nub преди 20 дни
8:11 I find this meme disrespectful to the creators of Come and See, and especially disrespectful to first-hand witnesses.
Misty Louis
Misty Louis преди 20 дни
The world is full of stupid. Look at the incident with Kyle Rittenhouse. Someone is shot in the head, others chase down the shooter. Then a really smart individual tries to go against a gun with a skateboard. Yes a skateboard against a gun, you obviously all saw what happened with his belly. If thats not pure stupidity and no understanding that there's actual value to human life.
SiXndr преди 20 дни
I've always thought of muta as the divine rule-keeper of the internet
THEMilkSHAIKH преди 20 дни
There is an old saying. "Every bullet has a Lawyer attached to it."
SWAGCOON преди 20 дни
ohhhh my god a youtuber that actually knows about guns and gun safety HOLY SHIT
care left the room
care left the room преди 20 дни
I mean darex
care left the room
care left the room преди 20 дни
I mean, sam hyde dated him, a dares a dare
Anthony S
Anthony S преди 20 дни
at 3:35 when he mentioned sneezing I instantly needed too
Alexander133 преди 21 ден
Yeah, it’s illegal to even point your gun at someone, even if they show up to your house and harass you. If Boogie had shot him just for what had happened on the video, he’d be going to prison. It’s not self defense or castle doctrine if all they did is show up to your house and call you a pussy.
yash mandla
yash mandla преди 21 ден
Boogie shouldn't have discharged the weapon, and Frank shouldn't had shown up to boogies place, boogie should have told Frank to leave, and if Frank didn't, he should have called the cops if Frank was gonna break into boogies house, than boogie would 100% in the right to fire at Frank, and keemstar is an enabling drama vulture that didn't care about boogies emontoal instability, or if Frank would get shot, that's why he recorded the conversation between the 2 of them, I do not believe keemstar when said he wasn't gonna upload the video, he knew something was gonna go down, so he just held off on it until it all popped off then uploaded the video like the piece of shit he is,
Conor Obbberst
Conor Obbberst преди 21 ден
It's funny to hear Muta criticize someone else for being a man child and never growing up. Like that isn't his own schtick. I have no idea who the other two people are he's talking about by the way so I'm not defending anybody. I just like to point out hypocrisy
J Repo
J Repo преди 21 ден
Wow that’s fkn insane!
Mloclam Nomdnih
Mloclam Nomdnih преди 21 ден
Defending yourself by making your firearm known = Fine Firing off a random shot in the fucking air = High tier brain dead shit Hopefully that stray bullet didnt hit some random pedestrian minding their own business.
soham das
soham das преди 21 ден
he;s 26......he is juat 4 years older than me....wth
Paras Saini
Paras Saini преди 21 ден
Jay Dub
Jay Dub преди 21 ден
Blasting gats off into the air is pretty bad man. I get the dude was stressed and all but fire at the feet for gods sake. The bullets gonna hit somewhere. And before you say it, ricochet has to be some sorta phenomena. I've shot hundreds of guns thousands of times, never seen one bounce. Shoot at the feet.
Cleo King
Cleo King преди 21 ден
Also, peeps don't buy just any gun safe. Like at least look up lockpicking lawyer and see if he covered a safe you're looking into. Many locks and safes are fucking jokes and if all else fails Lock it with bowley
Mort преди 21 ден
Daddy muta
Rizci B
Rizci B преди 21 ден
don't disrespect Al-Sam Hy'de like that
Jeszebel black
Jeszebel black преди 21 ден
some random guy showing up at my house to harass me.. he may leave with a knife stuck in him. Guns are a weak defence. a Knife , if youre willing and able to use it properly is far more effective at persuading someoner to get the message.
A Witty Username
A Witty Username преди 21 ден
Imagine my shock that Boogie has bad gun etiquette. Who coulda thought. (Not defending the other chode here either. Just saying.)
Zotaro преди 21 ден
“They were so preoccupied with if they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should”
If I fits I sits
If I fits I sits преди 21 ден
Woah you can own guns in Canada??
Infinitenik преди 20 дни
Oh yeah for sure. But ofc rules are in place or there are restrictions. Not sure what gun Muta has. Maybe a pistol?
Libra October
Libra October преди 22 дни
I did a video about this subject if anyone is interested
Sam Apple
Sam Apple преди 22 дни
The dude who showed up to his house is an asshole. But for boogie to purposely escalate the situation when he wasn’t in danger, by bringing a gun, is just insane. Guns are not props to scare people. The first thing you learn in any competent firearm course is that if you pull out a gun, it’s to kill. Not to scare, not to main, not to shoot a warning shot. Both these guys were in the wrong here.
Eric Rachinsky
Eric Rachinsky преди 22 дни
>unsolicited Ima need a source on that one boyo
Radio Raven
Radio Raven преди 22 дни
That bullet is still whizzin
jman96camry преди 22 дни
Frank Castle? The punisher!
Cynical Blossom
Cynical Blossom преди 22 дни
Unfortunately since Boogie did actually invite him to his house any charges to Frank will be minimized.
Nomad506 Gaming
Nomad506 Gaming преди 22 дни
It was a starting pistol or blank gun
Aleksi Suuronen
Aleksi Suuronen преди 22 дни
If you shoot a warning shot for christ sake do it straight in the air not in an angle. It could travel some mile and hit some granny in the head thru a window when she is watching the wheel of unfortune in her rocking chair. It's extremele stupid. Rather shoot that Frank guy than a warning shot in an angle. There really might be some serious consicuenses for Boogie, well see. Also yes that Frank guy is an asshole but why is Boogie yelling "pussy" over and over again when he is leaving, that might provoce him to come back. There was ego involved with Boogie 100% and not just I'm unstable.
kabbablabba преди 22 дни
cant believe all this disrespect for a decorated marine veteran. shameful.
Treevors 3.0
Treevors 3.0 преди 22 дни
But also you dont go to someone's house if someone shows up to my house unannounced or is there to do me harm what am I supposed to do I don't know what they have now if someone had beef with me and they were like you I'm going to show up to your house and we're going to throw down I'd be like all right that doesn't require any weapons fist to fist I'm down but if person shows up 5 cars deep then that's a different story
Treevors 3.0
Treevors 3.0 преди 22 дни
You dont fire a shot in the air what a moron wtf fire it in the ground obviously not right next to you fire it outward towards the ground you don't fire a bullet in the air.. exactly what muta said
netzero преди 22 дни
muta is really simping for boogie lmao
ye ye
ye ye преди 22 дни
Don’t shoot into the air that is dangerous
Himalton Games
Himalton Games преди 23 дни
Mutahar im gonna have to be straight with you. My rifle is a ps4, it is my best toy that I always remember to bring to show and tell.
Himalton Games
Himalton Games преди 23 дни
If someone steps one foot on my lawn, 1 warning is all they get.
Just some Floridaman with Internet Access
Just some Floridaman with Internet Access преди 23 дни
Guns are tools
Mantis_Riger преди 23 дни
Bro, Boogie is the American version of Drakenlorde.
Pastel Prince
Pastel Prince преди 23 дни
getting a gun is easy in the usa, at least in the part where i live (south). people dont even worry about doing registration, they just trade/sell/etc and yeah you can 100% get a gun at any time where i live prob within a few days if you know people,,, prob not legally but ive seen it happen all the time, people even sell them at flea markets that have signs saying you cant sell guns, but theyre everywhere i dont want a gun im mentally unstable and am smart enough to know i never should own a firearm thatd be stupid
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