Don't Buy The Avengers Game...

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Just wait till they patch it in a year and get it when it's on a steam sale, save your money for cooler games right now. Thanks for watching!
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SomeOrdinaryGamers преди месец
im sorry for misrepresenting Kamala Khan. she's actually from Pakistan and not India, still i feel close to another south asian character in the game
Mor Rari
Mor Rari преди 4 дни
hahhaahahaha your intro
Lee Lee
Lee Lee преди 9 дни
Apples and oranges They’re both backwards hellholes
karan thakurx
karan thakurx преди 25 дни
kaya fark parta hai vese bhi
luke Adams
luke Adams преди 27 дни
Rational Talc
Rational Talc преди месец
@Jesse Collins lmao
Hunk Wasbisyan
Hunk Wasbisyan преди 7 часа
I just came here by looking at the thumbnail.
Jayden's Lap top
Jayden's Lap top преди 7 часа
terriboy преди 18 часа
he looked like bitwit with that cap on and those big eyes
beep boop Beep
beep boop Beep преди ден
Idk why but i love the thumbnail 🤣🤣
Jeremy Mendoza
Jeremy Mendoza преди ден
Worse on fortnite
Carter blake
Carter blake преди ден
i'm still playing it anyway
Scrablse преди 2 дни
I love his hair in the thumbnail
Wyoming Isn’t Real
Wyoming Isn’t Real преди 5 дни
*Agreeable Grunt*
Michael Kowalski
Michael Kowalski преди 5 дни
To late man
Minhaj SixByte
Minhaj SixByte преди 7 дни
no offense bro but MUTA means PEEING in BANGLA
Shashwata Mondal
Shashwata Mondal преди 10 дни
Ee kaa bawasir bana diye ho Marvel?
Peppy Robo
Peppy Robo преди 11 дни
Ms marvel is EXPOSITION HOLE and that’s really it like she talks to herself the line delivery is cringey and overly dramatic for no reason and she constantly tries to sound dramatic by loosing her breath I’d definitely play Spider-Man PS4 again over this game anyway
Eli Hanby
Eli Hanby преди 11 дни
do get it its really good
Siko-Society преди 12 дни
(Agreeable Grunt)
Till All Are Fun
Till All Are Fun преди 13 дни
Its really not bad on my ps4 stutter wise actually none at all. But yeah the game really sucks. I stopped playing after like A day or two and didn't even make half way through.
RYIDYT преди 13 дни
Fizzy преди 13 дни
*Rain.exe has stopped responding*
Pybro преди 13 дни
i only clicked on this video bc of his hair
MISAEL G.P. преди 13 дни
Thanos lost because he didn't buy the beginners pack for only $9.99
Kawaii Chamelio
Kawaii Chamelio преди 14 дни
This is the nicest review for this game on the entire internet
Estrella Hermosillo
Estrella Hermosillo преди 17 дни
Muta looks like a mix between the messy hair bratz meme and the "when you in the shower and the lights flicker" meme combined into one
Jackson Wilt
Jackson Wilt преди 18 дни
these comments are great man, the first time ive actually enjoyed the first couple i saw
Tr3nton Th3 Gam3r
Tr3nton Th3 Gam3r преди 20 дни
Your review is absolutely horrible lmao. I play this game daily and I don’t have a single clue what you are talking about and then you decide to show BETA gameplay??? With no stats?? You must be terrible at this game yourself lmao. Upload footages of YOU playing the game!
Psycho Doctor
Psycho Doctor преди 20 дни
Man for a super soldier captain America is kinda lame lol
*Triggered Doge*
*Triggered Doge* преди 21 ден
The thumbnail already depicted that he hated the game and bought it too xD
InvertedY преди 21 ден
Games should release on a complete state (gold) and if they aren’t Gold, they can’t go for $60. Coming from a Hulk fan who payed $80
Big Shmagma
Big Shmagma преди 22 дни
Very creepy intro god damn
nff21 преди 22 дни
should ve hire rock steady for avenger games
Anthony Glenn
Anthony Glenn преди 22 дни
9:35, all I hear is Yahtzee yelling “player first”
Pipoy 1999
Pipoy 1999 преди 22 дни
Too late I bought it... It was shit
ItsOnlyOzzy преди 22 дни
Homie just saved me 100 bucks
Mark S
Mark S преди 23 дни
4:30 except if you actually get them all to level 50 you realize they all play differently. For example Cap is a take-down master that chains take-downs together, and Black Widow stay in Stealth 90% of the time. My guess is he didn't get any of them to level 50, and just played through the story mode where the base combat does feel samey until you unlock stuff in their skill trees.
j Bougie. I have no idea If that is spelled right
j Bougie. I have no idea If that is spelled right преди 23 дни
He is right. Even the campaign has too much churn and no continuity.
Carter blake
Carter blake преди 24 дни
this is a pointless video take this down DLC is free
ISuckTiggos преди 24 дни
This was the greatest review for this game. Avengers score: 🗑
enow messi
enow messi преди 24 дни
These fuckers had to go woke with this Avengers game
h3ntai l0rd
h3ntai l0rd преди 26 дни
agreeable grunt
PINKMILKSHAKES☑️ преди 27 дни
[agreeable grunt]
Napalm преди 27 дни
DO BUY AVENGERS! It’s a great game and the glitches are hilarious at times 👍🏻😆
Robotmadness22 преди 29 дни
3:28 is he saying the Arkham series is shit or am I misinterpreting
Thomas Piscioneri
Thomas Piscioneri преди 29 дни
with da boys bro LOL
Sonic Phish
Sonic Phish преди месец
I won't because marvel is part of the corrupt agenda, kill marvel
Skela преди месец
Wash your hair
Joeseph Muro
Joeseph Muro преди месец
They definitely got lazy with making combat and ai to be rewarding. I’d preferred less ai and more strategic combat like hell’s blade cuz that’s rewarding af even with barely any enemies
Legato Modi
Legato Modi преди месец
The new ms marvel is alot more likable that captain marvel for sure. Bree Larson sucks.
Hy5 преди месец
Lmao just get Lego Marvel superheroes instead much better
Andrew Pearson
Andrew Pearson преди месец
Omg the game is not that bad. I've had in from 1 of September on ps4 with no major issues, apart from one skin I unlock getting relocked but it was soon sorted. I don't like gamer today compared to a decades ago. I'm 36 been gaming from the age 14. People have got so damanding. This game for one is a closed game where you installed play a story and game over. This is a live game, meaning there is things that can go wrong because there is so many moving parts, things need, for one servers will need changed from time to time, there will be break down, corrupted codes, if you have anything running 24/7 it's going to have issuse along the way, you are not just buying a disc, the disc is not the game not by along shot. From you bought your ps4 or xbox how many times have you had to update the console. How many times have you had a issue with app, or a Web page go down because something needs fixed. See unless you working in this industry you've zero clue to comment. 2 of the major living games I play are warframe f2p and destiny 2, the have the exact same issues. Because its the nature of online gaming its like getting annoyed its raining. Now if this to do with the length of story, if you skip side events and characters mission's. You'll fly through in 10 hours. If you're not lazy and actually do all the characters story missions, do your Challenge cards and your factor assignment the game will last 30 hours. Which is standard for most games. You are also get extra story with each new characters that will get added so far that's 22 this is at not extra cost no $40 expansion packs, no $20 seasons pass. If they're doing characters per month that's well 22 more months of new game play. No if you have finished the game and I've zero to do, then go play another game untill there is more content. If you're genuine old school gamer then this is for you, if you're gen z and demand things get a new hobbie
Gus Oslund
Gus Oslund преди месец
The boys 😬
You see me Everywhere
You see me Everywhere преди месец
A netflix subscription with hd is 14 dollars and that iron man emote it 14 Dollars Let that sink in
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider преди месец
Mutahar: “Don’t buy the new Avengers game” Me: [AGREEABLE GRUNT]
Tristan Ravenclaw
Tristan Ravenclaw преди месец
I bought the game guys.
charles achoa
charles achoa преди месец
The first thing I thought of when I saw this was the MGS2 scene where riden says “we’ve managed to avoid drowning!”
Kingo Mingo
Kingo Mingo преди месец
Hey guess what!!! You don’t need to buy stuff from the marketplace. I’ve made it through the game without buying a single item from the marketplace, it’s fucking optional and you can get credits by playing the game so the points on the marketplace are bullshit
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez преди месец
This tells me he either didn't really play the game or he didn't even try to upgrade his characters. Thor is easily one of the worst characters in the game - he's just Iron Man Lite; Hulk, Captain America and Black Widow are easily the most fully realized characters in the game.
Mark S
Mark S преди 23 дни
My guess is he only played through the story mode where you play each character other then Miss Marvel for about 20 minutes. He said every character is the same. Anyone who has gotten them all to lvl 50 knows they all have their own play style.
Cyndakill преди месец
mooda you look homeless
Axell Rosas
Axell Rosas преди месец
6:38 - 6:49 No joke that made snort laugh for like a good 2 minutes
zaidan esem
zaidan esem преди месец
ngl muta looks like an Indian billy butcher
mr true man
mr true man преди месец
Agreeable grunt
panzerveps преди месец
"You can return the hammer like God of War"... Thor is the OG hammer guy.
T Daniels
T Daniels преди 15 дни
What's funny is that God of War really perfected the return mechanic. Reeling in that axe was so satisfying every time.
SIMOx , преди месец
"atleast I connected to the server!" My god, is this what we've come to edit: wow these micro-transactions are almost as bad as fallout
Lorem Ipsum
Lorem Ipsum преди месец
Muta on thumbnail lookin like The Weeknd on wishlist lmaooo
Aamir Qureshi
Aamir Qureshi преди месец
shes not indian!!! shes a pakistani!!!! Man this is the only Pakistani character in comics ever and people still forget she is Pakistani!!
Hologram преди месец
kamala khan is discount dhalsim from street fighter
slash3y преди месец
The thumbnail looks like he is a 3 year old who just got a potato for chistmas
Television преди месец
The game (without its bugs) is actually alright
TheAllSeeing преди месец
Too late. I'm enjoying it.
Alan Labuda
Alan Labuda преди месец
Not that im a weeb or shit but lets leave these kinda games to Japan. They do that shit best. No offense to western games cuz they are a lot that can stand up to Japans or even surpass them but on a scale japan's games are more likely to be good rather than bad. In the west its pretty much balanced. Still 50 50 chance for a shitty or good game.
Al Beats
Al Beats преди месец
Too late. But it's worth it
The Horror Guru
The Horror Guru преди месец
It has a lot of problems and i still cannot stop playing it T__T
52misterman преди месец
[ Agreeable grunt ]
no name but game live
no name but game live преди месец
Me bhe bohat kush hota hu 😛
Vallatale преди месец
I liked the demo a lot, i hope the game is as good... oh, well at least Hulk is enjoyable
Dead Man
Dead Man преди месец
6:45...Tf was that example🤣🤣
Said преди месец
I have thhis horrible feeling about my 60$ I feel ripped off. The last mission was 45% of the whole campaign I dunno if anybody noticed. This game should be called avengers movement and combat simulation. I mean how many times in a row do you want to kill the same enemies with the same buttons on the same map for the same loot 😂😂😂😂 at this state this game is a fenomenal fail
Jolus Fabiolus
Jolus Fabiolus преди месец
You soooooooo funny
20 years ago
20 years ago преди месец
can you make plz your perfect game
basim e x e
basim e x e преди месец
ayyyyy a Pakistani character AND SHES MUSLIM
NirvanaKartana преди месец
Now y'all know what it's like to be a Pokémon fan amirite lads
Sam преди месец
I put it on easy cruised through the story and stopped playing😂
Cod Destroyer
Cod Destroyer преди месец
What’s wrong with Minecraft
Dovley Hutchinson
Dovley Hutchinson преди месец
Isn’t Kamala Khan Pakistani? 😂
MannyThatFox преди месец
Thumbnail muta be looking like the Jubilant Catarina face preset from Dark Souls 2
Falken преди месец
Spider-Man PS4 cosmetic suits could be unlocked for free by playing the goddamn game. Aside from the DLC suits (DLC that came with extra content anyway), they even gave you cool new abilities! For free! Just by *playing the fuckin' game!*
Lucifer Joestar
Lucifer Joestar преди месец
Your name is a Jojo reference, MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA
Biggles Boggles
Biggles Boggles преди месец
He’s with the dark side now (Keemstar goon)
Biggles Boggles
Biggles Boggles преди месец
His content has been 🗑 since H3 bodied him.
Nitr0G-Games3000 преди месец
"her dad is dummy t h i c c af dude" 😂
Jaliel Dowell
Jaliel Dowell преди месец
I actually really enjoyed the game thoe lol
TheKhaledGamer преди месец
tooooooo late i bought it the day it came out
ahmad преди месец
Iran man
Mewten Ushermeet
Mewten Ushermeet преди месец
Can you play more rpg maker games?
Abdullah nadeem
Abdullah nadeem преди месец
I can see why you said "i-ron" instead of "Iron". I know the suffering
Saul Williams
Saul Williams преди месец
I enjoyed this game quite a lot
Yee Bears
Yee Bears преди месец
man idk now i feel bad that i enjoy the game
Collin Huston
Collin Huston преди месец
I was thinking about buying this game but wanted an opinion on it and I got it, that you dude
Just some dude that makes creepy stuff
Just some dude that makes creepy stuff преди месец
Wtf, when did they release an avengers game?
Krytron преди месец
Muta in the thumbnail looks like the “Meet the Robinsons”, but Indian
Tenzin Samchok
Tenzin Samchok преди месец
Lego Marvel Avengers better.
Tyler Watkins
Tyler Watkins преди месец
They fact that they have been working on this game in some form or fashion since the first movie it’s so annoying companies releasing part of a game asking people to pay $60 dollars on it then realesing everything else over the course of the next couple years and it’s still not good. They did the same thing with the first Destiny, No Mans Sky, and Anthem
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