Tik Tok is Dead...

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Imagine going from the fastest-growing social media platform to pushing up daisies in the span of less than a year. Thanks for watching!
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AxeHead преди 3 часа
My heart skipped a beat when Muta said TikTok has had a positive impact...
Kurt Matthew Aquino
Kurt Matthew Aquino преди 2 дни
I am raising my hand for not downloading tiktok!!
Zydix преди 19 дни
Man why did they have to ban indian tik tok, its the best side of the entire application
ditboi преди месец
why did i get a ad to get tiktok Australia
C.I.A преди месец
Tictok is still in the us
Dropt Pat
Dropt Pat преди месец
Sadly it hasn’t been banned in the UK
Vihari Royal
Vihari Royal преди месец
As Long as a Friend of Trump Buys Some Shares.......😉
Ahlaam Salaam
Ahlaam Salaam преди месец
DoughBoy GD
DoughBoy GD преди месец
I've been waiting for this moment for so long
Racko's Lair
Racko's Lair преди месец
Well which one is it Mutahar
Greenface преди месец
Tik tok isnt banned yet noooooooooooooooooo they need to ban it already
Reaction Seat
Reaction Seat преди месец
Finally tick-tock has been banned a cesspool of pedophilia in Chinese spying let alone the inappropriateness this app should have been banned in a long time ago I love how people are saying that the CCP is power-hungry because they’re all sad maybe y’all should have some life values in not even gotten the app
AutoImmuneDefficiency Syndrome Spectrum
AutoImmuneDefficiency Syndrome Spectrum преди месец
**Curb your enthusiasm plays**
Isaiah Luna
Isaiah Luna преди месец
So tik tok and the lame cringe people are still there? Did we just get JEBAITED?!
Kareem Morsy
Kareem Morsy преди месец
Something just could on my mind.. Can we make an AI that predicts someone's password using his data of social media or something?
Gloom Genetics
Gloom Genetics преди месец
you dont trust me mutah-san? :( i love you mane.
Ezra Is Loser
Ezra Is Loser преди месец
T i k T o k w a s a n i m p o s t e r
SPONGGY преди месец
Zay Madden
Zay Madden преди месец
this didn't age well...
Ghost town guy
Ghost town guy преди месец
Me: I collect rocks. BGpost: I collect your information. NOW GEMME!
Mpleik преди месец
Does he not realize it is still up on the App Store?
T Pat
T Pat преди месец
It has been removed in "microsoft support country"
Maverick преди месец
Whyd I get a notification 2 days late lmao.
meropolis преди месец
Giraffe Consumer
Giraffe Consumer преди месец
This didn’t age well
Lil Freezie
Lil Freezie преди месец
4:46 lol
Lil Freezie
Lil Freezie преди месец
2:13 its not lol, chill
Zarar Bangash
Zarar Bangash преди месец
Plot twist: Tiktok was behind some of the production of the movie ‘Cuties’
crazy gaming
crazy gaming преди месец
guess what guys it didn't get banned
The mobile User
The mobile User преди месец
Tic tok is the cockroach that will never die,it’s impressive and questionable
Negative F
Negative F преди месец
Tbh i'm so happy it's gone
kurai ninja
kurai ninja преди месец
Tik tok: *rises from grave*
jameswalker199 преди месец
Remember when it was musica.ly? No, nor me.
Baxi Tabaxi
Baxi Tabaxi преди месец
tik tok ussers = terrorist's simple
HypeDemo426 преди месец
Tik Tokers are too dumb to use vpn
Grid Graphics
Grid Graphics преди месец
TikTok Actually Survived...
Jose M
Jose M преди месец
Me watching this video a day after it was released with tiktok still on the App Store
Ya boi Jager
Ya boi Jager преди месец
Nah man it survived
babb ,;;
babb ,;; преди месец
this aged like milk
Lucas Fiorillo
Lucas Fiorillo преди месец
this video somehow aged WORSE than milk
Cookie Field
Cookie Field преди месец
I would LOVE to see tik tok survive on today's landscape, you can't even curse on tik tok
Torper Vazquez
Torper Vazquez преди месец
Do you trust Apple?
Skys High
Skys High преди месец
Ruined our generation makes me terrified to have kids
Subie преди месец
It’s okay you can vape on this video I don’t mind
SicksRayne преди месец
Well this didn’t age well,
anonymous преди месец
the trump pranks were epic
Brad Meyers
Brad Meyers преди месец
Tik tok is still on the play store just looked right after watching this video
Saircall преди месец
This video didn't age well in like 24 hours
Zeeshan Mahmud
Zeeshan Mahmud преди месец
You basically hasn't said anything. 9 min video for a 3 second comment. And Tiktok teaming up with Oracle now.
Baba Jaga
Baba Jaga преди месец
finally it got banned
The Spirit
The Spirit преди месец
Is tiktok banned globally or just in some regions?
Qwe Fhj
Qwe Fhj преди месец
This has aged like milk
Not Sure
Not Sure преди месец
Why do you care about data? So you get some personalized ads...They can't control your mind by knowing your search history.
Nordic Wolf
Nordic Wolf преди месец
There's something called an vpn and an apk so...
YYZ преди месец
They didn’t ban it cause they couldn’t stand china being number 1. Tik tok was truly a threat to national security. The cats out of the bag...it’s slowly becoming common knowledge to know that all of these apps store and track your personal data. You don’t see how problematic that is for a foreign nation to have access to that info? This isn’t about creating the perfect advertising algorithm loop...with that data they can do some REAL nefarious things. Influence elections, spread propaganda, create civil unrest, etc.. it’s not worth it.. not worth the risk...do you really trust China? I know I don’t. Get tik tok the FUCK out of here. Tencent were coming for you next.
Devin Crawford
Devin Crawford преди месец
"It's gone, it's over with" *13 hours ago* :TikTok actually survived
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy преди месец
DawnOfTheOzz преди месец
*Tik Tok is Dead...* YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! *Tik Tok Actually Survived...* NO! NO! NO! FUCK! NO! SHIT! NO!
STRIKER RON преди месец
This didn't age well
Ishaan Khandelwal
Ishaan Khandelwal преди месец
America just killed tiktok and Huawei. Lol
Rick Astley
Rick Astley преди месец
Sir G.Rant
Sir G.Rant преди месец
not banned please stop getting info wrong
JAMEY CRAZY 2 преди месец
The person who made Vine made a app called byte knowned as vine2 go check it out
Cazzy преди месец
Lol how you feel now 😈😈😈
Jayden Blamire
Jayden Blamire преди месец
Luckily I live in Australia.... I deleted it
Canadian 01
Canadian 01 преди месец
Please be true
Skwizzz B
Skwizzz B преди месец
Oh nononononono The refugees don't make it like the last time when vine and musically shut down
ProGamer преди месец
Mutahar: TIk Tok is Dead Penguinz0: Tik Tok is Saved
you stinky
you stinky преди месец
Dats a lie
Bird Is the word
Bird Is the word преди месец
Victory screech
IlIlIl преди месец
He sounds happy..... *tf*
Rainbow Cookie
Rainbow Cookie преди месец
Tiktok survives Tiktok dead Confused happiness
Crazzay Queeny
Crazzay Queeny преди месец
Like really tho I know u hear this but just get a vpn it really does work so stop be so f#%* dumb
Le Doctore
Le Doctore преди месец
“I would love to see tiktok survive in today’s climate” lol
LB Seven
LB Seven преди месец
men I miss vine :(
TorpidTV преди месец
Uh huh yup totally 👍🏼
Pentti Hilkuri
Pentti Hilkuri преди месец
Now I'm afraid for my deidah.
Nynx преди месец
“maybe it will survive! no, just no, it won’t.” famous last words
Blue Topaz
Blue Topaz преди месец
Why do we celebrate so early? Chill
Dakota ew
Dakota ew преди месец
I still have tiktok and it works for me tho
Beverly Joaquin
Beverly Joaquin преди месец
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtiktok is getting banned
William Ragle
William Ragle преди месец
"we will probably never know what those national security reasons are" Muta still doesn't seem to think war with China is inevitable lmao
Geeyouknit 06
Geeyouknit 06 преди месец
Hey that rabbit got pulled out of its hat
Cyber Gaming Studios
Cyber Gaming Studios преди месец
Its not banned till november 12, its just fooken off the play store
Trajan Danubius
Trajan Danubius преди месец
If this will kill the daddy funding of China I can as well happily rest for eternity, as I am properly pleased.
Zysoring преди месец
tik tok is still on apple app store 24 hours later
GDScadoosh преди месец
1:25 “I would love to see TikTok survive in today’s climate”
Yochi Artz
Yochi Artz преди месец
All the America trying to use vpn to have tioktok
John Smith
John Smith преди месец
I don't trust VPN's. Seems like a great way to give up your shit without a need for annoying legal processes to obtain info from your ISP or creating illegal "spyware"
Dog Meat
Dog Meat преди месец
already debunked... :P
Goose преди месец
Legenddary Dude
Legenddary Dude преди месец
It’s still there but okay
Monkey преди месец
it really is
weird dude
weird dude преди месец
It wasn't banned 😭😞
statly eel
statly eel преди месец
Tiktok is still hear
Price преди месец
Terrible video and not even true, delete
XxKFCrockersxX преди месец
Videos that precede unfortunate events
J-Rome преди месец
TikTok is actually really popular in SEA. Even though SEA have some shady relationship with big daddy China. I don't know I guess us southeast Asians don't feel like our personal data is worth $10 million.
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes преди месец
Keep spitting sh*t without showing any proof beyond that Reddit post that everyone within Reddit is questioning as the individual never provided proof by saying that his pc's motherboard died and so help you god with your credibility. This even aged pathetically poorly by the moment i wrote this comment
FlawlessPolarBear преди месец
Its still in canada Edit: I use it when Im bored/sad
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