The MAP Community Is Seriously Disgusting...

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Why these people feel compelled to defend actions that should and will not ever be accepted is beyond me, however at some point it gets to be way too much and we have to put our foot down. Thanks for watching!
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SomeOrdinaryGamers преди 3 месеца
I am going to make a second video regarding a lot of comments around this topic. its never okay to use hatred/violence on these people. these communities need to stop empowering negative thoughts and beliefs and the people who have them should seek some therapy. when you sit and ponder these thoughts eventually some of those people act out on it. those people need to seek help before its too late and save themselves from committing a crime and ruining the life of a minor.
hanomura преди 8 дни
Bro kono dio da
allana преди 14 дни
but Muta they said they wont seek help. and they say they wont stop from going around kids. if anything, theyre provoking a witch hunt.
Jan B.
Jan B. преди 15 дни
@Medicesca If we can normalise being a no-contact pedophile, more pedos will come to terms with their condition and they won't be at risk of becoming social outcasts when they seek help. This helps to reduce the suffering of pedophiles and children.
Za Ruskis
Za Ruskis преди месец
how the hell do we do that when they have already coomed on a child
Lucy Ferr
Lucy Ferr преди месец
@Vine : is that the people that wear diapers? I dont know much, but if this kink doesn't t involve actual children and just adults roleplaying as children, then I don't see why its a problem?
Pesuyna преди 4 минути
I don't believe in hell. But these maps are definitely going there
Armando Pineiro
Armando Pineiro преди 3 часа
This is how everyone should handle this situation , alot of people just shit on people who have these mental problems and don't explore the idea of trying to put out there that yes you can get real help and not everyone hates you. I really appreciate that and I hope more people do what he did wich is objectively look at the people who are just predatory and give an outlet of help
Alex Frank
Alex Frank преди 4 часа
Reasonable people: You shouldn't try to have an affair with a minor. Pedophiles on Twitter: "I'm ThE mAp I'm ThE mAp I'm ThE mAp IM THE MAPPP!"
Xigbar II
Xigbar II преди 6 часа
The only help they deserve is a well placed shot in the dome
Pesuyna преди 3 минути
Honestly I don't believe in hell. But these guys are definitely going there
Mother Nature
Mother Nature преди 8 часа
Oh ok I thought we was talking about a different type of map yar I was not prepared
Audy Birdo
Audy Birdo преди 9 часа
They did my boy Etika more than just dirty. *Using him as a pedophile icon should be a fucking crime punishable by death.*
Anna Pabian
Anna Pabian преди 13 часа
Members of map on twitter keep on saying (this character here) is map and one of them was soilder tf2 right after rick may (his voice actor) died
MYRON_K126 преди 14 часа
The 1k pedos who disliked the video 😮
Mario преди 15 часа
The reason that the age of consent exists is because we don't wanna go to 1826 where we used children to mine coal and get away with it
Zurua Eclipse
Zurua Eclipse преди 19 часа
Ok the 1.1K that have disliked this video that has LOGIC IN IT what are you doing with your life?
TheCrunchyGamer преди 22 часа
I thought this was about those weird ass animations that shippers usually make
Ms.Fluffy Dovey-Love27
Ms.Fluffy Dovey-Love27 преди ден
I’ve seen this on Tumblr and and I’m like can you not with innocent characters from fandoms.
thedemonmouse преди ден
1.1k of the dislikes are frickin peds
Salazzle Dazzle
Salazzle Dazzle преди ден
4chan "trolling" campaign, more like 4chan's excuse to be openly pedophilic. Twitter has become awful, especially that there is so little pushback against it, especially especially from Twitter staff.
Oroberus преди ден
Kind of reminds me of NAMBLA ...
TheMasonGamer преди ден
This stuff is sick, but considering how humanity's views have changed over time, I give it 5 years before it's considered a sexuality.
PeteLovesBread /BusinessBread
PeteLovesBread /BusinessBread преди ден
the dislikes are from all the maps
사과 преди 2 дни
Do Map stands for Minor and pedophile?
Comrade Kanye
Comrade Kanye преди 2 дни
no, it stand for Minor attracted Person
eclecticaspie преди 2 дни
You don't have to be a Boomer to be grossed out about pedophiles.
Giescul преди 2 дни
A lot of people need to understand the phrase "malum in se". Some things are just wrong and evil and can never and should never be "normalized".
Italia Mapping
Italia Mapping преди 2 дни
i thought you meant our community
Italia Mapping
Italia Mapping преди 2 дни
btw u should talk about the antimapper community
Sahil Dahal
Sahil Dahal преди 2 дни
I miss when maps was just a song.
Tired Weirdo
Tired Weirdo преди 3 дни
Yes, preach king. This is the first video I've watched of yours and I freakin' love this.
superllamaking преди 3 дни
Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams преди 3 дни
This started with Shulamite Firestone
Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams преди 2 часа
@xXStxr StruckXx Nothing really, I'm just a third positionist.
xXStxr StruckXx
xXStxr StruckXx преди 7 часа
Bro what’s going on w ur pfp
Lil Upset
Lil Upset преди 3 дни
Genuine question, what about kids attracted to other kids (about their own age)
Cry преди 2 дни
@Ian Gnomes No problem, best of luck.
Ian Gnomes
Ian Gnomes преди 2 дни
@Cry thanks m8
Cry преди 3 дни
@Ian Gnomes Fyi, I already wrote a reply to this with more details but it got deleted, sadge
Cry преди 3 дни
@Ian Gnomes There's 4 stages, baby, child, teen, and adult, when you're 12 you just became a teen and you start feeling a lil something something, when you're 16 you're also done in the teen stage and now is growing to be an adult, so yes, high school dating is fine, it's normal to start a relationship in high school.
Ian Gnomes
Ian Gnomes преди 3 дни
@Cry what about high schoolers
ArthusTheWeeb420 преди 4 дни
"Ok boomer"
TeCH 42
TeCH 42 преди ден
Shit up MAP
Mysterium преди 4 дни
"The most hated man in America" so who is that
CJ Resotko
CJ Resotko преди 4 дни
I miss the days when MAP stood for Multi-Animator Project
Equals Sign
Equals Sign преди 4 дни
i read somewhere that 1/3 people are attracted to children, so this was really only a matter of time
Alberto is a duck
Alberto is a duck преди 9 часа
@Tired Weirdo *arms intercontinental ballistic missile*
Tired Weirdo
Tired Weirdo преди 3 дни
*Cocks shotgun* lets make that 0/3 shall we?
Mr. Zambieman
Mr. Zambieman преди 4 дни
I'm a muta attracted person
Mr. Zambieman
Mr. Zambieman преди 4 дни
You're a good boomer though
Ibrahim 756
Ibrahim 756 преди 4 дни
"ages is just a number" And so 911
ISteppedOnLego преди 4 дни
imagine loving those little annoying shits
TeCH 42
TeCH 42 преди ден
Yeah lmao
CatLover23 преди 2 дни
Ünsal Ulu
Ünsal Ulu преди 4 дни
Don't call this MAP, this is called pedophilia for 100000 years.
Deloon преди 4 дни
maps are disgusting 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Bryone Espinola
Bryone Espinola преди 4 дни
when u see someone part of the MAP community, call 911
Dumpster Behind A Chillis
Dumpster Behind A Chillis преди 5 дни
Ok. So this might be an unpopular opinion? I think that people who are attracted to minors and are ACTIVELY SEEKING HELP are... yaknow not good but not satan. Anti-contacts still suck, since they're still pro-map, but if you are attracted to minors, and you're getting therapy or whatever, hell yeah. You understand it isnt normal and its unhealthy and you're trying to fix it
Lebron James
Lebron James преди 5 дни
Why do people hate maps? There useful for finding the way to a amusement park ride!
CatLover23 преди 2 дни
"They had us in the first half not gonna lie"
Alberto is a duck
Alberto is a duck преди 4 дни
they are also useful for setting coordinates for icbms towards you friends house :D
InvalidShortcut преди 5 дни
#MAP = pedophiles
BabyDaddyJesus преди 5 дни
1.1k dislikes lmao that's scary
IB Jewd
IB Jewd преди 5 дни
Just carpet bomb em all and anything they have tainted
Krazeguy Productions
Krazeguy Productions преди 5 дни
“Maps” funk them they are idiotic.
Jr Death
Jr Death преди 5 дни
10:47 death is a quick cure
Yousef Sekhri
Yousef Sekhri преди 5 дни
Anyone who tries to have sex with children should get the death penalty.
newg преди 5 дни
I'm child how does that work
Karine 26
Karine 26 преди 5 дни
Did i really heard "ash mains rushing in" ?...subscribed
Scrible Spider
Scrible Spider преди 6 дни
First I thought they were normal maps Then I thought they were multiple animator projects Little did I know..
karlazeen преди 6 дни
MAPS My Ass Pretty Sus
John Croyle
John Croyle преди 6 дни
Age is just a number So is 9mm
Neult преди 5 дни
@newg 9mm is the shorter version for the bullet 9x19mm Parabellum. This was cartridge was created for the Luger P08 toggle lock pistol in the 1900s.
newg преди 5 дни
9 is mm isn't
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees преди 6 дни
Ages are just a number And being shot is just a piece of metal is entering your body
Connor Englum
Connor Englum преди 6 дни
These people are sickos go see a therapist and stop praying on kids
E'Ryan Benefield
E'Ryan Benefield преди 6 дни
My profile says it all-
Dark Insanity
Dark Insanity преди 6 дни
I feel very bad for the future of humanity....and the future that my future kids will potentially have. I’m not happy to be called a human being
The Damn Guy
The Damn Guy преди 6 дни
Abusing etika for this shit horrible
Also Adam
Also Adam преди 6 дни
"Age is just a number" and hell is just a really hot sauna
Naomi Winspear
Naomi Winspear преди 6 дни
Why is there so many dislikes?!
Neult преди 5 дни
Well that means more lab rats for testing.
I wanna die
I wanna die преди 6 дни
The pedophiles trying to justify themselves like "they're just people", the hell is wrong with them? They try to say that somehow something can go so bad that they have the right to rape children. In NO WAY is there ANYTHING that justifies raping a child which would probably have even more mental scars and Maybe PTSD from this. You are sacrificing a child's well-being for an attraction. Disgusting, I tell you
RealSpartan 5206
RealSpartan 5206 преди 7 дни
these pedophiles are telling us to “have a open mind” *oh, they’re going to have a open mind when I bludgeon them with a axe*
Scorpion Firesome
Scorpion Firesome преди 7 дни
Age is just a number. And prison is just a building.
Cool Cucumbers
Cool Cucumbers преди 7 дни
age is just a number and so are you if you go to jail
Honeybee Aminatix
Honeybee Aminatix преди 7 дни
them claiming that pedophilia is a gender or sexuality is one of the most offensive and disgusting things i have ever heard.
Hiro Inuzuka
Hiro Inuzuka преди 7 дни
We need a second neolithic revolution
Menacingly Fried Chicken
Menacingly Fried Chicken преди 7 дни
It’s like going up to a seven eleven employee if they work at seven eleven and they reply “no, I work at convenient store”
MRbug преди 7 дни
1.1 of the viewers are john wayne gases followers
Blue 1219
Blue 1219 преди 7 дни
As a 14 year old kid. The simple idea of a 30 year old man/woman "loving" me is horrible
TeCH 42
TeCH 42 преди ден
Unless they your parents but my parents don’t love me so yeah
Btomaek преди 7 дни
MAPS took the best name >:(
ArceiSocha преди 7 дни
I thought he meant Multi-Animator Projects... And dear lord was I wrong.
foxtailedcritter преди 7 дни
You gotta stop talking about this guy's because you're just getting more people to join. Best to not just talk about em.
Hope Faith
Hope Faith преди 4 дни
Yeah no, lol. We are exposing them.
Superpikpik65 преди 6 дни
if we dont talk about it, then they don't get in trouble. so we have to talk about them, so we can stop them
bean boi
bean boi преди 7 дни
1.100 pedos disliked this
Jaimcee7 преди 8 дни
True dat, bruh. Spittin' bars
Eli Harrison
Eli Harrison преди 8 дни
4chan does the most random stuff
Benji Todd
Benji Todd преди 8 дни
It is a huge testament to the carelessness of Twitter, and any site at all that these people proudly or publicly be this messed up. And they are not maps. They are either dead if I see them, or just Pedos. Also, Pedo is not a sexuality. ‘Age of attraction’ is just your age. Subtract seven add two or something that’s your f*cking minimum age to date.
Based EyeCel
Based EyeCel преди 8 дни
Freaking Animals
I'm litreally just here
I'm litreally just here преди 8 дни
As a child, please stop. I know alot about this stuff, so people would probably use me as evidence that child IS a gender. but nope-
SnAkie YT
SnAkie YT преди 9 дни
Why the fudge are pedos a thing it is disgusting
ioflowboy преди 9 дни
4chan sticking it to the gays lol
M4 Java
M4 Java преди 9 дни
Minor attracted “persons”. theyre not people theyre monsters
Mustard Crøw
Mustard Crøw преди 3 дни
MAMS Minor Attracted Monsters
Neult преди 5 дни
Hell even monsters have morals.
Furko08 преди 9 дни
About that Wu-Tang Clan album: it was made to be a single unique album. Wu-Tang only made a single one album and it's supposed to only belong to a single person at a time, who can keep or sell it. As far as I know (not sure tho) the owner of the album is at any time allowed to publish it, if he wants to
Oof McOofy
Oof McOofy преди 9 дни
They don't deserve rights, including internet access or even life itself With all the terrorism, riots and school shootings i'm surprised nobody has done a hit on multiple pedos Singular pedo killings are a nice rarity but i'd like to see someone find where the ''miracle village'' exists and start shooting the creatures there
Aziruf преди 9 дни
Death is just a concept.
DaNewWrksOfMeh преди 9 дни
Also some people might be beyond help. Just like there is no cure for being a psychopath, there might be no real "cure" or "help" for being a pedophile. Granted, considering some people like both adults and children, there's probably a spectrum. Perhaps there are many who can be helped. Either way, I do believe that a lot of people have the ability to abstain simply based on morals. When you believe so strongly that something is wrong, you won't do it no matter how much your urges weigh on you. I'm suicidal and I would love to take my life sometimes because I'm sick of it, but I don't because I know it would destroy a select few people's lives forever. I would suffer endlessly for them not to feel that pain. In the same way, I believe there are people with these urges who would never commit such atrocious acts because their moral compass is too strong. Would a hopeless virgin automatically turn to raping someone? Probably not. Anyone who still has the feelings but can abstain has my respect.
Billy bobs cousibn
Billy bobs cousibn преди 10 дни
You mean pedos?
Jesse Stokes
Jesse Stokes преди 10 дни
If it can't say yes or make up it's mined then it's can't consent death to all pedos and if disliked this video your going to hell all they do is use exscues like I'm trans it's a menta disabilitie it's never ok I seen another video were on twitter they were selling CP porn that's so wrong
Samantha Dalton
Samantha Dalton преди 10 дни
If age is just a number than the guillotine is just a tool.
Ty Jenks
Ty Jenks преди 10 дни
They don’t need help. They need a short rope and a long drop.
Duy Ngọc
Duy Ngọc преди 11 дни
Oh u are a map?! Yes, they would need a map to find all your body parts when I'm done with you
newg преди 5 дни
Dislike for bad joke
I'm a red whale
I'm a red whale преди 11 дни
Just say: *"OMG all the MAPS are oppressing women!!!!"* and the feminists will anhillate them all from the internet faster than you can say "manspreading"
ichika преди 11 дни
"age is just a number" yeah, and jail is just a place.
Jamie Lopez
Jamie Lopez преди 11 дни
Bill Gates started HIV 💯👀 honest to God look it up 🆘🇺🇸
Jamie Lopez
Jamie Lopez преди 11 дни
Put it simple people that do that are about as good as dog 💩on the bottom of your shoe and all of them should have their heads cut off is that simple enough 💯
Ian The Cool Thief
Ian The Cool Thief преди 11 дни
Guys I got a big brain idea. Let's make an anti MAP movement as a 4chan troll to counterattack.
NoxRinu/Diour преди 11 дни
the dislikes are from the pedos who watched this video
Claustr0 TV
Claustr0 TV преди 9 дни
@Frosted - Squid *insert nikocado avocado punching his seat*
Frosted - Squid
Frosted - Squid преди 9 дни
Theyre sobbing and punching the air rn
*-Hana’s Creations-*
*-Hana’s Creations-* преди 11 дни
‘Age is just a number’ *jail is just a place (Not original comment)
Rowan Braginski
Rowan Braginski преди 11 дни
Don't call them MAPs that gives them validation, call them what they are, disgusting pedophiles
Milena Animaciones
Milena Animaciones преди 12 дни
Me when readin the title: What's wrong with the MAP community?? Me after watching the video: Oh, he's not talking about Multi Animator Projects-
coldsteelnatsuki преди 12 дни
"y'all need a therapist, not a community."
Bacon Hair
Bacon Hair преди 12 дни
kids can love kids teens can love teens adults can love adults seniors can love seniors kids CAN'T love teens kids CAN'T love adults kids CAN'T love seniors teens CAN'T love kids teens CAN'T love adults teens CAN'T love seniors adults CAN'T love kids adults CAN'T love teens adults (can maybe...) love seniors seniors CAN'T love kids seniors CAN'T love teens seniors (can maybe...) love adults
Allen Laureano
Allen Laureano преди 8 дни
@I'm litreally just here they are teens
I'm litreally just here
I'm litreally just here преди 8 дни
what about a 12 and 13 year old
Mimizozo ima
Mimizozo ima преди 12 дни
I am just like amazed...dumbfounded that it started with a 4chan troll like dang
Ryan b
Ryan b преди 10 дни
It had to be 4chan it's always 4chan smh
Great explanation.
Great explanation. преди 12 дни
Damn seems of that 1.1k are pedos
Thwompapotamus преди 12 дни
Age is just a number and planting their dead body is just gardening
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