The FBI Just Arrested Nintendo Switch Hackers...

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преди 20 дни

Team Xecuter, a long run scene group dedicating to creating flashcarts and devices allowing us to play roms on our actual devices have been taken in by the Feds, they played an incredibly dumb game and won an incredibly dumb prize. Thanks for watching!
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Arnold Layne
Arnold Layne преди час
Hackers don't plays games. The hack IS the game. Can totally relate.
Nateman1000 преди 7 часа
Imagine if the Doug browser from Nintendo and the browser from team xcutor were related
rafaelk14 преди 8 часа
What baffles me is the capacity of the US to go after individuals who broke their laws outside the country.
Who Doge
Who Doge преди 9 часа
Bowser getting arrested for hacking Nintendo Switches Coincidence? I think not
Choco Drew
Choco Drew преди 12 часа
I wanna have babies with muta dam it
Choco Drew
Choco Drew преди 12 часа
This is a troll comment btw I just love muta hes a great gent
DustyKFC преди 13 часа
IsusIpanienko преди 16 часа
I love the cmatrix in the background.
LanceEvilProductions преди ден
The PSP was the god of CFW, It was more powerful and faster than Android devices that were out in 2008
Kuma преди ден
Tbh Xecuter are scummy as all hell, they're known for bricking switches that don't pay for their licenses.
Agustín Morales
Agustín Morales преди 2 дни
those intros man, soooo good xD thanks a lot
Platinum _Games
Platinum _Games преди 2 дни
This story can be summed up into, "You can't trust anyone, not even yourself."
J M преди 2 дни
I've owned a switch since release and have only bought two games due to how price locked they are. Can't afford new so I can understand why people go to these lengths
Poop nigga fart sex_OM3N
Poop nigga fart sex_OM3N преди 2 дни
Twister преди 2 дни
they caught bowser hahah
Luis Lora
Luis Lora преди 2 дни
I'm 100% sure Team Xcuter is just the IRL version of uber and l33t
Erebus преди 2 дни
why isn't no one looking at the ghost outside muta's window
Estacy Hope
Estacy Hope преди 3 дни
God damnit Mario! Why do you have to keep all the coins!?
Mynnie преди 3 дни
Lol when I was a kid my father gave me an R4 card for the DS so all the games I had on there were hacked
Zennie преди 3 дни
I have a day one switch, how safe if it to Homebrew?
TheOnlyUmbrilla преди 11 часа
It's safe if you know what you're doing, both legally and on a technical stance. It is legal to mod a Switch, but illegal to use it for piracy.
B10K PlaysGames
B10K PlaysGames преди 3 дни
Nintendo: *_makes Nintendo Switch so people can have fun_* Hackers: *hack the nintendo switch just for fun* Nintendo: *_No, this isnt how you're supposed to play the game_*
faleo 10
faleo 10 преди 4 дни
are you running a vm rn?
Vega Brothers Show
Vega Brothers Show преди 4 дни
There's A Clone In The Background Ngl
Oglowco Ivy
Oglowco Ivy преди 5 дни
Chief executive
Logefer преди 5 дни
When he screams he looks like his eyes look like they gonna pop out of his eye sockets
AbnerJadeAlexson преди 5 дни
they're treating these guys like they're the cartel.
AbnerJadeAlexson преди 5 дни
wish I had the v1 version
Drew преди 5 дни
im 5 and what is this
F.B.I преди 5 дни
Thanke me later
Noble 69
Noble 69 преди 6 дни
Do these guys make a device to hack my life and win back custody of the kids?
lordmine преди 6 дни
it cut off and said 'The FBI Just Arrested Nintendo..." lol
super guy
super guy преди 6 дни
any one else has mutas wallpaper
Lily Ahmed
Lily Ahmed преди 6 дни
Nobody Absouloutly nobody Scammers tryna act normal and not shaddy: Oh look use it to hack whatever you want!! *Frick I should like an ad writing this* Pretend the comment was never there, I bid you a good day :)
ドラコイアント-日本ではない преди 6 дни
idk why you seem so happy about someone get arrest
Nickname преди 6 дни
so... well.. you know... hypothetically If I were to "modify" my switch to have every game for free and play offline. Would the FBI be after me?
JDoawp преди 6 дни
Worth mentioning is that this Xecutor team is apparently not the OG team from back in the day, they've just taken over.
Sparkle YT
Sparkle YT преди 6 дни
Plot twist: They got arrested cause they kept kidnapping Princess Peach
Vipul Doshi
Vipul Doshi преди 6 дни
one of the defandants last name is actually bowser. you can't make this up
Lonely Animation
Lonely Animation преди 7 дни
the comment kinda cringe ngl
Flavio Engiman
Flavio Engiman преди 7 дни
so when mutahar said "they are on nintendos bad side" i thought to myself "hmm reminds me of that company that has a focus on piracy, actively bricked 3ds system for using other flash cards and sometimes malfunctioning and triggering to their own and dominating the 3ds hacking scene overall after being shut down by actual 3ds hackers." then he mentioned stargate and then i thought:"ooooooo noooooooooo they tryna get back to us arent they?"
ToastGod преди 7 дни
Imagine going to jail and someone askes you why you in jail and you say oh I just pirated games 😀👍
SethicalPlayz преди 7 дни
PurpleClouds •
PurpleClouds • преди 7 дни
Anyone else, or i am the only one whos watching him from his window reflexion ?
Sayarce Unsams
Sayarce Unsams преди 7 дни
This sounds like gateway but someone got arrested
Mayravixx преди 7 дни
Wait, NSP's? Ninja Sex Parties? I'm down. In all seriousness, I basically already have all of the games I ever wanted for the Switch by buying them, so piracy isn't even something I'd have to do. The only reason I'd get a device like this would probably be so I can watch Netflix on my Switch, that's about it, and that's assuming a Netflix app even exists as a homebrew application (although I don't see why not, I think on the PS3 there was a homebrew BGpost application that was infinitely better than whatever the PS3 had already so who actually knows.) Either way, this team may have been influential in the past for hacking the OG xbox, but they should've known they'd get caught sooner or later for releasing a device that enables and encourages piracy on a console made by a company that's very well known for dishing out L's to anyone that may be a threat to their IP's.
Sad Furby
Sad Furby преди 7 дни
This reminds me of when kissanime offered premium memberships or asked users to turn adblock off. I'm not paying for your stolen content my dude lmao fuck outta here
Adwaay Ranade
Adwaay Ranade преди 7 дни
So long, Gary bowser 👁👄👁
foxtailedcritter преди 7 дни
Muta I checked online and you can get different hack tools for $50(AUD) that accutally works. Didn't take long for someone else to make em and sell em too.
Jar Pigeons
Jar Pigeons преди 8 дни
True my dads been in jail for 30 years after using a game shark on Pokémon red
EL1T3 преди 8 дни
I mean he is Bowser
PAIMON преди 8 дни
They should let them out cuz the guy’s name is Chris bowser for god’s sake
Business Skeleton
Business Skeleton преди 8 дни
I just got this in my recommendations and I didn't know at the time but I was playin some pokemon sword and I was doing some random trading and I got a hacked pokemon but I didn't know at the time. Now I know it's a hacked pokemon but luckily i didn't use it in online battles so i didn't get banned. Dodged a bullet
Jesse Mojica
Jesse Mojica преди 8 дни
2 weeks from now: The FBI got me
DeLaPrd преди 8 дни
America is cucked, news at 5.
HyperFirez преди 8 дни
Bro this is fucking crazy, I just recently bought their modchips to do a sound mod from a 3rd party for my Xbox 360.
Rixar.Player преди 9 дни
thanks for clearing my morality over emulating with project 64, all i got is that emulation good, piracy bad
Dave's Review
Dave's Review преди 9 дни
That email was sent at 8pm
Treevors 3.0
Treevors 3.0 преди 9 дни
Yo all I want is a Wii U or just the Wii that I can play crap ton of rail Shooters that's it that's all what I want I just want a bunch of rail shooters from the arcade like the original House of the Dead or any rail shooter all rail shooters that be so dope but its illegal So socks for me unless I want to buy every single cabinet
Bat Man
Bat Man преди 9 дни
Muta : holding the Nintendo Switch Hack device explaining how to use it FBI : *sweating intensifies*
Tomahawk Tom
Tomahawk Tom преди 9 дни
Crazy how many people in the comments don't understand why the FBI goes after people who pirate games / movies. See, in the good ole days there was a YUGE blue screen that told everyone viewing that pirating the content is prosecutable by the FBI.
Spence преди 9 дни
Anyone else remember having a friend on Xbox 360 with a jtag??? That was the OG jailbreak
lego palpatine is better than you
lego palpatine is better than you преди 9 дни
They actually found the legendary ga(r)y bowser lmao
Jerrica Leonard
Jerrica Leonard преди 10 дни
Nintendo would rather fuck with hackers, fan-games, fans in general, emulators and people who upload music than deal with with PETA's slanderous BS, or quit doing shady stuff.
Alex10_0 преди 10 дни
CJ преди 11 дни
thought he was making fun of ethan klein at the beginning lmao tourettes eyes 👀👀👀
Nickpaige np2744
Nickpaige np2744 преди 11 дни
Hi I'm Nick. I love you so much. You make me laugh with your raw uncensored comedy.
hepercretical преди 11 дни
10:27 yes I would like a 2 million dollar switch please. thank you
The 19th Fighter
The 19th Fighter преди 11 дни
15:10 After nearly bricking my Wii, I even have a NAND Backup of my PSP.
Danny the Dan Man
Danny the Dan Man преди 11 дни
The way you change languages without changing your accent or voice at all just confuses the ever loving S*** out of me.
XxNightmares Do Come TruexX
XxNightmares Do Come TruexX преди 11 дни
Holy shit a hindi that doesn't speak like a fuckin conehead
BasicallyNick преди 12 дни
Shouzen преди 12 дни
I'm waiting for the day that we see a face appear in Muta's window
c h e a t e r. r p m
c h e a t e r. r p m преди 12 дни
Prisoner one: What are you in for? Prisoner two: I got free coins in Mario
Sonny Boiii
Sonny Boiii преди 12 дни
lol editing their website is kinda fun
KabutoKab преди 12 дни
Holy shit Gay Bowser is real
dannooooooo преди 12 дни
Xecuter slogan: Pirate everyone but us.
Spencer преди 12 дни
I'm just enjoying all stars on my SX OS switch.
Hulax преди 12 дни
Don't the FBI have anything better to do?
Deus Vult
Deus Vult преди 12 дни
Gary bowser is awfully close to gay bowser
Here You Go
Here You Go преди 13 дни
Freaking youtube gave me a notification for this video 6 days late
Poké Watch
Poké Watch преди 13 дни
Keh Keh.... Pokemon Sword/Shield....
MemoedHD преди 13 дни
Is his name actually anas??
Isaac Nunex
Isaac Nunex преди 13 дни
Gets arrested for getting a 1 penny switch game
antimatter 17
antimatter 17 преди 13 дни
They make terrible ports thats are just lazy emulation and then sell it back to us full price. Not surprised
Jinx преди 13 дни
Me who bought it after seein mudahs video 👀
SammEater преди 13 дни
"People playing Smash Bros for free is worse than human trafficking." -FBI probably.
mr gamer3030
mr gamer3030 преди 13 дни
U know when you pay 500 dollars for a Nintendo switch u expect a couple of games nah spend 60 dollars on a Mario game u would only play 2 days and forgit it (and that’s why piracy is very respected and loved by many people)
trailervert преди 13 дни
been in the scene since 2002, This is the first time I have heard Team Xecuter pronounced like that. Have I been saying it wrong for 20 years? I don't say "Executor" I say it like "X-E-cute-er" Great Video!
Golden Boy
Golden Boy преди 13 дни
Inmate: “So how did you end up here? In maximized security?” Hacker: *”I don’t wanna talk about it-“* Inmate: “Let me guess... ya hacked a Nintendo switch?” Hacker: “...................................wha-“ Inmate: *”I’m Just messing with ya....”*
dylan willyams
dylan willyams преди 13 дни
this is so dumb. its like having a locked down computer that you own. they should be able to release this stuff so you can use YOUR OWN STUFF to its full potential. The whole piracy thing has been going on for years, it wil never stop and it will never make them more money going after these people. Its a cat and mouse game where they are chasing a ghost mouse.
Weebly преди 13 дни
They hunt down hackers but not pedos?!
princelumpy packmule
princelumpy packmule преди 13 дни
3:56 mutas hands
shcrodinger's Lion
shcrodinger's Lion преди 13 дни
*Arresting politicians who have been proven to be pedophiles and criminals* Government: nah *Arresting people who want to have fun using a product they payed hundreds for* Government: :)
rQé преди 13 дни
Kyugi Yeneku
Kyugi Yeneku преди 13 дни
Well if you think doing a Sequal to "hacking the switch" do you use Lakka or Just pure Atmosphere?
REALSlutHunter преди 13 дни
f nintendo
Muta laughing is great
chibi chan
chibi chan преди 13 дни
I’m pretty sure this guys are the ones that other “home brewers” hate. Usually the hacking scene is respectful to the console lifespan and knows that if you hack it to pirate games early on, you could kill the console, so they just wait until the console gets discontinued to release all their stuff and 80% or more of the users understand this, the rest are money hungry retards.
Dmac Dmac
Dmac Dmac преди 13 дни
I know this may sound horrible but I actually kind of wanted one of those things for my switch because their games are hella expensive in the virtual store but if you buy the games in person they aren’t too expensive but than I would I would most likely fuck up my switch
Emre Çebi
Emre Çebi преди 13 дни
Thats The fake website
The space Man
The space Man преди 13 дни
like the police are not hated enough already. but they have to take away the ability to play video games when you're broke like let's be honest we all use homebrew systems because we're broke really broke in some cases. so the only way we can enjoy video games is through pirated software. now the police have taken away one of the main people to get those things from it's a sad day for fiscally challenged gamers. Rip
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