YouTube Did Something Good...

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преди 25 дни

The mad lads on this website actually did something to make it a bit better, gotta give credit where credit is due. Thanks for watching!
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GetshmoneyYT преди 10 дни
Muta is necessary on the internet....
Death Maniac
Death Maniac преди 10 дни
Congrats BGpost, you grew some fucking brain cells
iclankz преди 10 дни
What about MiniLadd and his attraction to minors?
Amber Stoney
Amber Stoney преди 11 дни
“BGpost did something good” Well actually, quantum mechanics forbids this
PHeMoX преди 12 дни
Yeah, but what about the cat killer clone accounts?? Even when there seem to be little to no videos, the guy seemed pretty much back. Peluchin entertainment I'm talking about...
OneBoredCatbug преди 13 дни
I don't like that BGpost has suddenly started deleting certain comments, not nasty or toxic comments, but comments that bring up flaws with the system and how there's clear favouritism going on with these sites, it's completely unjust, I'm not sure about anyone else but I think this is something worth revolting for, so we can't speak the truth because BGpost doesn't like it? Or they're scared of it? I would blame it on the BGpost channels I posted these comments on but it's stupid to believe that every single BGpostr got scared and deleted some of those comments, especially BGpost channels that don't even interact with their community, channels that don't heart comments or delete comments. I don't think it's been brought to anyone's attention I don't think anybody knows this is going on because BGpost has not mentioned anything about it in updates, sure there's that harassment guideline, but many people are not being harassed in these comments and I think it's wrong that they're getting deleted, not just mine but many other comments as well, they're not attacking people but their comments are being deleted anyway.
Mustard Crøw
Mustard Crøw преди 13 дни
Ya that’s happening to me too. I’m getting censored so much :( and I’m not even saying bad things sometimes..
Fahad преди 14 дни
Why so energetic today? Did something good happen?
Alkerae преди 14 дни
on the one hand... oh! That's right, I actually somehow forgot that deplatforming is sometimes necessary and/or good, yeah okay, I'm on board here... ...but on the other hand... If I had to choose between 10 cat killers going free, or 10 politically inconvenient opinions getting silenced, I am very sorry to the kitties. You can't nuke a whole city and then pat yourself on the back for stopping a pedophile, that's not good enough.
Tarrabyte преди 15 дни
What baffles my brain is that there are people out there that find it funny to torment cats. Can cats be assholes? yes. But they aren't going out of their way to actually hurt you for the most part. Also youtube doesn't care about users, they only care about their image. This is why I miss sites like
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck преди 15 дни
Bad news: Peluchín Enterteinment (Matías) didn't recieve any type of punishment, nor did be go to jail or anything. However apparently his house is always full people protesting and calling him out for what he did. He didn't recieve punishment because he is 16, and here in Chile laws are crap and they don't arrest minors don't matter what they do. I know this because he lives in the same country and city as me, Chile, Punta Arenas.
Art&Vlog преди 15 дни
thank you for speaking out about important topics and defending animals. Not many people talk about these things, that's why so little is done about it. Thank you!
You cant beat K
You cant beat K преди 16 дни
"We live in a world of Cyberpunk 2077 already." ...You mean Cyberpunk 2020?
Deffekt преди 17 дни
Mutahar: "Hello Cuckolds" Us: *COMPLIMENT*
AGamingChannel преди 17 дни
youtube just comes out on twitter like: "oh shit sorry someone accidentally pressed the button, we'll give lionmaker his channel back"
Tristan Garrison
Tristan Garrison преди 18 дни
Rubedo Rose
Rubedo Rose преди 18 дни
It's sad to see that the screen capture of that video had up to 401 likes... some people are really messed up
RavageWyTee преди 18 дни
good job youtube now remove jake and logan paul
s преди 19 дни
please before saying the word "cat abuser" put a TW about it, and the animal abuse this is rlly triggering to me :(
Just Another Trash Human Being
Just Another Trash Human Being преди 19 дни
Actually, Quantum Mechanics Forbids This
Alyzah преди 19 дни
Krazie Kid's Reviews inc.
Krazie Kid's Reviews inc. преди 20 дни
BGpost removes lionmaker but not onion boy... Ffs yt
Mister CyberBully
Mister CyberBully преди 20 дни
Finally he’s gone 4 years fucking late but at least he’s gone now.
TVStatic417 преди 20 дни
"Impossible, perhaps the archives are incomplete"
Bonnie Beach TV
Bonnie Beach TV преди 20 дни
Actually muda peluche entertainment is back in BGpost and he made a video how they sent him to a mental hospital and he got some therapy
Quartes преди 20 дни
I hope he covers the whole situation with Cryaotic honestly. Wanna see what he has to say about it.
jc-deathstare преди 20 дни
· Dilloninator ·
· Dilloninator · преди 21 ден
BGpost is like a DVD screensaver where every time the logo hits the corner they make a good decision.
NoneOfYourBiz87 преди 21 ден
I wonder then if they ever will remove hunting channels. On one channel they hunt poor black bears up trees with dogs, taunt it for awhile and shot it. It's fucking horrible...
CrystalWing AKA CrystalWing Team
CrystalWing AKA CrystalWing Team преди 21 ден
Title: "BGpost did something good" Me: Finally that took like a few years.
Dm преди 21 ден
BGpost declared themself a publisher and not a platform?
Refuze2Lose преди 21 ден
BGpost shows up to the party a day late and without a present looking for the wrong person
Jacob Rodriguez
Jacob Rodriguez преди 21 ден
At least BGpost does some good things even if it does take them a while.
Jörmungandr, The World Serpent
Jörmungandr, The World Serpent преди 21 ден
Bruh you need to bring up your mic volume. For the last 5 videos I had to raise the volume to 50% while other videos I can keep the same level at 12%.
TheBrazilRules преди 21 ден
I wouldn't say we are at Cyberpunk yet, but the companies are getting to it. Microsoft and Google own all the other tech companies. Disney is on their way to own all entertainment companies
VK's ASDgaming
VK's ASDgaming преди 20 дни
Not to mention about two companies owns about 90% of ALL porn.
CKG Animations
CKG Animations преди 21 ден
I just found out who he is, I watched him but I didn’t know what he played
Not A Lord of Cinder
Not A Lord of Cinder преди 21 ден
“They said it could not be done”
Patrik Is Cool
Patrik Is Cool преди 21 ден
Finnaly it took 4 yea- wait what?
Filthy Boi
Filthy Boi преди 21 ден
Good Meme Material 5:09
Filthy Boi
Filthy Boi преди 21 ден
Title : BGpost did something good Everybody : Highly doubt SomeOrdinaryGamer : Explained it Everybody : ok BGpost did something good sometimes
Kenny Ledet
Kenny Ledet преди 21 ден
can you see how long we've been subbed? cause I don't remember you even having 1m subs....Wow
Savinito преди 21 ден
Oh wow, its been a while since I watched or heard of lionmaker so I forgot about him damn
Muhammad Zabir
Muhammad Zabir преди 21 ден
Hope you can visit my country(indonesia) 😊
Beckham преди 21 ден
This makes me feel very uncomfortable.
Velentinex 69
Velentinex 69 преди 21 ден
Besides adding more ads, what good thing they'll do?
VEX ArcTic
VEX ArcTic преди 21 ден
When he said lionmaker I started shaking my head cus I remember when dude got ban I was a kid like 8-9 and I was a big fan of stampylonghead n’ they used to be tight before that situation
RAGE Gamer
RAGE Gamer преди 22 дни
After reading the comments and watching the video, I have to go hold my cats. Brb
Jake R
Jake R преди 22 дни
This makes me feel better
ACE Mesa
ACE Mesa преди 22 дни
BGpost did something good.. *Exists*
TuffleGirl UwU
TuffleGirl UwU преди 22 дни
And yet Logan paul..and others like him still here
TuffleGirl UwU
TuffleGirl UwU преди 22 дни
BGpost does something good. Me: doubt it :"/
Flamezard преди 22 дни
Didn’t that guy go to jail
Gozu velasco
Gozu velasco преди 22 дни
"BGpost did something good" Good, *now fix everything else*
Cereptic преди 22 дни
we need to talk about this this guy is even worse then peluchin entertainment
Axell Rosas
Axell Rosas преди 22 дни
“Hello cuckholds” Ahh we starting strong
Mr. Sandman
Mr. Sandman преди 22 дни
BGpost recommended me this as if it's trying to communicate
Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head преди 22 дни
Aiden L
Aiden L преди 22 дни
Seika Paradox
Seika Paradox преди 22 дни
i fucking died laughing with that intro
BlueStarGaming 2017
BlueStarGaming 2017 преди 22 дни
BGpost finally did something good. Even the ads are start to give actual good ads and not crappy one
PΛSTELK преди 22 дни
youtube is like a smoker that went from two packs a day to one pack Still bad but slightly better
A Shocking Wave
A Shocking Wave преди 22 дни
Impossible... Edit: Guess you cloud say... its.. A Shocking Wave!
Wii U
Wii U преди 22 дни
BGpost unsubscribed me from your channel for some reason...
AndreJ HD
AndreJ HD преди 22 дни
Leafy: gets removed Lion Maker: posts minecraft videos gets removed... Peluchin Entertainment : k*lls cats BGpost: that's ok
AndreJ HD
AndreJ HD преди 22 дни
Censorship at its finest
Purp1eM0nsta преди 22 дни
People who abuse animals get their own special place in hell
Ampheta преди 22 дни
not even doom music
Zero Senki
Zero Senki преди 22 дни
"BGpost did something good" N-NANI? BAKA-NA! I need to see this with my own eyes!
Tanner M.
Tanner M. преди 22 дни
“hey cuckholds” thank u for ur kind words muta
YT - YouTube
YT - YouTube преди 22 дни
Yes we did something good.
The Fluff
The Fluff преди 22 дни
Quentin Johnson
Quentin Johnson преди 22 дни
BGpost like to put ads in ads BGpost will never be the same
Ronald Duff
Ronald Duff преди 22 дни
Great video! you should do a video on Mini Ladd, theres been a lot of confirmed accusations about pedophilia, and more people should know. (when you made the comment before the end of the video smh)
badit a
badit a преди 22 дни
how did they say trump 2020 and take down joe bidens channel?
Amadeo Ramirez
Amadeo Ramirez преди 22 дни
I am personally in favor of changing the official name of a screenshot to a "screengab"
Hound Lock
Hound Lock преди 22 дни
Maybe they’ll FINALLY do something against Jake Paul..... But who knows? One has the right to hope....
You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best.
You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best. преди 22 дни
"BGpost did something good" okay that settles it for me the apocalypse is gonna happen in 2020
BakedBanana преди 22 дни
Savage 17
Savage 17 преди 22 дни
Those fake animal rescue channels are still up, so BGpost hasn't done good _enough._
Micro MC
Micro MC преди 22 дни
"BGpost did something good" October is off to a good start.
Soggy Potato
Soggy Potato преди 22 дни
*They said it couldn't be done*
Oscar Andres Sarrazola Ciro
Oscar Andres Sarrazola Ciro преди 22 дни
so all of his Controversys finally caught up to him That will do BGpost That will do
Russell White
Russell White преди 22 дни
I almost didn't click because I thought it HAD to be click bait.
little miss perfect
little miss perfect преди 22 дни
*youtube is doing something good? maybe 2020s getting better...?*
Anna Karina Fantôme
Anna Karina Fantôme преди 22 дни
I don't understand why they don't have employees to check the big claims/hashtag made by their community? Why they don't have people to actually investigate their platforms? The same way government hires hackers that break their system to find more weaknesses?
Catos Bobu123
Catos Bobu123 преди 22 дни
Why is muta's voice so much deeper and... hollower?
ShadowSora8491 преди 22 дни
Even if BGpost waited for things to get a lot of attention, this is a step in the right direction. Bad people who repeatedly do bad things don't deserve a platform. I'll be extremely happy when they finally yeet Onision off this site, once and for all.
the awakenedfox
the awakenedfox преди 22 дни
4:20 ur jokes are bad
Astrophel преди 22 дни
The audio is a little low on this one
Waffles преди 22 дни
JERRY tm преди 22 дни
insomniac Bigz
insomniac Bigz преди 22 дни
Noor Khammas
Noor Khammas преди 22 дни
Did you gain some weight???
pp ligma
pp ligma преди 22 дни
Muta with the flannel curtains lmao Jokes aside it looks comfy tho
Kanzaki Kujo
Kanzaki Kujo преди 22 дни
Stop the cap
Mr. Facts
Mr. Facts преди 22 дни
Exposing fact: Einstein married his cousin
RedCrim Chan
RedCrim Chan преди 22 дни
For f*ck sake BGpost why you taking so long ? It's 5 YEARS they making those videos
Mr. Facts
Mr. Facts преди 22 дни
How sick can you be to kill your cat. Like how
BigNoobz Prodoctions
BigNoobz Prodoctions преди 22 дни
Mem guy
Mem guy преди 22 дни
X doubt
Aeon Cee
Aeon Cee преди 22 дни
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