Is Playstation Recording Party Chats?

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преди 13 дни

New Playstation update added something more than stability updates for once and it got us all talking, with party chats now facing some serious moderation with user-submitted voice samples, this in turns has called upon each of us to ask if this has gone a bit too far. Thanks for watching!
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SomeOrdinaryGamers преди 13 дни
I don't like this moderation but I want more services to just outright send notifications to users on their systems that this can happen to them. On another note this might be a good chance to plug some PC gaming where you can chat on a million different services.
Rogue Hunter
Rogue Hunter преди 6 дни
This would be great for young children, to protect them from all the deviant sexual predators out there but for the rest of us there is the option to leave a conversation and block anyone that you want.
Darrell Hudson-Bunch
Darrell Hudson-Bunch преди 7 дни
@Ironspider God lol
Ironspider God
Ironspider God преди 8 дни
The reason why they put that update in so you can dislike the PS4 and get the PS5 when it comes out
ender gaster X
ender gaster X преди 10 дни
I wanted to get the ps5 but after this I am waiting for the next Nintendo console i want my privacy
Darrell Hudson-Bunch
Darrell Hudson-Bunch преди 11 дни
bro you got to check deeper out
_Shadow_ преди 4 часа
The short answer is: Yes The long answer is: Yes
Lag Disease
Lag Disease преди 8 часа
PlayStation finds a way to make themselves look more toxic, Bravo!
Sans Taro
Sans Taro преди 10 часа
Hah i broke my controller so i cant use my ps4 hah
WhatTheHeckIamDoing YT
WhatTheHeckIamDoing YT преди 13 часа
7:52 he means pornhub
GunnyRubio272 преди 17 часа
I swear PlayStations updates sounds depressing. I don’t know why the vibe is just dead every time I hear the word PlayStation.
CheEzy преди 19 часа
Got court on Wednesday. Me and the boys.
xmrblitz1707 преди ден
I think PlayStation is just focusing on the Ddos situation
Winja_ преди ден
in 2021, there will be a PS Jail only for 10-12 year olds. Trust Me.
BargSlarg преди ден
Alright, everyone report each other so Sony has to go through all the garbage and Sony deems this system update useless
Michael walker
Michael walker преди ден
Ok, so what I'm getting from this is trust nobody.
YT Fireninja06
YT Fireninja06 преди ден
i hate how sony have to record what we say, its stupid, screw update 8.00
Lewis преди 2 дни
Thank god I left PlayStation...
Krazie Kid's Reviews inc.
Krazie Kid's Reviews inc. преди 2 дни
Ice told kids it's a shame their mom didn't hang them with their umbilical coed
Deffekt преди 3 дни
Personally, idk why anyone would Distrust sony. I've never really had an issue with them, but that may be just me.
Deffekt преди 3 дни
. . . ..nevermind.
ao4 autumn
ao4 autumn преди 3 дни
For some insight a kid ended his own life cuz of cyberbullying on ps4 so they add that feature for victims of bullying so they can report words being said about them or others so ultimately they did this to stop some of the suicide rates P.s. sorry if this doesn't sound right
Hifly13 преди 3 дни
When he says he doesn’t know anyone who uses party chat and only uses discord is because he’s a BGpostr and has money for a pc but I’m a broke boy and so are all my friends so we don’t use discord 😂😂
Jakob killer900
Jakob killer900 преди 3 дни
I will abandon ps4 if I get pc I will just sell all of my games and ps4 and give my ps4 mail to my friend
Fillmore Hillmore
Fillmore Hillmore преди 4 дни
Troll admin and send millions of reviews in per week.
Viking преди 4 дни
Censorship is dangerous
OmegaMetroid93 преди 4 дни
The only reason I use the party chat feature is because I like hearing the game sound along with my friends voices. If there was a way to get around that, I'd just use discord.
Ramon Casanova
Ramon Casanova преди 4 дни
I use that shit wen I play online so I don't hear stupid people talk
SDW_ Bullseye
SDW_ Bullseye преди 4 дни
I’ve been a victim but I simply made another acc lol
Banana Boy 2
Banana Boy 2 преди 4 дни
Short awnser no
Dilean преди 5 дни
As a pc masterrace representative i welcome all former snoys.
nrxyz преди 5 дни
for real 2020.. im never gonna enter a party chat on ps4 anymore
GamingSeizure преди 5 дни
Since last update, the voice chat system doesn't even make sense anymore
MrMajestic преди 5 дни
So action can only be taken if some dick reports you?
Sawyer The Great
Sawyer The Great преди 5 дни
Yes, because recording of me and my friend talking about bean lad, and Ronald McDonald for smash bro's and ranting about dead by daylight will make them want to moderate my party.
machinegunchops преди 5 дни
Ps4 parties / Xbox live parties aren’t dead what so ever, they just suck. I much rather use discord but none of my friends use it
samuraispiritsx преди 5 дни
PlayStation is fully in woke mode
Davis The God
Davis The God преди 6 дни
I have never stopped using PS4 party chats 😂 I use them all the time 🤷🏼‍♂️
Garbage Content Maker
Garbage Content Maker преди 6 дни
If my ps4 is recording my party chats I’m defiantly wanted by some type of government
Scary Comment
Scary Comment преди 6 дни
Sounds like you need a sponsorship.
NATE преди 6 дни
Who tf uses discord on PS4😂😂😂
BrianJ720 преди 6 дни
lol they can hear all of cussing, swearing and dirty talk all they want. i dont fucking care, i bought their device. They have no rights beside that
Worst Player
Worst Player преди 6 дни
Honestly, i've been a playstation fan ever since I had a playstation console, of course, this probably also applies to xbox players. I get so much hate being a playstation fan, and sometimes they push facts to exaggeration. People think the Xbox X is better, even though they are evenly matched, besides the fact that Xbox X can load slower than Ps5. I think that most of the internet, when they find something bad between the two consoles, they really push the facts to exaggerations. A ps4 console friend was being pressured to sell their Ps4 for an xbox, and i kinda just cried inside cuz of the facts that ps4 had about part chat being recorded.
SlangDaBoe преди 6 дни
I just got perm banned on ps4 for having a 1 hour arguement
Jeremiah Shields
Jeremiah Shields преди 6 дни
Hahahaha of course they are, Microsoft has with xbox for years...
old man jenkins
old man jenkins преди 6 дни
2:13 Playstation 8.00 Patch notes be like
JF Rob
JF Rob преди 6 дни
Ruben Ramirez
Ruben Ramirez преди 6 дни
I've had over 30+ wifi issues when my phone and LAPTOP ARE PERFECTLY WORKING ON IT
Me: *says f*ck* Sony: *CEASE*
Solaire of Astora
Solaire of Astora преди 6 дни
Short answer: Yes
Cheezy преди 6 дни
Well... Me and the boys are going to jail, see ya in 10 years
Spicy Beans
Spicy Beans преди 6 дни
Sony’s gonna write me a cease and desist letter if they see my party chat logs with my friends
Owen Caringal
Owen Caringal преди 6 дни
I don't even have a PS4 to begin with so take that Sony.
JoJo преди 6 дни
Playstation finna listen to me and my homies gay freestyles
Ruslan Hoffer
Ruslan Hoffer преди 6 дни
i got a 30 day ban just now i think i was still in party with that guy and he switched to game chat when he didnt even show up in our lobby and i was joking around going all like yo bro hes trash dont even invite him back please hes a shitter etc.. he hears it then goes to party chat and reports me somehow and 30 min later i get the message i uploaded something the ps4 mods didnt like? excuse me sony?
SIMPLY WARFARE преди 7 дни
I heard that they are doing this because as a kid killed himself, is that true ?
ClumsyCaden преди 7 дни
if me and my friends ps parties get leaked, then we're screwed
-AbPz- Gaming
-AbPz- Gaming преди 7 дни
When u mute someone they can still hear you smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
RiThePie123 преди 7 дни
Pls help me I said the n word and now the FBI are at my house
BRUH MOMENT преди 7 дни
Me and the boys getting the death penalty for what we said in party chat
GameEnded преди 7 дни
They are expecting people to speak like a Christian youth group
Dan Reynolds
Dan Reynolds преди 7 дни
Everyone: “WERE BEING RECORDED!” Me: “we can’t properly mute people anymore :( ”
Brandon C
Brandon C преди 7 дни
I don’t trust em and I reckon they’re implementing this feature for bad reasons.
HRY 1043
HRY 1043 преди 7 дни
This guy is weird, how are you gonna play a competitive game on the PS4 and talk on discord, like are you gonna use two headphones
BeatmasterAC преди 7 дни
they have the option to do it since 2013
Chris Pereda
Chris Pereda преди 7 дни
Yo why can’t Xbox be the ones doing this They fucking have the worst players out there Toxic community Once cross play came to apex I stopped playing I couldn’t with all the racists fucks on xbox
Chris Pereda
Chris Pereda преди 7 дни
My ps4 died during the update
RACCOONACID преди 7 дни
I have my card info on my Xbox because I just don’t wanna enter it every time I need to buy something
Major Nut
Major Nut преди 7 дни
And Authorities wants to ban Chinese products for recording you and saving your data. Why is this ok when it is an western company?
Karumha G.E
Karumha G.E преди 7 дни
No mo shit talk 🤦🏿‍♂️ Time fo Xbox fuc it
Depressed Chicken
Depressed Chicken преди 7 дни
*We dont care* *We are just bums singing sus songs to bother our friends*
Maruchiru преди 7 дни
Player1: "Taiwan No. 1. Free Hong Kong" Player2: recorded sends to Sony. Sony: bans player 2 for violate China Communist National Security Law.
ONPY преди 7 дни
Watch out for 69 gang members
ONPY преди 7 дни
“Never used party chat” STOP THE CAP 🧢
S D преди 7 дни
Looks like you need to get some sleep bro
BBYT, YT преди 8 дни
friend 1: *say fword* friend 2: *dont talk but quietly reports the friend 1* friend 3: bruv you gonna get banned friend 2: yeah right friend 4: dont report him anyone!!! *The next day* Friend 3: hey where's friend 1? friend 2: idk friend 3: yeah where is friend 1? friend 4: ight who's the imposter??
Retard Bait
Retard Bait преди 8 дни
Google Apple Samsung 👀👀👀
Daniyah Nelson
Daniyah Nelson преди 8 дни
I am now passing away because of this information, anybody coming to my funeral?
42 DB
42 DB преди 8 дни
I’m glad you discussed this I instantly worried when I heard about it
tyler helmick
tyler helmick преди 8 дни
Why put in the effort of using discord when you can just use xbox party chat or PlayStation party
Rick Dalton • 13 years ago
Rick Dalton • 13 years ago преди 8 дни
I got suspended like a day after this update ffs
J-el M.
J-el M. преди 8 дни
Now let's talk about that EULA...
Exotic Dva
Exotic Dva преди 8 дни
I’ve had friends that have said shit that could land them in jail without context
pieman12345678987654 преди 8 дни
Shonys shotty security measures
Gabgalabgal 85
Gabgalabgal 85 преди 8 дни
I got perm ban for this SHIT
Wolf of darkness
Wolf of darkness преди 8 дни
Me and my friends have some really dark humor so if that’s taken out of context we in some for some shit
Herr Edward
Herr Edward преди 8 дни
They are really trying to kill trolling, the good old days are coming at an end, even just the few hundreds that trollers that remained (May god bless their souls for their loyalty.) will be forced to move on or they'll have to change account every tuesdays.
Blissful Martini
Blissful Martini преди 8 дни
I guess my question is, is it safe to update? How many people are having problems vs not?
Mikel Basch
Mikel Basch преди 8 дни
Kinda sus when the PS5 controller has and inbuild mic yikes
Mike Hawknballs
Mike Hawknballs преди 8 дни
In todays day when our friggen tvs are listening to us i wouldnt put it past them
D3D Retr0
D3D Retr0 преди 8 дни
So...Big Brother level shit. Lol
Kooloo Beryded
Kooloo Beryded преди 8 дни
Finally I can get my 9 year old white friend banned for constantly saying the n word.
Peppy The Pickle Pepper
Peppy The Pickle Pepper преди 8 дни
No it works the same way as the video recording.
UnlimitedTriForce преди 8 дни
Good thing I have no friends
Justin Mudford
Justin Mudford преди 8 дни
Lmfap why is this a question they straight up told everyone they were now recording and you had to agree to enter a party
Debarie Washington
Debarie Washington преди 8 дни
Every time I live stream on twitch on my ps4 it disconnects me from the WiFi and my controller an hour later like wtf bro
Alex преди 8 дни
Now we can cancel each other on playstation games!
rooniroon преди 8 дни
Boys discord it is
TechDeckBros _
TechDeckBros _ преди 8 дни
Xbox has been recording the party’s forever it started like a year ago I think, they only check the recording if you get reported, also there’s no bad word censor on Xbox one. I don’t know if ps voice chat has a censor for racial slurs or anything since they’re against terms of service. But now they’re most likely gonna only be checked if reported I think.
MMN Legend
MMN Legend преди 8 дни
Ps party are better than discord since it’s easier and u can do shareplay and everything else that discord does(for less than 10 people
MMN Legend
MMN Legend преди 8 дни
I mean does Sony need to know how I yell at strangers when I get killed by a shotgun in warzone
Freesmart преди 8 дни
I dont use the ps4 voice chat cause it isnt good
Eriberto Sanchez
Eriberto Sanchez преди 8 дни
Now nobody gonna use ps5 and Xbox instead
Wisedaboss Yeet
Wisedaboss Yeet преди 8 дни
I never got the pop up so does that mean that technically I never agreed to it ?
Wiell Nyan
Wiell Nyan преди 8 дни
Imagine not using discord.
Mitch Smokes
Mitch Smokes преди 8 дни
Is no one going to tell me how you use discord while playing PS4???? Pretty positive you can’t.
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