Genshin Impact Has Premium Waifus...

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преди 24 дни

I like the anime game a lot and after posting this I'm gonna load it up and play it some more, maybe find a waifu. Thanks for watching!
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RenegadeOfFunk00 преди 2 часа
brooooooooooo this man referenced .hack GU LETS GOOO
Floyd The Meme Machine
Floyd The Meme Machine преди 4 часа
Too bad my pc can't handle this
Shrinkage Victim
Shrinkage Victim преди 9 часа
"Genshin Impact is addicting" Me trying to strangle Paimon 3 minutes in
mr. redwood
mr. redwood преди 23 часа
Mutahar is making me want to fucking play this now :D
John Hentie
John Hentie преди ден
Venti is waifu
AFT47 преди 2 дни
muta: "Genshin Impact has Premium Waifus" every 60 seconds in africa a minute passes
Exmik преди 3 дни
wait till you get to ar30 35 40 you will be hating the game
theqwertykey преди 3 дни
Reasons why I play genshin impact: 1: actual good game 2: Lisa's climbing
Arely C
Arely C преди 3 дни
tbh I only wanted to play Genshin Impact because I heard Ari Ozawa voices a character... but it can’t work on my phone, that is how epic it is. (even though I don’t truly know what it feels like when you play it.)
Matthew Gianto
Matthew Gianto преди 3 дни
my man mutahar is a man of culture who plays automodellista
wut y
wut y преди 4 дни
ReTry преди 4 дни
Holy shit someone's still playing .hack//gu???
DairyukoKSH преди 4 дни
even though this game really needs a powerful specs in order to play PC, i'm playing genshin in the lowest of settings I could yet the graphics is fucking amazing
Илья Витцев
Илья Витцев преди 4 дни
how addictive is this game on scale of .25 eve onlines to 10?
Raska The Slaanesh
Raska The Slaanesh преди 5 дни
Apparently you run out of content at 35-40 AR. Im at 31...
Flamebot преди 5 дни
I dislike kernel-level drivers for one reason: They don't run on wine
Umi ZoomR
Umi ZoomR преди 5 дни
Im not surprised about the anti cheat at all since the game is from Mihoyo. The do the same shit with honkai impact where once in a month they show all the ID numbers from the players who are banned, almost like a wall of shame
Spencer Rigley
Spencer Rigley преди 5 дни
Bruh you're saying you don't have any problem with the extremely low pull rate? And the rate at which you earn pulls is slow af too
Smallpe_en24 преди 5 дни
No peen is best peen
WillingToPay4aGoodName преди 5 дни
I came from the Raid shadow legend video, somehow this is the Up Next...
Muhammad Mu'in
Muhammad Mu'in преди 5 дни
Should try Honkai impact also provides similar gameplay and one heccing nice story which gets updated every update
Flamingoodness преди 5 дни
I won’t lie those animations and art designs are really amazing
AmalGame FR
AmalGame FR преди 6 дни
Just saw your vid on the side, heard you were addicted to Genshin, auto-like actived....
NABORAFAM преди 6 дни
u can call me a simp for choosing the female character instead of the male ;-; (cuz i am a simp)
EDSucksAtGames преди 6 дни
Does the kernel apply to console?
Zergsen преди 6 дни
Right now the game has 2 major problems aside from the anti cheat, it's the resin/stamina system like in other mobile gachas but worse at some point you reach a point where you cant do any meaningful character progression other than with the 120 resin you get where dungeons with gear cost 40 resin and gold and character exp dungeon cost 20 and they drop a pitiful amount, and the rate at which you get the premium currency as a f2p which is also worse than other gachas, right now you get 60 by daily commissions, you can by a monthly pass where you get 90 a day, as a reference you need 1600 for a 10 pull multi. In conclusion it's a chore late game.
SxvenSouls преди 6 дни
I was going to unsubscribe but... I wasn't subscribed anyway. This stupid trash game is going on my nerves. (P.s. go hate on me, I won't be sorry for hurting your weeb feelings.)
Murloc Pleb
Murloc Pleb преди 5 дни
i am addicted to the game to but i liked ur gets a bit overwhelming how much it blew up , so i feel you.
Ocean Man
Ocean Man преди 6 дни
To be honest later into the game I get the feeling that I am waisting my time but that is only if you REALLY start to grind and want to lvl up fast. If you take your time its no problem
Epic Hero
Epic Hero преди 6 дни
it is possible to got 5 stars by drawing one by one because i got klee on my 3rd try
Anti Pop
Anti Pop преди 6 дни
tbh i've only just heard about this game a few days ago and for context the date is 10-21-20 and you can google when it was released. moral of the statement, this one blew by me and i'll try it out but lets hope its not a valorant situation
Dream High Animation
Dream High Animation преди 7 дни
They make me feel like breath of the wild made something new.... ton of mmo has done it a rpg games...... i dont get the comparssion
Thomas Gabriel N. Laconico'z.
Thomas Gabriel N. Laconico'z. преди 7 дни
Mutahar is literally Iike Adam Ruins Everything but for ITs and for gamers
XAIKUN преди 7 дни
All it needs is a dark mode for some parts and ps4 fps boost..
The Sponge
The Sponge преди 7 дни
Whats funny is this might be the first and only gacha game that has a chance at GOTY
HappyDawg преди 7 дни
Genshin Impact? Why people even play this garbage?
Keffo преди 7 дни
i blame you muta you made me have too much fun in genshin i downloaded genshin a day after this video was uploaded and in 2 days i reached adventurer lvl 22 in a f2p acc how dare you introduce me to a game that i have too much fun in
Avalon преди 7 дни
Then he realizes that the resin system sucks.
Adam преди 8 дни
Many people have been talking about how genshin's model forces people to spend money but i haven't spent a single cent and i already have 11 characters
Im Not A Geyser Im A Gey-Ser
Im Not A Geyser Im A Gey-Ser преди 8 дни
Wait Conspiracy Time? I Had A Serious Problem I Don't Like Valorant But I Like Genshin Impact And I cannot play it on an intel driver pc like all most everyone else trying to play genshin on intel windows I Tried all The Solutions on reddit and other misc sites and none of them worked for me so i checked the comments some one said Download valorant and run it in the background and open genshin impact Almost everyone probably questioned it but those who tried it know it worked ;-; first of all when I first ran genshin impact i could run the game for 10-30 seconds with optimizations no downloads i got up to 1 full minute when i download many things updated downgraded did everything to my pc including fiddling and enabling directX and direct play i got up to 2-3 minutes of game play all of that time i was in the smallest settings for my windowed screen then i ran valorant when i finished the tutorial i left valorant and entered again in windowed mode so i could use my mouse and i clicked genshin impact and I played genshin impact for 3+ hours
Rengar the Pridestalker
Rengar the Pridestalker преди 8 дни
just gonna say when you reach AR 30 or 28 etc you'll start noticing that you'll start getting 20 minutes of gameplay or even less depending on how geared up you are what I'm saying is that the resin system 120 is not enough to actually enjoy the game and its just so shit and if you wanna talk about gacha mechanics 5 stars has 0.6 drop rate while streamers and BGpostrs spend 4k and more to get characters they want because its not guaranteed
SamChroProtrix преди 8 дни
The dudes are hot too.
PotatoXGaming преди 8 дни
If you are impress by their graphice check Lumi N0va Desktop its the same company who made her
Vague преди 8 дни
Ladys and Gentlemen we got em
ThePhoenix999 преди 9 дни
Well shit time to buy another SSDs just for genshin
Gilgamesh преди 9 дни
Have u played fgo then
Ralph Joseph Acobo
Ralph Joseph Acobo преди 9 дни
But what about your virtual machine?
Azazel Voidburn
Azazel Voidburn преди 9 дни
Why is it not on Xbox
NotNamed преди 9 дни
The thumbnail is so perfect. Paimon is emergency food confirmed 2020
Mesagi преди 9 дни
"Compelling stories with gacha games." Let me introduce to you FGO.
Mesagi преди 7 дни
@Mare S. Epheral amazing on paper tho, since the two are fundamentally different games.
Mare S. Epheral
Mare S. Epheral преди 7 дни
The only reason to even play FGO is for the story/characters. It wouldn't as popular if it didn't bank on the popularity of Typemoon. Also, I hope they learn from Genshin and try to implement the same thing. Cross platform FGO arcade would be amazing
Tuba warlord
Tuba warlord преди 8 дни
The story is pretty decent. I think arknights have better story.
jordan schuster
jordan schuster преди 9 дни
If I don't pull qiqi, I'm gonna kms, also I wish she wasent a loli
The 19th Fighter
The 19th Fighter преди 9 дни
Imagine, if they wrote a Kernel Exploit to install an Anti-Cheat, then got that Kernel Exploit stolen. That sounds pretty fun.
Unforseen Commenter
Unforseen Commenter преди 9 дни
I am getting sick of these ads by now. And I don't watch anime. So is salt to a non existing wound.
Maxime thibo
Maxime thibo преди 9 дни
mutahar mentionned .hack and that just hit me more than it should.
Inabasa преди 9 дни
I do want to mention that Genshin's gacha mechanics are way, WAY more toned down compared to other gacha games. The rates are better than most I've seen, pity counter is at 90 rolls instead of 100, single draws aren't obsolete, pity counter carries over to the next banner, the anti-spook system for both unit rarities, etc. It's also very, very out of the way- it's not an absolutely necessary component to enjoy the gameplay. It's not like other games where you're basically cutting yourself at the throat for not rolling. Although I will admit that the primagem prices are a bit.. "meh", but I've seen alot worse (20 pulls for $70) I'm really satisfied with it, as it's still pretty sucky but it's alot better than other games I've seen, and nowhere near as predatory or mandatory.
Nicholas J.K.
Nicholas J.K. преди 9 дни
I love how people are spending money, i just want miHoYo to add character costumes like in Honkai Impact.....i want my Fischl to look like a fucking Hot Godess oh my god........
Birch преди 9 дни
but how old is Fischl 🤔
ReRe Tard
ReRe Tard преди 9 дни
ummmmm no they are 3... 3d girls
shin1300 преди 9 дни
Are you Darkmane? or related by any chance?
White Chicken
White Chicken преди 9 дни
Wawa Young
Wawa Young преди 9 дни
Epic seven has great storylines though and event side stories. It may have auto but for pvp and abyss, you really need to turn off auto pilot. Though I have been so immersed in Genshin Impact that I have played less of E7.
CyanideCoffee преди 9 дни
I gotta ask tho.. is Paimon your friend or emergency food?
Alex Ganz
Alex Ganz преди 9 дни
HEY MUTA! Check out Akumada Drive, it's cyberpunk anime made by Degenroppa Author :D
Ex Faker
Ex Faker преди 9 дни
I'm AR 33 and still discovering chest and puzzles around the map. This game is so addictive
ShirooNekooo преди 10 дни
Comparing Genshin Impact to raid shady legends is like comparing a 5 star meal to a shit.
Theron преди 10 дни
Theron преди 10 дни
0:04 alas, we are all in the same situation my friend
Jake King
Jake King преди 10 дни
I'm just gonna say it, and if you argue, you're an idiot: Diluc best waifu. My man gets shit DONE.
Marty's random art
Marty's random art преди 10 дни
Emergency food? More like emergency onahole
lux the wheelman
lux the wheelman преди 10 дни
hey muta hows drift city going?
Shadow Chara
Shadow Chara преди 10 дни
We all are
El Sombero
El Sombero преди 10 дни
This game isn't actually that bad. I very rarely playing games on my smarthone but if I play one, it is the Android port of Return to the Castle Wolfenstein but thiis game runs very good on my smartphone. Sure, it drains my battery really quickly and there is a potential risk of getting spyed on but I do my online banking etc. on my secondary phone which is an iPhone 11 and my main smartphone/ "daily driver" can charge from 0% to 100% in 24 min
MaxPøwer преди 10 дни
dammit muta, you got me into genshin impact a week ago only for me to see how horrible and predatory genshin impact is and gacha gaming as whole lol. Don't get me wrong the gameplay is solid, but the greedy nature of mihoyo is killing the game.
MaxPøwer преди 10 дни
@JoJo Addict lol true, it is a new game, but they shoulda made a better endgame loop. thanks for being cool, I know sometimes these GI debates get toxic on both sides of this situation.
JoJo Addict
JoJo Addict преди 10 дни
@MaxPøwer No problem, was just wondering since some people finish the game, then act like they can't do anything unless they grind for hours, when it's just that they did everything they can.
MaxPøwer преди 10 дни
@JoJo Addict AR 25, I actually have a lot to do, daily commissions, side quest and even story, I understand it's not finished. My gripe with the game is it promotes variety. Combos, elemental reactions, dungeons and bosses that a certain element can help with, but doesn't reward the player for their time with primogems and wishes. so you are stuck with your same party for a month. the resin system is silly and people say you should "slow down" but the game contradicts this, the game promotes exploration with oculus, artifacts, exp, THEN at AR 20 do they introduce resin. I love this game and it's a shame it's over saturated with non f2p friendly things, sorry for the wall of text but the this good game has so many issues, and I might just drop it. hope you still have fun with the game tho and maybe I might come back if things get better.
JoJo Addict
JoJo Addict преди 10 дни
How far are you? You might have technically finished it, and should just wait for the update
Relaxing Storm
Relaxing Storm преди 10 дни
Breath of the Waifu has many upcoming fufu. Lisa was a demo guys
Smuggerino преди 11 дни
Muta tries to light up a fire in a rain
Smuggerino преди 11 дни
I finished all the things to do within a week and my friend got butt hurt when i passed him even though he played since day and even pre registered
EL Hernandez
EL Hernandez преди 11 дни
Noelle is kinda good tho. I’m talking about her *and* her skills based on her artifacts equipped.
Steven Curtis
Steven Curtis преди 11 дни
Well, guess it finally happened. Mutahar sold out. _And he didn't even make any money off it._
Ryouga преди 11 дни
Ah this video will age so well....
bigbird7 преди 11 дни
breath of the wild but pay to win
Galaxy Vulture
Galaxy Vulture преди 11 дни
I love this game makes me feel smart solving puzzles. Loved doing puzzles in the zelda and that craves my puzzle need.
Galaxy Vulture
Galaxy Vulture преди 11 дни
I'm addicted to flying with venti and summoning my stand in this game. I'm just waiting for the new banner to come so I can try and get new 4 star units.
Adrammelech преди 11 дни
Mutahar plays .hack? Mad respect.
Naga Sai Kanishka
Naga Sai Kanishka преди 11 дни
finally an honest review
Professional69 преди 11 дни
The problem is its from China
Amber Stoney
Amber Stoney преди 11 дни
7:24 avatar, the last gender bender
Bloomie преди 11 дни
Not me whaling on the game oop I’m screaming 🙈🙈🙈🙈 Ningguang is the kween and I need more of her 👁👄👁 (I’m an FGO player so, I’m already too far gone. At least I deleted FGO JP #selfcare💅 but I still have NA plz call for help 😍😍😍😍)
goro akechi
goro akechi преди 11 дни
Is identity v not also a gacha game
Blixen преди 11 дни
I don't really trust stuff that comes out of China either, but in this case I couldn't care less. I'm playing Genshin, spyware or not.
SirCina Bun
SirCina Bun преди 11 дни
The survey has me scared, I'm pretty sure they will copy a lot of stuff from other popular titles. The dodge is literally the same one from Nier: Automata. Climbing, enemy camps, and designs are pretty much BotW, their previous games Honkai Impact had a literal copy and paste of Bayonetta but with mechanical cat limbs instead of demon limbs. Now I'm not going to say they are unoriginal but they clearly look into the more popular stuff to "take inspiration from".
juliopchile преди 12 дни
The game is free, if my data is the pay then I'm okay.
Shivette Senpai
Shivette Senpai преди 12 дни
fun fact: the ceo of mihoyo are actually students from japan, that are WEEBS
TheLim преди 12 дни
Mutahar is playing .hack//G.U as well xD now that's a game I haven't heard in years
Kenzo Yamamoto
Kenzo Yamamoto преди 12 дни
You know that you can get FREE gacha rolls with the sh.......paimos bargan
Izanagi0078 преди 12 дни
The game needs admin permissions before launching it too.
Just Looking
Just Looking преди 12 дни
I'm just here for the waifus. This wasn't about waifus at all ;(
LAR Videos
LAR Videos преди 12 дни
Gacha game with an amazing story is FGO. If you want to see one that actually cares about story. To the point that it has a 21 episode anime on just ONE of its chapters, and it's amazing.
Jart988 преди 12 дни
How do you manage your information when playing the game? Do you use a false name? No credit card? Is there a location or tracker system? Will the CCP get me?
Izaak AZ
Izaak AZ преди 12 дни
Saying Genshin Impact is not copying BotW is like saying Honkai Impact 3 did not outright copy Bayonetta by featuring a main character who uses gunkata and her super mode lets her use wicked weaves but replaced with cat paws, and the first mission of the game is set on a moving jet fighter that is constantly spawning enemies. Now, I can accept copying, so long as you add something more to it. A new twist and so on. Like GI adding character action, and HI3 adding more characters. What I can't stand is denial that they're copying, and being defensive and saying stuff like HI3 & GI invalidates Bayonetta and BOTW respectively.
Jovan K
Jovan K преди 12 дни
Ha imagine needing to switch character when you have Diluc
YAAABoi преди 12 дни
i started grinding before i even got past the prologue
Serafin Tupas
Serafin Tupas преди 12 дни
We all know Venti is the best “girl”
Hexplain преди 7 дни
sometimes it takes a boy to be the best girl
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