Deep Web 231 Has America's Dong...

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This time we sit down and browse the side of the Internet that has me exploring money schemes, a self-sustaining off-grid nation and a patent that's so far in the future I can't even comprehend it, also we saw some saucy photos.Thanks for watching!
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killerpizza Frenchmaid
killerpizza Frenchmaid преди 15 часа
Mr. Mann
Mr. Mann преди 2 дни
21:12 You can tell it's not real because they can't even spell "available" right.
Josue Garcia
Josue Garcia преди 2 дни
9/10 "It has a little something for everyone"
Evermoore преди 2 дни
Is the dark web just 1 big creepy pasta
Enthie Gavoir
Enthie Gavoir преди 8 дни
I heard "Snuffy Onlyfans" and had a nightmarish vision of Sesame Street rule 34
はる преди 8 дни
17:13 the way he says “ouwww dis is spwooky” help
Genesis преди 8 дни
yo did mutah really just say a highschooler is picking up security jobs at his own school?! could you imagine if the person to save you from a shooter was like a 4th grade hall monitor
Tyler mitchell
Tyler mitchell преди 9 дни
my rap name is now a brand called future
roo bee
roo bee преди 9 дни
Literally been so behind on Muta Ive been binging his recent vidays while angry cleaning at 3 am
Johnrich Domingo
Johnrich Domingo преди 11 дни
Haven't slept for 3 days cause of school work and hearing him say "did someone break into my house" made me lose my mind
Moose Man
Moose Man преди 11 дни
I love how the money goddess website only uses Greek goddesses
Cheese Kek
Cheese Kek преди 12 дни
So, how big was it.
ctuan13 преди 13 дни
27:42 "Ooooh, you can fist my ass and call me Billy Ray Cyrus!" - Muta, 2020
Dave Duncan
Dave Duncan преди 13 дни
Last one? Your racism killed your channel.
Tozzlue преди 15 дни
38:08 that looks like the PSN profile picture I bought, the hooded girl with the green tint
Lilman0992 преди 16 дни
15:20 pause
LMNOP преди 17 дни
imagine paying $700 for a red room stream. when bestgore is free
TheKommunistKrusader преди 19 дни
6 am in the morning... ah yes I too remember both 6 am in the morning and 6 am in the night
Blaine преди 19 дни
More dank web browsing please
adriaxgaming 200
adriaxgaming 200 преди 20 дни
Uhh stone ocean anime and part 9.
Loke Laufeyson
Loke Laufeyson преди 20 дни
i step out of the shower and the first i see and hear is muta rating a P? this world is strange
h. преди 22 дни
Muta makes his neighbors out to be literal psychopaths oml.
Aiden Studios
Aiden Studios преди 22 дни
research chemicals are synthetic (usually grey-market) drugs. Usually they mimic other more "mainstream" drugs, but are cheaper to produce- and usually more dangerous
Trainer Shade
Trainer Shade преди 22 дни
31:38 *Sees MGE* I knew something was up with Team Fortress 2's competitive scene!!
Rickets преди 23 дни
Watched this video while smoking a 2 gram blunt at 1am in my shed... very creepy video
Something Something
Something Something преди 23 дни
The research chemicals that you were looking at are actually drugs that haven't hit the mainstream, non-mainstream drugs tend to go by research chemicals in the black market/drug/rc community/circles.
Deadlocks3 преди 23 дни
12:26 lmfao
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer преди 23 дни
gay privin w
Noah Standish
Noah Standish преди 23 дни
The real red rooms are in google drive, you can get really really bad shit.
H. P. Lovecraft's Cat
H. P. Lovecraft's Cat преди 23 дни
Future virtual machine
J V преди 24 дни
Jacket преди 24 дни
Dic is Diclazepam, it's an analogue of Diazepam. It feels like valium. Alp is alprazolam, xanax. 2fdck is 2-flourodeschloroketamine, effects same as ketamine. Rest are either stimulants or synthetic cannabinoids.
jakeybust преди 24 дни
"nice pinchable tip" suuuuussssssssssssssssssss
Shiba Soda
Shiba Soda преди 24 дни
Research chemicals are drugs (usually synthetic recreations of preexisting drugs), they don't typically show up on drug tests which is really the only reason why people do them
Sometimes I like to stand in front of the mirror and flex my dingus...
Sometimes I like to stand in front of the mirror and flex my dingus... преди 25 дни
Why're we feeling bad for the people getting scammed out of being able to see a red-room online @19:08
Duderino преди 25 дни
dic is basically valium
Ty G
Ty G преди 25 дни
You're adorable Muda
Harsh Gadley
Harsh Gadley преди 25 дни
DIC is used in printing inks & comes from Tokyo, Japan.
Pat O'Neill
Pat O'Neill преди 25 дни
hyper dong 3000. embrace your dong...
Sairi_Taisaku преди 26 дни
"This is not a meme, THIS IS A VINTAGE MAEMAE!" -Mutahar, 2020
Stephen Fasciani
Stephen Fasciani преди 26 дни
I can't imagine chris being resigned for marvel now
Skully преди 28 дни
"Nice dong, shape is a little bit off, but size is pretty big 9/10''
Michael Torres
Michael Torres преди 28 дни
The Female Future, building communities in NY, PA, & FLA (they probably meant FL but got distracted by FL's flaccid phallic shape). I wonder what they'll call their cities. NeoAmazonia? Isisopolis? Sappho City?
Carter H
Carter H преди 29 дни
I have to give Muta props because this is the most interesting binge-watching i have ever done on youtube
Phenex Rebirth
Phenex Rebirth преди 29 дни
I'm looking forwards for when Future releases Pleasure Robots
guys i love youtube
guys i love youtube преди 29 дни
bread teleporter
Devils' Advocacy Productions
Devils' Advocacy Productions преди 29 дни
Future™ Aphrodisiac Psychedelic Edibles
Fox Tashikata
Fox Tashikata преди месец
Muta, review everything. You're good at it
Bella Clementz
Bella Clementz преди месец
Red Rooms arnt real
ilichuu преди месец
America's donger is a legend at this point that shit was successfully erased from the internet than wiki leaks
realParadox преди месец
Some of those stats are wrong
realParadox преди месец
The weird gia woman is also on insta like giasindagovhildren or somthing
quack420 преди месец
literally every Deep Web video "if I'm not alive you know what happened" odds are now 1/231 we will.
Christina Kwok
Christina Kwok преди месец
I got to say the brand future dude was way ahead of his time. We do hear the idea of virtual country/citizenship a lot nowadays and this guy had been trying to promote the similar thing since at least 18 years ago.
quack420 преди месец
I like your Adolf haircut, when the moustache?
Bruhther Momentum
Bruhther Momentum преди месец
Muta make female church part 2 pls I will watch
crocetti преди месец
Deep web browsing at 6 am with a cold bev must be such a mood bro
JohnMagz преди месец
I have a question. Why are some gore sites legal? But red rooms don’t exist. Honestly curious I don’t get this internet stuff
A Gigantic Watermelon
A Gigantic Watermelon преди месец
13:37 The chemicals are grey market drugs. They are structurally similar to popular street drugs (2fdck is related to ketamine, 3meopep is related to PCP ) and will get you high, while not being *specifically* illegal. Considering they couldnt even spell the names of most of those drugs (and made some up? I have no fucking idea what 'eu' or 'dic' is supposed to be) those are probably a scam too lol
Rico Tafoya
Rico Tafoya преди месец
windy day today?
Antenòr DNA
Antenòr DNA преди месец
Muta and paymoneywobby? MY BODY IS READY
BigBrainPlays преди месец
What dose muda do?
Marko Something
Marko Something преди месец
Why do the albanians have russian accent?
Krim преди месец
Future bean bags lol
Junki Vasquez
Junki Vasquez преди месец
Future CBT
BDX Jerry
BDX Jerry преди месец
Muda lowkey gayy
Cokie преди месец
It'sJustThemo преди месец
Imagine calling a hitman on a guy that turns out to be that hitman himself. Wonder if they'd kill themselves to not spoil the company's name
Matt Cline
Matt Cline преди месец
Ok Billy Ray Cyrus, onto the next site. *pulls off the elbow glove with a smile*
Shrubby The Shortie
Shrubby The Shortie преди месец
30:16 up until this point I thought those discs anew a meatball sub I need to wake up
Marc T.
Marc T. преди месец
I hired the Albanian guys to save my cat from a tree they did not respond...and I didn't get a refund what should I do contact the BBB
Max Centa
Max Centa преди месец
the audacity of muta (unemployed) complaining about his neighbour going to work at 6AM...never gets old. Meanwhile, Muta is yelling making videos at 3AM
Antank преди месец
30:38 ummmm....
NightWolfYT преди месец
Timber Der Jägermeister
Timber Der Jägermeister преди месец
This guy sure does sound like he voted for the and of Obama and the future globally opertunity
fanwalusia преди месец
12:15 This is fucking drugs. No more, no less...
TheRagingMan преди месец
Egirls and titty streamers would like to disagree
POTTER Gold преди месец
I love this guys sense of humor but he does Linger on and appreciate the "Cock" subject in any video way too much. Let's face it, Mutah Loves himself some good ole fashioned Pee-Nye. Keep up the great videos buddy, it's the 90's and no one cares anymore about all that anymore, I was just pointing out the facts though. Live long, Live hard, Marry a Dude????? Equality to your lifestyle good Sir. . .
123 Dal
123 Dal преди месец
@supercardy on Telegram for the best cards on internet, make deals with him, he Is a very good Man 🤑
Connor Collett
Connor Collett преди месец
Introducing future *future*
JPLetsPlay преди месец
FUTURE Fleshlights, anyone?
LB Synthesis
LB Synthesis преди месец
I’m ready for future gta 5 let’s fuckin go
I simp for dream
I simp for dream преди месец
Future dild#
DON_FULL_S3ND_1T C преди месец
Ok I still dont get it why is he so annoyed with someone who drives past his house with a loud car? It's not like the driver is 2 stepping his exhaust past Muta's house I just dont get it can someone explain :/
Priestess Pupp
Priestess Pupp преди месец
we are all a money goddess on the inside
HelpImCripple преди месец
Every time Muta says he's gonna back out and go somewhere else and then ends up ending the video is one of the greatest betrayals you'll ever feel
Official Super Sam
Official Super Sam преди месец
The last episode was for men only is this one as well only for men?
Antares преди месец
yes check it ples
Hannah Bishop
Hannah Bishop преди месец
I come back after a year and you’re still doing this 😂 I love it 😂 now this is dedication
Kingcover Gaming
Kingcover Gaming преди месец
oh good, I thought I was the only one who cracked a brew at 6am
T3zlaGM преди месец
he looks more like the chris evans from the movie "push" i'd liie to see more of the female future organisation
ZxcHxrt преди месец
i cant believe the civic driver is still around after so long.
Colby Tirrell
Colby Tirrell преди месец
Yes to female future video.
GatGat преди месец
muda’s cock reviews?
Jordan Bermingham
Jordan Bermingham преди месец
I swear this man never sleeps
Heresy. преди месец
2-fdck would not cost that much lmao, 5g would be a hundred euro's and 12,5 g 235 euro. Crazy what a low effort scam that maffia site was! P.S 2-fdck is a Ketamine analogue that is legal.
XM214-A Minigun
XM214-A Minigun преди месец
Why was this video not noticed to me. The notifications are on.
Speed Paints and Speed Builds
Speed Paints and Speed Builds преди месец
Muta uses "we" in the disclaimer so that suggests that he is actually made up of three owls in a human disguise.
DancingEnginier преди месец
I am gona pay my self a hit Men with expouser
Norma Harlean
Norma Harlean преди месец
“Dude, I’d give fifty grand to see that fat cat smile.” - Muta purest. sweetest. man. thank you for sharing more
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