All Video Games Should Be Banned...

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Sometimes you come across takes you want to get behind but someone always has to come and take it a step too far. Video games are great, they do have their problems and people should take time to address them, not jump to removing them the first chance they get. Thanks for watching!
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Swordslash 50
Swordslash 50 преди 2 дни
BGpost auto subtitles: ah yes, this video is in *Vietnamese*
RACCOONACID преди 3 дни
Bro I had a iPad and played online games when I was 10 and it was so stupid I should have never done that but now I’m 15 and can actually understand things and not do stupid things
HypnoCat преди 3 дни
My parents were the type who basically forgot I existed. Almost all of my time was spent on a computer, and they didn't really care what I did as long as I didn't bother them. I remember being as young as 9 in the early 2000s, feeling lonely and going into those kids chat rooms/palaces on our Windows 95 to talk to other kids. Wound up being groomed by a lot of pedos to say/do nasty things because I was too young and stupid to know any better and thought it was normal, and it still fucks with me almost 20 years later. I don't care how controlling it sounds, there's no way in hell I'm allowing my kid access to social media/chats until they're a teenager because the thought of them having to go through that is a nightmare. Makes me terrified to have kids, tbh. Ban it for everybody though? Nah. Just don't let your little kids play. Parents that let their kids play, I can't exactly fault them for it because they simply don't know how real that shit is. If it weren't for my personal experiences, maybe my view would be different.
Johan Nilsson
Johan Nilsson преди 5 дни
I wholeheartedly agree that young kids shouldn't get unlimited and unmoderated access to the internet. To me, that's like dropping your kids off in a huge shopping mall in the morning and come to get them in the evening. Chances are they will not have a particularly good time, getting lost, maybe getting grabbed by some stranger and anything else that can go wrong. Parental control settings are great and more parents should be taught how to use them, but in general parents should invest more time and energy with their kids. I understand it may be difficult as a parent, especially single parents, having to manage a job, leaving and getting the kids to daycare/school, helping them with homework, making dinner etc. I don't have kids so I won't pretend to know what it's like. But some parents I know have really got kids way too soon, when they themselves haven't matured enough and sorted out their own messed-up lives. Some of them also have gotten way too many kids, in my opinion. Being a parent is a full time commitment and you have to treat it as such. Your children deserve nothing less than that. I have found a difference between parent friends who are gamers and/or geeks themselves and parent friends who are not. In my experience, gamer and geek parents are much better at monitoring what the heck their kids are doing online than parents who aren't gamers or geeks. My gamer friends are much more conservative in letting their kids use tech and play games than my other friends. And when the kids do get to play games or use tech, they do it as a family activity, which I think is great. Instead of having the kid go sit alone in a corner to play games and never socialise with their family, they get to play games AND be with their family. My best friend have two daughters in the gamer age. They both love Zelda and The Sims. It also happens to be two of my friend's favourite games so they almost always play together. I think that is so awesome.
AC fortnite
AC fortnite преди 5 дни
roblox dosent let me type a pine door without tagging it
Max drake
Max drake преди 18 дни
God that thumbnail got me good hah
Arianna McTarsney
Arianna McTarsney преди 24 дни
There is no politically correct way to normalize child molestation and rape. MAPs = Morally Abhorrent Perverts. Fixed it.
Arianna McTarsney
Arianna McTarsney преди 24 дни
Why procreate if parenting is too much for you?..... If you need the internet to babysit your child, you should NOT have children!
Its Morgana You Swit
Its Morgana You Swit преди 24 дни
I miss the days when the pearl clutching Jenna Jameson's mouth was too stuffed full of something else to be able to run her mouth like this. And I know there's a joke about a pearl necklace in there somewhere....
Megacon преди 26 дни
If your kid is smart and actually knows how how to avoid bad situations then I say let them play online games. If they dont know how to escape these bad situations then limit them.
Gold Source
Gold Source преди 27 дни
I remember a news report about a pedophile using minecraft to kidnap an 11 year old girl and the image the news station used was of Herobrine staring at the you in the bottom of a ravine.
dumbmanz game
dumbmanz game преди 29 дни
Rising Phoenix
Rising Phoenix преди месец
My kids won't be having smart phones and tablets until they are 16 and even then parental controls will be used.
Chrispy_Salt преди 3 дни
A bit harsh
KyZe NickX
KyZe NickX преди месец
The Thumbnail.
Looter Penguin
Looter Penguin преди месец
Parents don't care to actually parent their children and then cry to the government when things go bad Whoop dee fucking doo
sayan sengupta
sayan sengupta преди месец
The fact that exists a "normalisation" word for pedos scares me to my soul. This is how it all begins. I am scared I truely am.
Ryan преди месец
Ban life theres a virus
Adaily преди месец
Ban everything everything can happen
trub mub
trub mub преди месец
Nicholas Schenk
Nicholas Schenk преди месец
The phone thing at a young age is becoming a bit of a problem and I saw it in myself for a bit. Got my first ipad at like 8 and hoo boy I fell for some stupid shit
Bobby Mills
Bobby Mills преди месец
I say we should ban or put a tax on breathing.
Defty 101
Defty 101 преди месец
I honestly completely agree with this ive once visited my aunt in the kindergarten where she teaches and where i also went and i see kids that young with tablets in their lockers and it just baffles me
Professional loser
Professional loser преди месец
roblox is an incredibly safe platform, i stand against jenna jameson
Daniel Tresca
Daniel Tresca преди месец
This shit is so true me even at a young age can understand my deaf 8 year old sister uses roblox and social media such as instagram and she talks to other deaf people. And they are all older kids or old men!!!!! She goes on stories and people rate them and other kids! I witnessed this shit with my own eyes! And my mom just lets her use the phone to get her of her hands and she needs to see this because there are literally adults that are talking to my 8 year old sister and I completely agree with what your sayin👏👏👏
Kigwil преди месец
I totally agree, when I was a kid I was gullible as shit so I’m glad all I could do was play split screen with my brothers. I actually worry and keep an eye on what my nephew does online because his parents let him play shit like war zone and he’s also a pretty gullible kid. I even saw a woman pushing her baby around in a pram and as she was on her phone I could see that the baby had its OWN FUCKING PHONE! So yeah, there’s a baby out there somewhere using an iPhone 11, which is way better then the phone I’m using
Alif Thaqif
Alif Thaqif преди месец
ban games? I'm unsubscribing Roblox is a friendly family game
Missing apollo
Missing apollo преди месец
Ban hospital, heard of doctors stealing people's organs.
SunyCartoons преди месец
People don't seem to understand how stupid and ridiculous they sound when they have hot takes like this. Like I understand what this woman is saying, but banning games is far, far from being logical. MAYBE parents need to watch their damn kids and monitor their activities.
Squishy.mp4 преди месец
The same people that screech *“tHInK oF tHE kIdS!”* are the same ones letting their 8 year old play games like cod and gta
Gold Source
Gold Source преди 27 дни
Bruh moment
Arman Tech And Animation
Arman Tech And Animation преди месец
dude what happened to your eyes 😂
Hayden Thompson
Hayden Thompson преди месец
Are you allowed to be on discord if your 13 years old?
Emma F
Emma F преди месец
I remember playing maplestory when I was 8 and someone was asking for my email. My parents monitored what I played and when they saw it, did this wild take of saying "hey, we don't want you playing this game anymore" and explaining why. Crazy I know
Spyros Dragon
Spyros Dragon преди месец
If you are gonna let your kids play games...let them play single-players, not MMO's.
Laster преди месец
An ex pornstar acting like a moral authority over things she doesn't understand... stupidity really knows no bounds, if the stigma against porn and stag films did not dissipate and be accepted she'd be a dead hooker behind a strip club by now instead of having the money to afford anything that can run twitter and condone the stigmatization of something she doesn't understand like people during her time did to what she used to be.
DaCubedG преди месец
I'm 13 and I completely agree. I started playing gmod in 2014 and you can guess how that went
jameswalker199 преди месец
A novel idea might be to play the game with the kid, like local co-op or at most in a server you control. I know parents don't have a lot of downtime, but you could still spend that time playing maybe a puzzle game and building trust with your kid while they build social, logic and lateral thinking skills as you both try to solve the same puzzle.
waltsoph3 преди месец
Same argument. Nothing new. All that's changed like Muta said is we have more options now in video games then before in past. Trust me we have progressed that much in video games in just the last 30 years. Its such a marvel. It is also a shame that it is also used at times to commit such nefarious actions like this. :( Thanks for your time.
Private Frizz
Private Frizz преди месец
Ban humans, more horses.
Jyree Ferguson
Jyree Ferguson преди месец
My mother gives my little brother's Lego games and that's it. Which is what a kid should be playing tbh...
Jyree Ferguson
Jyree Ferguson преди месец
Like on the Xbox
The Zodiac
The Zodiac преди месец
Muta : *_all video games should be banned!_* Also Muta : *praises many other games*
BFTROP Offical
BFTROP Offical преди месец
"We should ban all video games" wait so what can I do now if video games get banned? READ A BOOK!?
ItsNickGames преди месец
only fortnite should be banned. not cause its a bad influence. but because its complete and utter hot garbage.
The Seconds Man
The Seconds Man преди месец
ban the parent too lol
Albert преди 2 месеца
I don't know what to comment
Semper Fidelis
Semper Fidelis преди 2 месеца
The problem really comes from the fact that those parents can't even change their ringtone on their own device, no wonder they have no clue.
Incerno преди 2 месеца
Bruh, we need to ban shoelaces. Kids always trip on them.
Hinahon преди 2 месеца
THANK YOU ! I'm now 33 and I'll probably sound like an old one or whatever. I totally agree, kids should not have devices that young. Hell I remember when I was a kid, I didn't have a mobile phone or whatever. I was only allowed to play on the computer if at least my older sister (9.5 years older than me so responsible enough at that time) was here to monitor what I was doing. Even when I went to middle school and was away from the house my parents didn't want me to have a mobile. I had cards to use the public phone we had in the school at that time (yes I know, old) in case anything happened. And if it didn't work, I was to go and tell an adult of the school so they could call my parents. Banning video games is not a good thing. Even more when in some cases (I'm not saying all parents are like this don't get me wrong) it is just because parents do not give a fuck and they'd rather put a device in their kids hands so they have peace and quiet. Educate your kids, take care of them or if you can't, don't make kids, but don't rely on devices, technology and internet to educate your kids and then come bashing video games when you're the ones to blame....
Kaspar Ainsar
Kaspar Ainsar преди 2 месеца
mudahar is becoming konekokitten
GryffinMyffin преди 2 месеца
I was 13 when I got my first phone, 14 when I was allowed to use my dad's laptop, and 16 before I got my own pc which got a 1050ti, 5-year-olds be here with 2070 super, I9 core and 240hz
THE PUPPETEER преди 2 месеца
Lol ban the fucking schools then. They tried to stop parents from finding out what they're teaching the children recently and that clearly indicates that the school system is rotten.
This is not my real name
This is not my real name преди 2 месеца
I actually had a phone when I was 11 because I would come home earlier than my parents got off work it was really more of a safety measure for me
THOR преди 2 месеца
My parents bought me a pc when I was 15 y/o and never let connect it to the internet. I only played offline for like 3 years xD. Now 10 years later I understand why. Kids these days are online at the age of 6.
Michael faisal
Michael faisal преди 2 месеца
Ban BGpost, i heard sone BGpostrs trying to groom children and normalize it * cough, cough * TouchDalight
Ronin преди 2 месеца
Wizard101 (yeah remember that game) allowed me to have my first "Internet girlfriend" when I was 11. It was actually a 35 year old man. Luckily, I never sent him anything, nor did he ask, but it shows the dangers of online games and why I know from personal experience that when I have a kid they will not have internet access until they are older.
Croiss преди 2 месеца
bro i didnt get my first functioning phone until 16 years old lmao and kids nowdays getting them at like 6 or 10 like tf.
Synxin преди 2 месеца
I'll let my nephew play online games only when I'm playing with him, and only let him talk to the people I have actually talked to for a while.
StoneScarH2 преди 2 месеца
Parents need to Learn to parent. They either shelter their kids to much or they just throw them to the world.
Unlit Umbreon
Unlit Umbreon преди 2 месеца
I didnt have a cellphone till I was 15, and the only social media I connected to was Flipnote Hatena back on the DSi when I was 12-14ish
DoubleM преди 2 месеца
Karens: "we should ban all video games!" Also Karens: "here Timmy take this tablet and leave mommy alone"
realniub преди 2 месеца
As a roblox developer I can without a doubt say roblox moderation is one of the most intense moderations of all time to the point of numbers being banned from chat and I as a game dav have to implement counter measures such as chat emotes that comply with roblox tos. And if i make 3 mistakes such as putting bad words in emotes to bypass roblox chats, my whole game and account are deleted with no second moderation.
Kaden Keneal
Kaden Keneal преди 2 месеца
i have been playing roblox since 2014 so i am a semi veteran of roblox. and i have heard a total of 3 stories of pedophiles. and they all started in roblox, and then led to discord.
mintly gd
mintly gd преди 2 месеца
Mutah on BGpost a very large social media "i hate social media"
Wolfe22 преди 2 месеца
i shit you not my friends brother has a iphone x and its like his 6th phone meanwhile i have had my phone for 3. hes also 10
ThisIsEasy преди 2 месеца
damn like just get your kids a ds and pokemon or some safe offline game if you really need them to shut up dont put them online with other people
A random Weeb
A random Weeb преди 2 месеца
I actually hate having a phone and all also idc if yall disagree
cart1270 cart1270
cart1270 cart1270 преди 2 месеца
Jenna Jameson is a 🤡
kospartz преди 2 месеца
Yooo i remember when i was kiddo someone in my family like my dad, sis, mom made account before i got to play habbo, msp etc to make sure its okay to me play it, even if it was some random children game and like literally every time no matter what game! I realy agree that parents should look into things and not just put that 8year old Timmy play gtaV...
Versora Hellsing
Versora Hellsing преди 2 месеца
when I was eight years old, I had a Nintendo system and TV. but I mainly played outside with my barbies, ninja turtles, and my little ponies...... man I remember when roller skating and riding bikes was fun times. ah the 80s what a crazy ass roller coaster that was. The only danger was well strangers. but anyways I think the parents should monitor their kids, not let technology do it, as that's how the bad stuff starts.
itsvic преди 2 месеца
I think I was 15 when I found a blackberry, I used it to get on myspace through unprotected wifi spots from school and in my neighborhood. Got a galaxy S3 when I was 19, my first smart phone. When I was 8-14 I had nothing more than a skateboard and a gameboy or nintendo DS.
Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese преди 2 месеца
But with roblox they always ban innapropriate games in just a minute or 2 and then they won’t even let you say the number 1
Ceo do Xbox
Ceo do Xbox преди 2 месеца
been playing roblox for 6 years and i've never came across one single pedo ,maybe thats bc roblox has a shit ton of moderation on their chats
IlostmySanity преди 2 месеца
ban might get hurt in it
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
s h a d ø w b a n n e d преди 2 месеца
Children under 10-12 probably should not be playing online videogames. But being a helicopter parent is too much.
501st Stormtrooper
501st Stormtrooper преди 2 месеца
All single player games should be banned because Predators might join the game kids are playing on. (This is a joke.)
Puw1ng 2
Puw1ng 2 преди 2 месеца
Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes
Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes преди 2 месеца
Beaver teeth
CGM преди 2 месеца
Back in the day, we swam with the sharks kids. *sips monster*
Charmy The Charizard
Charmy The Charizard преди 2 месеца
Basically: *don't let your kids, F***ING CHILDREN, RUN RAMPANT ONLINE!* First, make sure they actually have the age to THINK, TO THINK RATIONALLY, WITH THE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE DANGERS AND HOW TO AVOID THEM before they get talking with complete randos online. Back when "outside" was a thing, I saw some kid as young as 6 with a phone, and when I asked: THEY ALSO HAD A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT OF THEIR OWN OUT OF ALL THINGS.
Renasgaming34 преди 2 месеца
You suck video games are the best
Gamma преди 2 месеца
Did you even watch the video?
Kitaki 84
Kitaki 84 преди 2 месеца
You ruined his career
Kitaki 84
Kitaki 84 преди 2 месеца
Chaos Convergent
Chaos Convergent преди 2 месеца
''ban all games so we don't have to talk about bad parenting'' dude, let's ban boomers instead
OmegaVideoGameGod преди 2 месеца
Video games? Never heard of them.
Akairenn преди 2 месеца
Time to buy kids a tamagotchi.
AkaiYoru преди 2 месеца
If I had a kid, I would rather buy them some games without the multiplayer. And I would play with them if they would want to play a multi, that is also a fucking option, that way I also know what is happening with certainty
visenya преди 2 месеца
ban living, criminals take advantage of life to do crimes
BlueTintedChromeE преди 2 месеца
I'm 11, I'm on my phone all day.
BlueTintedChromeE преди 2 месеца
PLOT TWIST: the plot twisted
BlueTintedChromeE преди 2 месеца
Barthvader Halloween
Barthvader Halloween преди 2 месеца
All of the dislikes are the people who don't understand the sarcasm in the title.
coulter miner
coulter miner преди 2 месеца
Im a simple man. I see wide muda and I click
gg no re
gg no re преди 2 месеца
Literally get a ps4 and don't pay for the month sub boom problem solved
gg no re
gg no re преди 2 месеца
Yo yea nvm fortnites a thing
kirikakirikakirika преди 2 месеца
When I was a kid my mom let me play computer and video games, but she _didn't_ let me play online games, and I'm glad she didn't because the internet really _is_ rife with p*dophiles. When MSN messenger came out, she monitored it to make sure I was ONLY talking to my friends -- people she knew personally. It's really not that hard to be a responsible parent. Take care of your kids and stop ruining things for everybody else.
VulcanFaux преди 2 месеца
Sure, so I can see what they use scapegoat next.
Chris Welch
Chris Welch преди 2 месеца
I didn't start playing online games untill 13 and even then it was on PC
Nojed_Gaming преди 2 месеца
I didnt know kids and adults are so dumb well thats what YOU made it seem like. Parents 🤣 don't they teach kids this stuff in school? Sad part kids are hackere these days dont lower them
Yo Pro God
Yo Pro God преди 2 месеца
Ban thinking. I heard children can sometimes think of bad things
Sam Jackson
Sam Jackson преди 2 месеца
I don't have an issue with kids having tech, but unsupervised internet access is irresponsible. Younger and younger kids are wanting/needing tablets for games and even for school; tech is integral to the modern world and kids should be comfortable using it from a young age. That doesn't mean leave your kid unsupervised online and letting them have social media at 8, though. I don't see why a kid having an offline tablet/ internet under supervision only is a bad thing.
leon4000 преди 2 месеца
I'm getting sick and tired of people jumping to conclusions and think that just banning something is going to solve all their problems. And I've come to remind myself that there is a pro and con to every single thing created by man. And yes, we are still responsible for our own actions when we partake in something that takes some of our time in our lives. However, ever since video games hit the scene and certain video games and people putting too much time into video games became an issue by parents, politicians, and anyone else who has never picked up a game controller in their entire lives, we've have seen something as harmless as a video game console and certain games became scrutinized and even vilified. And let's be honest, some people weren't even smart enough to figure out the reason why the developers had to make NES, SNES, Sega Master System, and so forth classified as kid's toys when they really weren't. Investors were scared of an electronic video game becoming another failure like Atari did. But most people including parents never gave it such a thought. They just accepted it without question, and with that mindset, they believe in anything they see on TV whenever something becomes news. Even politicians who didn't understand jack wanted to ban things outright for the most ridiculous of reasons. I'm 30 going on 31 several days from now and I can still tell the difference between reality and fiction, and furthermore I can also think outside the box and ask questions, look for information that not many people push themselves to find. I even give advice to children who plays games too much and ensure they know that they do need to tone it down. So how come some other adults, can't do the same for their kids? Banning things isn't always the solution, it's people stepping up to their roles and find other solutions instead of relying on politicians to do it for them. And politicians need to stop and think and cease forcing their agenda and do their part to let people know to make sure they talk to their kids and make sure they give limits to their kids. My parents did for me, and I managed to do okay in life. Some of these adults need to step up and puts some limits on their kids, and be the boss they know they can be. Don't get too lenient because of the technology.
GameGod7 преди 2 месеца
I'm pretty sure the politically correct term for pedophile is... Pedophile. I fucking REFUSE to let them co-opt LGBT+ language!
Fuzzy Face
Fuzzy Face преди 2 месеца
Please talk about "Brain Wash" its a game rated for 3+ and it has sexual content, you can find it in apple and android stores. Please like so everyone can be aware of these sick people and delete the game.
TBITWRLD_ преди 2 месеца
Ban speaking i heard we can say some offensive words
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