YouTube Will Never Be My Job...

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But it will always be my hobby and my extended family. Thanks for watching!
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Sam Chapel
Sam Chapel преди 5 дни
google: Did you mean Dame da ne~ duckduckgo: Did you mean Dame da ne My soul is a Pitch black color~ Im lonely pls help me (E) please~
smith Jacob
smith Jacob преди 7 дни
What is his real job?
Sergio González
Sergio González преди 13 дни
The fact that he doesn't do this for a living actually makes him seem to me like 10 times more genuine. He doesn't depend on BGpost so he can say what he really thinks. Ly Muta
Rishin Anil
Rishin Anil преди 20 дни
I'm not a gay but........I love you toooo MUTA
And The Wild Bean Appears
And The Wild Bean Appears преди месец
Japanese mehmeh
Polocatfan преди месец
Oh boy Muta's calling BGpost not a real job. Yikes.
Adr Sngp
Adr Sngp преди месец
Muta makes money with his stripclub. He does not need youtube.
Sky Quest Music Official
Sky Quest Music Official преди месец
Dude, we fucking love you too bro, legit🤘❤
Dr Baconhair
Dr Baconhair преди месец
Diego Mazzoni
Diego Mazzoni преди месец
"i love you" man you too
AnOrdinarySimRacer преди месец
YvnG Torch
YvnG Torch преди месец
He's actually a strip club owner we all know this
J V преди месец
Needed this video. Thank you good sir
Star boy
Star boy преди месец
“Provides stability in my mental state” *eyes twitching* But on the real, ive kinda been diving deeper into your content lately and genuinely loving it
CrypticUtopia преди месец
Daddy Muta getting real😍😍
Mason O'neill
Mason O'neill преди месец
is it just me or am i that lonely that i said love you too muta 05:50
Michael Saleer
Michael Saleer преди месец
I have found your channel recently and you are such a lovely person. I love your humour and am currently watching all of the deep web browsing episodes. I learned a lot about the internet from you already. You seem like a really down to erth guy who's really thankful for everything. keep up the good work.
ZTenski преди месец
Honestly, I've never seen anyone removed from BGpost that didn't deserve it in a shouting-from-the-rooftops shitty behaviour way. If anything I can think of a few others that deserve a good fisting, just to smarten them up and teach them that what you say can and will impact your life and your bottom line. Just because it's online doesn't give you a lisence to be an asshole.
The Wheel
The Wheel преди месец
"Imagine flipping a coin to be fisted" Imagine not realizing that wage cuckery = 100% fisted every day. This comment was endorsed by the NEET Club.
Naman Divgi
Naman Divgi преди месец
mom it is just a cold doctor it is just a cold google : 8:19
Bob Thomville
Bob Thomville преди месец
A few years ago I was home alone and had nothing else to eat.I was starving and decided to go to 7/11 to get some nachos. So I got up and walked to 7/11. The store was about a mile away so by the time i got there it was getting dark and the street lights had came on.I entered the store and it was empty besides the store clerk who was a tall middle aged man with a blank stare thinking back on it i'm surprised that I didn't leave due to how creepy it felt there.I got my nachos and approached the counter.The clerk just looked at my nachos then me and smiled.His teeth were chipped and yellow and his eyes widened and were milky white.He jumped up on the counter (stepping on my nachos) then leaped on me and knocked me to the floor.He crouched over me and opened his mouth (his breath smelled of literal shit) and he said one phrase...."poo eyes semen nachos feather leather coat" he then turnt into a spoopu scaruy skeleton and did the defalt fortnnite dance in front of me \ the enc. thanks muta
Altar Of Orochi
Altar Of Orochi преди месец
His main job is running a strip club.
Caleb Baird
Caleb Baird преди месец
I think that this issue actually goes deeper. If they only are going after people with considerably large followings, then that means that the people that don’t have 2.5 million or so subs are going to be home free. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but big BGpostr = higher standards. Which in and of itself is a laughable way to go about it. But hey. Susan wants to be a Karen.
Caleb Baird
Caleb Baird преди месец
I don’t mean to be that guy that comments on his own stuff, but come on. The amount of BGpostrs that have broken COVID-19 guidelines is horrendous. But the fact that they went after someone who has a pretty large following is something that should be taken HIGHLY into consideration. I think we should wait and see just how many more people are set to these “real life standards” to see if they aren’t just pushing these around the “elite” side of BGpost.
Jimmy преди месец
Love you Muta
Lindsey Hiccups
Lindsey Hiccups преди месец
Love you, man
TheLoaten17 преди месец
Dear god Muta never film in this aspect ratio again.
MrColz преди месец
4:51 As an Illinoisan, please don't let this sour your opinion on our state :(
Snazzah преди месец
I still want that hug muta
Asian Juan
Asian Juan преди месец
8:48 gay
Julio Uribe
Julio Uribe преди месец
As a lurker I don't know why he feels so personal lmao
Kaeden Knapmeyer
Kaeden Knapmeyer преди месец
Gacha Blue
Gacha Blue преди месец
I thought you had an indian accent😁
Zero Hero
Zero Hero преди месец
we love you too, but Just because we're holding hands doesn't mean we'll be taking warm showers together until the wee hours of the morning
ً преди месец
"Yakuza saved my life" sounds like a Muta video
Your Mom
Your Mom преди месец
When Muta said he loved us I blushed like an Anime Girl☺️
Betsymonkey4242 betsy
Betsymonkey4242 betsy преди месец
Muta, you are one of my most favorite people I've ever known. I've watched your channel for 6 years. You have brought me so much joy, laughter, sometimes disgust (thanks to the deep web) to my life and I want to thank you. You are an amazing person and I love you!
DragonMeido_1008 преди месец
I love you too muta~
Pierce Markusic
Pierce Markusic преди месец
nice plaid drapes, grandpa... I reccomend pot leaves but whatever
saol diúltaithe /// hanatarashi
saol diúltaithe /// hanatarashi преди месец
My question is why doesn't muta do the edgy deep web art project videos, I really enjoyed that shit
Black Dragon
Black Dragon преди месец
sharkbait007 преди месец
Sounds like a toddler saying "thats not my job"
Kirsten Patricio
Kirsten Patricio преди месец
I will take on 5 big dudes at once for you, Muta. I love your content bro. (pls don't get shot tho)
Xerorage преди месец
And your content makes us happy Muta! Keep it up! :)
Miss Chloe
Miss Chloe преди месец
Hugs back to you Muta
Komal Anchalia
Komal Anchalia преди месец
What's his actual job?
Akeem Joffer
Akeem Joffer преди месец
I would give you a hug too, Muta
bloodaxe преди месец
Host your own videos through webtorrents and monetize them with crypto
HAWS TR преди месец
ough I mean you gone take 2 milion bullets to you're self?... damn muda what a chat you are
Domatar преди месец
He said I'm fun :)
Akkar_Unbekannt преди месец
Muta is reason.
derpstin frost
derpstin frost преди месец
What if his job is just being ordinary
Dawdle преди месец
what is Mutahars job??
Sk8TheGamer преди месец
I still can't believe my first week of college some big shit happens here and I COMPLETELY MISSED IT
koma cameron
koma cameron преди месец
For the entire video I was too excited to see the yakuza video now to actually pay attention
Pyro Skelethor
Pyro Skelethor преди месец
Very interesting 🤔
Stefan Travis
Stefan Travis преди месец
Gloryholes and fisting. Got it.
An Hiro
An Hiro преди месец
I dunno why I'm even trying to start on this platform. BGpost has consistently shown that they just do not care about the users and content creators on the site, and I'm not even really a good, motivated editor. Whatever, I'm doing it already and I'm doing it now. Good thing I never expected to make more than pennies and dimes at least!
Jonathan Shirley
Jonathan Shirley преди месец
Good god I want to watch you play Yakuza
Ben Burfoot
Ben Burfoot преди месец
can I just say, loving the recent aspect ratio change, looking spicy
XavierKenzan преди месец
0:00 I give you an A for effort.
moz E
moz E преди месец
Love 4 v muta..
peaa преди месец
love u muta :)
marzinjedi преди месец
Seuso the rat
Seuso the rat преди месец
Daddy Muta Is here talking about His feelings.
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment преди месец
5:45 aw muta :')
JOSHNIC преди месец
Couldn’t think of a realer person on this platform, this is why I watch your videos every single week. There’s no bullshit with you Muta, you are completely yourself and a rational good human being. Keep having fun making your videos dude and I’ll keep having fun watching 👍🏻
yeet beat
yeet beat преди месец
love u to OwO
jules mayono
jules mayono преди месец
we love you muta ❤️
Alkitrax Sinmael
Alkitrax Sinmael преди месец
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Muta! You hit my feels there! ;w;
CichyHub преди месец
*dame da ne
TheGamer FE
TheGamer FE преди месец
No one: Not even the BGpost algorithm: Daddy Muta: We doodoo virus investigations.
MaD_KrEvEdKo преди месец
Muta, I have been watching your channel for a very long time now and you're one of a kind in a sense that I watch your videos consistently ever since I came across your channel. The fact that you're having fun and enjoy what you do on here is really easy to see and feel. And on a platform like this where people have been getting real desperate as of late you are a breath of fresh air.
EmiriVeddii преди месец
bruh this is in a wider aspect ratio my phone thanks you muta
Cower преди месец
a little suggestion, dont make videos longer than 1 hr. If you want to then, split it in 1 hr videos.
Dylan Escriva
Dylan Escriva преди месец
dont lie to yourself bud
Corvus_Armatura преди месец
Despite the somewhat happy tone of this video, I still feel like crying somehow.
Vincent Z
Vincent Z преди месец
I'd take a bullet for you too Muta 😭👌
Botenet преди месец
Then what job you do?
Studio Mudprints
Studio Mudprints преди месец
5:56 Doubtful. If you knew me, you'd hate me.
Noah Wolcott
Noah Wolcott преди месец
muta = chubby indian daddy
Ev'ixyn преди месец
Oh my here I thought you where thirty two :0 I do agree with your message 0/
Logan Shaffer
Logan Shaffer преди месец
I honestly love that Muta dose not do this as his main source of income because it allows him to ignore Some of BGposts bullshit guidelines.This allows him to not censor himself and he can just express himself how he pleases.BGpost needs to allow others to express themselves freely without being demonetized for saying a swear word or for some other dumbass reason.Not every channel is for kids BGpost moderators,just saying.
Avi Varma
Avi Varma преди месец
I still need to watch trafficking hub. I've heard good stuff
Spaceman Beeblebrox
Spaceman Beeblebrox преди месец
Nice dude!!!
Kingeugene 123
Kingeugene 123 преди месец
12.5 inch subway sandwich.
bob no name
bob no name преди месец
Well comrade that was kind of epic 😎😎😎😎😎😎 anyway have a awesome continued existence in this universe and bye 😘
G G преди месец
I don't blame him , I mean you tube has turned it self to a baby siter website , Even twitch looks more freedom than BGpost now....
Milton Milton
Milton Milton преди месец
awwwww. u made my day thanks.😊
Seishinryoku преди месец
wide muta
Not rick astley
Not rick astley преди месец
“BGpost! the worst platform to work on!”
It is your gaming Go to player
It is your gaming Go to player преди месец
My man
Theosis преди месец
Love you too brother
TheDootMan 27
TheDootMan 27 преди месец
Kamil Zieliński
Kamil Zieliński преди месец
"It is what it is dyd" - Mutahar 2020
Clydenator преди месец
Nice thumbnail brother
DESP 117
DESP 117 преди месец
BGpost needs as soon as posible competitors.
Cookie преди месец
i only realized that the metal gear video was out after watching this video, nice going youtube
Dapper :I
Dapper :I преди месец
BGpost will never be Muta's job because the strip club needs a manager
Lego Darth Vader
Lego Darth Vader преди 23 дни
Become Mutahar
Aspirus преди месец
me me
Mike A.
Mike A. преди месец
Someone needs to deep fake muduhar dinging Dame De Na.
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