How Will TikTok Survive...?

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It seems in the last minute this app decided not to sell to Oracle in the aims to protect the most valuable asset it has. Thanks for watching!
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Total Toxic
Total Toxic преди 9 дни
*sips muta j u i c e* *looks at tik tok video.* *laughing in disbelief*
Unicorn преди 13 дни
Pokemons are devils pets: 0:42
IcePike227 преди 23 дни
smokey smoke
smokey smoke преди месец
Jayden Marquez
Jayden Marquez преди месец
This is a good video
Steven Steenge
Steven Steenge преди месец
What do you think of Google and then collecting your data? I mean to me it all looks pretty open to what they are doing they share what they have in you as far as I know
Fastserban666 преди месец
i hope tik tok gets deleted and all the apps that are like tik tok
RusZugunder преди месец
14:14 interesting see people take fucking China as an example to follow.
Lady Bug
Lady Bug преди месец
What happens when you delete the app? Do they still have your unique phone ID ?
黒魂 преди месец
No its definitely done
Totalspriteman преди месец
l never installed it no matter how much they pay me
Yavuz Cayir
Yavuz Cayir преди месец
It won't. Simple answer
idea of coding
idea of coding преди месец
Shoutout to people who hate tiktok
DarknessGuard преди месец
TikTok is just as (un)safe as any other Social Network and the majority of users don't care and never will, thus it's flourishing more and more. I also am not as careful as I should be.
Xaroth преди месец
i literally watched 1 or 2 anime episodes on phone, i never watch it on phone btw, from that point i only get anime related tiktoks on my fyp.. bruh..
Proven Scroll
Proven Scroll преди месец
0:43 laughing starts here
_D4RP_ преди месец
"uninstalled tiktok"
Hiiiws Eoeodkk
Hiiiws Eoeodkk преди месец
That so messed up 9/11 never forget
Rrrff Xxx
Rrrff Xxx преди месец
It won’t
Bunny fuck u uvu
Bunny fuck u uvu преди месец
This is all on straight tiktok fight me bc im in the lgbtq+ tiktok and all i see is just memes hamilton memes and funny memes-
Luisito The3rd
Luisito The3rd преди месец
Its crazy how i JUST got this notification 4 DAYS after it was released
MonadnockValley преди месец
0:38 That girl drinking the retard juice earlier that morning
DarKStar преди месец
Wonder what’s gonna happen to all the “influencers”
Decent преди месец
Muta is chaotic neutral
Die Kartoffelchips
Die Kartoffelchips преди месец
0:41 my mom when i ask her if i can borrow some money
Noire Vala
Noire Vala преди месец
Unless they about to tell me my coochie depth, not sure they know me as well as my right hand
StarscourgeJester преди месец
Convince everyone that has tiktok to copy the URL to this video and keep it in their clipboard That'll fuck em up
James , the weeb
James , the weeb преди месец
plus, i don't approve of being spied on. it's actually weird.
James , the weeb
James , the weeb преди месец
I've deleted tik tok 4 to 5 times now and i don't have any remorse for it because i honestly don't think that i should be using an app that ruins songs i enjoy like mood swings for example. i actually liked that song, but every time i hear it, i get weird visions of that cringe challenge that was made for the song. i really like pop smokes music, on top of that... i don't like the fact that young girls actually cosplayed as Jews who suffered in the holocaust and also the ppl who suffered during 911.
Chicken Kid
Chicken Kid преди месец
Kajou Shinji
Kajou Shinji преди месец
Do you trust the canadians though?
Janice Stankiewicz
Janice Stankiewicz преди месец
I tried to explain this to my friend and they called me a dumbass and to stop talking stupid
Symbiote Soda
Symbiote Soda преди месец
Politics Anime when?
subscribe rn
subscribe rn преди месец
they should of just asked them to hault their weird stuff i love tiktok and i want to see it grow but they just need to be guided
Lord Gonk Droid
Lord Gonk Droid преди 18 часа
You wanna see it grow? oh god
AXOTOL преди месец
Go watch Addison wiggle her arms and call it "dances" or something
ぐでたま преди месец
Laughs in Philippines
Sharky Idk
Sharky Idk преди месец
Sharky Idk
Sharky Idk преди месец
The beginning of his laugh sounded like the meme.
Nut Master
Nut Master преди месец
Who's here after the good news
Toxs преди месец
I hope tiktok gets banned.
Nick Gunderman
Nick Gunderman преди месец
muda is just going insane
RGX преди месец
Im telling you: The next one in this trend is the coronavirus
Den преди месец
And the black plague The Spanish flu WWII WWI The cold war
ri преди месец
9/11 tik tok edition (comes with special ending)
UmbreonTwinkle преди месец
To answer the question I hope it doesn't survive if it's going to keep on going downhill on this
njking gamingTM
njking gamingTM преди месец
Hopefully it won't survive
IceyPie преди месец
“I’m so sorry! I was born on 9/11!”
Vaporwavz преди месец
Only hamburger country can relate (This is satire I am American)
thhrj dh
thhrj dh преди месец
The only thing I fear about tiktok being banned is that the talentless twats are going to migrate here.
PotatoPunxx преди месец
Let's all hope this app gets banned
anjie ;-;
anjie ;-; преди месец
snapchat uses GPS for filters... what more can I say.
Edgy MemeMaker
Edgy MemeMaker преди месец
This video was sponsored by Nord VPN
Sedgrick Williams
Sedgrick Williams преди месец
Loving Darkkmanes new channel.
Invisus преди месец
after 0:43 ... "feel good" ... EDIT: Im so fucking late
AngieAu преди месец
Your laugh is the cure to covid
Microwave преди месец
Just got a TrashTok ad
The cheese Man
The cheese Man преди месец
Middle school girls: what happened tik tok ain’t working!? Redditors: *laughs in Keanu Chungus*
Meganium97 преди месец
*Laughs in general*
Doggo Dom
Doggo Dom преди месец
Muta has such a contagious laugh
TheRedSpot преди месец
The comments under those shitty ass POV videos are like “oh my god I’m crying” and “wow the acting is so good” smh.
gapple *
gapple * преди месец
I'm so lucky I'm not a normie. I feel bad for the people around me, I call them my colleagues because I don't know if our relationship can even be considered friendship. One day one of my colleagues messaged me, telling me to send her a picture of my face. I (who sensed the sketchiness) pressured her asking why when she finally gave up and said it was for a 'TikTok montage' of her and her 'best friends'. I outright denied, she seemed a bit hurt by her reply asking me why so I just told her the truth, that the app was dangerous and that she should stop using it since she was of young age and there were lots of creeps there. I guess I was kinda sassy in my reply. I just sometimes get fed up and leave out rude replies because she answered me something like: "You don't need to be so conceited". Even so, noticing the tone of my reply I apologized. It's not like I want to create bad relationships, it wasn't my intention anyway. But now getting all this information I just feel bad for her. And relieved I didn't jump in the bandwagon and download TikTok, post pictures there, etc.
Chris A.
Chris A. преди месец
Muta what e-mail service provider you deemed privacy respecting or relatively "safe."
Amethyst преди месец
FRThos Normal Channel, crying Pepe profile pic, started the thread with the guy who's probably wanted by the government now. You're welcome.
Slice And Dice Julio
Slice And Dice Julio преди месец
But atleast someone cares about me enough to watch my personal life 💔
Howler the RiCER
Howler the RiCER преди месец
Imagine using tragedies as a way to get attention on the internet
UI Shaggy
UI Shaggy преди месец
Tik tokers making 9/11 jokes
Lord of Cockies
Lord of Cockies преди месец
Penis 28
Sierra Madre
Sierra Madre преди месец
I swear muta has the most contagious laugh
HamSandvich преди месец
I’ve been on TikTok for the entirety of me using iOS 14 beta, I think since June. Never had any suspicious clipboard notifications
Prototyping преди месец
He sounds like he smoked a pound of craack
Elgin Branch
Elgin Branch преди месец
: :
sukiyaki преди месец
ive seen some genuinely good content on tiktok from artists, real comedians and whatnot. but i will rip my hair out if i see another fuckin child throw it back to the "chicken wing" song-
DanielGamer 10
DanielGamer 10 преди месец
DanielGamer 10
DanielGamer 10 преди месец
ffs TikTok
king Deon
king Deon преди месец
tic tok is like the fortnite of social media
That one Gamer
That one Gamer преди месец
Tik tok really shouldn’t survive it’s cancer on a phone
Simply Fork
Simply Fork преди месец
It won’t
Slav Oppai
Slav Oppai преди месец
Really happy to be an indian and seeing nothing after searching for tiktoc on play store
Reanimation преди месец
im givin youtube hard time recommendin me videos cuz i look for demonetizables.. ufos, conspiracies, controversies... so it recommends me sometimes what my neighbors are watching.. i know i can fukin hear it.. its music i never listen to
JyX преди месец
Papa Mutahar blessed us with another laugh.
bostin преди месец
I dunno
kaleb Gonzales
kaleb Gonzales преди месец
Sorry man, but the laugh feels superficial, no offense.
Grand Ruby
Grand Ruby преди месец
Do you think mutants knows about the black lines in the vid?
J H преди месец
even if it was to prevent ‘bullying’ that’s still a poor excuse. when you protect a group of people, label them as ‘vulnerable’ and say that they should be exempt from criticism; you become the problem you are trying to prevent by singling our these people and giving people who genuinely do want to bully more reason to do so.
Elsa Baeza González
Elsa Baeza González преди месец
Please let it be game over for Tiktok.
PotatoPunxx преди месец
Hoping that's true
xxno464xx85 преди месец
Is TikTok’s algorithm really that big of a deal? It doesn’t appear to be collecting any info that other apps/programmes/browsers/websites don’t already and in many cases other companies have been around harvesting data, developing their techniques for far longer. I work in digital marketing and even with the limited amount of data we are allowed access to due to data protection laws, all that technical data is more or less standard. The issue with TikTok seems to be much more about who owns it and who might be able to access that data rather than what data is being collected.
FunkiestChickenlawl преди месец
Thank god, I'll be celebrating the day TikTok bites the dust. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
fiverr drache
fiverr drache преди месец
that laugh at the start lmaooooo
Diogo Silva
Diogo Silva преди месец
I don't think using someones image to just laugh at it falls under fair use but ok
󠂪󠂪 преди месец
new laugh meme incomming
Josh Knight
Josh Knight преди месец
Hotmud9 преди месец
KillerKitten753 преди месец
Oh god the laugh is back! Yesss!!!
xredstar303x преди месец
So true about the data. I don’t even think ppl understand the the extent this can go to sometimes. I’ve repeatedly discouraged ppl from getting alexas and google minis for that exact reason. All these companies shouldn’t be able to milk you for gold like that and psychologically manipulate you into buying stuff. They’ve done it for years, sure, but in the age of the internet, they can constantly advertise to you, even if you ignore it, you’re subconsciously reminded to consume their products. It’s mind control. It goes beyond just advertisements as well. There’s a whole complex economy with data brokers and data collectors and whatnot and all of them are based on collecting data. That data is sold not only to companies to advertise, but to insurance agencies, future employers, hell even hackers, scammers and doxxers, and on and on and on. Marriage licenses, car license, pregnant, children, medications, anything and everything they can collect they will. Scared of NSA stalking you? Ha, big business has been doing it for just as long and way more extensively. NSA isn’t keeping recordings from you singing in the shower from your smart home camera or mic device. Big business are. Google already has a patent pending out on that last one. So they can hear and see you anywhere at any time. Please, if you think me or Muta is bsing you, for the love of god, research “data brokers”, “buying and selling data”, or “data collection”. Before I did my research, I thought it was “bad” but never this bad.
TheRealMattKronik преди месец
If IG's algorithm is smoking opium, TikTok's algorithm is mainlining smack.
xredstar303x преди месец
Muta teaches comp sec stuff better than my professor does. I’d love to take his class. Muta explaining spyware: alright listen guys and gals this is some fuckin Orwellian shit! Or honestly just explain to business company ppl why not to open dumb emails that say “heY cHief, foGot me passWod agaiN! Oops! CaN u helpa bruthaa out and Just Rply with new one?”
naxezy преди месец
muta laughing volume 2
Uniee преди месец
Pray that it doesn't
Vaxx преди месец
You always say that we shouldn't let companies have our data, but I never catch you say why our data is important to us. Why shouldn't we let companies use our data? I mean, it just seems like it helps them target content to us. What value does it have to us?
Demi Sama
Demi Sama преди месец
thank god I think tiktok is like the magazines that smooth brains read well getting a perm from the 50s
Desek Resek
Desek Resek преди месец
Yeah, when I used tik tok, it used to drain my battery like crazy!
You take a sip from your Trusty Vault 13 canteen
You take a sip from your Trusty Vault 13 canteen преди месец
Can't waiting till America realizes there aren't only like 4 countries in the world and the whole planet does not rely on them.
Depressing Music
Depressing Music преди месец
I just got into tiktok >_>
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