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People have discovered that machine learning algorithms have picked up on biases that are present within us, Twitter seems to favour one group of people more so when it comes to cropping images. Why? Let's find out! Thanks for watching!
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Arnav Mejari
Arnav Mejari преди 5 часа
Did anyone notice the URL of this video?
Artistically преди 5 дни
Even after I noticed the duller image, I found it hard to pull my eyes away from the tulips.
Luca S
Luca S преди 12 дни
Ah, you subtle man. You played an ad and then said "skip over them".
Norbs Technically Gaming !
Norbs Technically Gaming ! преди 17 дни
You conducted a social experiment on me with the tulip without my consent! Mutah, I'm disappointed Bruh!
G4mbit преди 17 дни
Apparently, the reason why The Simpsons' characters are yellow is because Matt Groening wanted to troll people by making them think their tv colour settings were fucked.
jollygreenjeff преди 17 дни
We need a bracket
Ellipsys0303 преди 19 дни
Pertinent to your argument; The Simpsons are yellow because they were meant to catch your eyes as you channel surfed back in the day during (yellow also reaches the eyes first but I'm not sure if groening was that meta with his thinking.)
VELOCITY FPV преди 20 дни
i remember working in a camera shop and we offered passport photos, there was an 'AI' app that checked the image to make sure it complied with the passport image regulations, black people would always error out and we'd have to override the errors and do it manually lol
coolio weeb
coolio weeb преди 21 ден
bruh if robots dox this i swear
Wake the Dead Spirituality
Wake the Dead Spirituality преди 21 ден
I enjoy having an Indian guy explaining computers and AI to me in a comical way. I've learned so much about online security, the deep web, VPN, VM, and viruses just by watching your channel, the prime motive being entertainment. It may be a little "dry", but you have a very likable personality, and you have good diplomacy skills. I found your channel through Nexpo, Scare Theater, Mamamax, and NightDocs, and I'm so glad I did. I found Charlie's channel through yours. And even though Charlie's an asshole, he's quite amusing to watch. I like you video game folk. I only play WoW, so I don't consider myself a gamer. But I like watching your content.
Saxidro преди 22 дни
its a fucking ai
Mantis_Riger преди 22 дни
Bro, you showing a bunch of neckbeards images of a MW map. You really out here thinking we'd look at the flowers first?
Isabelle Reny
Isabelle Reny преди 24 дни
omg macdoesit figured this out a while back llike the twitter thing basically he was dressed up as a thicc baby for visual video reference and he was like oh yeah i'm a baby then i'm gonna create a twitter account as a baby and he took a random picture of a black baby and his registration was rejected, then he redid the same but put a white baby as a profile picture on twitter and THAT ONE GOT ACCEPTED. thats something.
Ebelel преди 24 дни
03:35 ngl, i was staring at Karachi, so nostalgic, got my first nuke there so... FUUUUU ROSES
sav преди 25 дни
Joey T
Joey T преди 25 дни
Do you think we would be having this conversation if we weren’t in quarantine?
Oroberus преди 27 дни
Mhh ... "the most appealing part of an image" ... now I'm curious if Twitter would pick: Tits, a Vag, a D, a F-ass or a M-ass xD On a more serious note though: It's not the algorithm which is racist, it's it's programmers/users as the the algorithm will indeed learn the biases of it's most prominent users, which probably will be white people so the algorithm will usually prefer pictures of white people.
nebulous преди 27 дни
the ai isn't racist (no duh, it's a fucking computer), but some of the people who programmed/tested/trained it might be. it's like a child: teach a child well, and they grow up well; teach them to be racist and they grow up racist.
Gamesux преди 27 дни
People unironically accusing AI of beeing racist have the smoothest brain possible.
Vaxtrix / RadicalBro
Vaxtrix / RadicalBro преди 29 дни
If only Twitter would let people just adjust their own crops
Vox Populi☭
Vox Populi☭ преди 29 дни
12:40 doesn't seem like Mudahar's camera likes brown people either
WILLPRO_07 преди 29 дни
Ok but when muta did the image test I looked at the pic from mw2 because that game is og
Dorugoramon 0
Dorugoramon 0 преди месец
Has Tay AI finally returned to us? Please let Tay be free.
jimmythespy преди месец
SmittyHere преди месец
the url to this video is -NIGEGXA-N0
Miskatonic Scholar
Miskatonic Scholar преди месец
Funny how “systemic racism” has entered the buzzword lexicon this election cycle to manipulate the mentally feeble; to further narrow their political tunnel vision. It’s divide and conquer, clear as day.
B C преди месец
ever notice how it's always white people getting offended for other races
B C преди месец
1s and 0s are racist
Tannerted преди месец
3:28, most of the audience will read left to right which could play into it too. Show someone who reads only hebrew they might look at the map first.
S M преди месец
Muta look at the video ID in the URL
S M преди месец
I think that proves that AI is indeed racist end of discussion /s
ATOMIC BOB преди месец
Machine Learning-Artificial intelligence is the dumbest idea that man has ever come up with no matter what race you are in the end the A.I. will wipe you all off this earth.
Stephen Arden-magmer
Stephen Arden-magmer преди месец
The system is clearly racist, Obama could EASILY take Mitch McConnell in a fist fight, there’s no way Mitch comes out on top
Fortnite Burger
Fortnite Burger преди месец
did anyone else only look at the modern warfare 2 image?
charlesberg преди месец
woo, first world problems!
WarriorSlayer Gaming
WarriorSlayer Gaming преди месец
The part about feminists was right though
heyitssteph преди месец
Karachi was the first thing I saw, maybe that's cause I played a lot of mw2 when I was a kid
NFCguy Wraith
NFCguy Wraith преди месец
Twitter is the bunghole of the interwebs
King Katura
King Katura преди месец
But youtubes isn't? They all run on the same blueprints givin by alphabet through the collaboration of making misinformation through tech company's know as the GIFCT.
Edgar преди месец
There's a lot of use of the words "systemic racism" in this video floating around sparingly.
Ken Jee
Ken Jee преди месец
Thought I would note that I don't think the twitter algo is explicitly trained on pictures of humans. I expect that they are using some sort of transfer learning model that is based off a corpus of all different types of pictures. It can likely identify what is and what is not a human face, but it probably isn't going into more depth than that. As you mentioned, I would argue that human racist and the algorithms are just reflecting that
monst3rtony преди месец
I instantly saw Karachi lol and hit with nostalgia.
Isaac H.
Isaac H. преди месец
If this is an issue of saturation and "busy" parts of the image, I wouldn't say this is a form of racism. It would need to tested but I bet if you put a bowl of vibrant fruit in comparison with the fellow that seems to always be chosen, the AI would probably pick the fruit. The AI doesn't care about race, only color contrast. This is what happens when you apply hard logic to people, people are beautiful and unpredictable in many ways while calculated logic can't be flexible enough.
cannibalseatyourface преди месец
I love falling asleep to Muta! :)
Bot megue noob
Bot megue noob преди месец
i looked at the middle
ROWDYGAMER5 // William Pimentel-Tonche
ROWDYGAMER5 // William Pimentel-Tonche преди месец
If it's getting to the point where robots are being cancelled, humanity has made one mistake too many if we haven't already. Cancel culture is bullshit, kids.
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage преди месец
POV:you are setting on mutahar’s lab
Domo TheBro
Domo TheBro преди месец
I actually didnt look at the flower first
Oslier преди месец
Humans don't discriminate against left handed people, but because most people are right handed, most items are designed for right handed. In some occasions (like the computer mouse) there are switched that you can use to make the items left handed. It is not systemic oppressions against left handed, it is efficiency and common sense.
Khalmoon преди месец
i immediately said Karachi!
Tyskyis Productions
Tyskyis Productions преди месец
The lighting tho
Bree Standard
Bree Standard преди месец
Unconscious bias. Garbage in garbage out.
link преди месец
Muta... Where's our greenscreen...
Luke Roth
Luke Roth преди месец
Thank you thank you this is a message that definitely needs to have more attention brought to it appreciate the video and keep doing what you doing what you doing
link преди месец
Twitter people have too much free time
Wiggly Fungus
Wiggly Fungus преди месец
Brown is neutral color = racist
Haru преди месец
This is what happens when your training set has only white faces, lol.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler преди месец
So what
Driver 2900
Driver 2900 преди месец
Quick thing about the taeai, I think people found out that you could manually get it to say things. It is still a good example cause most where independent remarks trained on data given by other people.
MadBo V
MadBo V преди месец
I come to your channel to learn about new news and computer stuff because you explain stuff well and your videos are interesting and funny
山下 преди 27 дни
Very true!
EV Variety
EV Variety преди месец
I dont think this is a racism issue. As a videographer I take video of the brighter side of a flower patch. Why? Because it simply shows up better with more detail. The algorithm isn't trying to shove out darker skinned people intentionally, its trying to show the most bright and eye catching section. If it was the reverse we'd see a bunch of dark images on Twitter with nothing to catch our eyes. Similar case: A white woman who has gotten a sun tan wheres bright clothing. Why? To draw attention to her tan. Twitter is trying to display the most vibrant part of the image to draw attention to the post and get interaction. Its how our eyes work. It just makes sense.
Milos Terzic
Milos Terzic преди месец
why didn't you help eight thoughts?
Mikhail The Great
Mikhail The Great преди месец
i love how mudahar avoids saying black face, albeit he says white face lol.
N**** *
N**** * преди месец
some intellegient fun facts: 1. Systemic racism does not exist in any meaningful capacity in the western world today. 2. Robots being a product of humans means that they will carry the biases to some extent, however the ''biases'' here aren't bad or harmful so it is meaningless to complain about it. .... nope, that's about it, peace!
Mr PumperKnuckles
Mr PumperKnuckles преди месец
Calling the kkk dumb and uncreditable is kinda naive... people like the KKK are and racism isn’t exactly 100%. Based on intelligence it’s based in ideology. Intellectual ideology they might not be smart or social ideology they might not be so kind or intelligent but they do pose a threat not because they are hateful alone but because they are manipulative and intellectually capable to get what they want out of you. They been doing this for thousands of years. Why do you think muslims and Hindus get along so well? Why do jewish and christians get along so well? Even though at one point or the other in time they both had philosophies and religious pushed ideas that those who don’t believe what they believe is heretics and should be judged by both person and country including prison, death or even enslavement... Muddah I love your work but I don’t think it was based around “systemic” racism. Or even racism i think it was based on the market of the society that existed. Not everyone could afford family pictures back then...hell there are millions who couldn’t even afford to pay for a camera let alone pay for even the older technological advances of photography. Back than picking up only the extremes of contrasts between brights and dark colors with very few color differences. Even than we had technological struggles. But even still back than most people who did afford portraits were very well off and had economic ability for them and their family to have not even a camera but a person to take their picture for them... they would pay someone to take their picture that alone by today’s pricing would cost in the hundreds to near thousands... either way. The pixel never existed back than they had film and before that they had this type of press system that was mostly in black and white but also had some that were in color but they would be too faded to be worth going for. The whole system was based on the fabrication of the portrait captured... the flash we see today back than was used with every picture you took even in daylight and it was used to capture the most brightest thing in its focus. The brighter the object is in tone or even hue the more that the picture would catch because they use a system of a type of chemical process back than that required such and didn’t pick up any kind of darker tones we see digital cameras picking up today. The digital cameras we see today pick up nearly 100000x more different tones, shades and hues compared to the older technology of our ancestors. It was unfortunate that back than many blacks had economic struggles but that changed so much that we see one of the richest people in the world are black... the reality is that it’s about economic and technological limitations of our predecessors that created that situation but as for Twitter the algorithm has little to do with the limitations of coding or anything of that nature. Yes to a small degree there is a possibility of related notes figure this determination but it based most of the information off maybe what I think is the different number sequence we see between the different hues that are used. It’s harder to pick up darker colors than it is to pick up the exact hue code of a brighter color. It isn’t exactly systemic as much as limitations. There is a difference. Limitations is about possibility and outcomes systemic being the latter that is also limited but also possible with further adjustments. What I am saying to make things shorter is that it isn’t “politically” in terms of the word used systemic. The political term for system i is different from the technological term systemic.
Firey260 преди месец
im sorry but im not reading all that
Zeina107 преди месец
How can a.i. Be racists tho?! Its a computer program. 1s and 0s. Not sure what youd call it but
The elephant In the room
The elephant In the room преди месец
Computers are the stupidest and dumbest things ever.
Mr. McGee
Mr. McGee преди месец
i looked at the COD map first. Your theory is invalid.
Punished Yagoo
Punished Yagoo преди месец
saw Karachi first
Ani-Mike-Tions преди месец
The Simpsons are yellow because as Matt Groening said, " I wanted them to stick out when someone was channel surfing, and everyone else was just the same color so, Yellow!" Nowadays it's just considered a stylistic choice. Amazing video as always Muta.
GrimWillJ преди месец
muta history class? would watch 100%
GrimWillJ преди месец
looked at the tulip btw
Tomoko преди месец
Cancel culture has gone so far that they're attacking algorithms.
Rafael Suprayogi
Rafael Suprayogi преди месец
People: **Cancel AI** Roko's basilisk: Sup
C.I.A преди месец
If it was chosing only black guys, still racist, but uf it mixed it up nit racist
Barack Obama
Barack Obama преди месец
Thanks for using me as the thumbnail
D 3
D 3 преди месец
this is one of those things people say is racist, but I think you forget, this is not racist, it's an algorithm that picks brighter images with higher resolution
wade wilson
wade wilson преди месец
the KKK was / is a terrorist arm created and used by the dems to oppress people of skin color and even included politicians such as robert byrd
kurti boi
kurti boi преди месец
where is github mutaaaa
ZLATENDAB преди месец
Twitter incels finally learn about image compression. Humanity has finally entered the stone age
Nathan Fontanet
Nathan Fontanet преди месец
This is why some of us older-school stats folks shake our heads at how much almost everyone seems to have a hard-on for ML and AI. Sure, it can be a nice tool if used well and applied "lightly..." which seldom seems to be the case (which is why YT seems to be relying less on their AI because of over-censoring). Does anyone care about good statistical principles anymore? Representativeness? Generalizability? RESPONSE BIAS??? No, we just take a bunch of undergrads from CA as a convenience sample to feed our training sets and say it's "generalizable" to everyone in the world... (cries in Python and R code... )
That Spud over there
That Spud over there преди месец
Twitter AI: "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST BE NORMAL?!" Twitter users: *spam uploads Simpsons characters*
Nick gurr
Nick gurr преди месец
Comically Large Spoon
ShelbyGT преди месец
3:44 you should've put the flower in the right side cuz some people (me included) look from left then to right. That would've been a bit more better but still idk maybe its just me
VOLTA преди месец
The Simpsons characters are yellow to catch channel surfers
soop преди месец
sooooo racist machines are only indicative of a racist society
Magawengway Odakenday
Magawengway Odakenday преди месец
AI operates as its algorithmically programmed. But i guarantee when AI is used in extrapolating statistics, it will be called racist even if what it finds is the truth...
Shmeebs преди месец
It looks like it might be the largest face being picked as the focal point in a lot of those.
Czerwona Roza
Czerwona Roza преди месец
Video in nutshell: reee racism reee racism xD
TakeNoShift преди месец
If anyone is curious about those TayTweets screenshots, here are 3 really good ones
jack minnininineee hoby e wee
jack minnininineee hoby e wee преди месец
i finally got my twitter unbanned so how do i use it exactly?
Captain Scarf
Captain Scarf преди месец
I looked at mwf2 before the flower lol
Creepys̨hą̷͜d͢͞0w̷ A
Creepys̨hą̷͜d͢͞0w̷ A преди месец
This is a gaming channel!?
FarelForever преди месец
Computers are stupid, but not as stupid as Twitter users
Anthony vaan Lecter
Anthony vaan Lecter преди 14 дни
They're both the same thing, they only know what they're told to know. They both only have one source of code. Laid off Buzzfeed "journalists" (can't put enough quotes so I won't try) still continue to follow what they're told even though every day it's proved not to work
Rylin Dutson
Rylin Dutson преди 20 дни
klystron2010 преди месец
"I like turtles." - Twitter AI
boyo преди месец
Jesus Christ...
doc crowley
doc crowley преди месец
the AI isn't racist but the programmers obviously neglected to take dark skin into account
doc crowley
doc crowley преди месец
@MutantMonkeY the goal is to use diverse samples to train the AI so all ethnicities can be represented more equally. why do you jump to such an all or nothing conclusion? i also didn't say anything about the AI being racist, read my comment again
MutantMonkeY преди месец
Okay, and? If it picked black people over white people would that be racist?
ً ً
ً ً преди месец
LMAO nigegxa-no
Somiaz преди месец
is it me, or is the youtube bar flashing many colours?
Oliver Fasola
Oliver Fasola преди месец
Yo be fair Mitch McConnell is still in politics where Obama isn’t Also AOC is darker then Mitch
Jaysef Games
Jaysef Games преди месец
I am the 5%
Oskar преди месец you won’t regret
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