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For those who like to enjoy the downfall of fairness in online gaming I hope you get the most permanent of game removals. I have no sympathy for anyone who breaks the TOS of any online game and then asks for clemency, go home because the pool is closed. Thanks for watching!
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Tails is disappointed in your recent decisions
Tails is disappointed in your recent decisions преди месец
It's not permanent, you'll get unbanned in year 10,000. Just wait, geez...
Soapy преди 18 дни
Cobra 1commander
Cobra 1commander преди месец
Im sorry tails that I searched up hentai for kitty katswell
BotRxx преди месец
Some Ones
Some Ones преди месец
Nicholas Brooks
Nicholas Brooks преди месец
RobuxJuice преди ден
Hi folks, I've read the article about the banning system and how you can get 24 hours, 72 hours, 1 day, 1 week and then permanent ban if you keep insulting players over chat. But don't you think permanent ban is a bit too much in regards to that? I mean we are humans, we have moments of happiness, moments of rage, sometimes it's harder to control ourselves, I find it way too much for players to get PERMANENT BAN over insulting people in chat. I mean you never know when this might happen to you, even though you have to get through several stages to get there but after hundreds or thousands or hours, money and heart put into the game to get permanent ban over racial and offensive behaviour I do consider it's too much. Then some of you might ask: well what then, let's all curse and swear each other in chat? The answer is no! A much better idea, in my opinion, is if someone reached the 1 week ban of offensive language and he does it again after the ban expires he gets another week of ban and the process keeps going until that player finally stops. And, psychologically speaking, they will stop if this whole process is repeated to them because they'd want to play and for sure their behaviour will change. Another useful thing would be: let's say you got the first ban(24 hours like I DO atm xD - not surprised anyway, my raging moments are quite often tbh...) if for a week let's say you don't swear or curse anyone in chat you will get again the 24 hours ban at the first rule break, not continue to 72 hours.
iva naletilić
iva naletilić преди 3 дни
Guys please dont come at me, but is it wrong that I pirated minecraft Btw I don't accualy hack in the game I just wanted minecraft but I didn't have money
Oasis Orange
Oasis Orange преди 3 дни
I’d rather waste my life being a cringe band kid than being a hacker let’s be honest.
potatoo преди 6 дни
what about roblox ????
Shadow Dagger
Shadow Dagger преди 8 дни
The best hacks/cheat: Sims 4 Motherlode and that's it ;o)
Cameron Stewart
Cameron Stewart преди 8 дни
I don't get hacking just pay to get banned like tf?
Martzen Couperus
Martzen Couperus преди 12 дни
Permanent bans are dumb
Yodakage Kira
Yodakage Kira преди 16 дни
*Thank you for making 2020 better with this comment* 5:43
Tridib Paul
Tridib Paul преди 20 дни
U see cheats for R6, league, dota, warzone and it kinda makes sense since theres a ranked ladder, or mmr system. Some form of elo, anything. NOW IMAGINE HACKERS IN FALL GUYS WHERE DEFAULTS GET PAIRED WITH THE PLAYER WITH THE MOST CROWNS. Why would u hack on that. wtf
Jake& Kristin Reviews
Jake& Kristin Reviews преди 21 ден
I hate to say it,Muta, but you might as well hop on a console if only to play the multiplayer games you like. I know people can still hack on console,but it's a bit harder to do and much less of a problem within the console community.
FireSonic101 преди 23 дни
"Professor Magneto"
tolle austin
tolle austin преди 24 дни
Cheating is why I don't play COD anymore.
Falxie_ преди 25 дни
My comment is gone for some reason. I think that we should only permaban adults
Allen Jones
Allen Jones преди 28 дни
I was playing a game on Among Us and some hacker made it so you couldn't vote anyone out. They had an automatic win and it was annoying.
TotallyNotJevii преди 29 дни
One time while playing among us, I died while in an emergency meeting
Steve Hess
Steve Hess преди 29 дни
9999 sounds like a better year than 2020.
Gudako преди 29 дни
My favourite R6S cheat is playing Jackal
TimTam / Twocan
TimTam / Twocan преди месец
Trials of Osiris right now in a nutshell
Windows XP
Windows XP преди месец
Harware ban is not cool i buy computer and its hare ware banned
Windows XP
Windows XP преди месец
RED The Wifey Hunter
RED The Wifey Hunter преди месец
I cheat. Yes. But i do it obly to see how much i can break the game via offline. So in case if I did cheat in games, i only either did it offline or in private matches with friends
greenthumb преди месец
Rainbow six.. Vegas, been a few years eh, oh the co-op memories. Oh, and the rage.
Ragme elAS
Ragme elAS преди месец
you making this video its all what a person who hacks in a online game wants ._.
Dondo Golden Rose
Dondo Golden Rose преди месец
And I completely agree
BotRxx преди месец
I think that GTA hackers are fine, unless they constantly kill you, most GTA hackers do it to screw around and make the game more entertaining
Wazzup преди месец
You can buy a micchicken from McDonald's with two dollars
Gamer Bot
Gamer Bot преди месец
The fact that people hack in roblox, a lego game .
max da meme
max da meme преди месец
Best hackers are the people that break chat filter on other games, prove me wrong.
waltermelon преди месец
0:38 pools closed due to stingrays and aids
Otaku Sama
Otaku Sama преди месец
i hack but i feelbad when i ruin someone expirience so i dont hack in competitive games. only grinding games.
Gamerproductions123 преди месец
Bruh the cheaters in Warzone are just as bad 😩
Isaiah Hunter
Isaiah Hunter преди месец
Nobody SOG's titles: ...
Flame Yy
Flame Yy преди месец
They hack because they didn’t get love from their family Edit:I am not a hacker
AreoTale преди месец
NGL I've hacked on Black ops and its really unfulfilling, its honestly no fun to do, maybe for like 5 minutes but it doesn't even feel remotely the same as actually doing good, the fact that people can spend actual money on this shit is stupid. (If it's not clear I don't hack games anymore, I was a stupid kid.)
wot преди месец
I believe that people should be given a chance, with increasing ban lengths. Obviously the ban should be hardware based as well, but permanently right off the bat is harsh and doesn't really show that they learned. I'd say 3 chances, first ban a month, second ban 6 months, third ban permanent
Mr. plague
Mr. plague преди месец
A R преди месец
Do you honestly believe that everyone who cheats does it because they are bad at the game? Most of them do it because people's reactions are funny. Videos like this get them hard
Quexrun The 1st
Quexrun The 1st преди месец
He’s isn’t banned 😔
Nao Kimaji
Nao Kimaji преди месец
yea your right. hack devs earn a ton of fucking money. you would really be surprised.
Mystery Archives
Mystery Archives преди месец
Not only ban the hacker. Ban their entire bloodline 🤣
Senge Arkenon
Senge Arkenon преди месец
The oldest anarchy server in Minecraft
altoid345b преди месец
"Yea you pissed me off for like 5 minutes" *looks at video length*
Hiphophedgehog !
Hiphophedgehog ! преди месец
wait until you play destiny 2 on pc
Scrizy преди месец
MrGolds got unbanned WTF BRUH
yoshimasterleader преди месец
I do love it when cheaters are put in cheater jail with other cheaters and they are pitted against each other.
Albino_Lion76 преди месец
Idk man, in gta 5 if you don’t mess with other players then it’s fine
adarsh garapati
adarsh garapati преди месец
aw shit now the oil kids gonna buy youtube and ban ur channel
LeftTheNegotiator преди месец
Lets be real: Hacking is only fun on 2b2t and other anarchy servers
Ougabouga33 преди месец
this is nothing compared to the retards modding on gta online. i somehow had the insanity to play online legit for 1250hours and jeez mods are the worst shit in this game. rockstar wont do shit about it but if you use a glitch that get you money from a mission you get your account banned.
DAYGRECK преди месец
Michael Quiles
Michael Quiles преди месец
Imagine being mad about a hacker and making a 13 minute video with hours of editing to then saying you're only mad for 5 minutes. idk chief
Gavin M
Gavin M преди месец
The people who disliked this video are the game hackers 🤣🤣🤣
Facing Fear
Facing Fear преди месец
i mod in gta i wont deny it. but i also NEVER have godmode on or anything that gives me an advantage when i pvp(my k/d proves it lol). i actually look out for ppl in the sessions i play in n if there are other modders ruining reg players games i kick them. yes im a GTA SJW lol
A.L Streams Channel
A.L Streams Channel преди месец
Muta I feel you
Phil J.L Fig
Phil J.L Fig преди месец
I was blamed for hacking when I wasn’t on counter-strike and was banned from peoples servers when I wasn’t hacking at all, just doing good.... that shit would piss me off more then anything knowing people are so stupid to ban someone just because the person is kicking their ass.
ldrago2020 преди месец
play titanfall 2 or overwatch
Sonar Stormz
Sonar Stormz преди месец
💯relate on csgo especially in wargames flying scoutmens when they look in the floor and kill everyone within 10 seconds
Rich Holmes
Rich Holmes преди месец
@SomeOrdinarygamers Mr Dahaa or mooie as I call you.... Good video. I need a job. I sell cbd online but I'm shadow banned /hacked /blacklisted. You're the cleverest Indian I know... Can you help?
OnlyHuman преди месец
Hackers back in CoD Zombies were actually pretty cool every now and then. But if they are actually trolling you and preventing you from playing, then that’s a problem.
Toastify преди месец
on xbox one i was vibing on hulu then i got banned FOR CHEATING ON HULU WTF
Ferret45 преди месец
when someone is cheating they shouldn't get permanently banned, they should be banned for 10 years or something
Ferret45 преди месец
imo cheating is fine in any game as long as its not in a game like rust where you can lose a ton of work by dying to a cheater
Ferret45 преди месец
Diego Monster Energy
Diego Monster Energy преди месец
@Ferret45 i did not ask for your age, I said that you cheat on kids games. there is nothing wrong for enjoying kids games its just that cheating on them is a bit.... silly I suppose
Ferret45 преди месец
@Diego Monster Energy how old are you? if you are 17 years old or younger, you are a kid. so
Diego Monster Energy
Diego Monster Energy преди месец
@Ferret45 your personality perfectly fits what I expected from people who cheat on kids games! thank you for supporting my theory :)
Ferret45 преди месец
@Diego Monster Energy idc
SilentVinyl преди месец
Malicious Muppet
Malicious Muppet преди месец
ok but like legit. its perfectly fine to hack in Elite Dangerous and GTA though. Im with you on banning hacks from games that require skill. That is absolutely understandable. And with Minecraft it depends on the server and context. BUT Elite Dangerous and GTA online doesnt require skill. Its a grind simulator filled with toxic boomers who THINK that they have Dark Souls NG++ Player IQ when they smear a sidewinder across the void with their super Corvette and shout "git gud". They confuse time spent with skills learnt. Hacking in elite dangerous to modify your ship is simply a means to spend less time to make your ship contend with someone elses so that the real test of piloting may begin much like printing out a good deck to a card game and then focusing on how you are going to use that deck rather than waste time and money grinding for said deck. It is emergent content at its finest and the game, developers, and its community need to be made an example of. The implementation of mechanics at its core is so abhorrent. On top of this, the moderation sucks. The developers go out of the way to make the game shit to the point of encouraging hackers to flood it and then NEVER impliment any form of method to keep them out. Slaps on the wrist, but no permabans or care to develop an anticheat.
Starlight Eclipse
Starlight Eclipse преди месец
ahh yes i learned most of my tactics and strategies by watching someone else play visual learning is the best for me and it makes it easy for me
Levi Hackerman
Levi Hackerman преди месец
Competitive games are just stress inducing things because this kind of cheap scrubs exists. Honestly, hop into an mmorpg just like in good old days and chill with friends breh.
0cean преди месец
yo tf2 is filled with bots
csongor cselédes
csongor cselédes преди месец
Did you try among us with friends? If you have atleast 5 ppl that can be fun, if you like murder mistery games.
csongor cselédes
csongor cselédes преди месец
@Youuru Yyeiyueyey yeah, but if you play it in private room with friends then you dont have to worry about cheaters.
Youuru Yyeiyueyey
Youuru Yyeiyueyey преди месец
I found a hacker in the game lad didn't even do a good job of hiding it Good game though
timely skydive
timely skydive преди месец
dang why would you spend 2$ on hacking on rainbow when I can spend 2$ hacking irl to get a million dollars and even buy the presdent hack so I can take over the world ezz hacks
Ferret45 преди месец
@timely skydive ok
timely skydive
timely skydive преди месец
@Ferret45 you've been hacked
Ferret45 преди месец
Space_cat Hax
Space_cat Hax преди месец
I do not think you should criticize cheating unless you have tried cheating, its actually just fun not having to do much, such as flying through the map(does sometimes get boring tho).
Just Call Me Karma
Just Call Me Karma преди месец
If I get 20 kills this game, I will break pp in half - and that's how you get views
CitrousSheet 611
CitrousSheet 611 преди месец
I hate people hacking in online games
Ferret45 преди месец
i like people who cheat in online games as long as they dont do it in survival games like rust
Meepyneepy преди месец
I 100% agree with this video and the topic. But my question is, what is your opinion on the people that actually use the hacks against other hackers to protect the normal people?
Caden Cooper
Caden Cooper преди месец
Me giving myself money In gta then spawning money for other players I’ve had more fun just giving them money then giving myself money
Exazee преди месец
hackers are bad and ruin the experience literally everybody that plays 2b2t I like ya cut g
Colin Bright
Colin Bright преди месец
i loved it when rockstar wiped gta5 accounts for the money glitch and all the hackers where crying about rockstar wiping there accounts good all cheaters should get banned and fudged off imo
Aurora преди месец
i absolutly agree that hackers should be punished, the problem is that many of these managements have a "zero Tolarance" Policy and are known, to perma ban random people, without even telling them why, and you can not do anything about it, if you get a perma ban for no valid reason thats just theft.... theres no single unfaulty anticheat system, so the only way to ensure fair tratment, is reviewing manually by real people, the only two companys i know of that did that where blizzard and Valve, blizzard doesn't do that anymore as far as i know, no idea about valve, and i accually think that a better method than fucking battle eye anyway, i know exactly why i almost always play on privat servers
Samuel Howard
Samuel Howard преди месец
I only cheated 1 on a single player game and even then I don't like it
MegaWeeb преди месец
While us in TF2: Destroying aimbotters and wallhackers
Kyle Finn
Kyle Finn преди месец
Mutahar: I hate these hackers TF2 Players: First time?
scott gamer351 Is here
scott gamer351 Is here преди месец
Yes I made you proud by hacking in gta single player for the lols with the boys
Cynical Citizen
Cynical Citizen преди месец
You should play pulsar with your friends or ss13. I find that multiplayer games where its only you and your friends a lot better of late...
Kevin Van
Kevin Van преди месец
How is this not considered committing fraud?
Zar Lord
Zar Lord преди месец
You know, you should actually play Watching Paint Dry. It's a good mod.
MrKillabeez666 преди месец
im with you 100%. You know what cheaters DONT have though.death immunity to semtex lol join me i play looney could maybe learn a thing or two from each other,look for Killa Beez,im the all time COD original Killa Beez
Tamal Chakraborty
Tamal Chakraborty преди месец
Meanwhile in league of legends people are getting banned for typing "retard" in chat while scripters. boosters, inters and trolls run rampant coz the automated ban system thinks that behaviour is acceptable XD
Chebic преди месец
Rule 69: if there is a game there is hacks for it
James преди месец
See the only time I cheat is in minecraft on dead servers. There's something so satisfying and stress relieving about bhopping and using killaura on a small server with no anticheat. Oh yeah, i dont skid either, i make my own hacks Am I still a filthy cheater as described by SOG?
Stretched Almond
Stretched Almond преди месец
Wow this sounds like escape from tarkov
HAXZingTERR0R преди месец
im making hacks for a fishing simulator lmao. it's about seeing what i'm capable of doing and learning how things work. some people have fun playing the game, i have fun exploiting it. however, i do not agree in hacking competitive multiplayer games in ways that advantage you. i hate that now, but flying around in a fishing simulator is just funny. but paying for hacks, dear god that's sad but a hell of a hustle for the developer
yum hm
yum hm преди месец
Hackers are awfull, and you literally gave the hackers what they wanted, an angry reaction
yum hm
yum hm преди месец
@Ferret45 ew
Ferret45 преди месец
@yum hm k wtvr idc lol
yum hm
yum hm преди месец
@Ferret45 ew
Ferret45 преди месец
@yum hm im a cheater in lots of video games so i don't agree with both lol
yum hm
yum hm преди месец
@Ferret45 should agree with both but sure
Cringe. Just Cringe.
Cringe. Just Cringe. преди месец
The reason why people use exploits is just to feel power
LunarClouds преди месец
I bet the whole 338 people who disliked this video where the hackers hes talking about and trying to get his address xD
LunarClouds преди месец
@Ferret45 Hmmmm yeah : / that ruins out gaming experiences dude its not cool its literally like trying to play a game with a friend and he is only able to kill u and your stuck the whole time hacking is just not ok bro its kinda what SOG is saying
Ferret45 преди месец
@LunarClouds i like having wall hacks idk its fun
LunarClouds преди месец
@Ferret45 y do u hack tho?
Ferret45 преди месец
im a cheater in a lot of competitive games but i still liked the video
LucasIsHere преди месец
That's why I play console, you PC players are the real idiots.
Nabl0 преди месец
cheaters must have a very sad life.
Tr8R преди месец
Only game that I don't mind cheaters in is GTA cause fuck them sharkcard prices
Cinder преди месец
I recently got my PlayStation account banned for apparently abusing the report system even though all I did is report all the hate messages he sent me and for some reason I got a FUCKING perma ban
Trey T
Trey T преди месец
wait, mr golds' still around though (?)
Steven Nolen
Steven Nolen преди месец
Im pooping
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