The "Traffickinghub" Investigation...

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A couple weeks ago an organization laid an expose on one of the largest adult website and uncovered some shivering details, how far does the rabbit hole go when it comes to their claims of sinister wrongdoings? Let's find out! Thanks for watching!
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Sin Of drip
Sin Of drip преди 25 минути
Tbh even if they managed to take down pornhub people would still post them on websites once a sex tape is on the internet it’s forever there
AverdeCheeseburger c
AverdeCheeseburger c преди 8 часа
I’m. Super. Like I’m another plane if you get my meaning. Anyway. I cannot stop staring at his facial hair - how is beard and mustache don’t meet together. It looks like his beard is lifting his mustache like ... a bar.. with weights. Dunbar? Wait. BARBELL
AverdeCheeseburger c
AverdeCheeseburger c преди 8 часа
Cmon guys, don’t hug me in scared, give me a like and mentos will find YOU!
Marky Mark
Marky Mark преди ден
This needs more exposure ASAP Muda outdid himself
Sleepy преди ден
I literally feel sick.
Max Theawesome
Max Theawesome преди ден
Wow, thanks for mentioning this video in your latest video. I had no idea you even uploaded this. Real good as well. Would be cool if you made more like it
42 преди ден
I have no clue how I watched the whole video
Hazy Stratus
Hazy Stratus преди ден
It was really disturbing but muta really did out done himself with exposing this problem to more people
amber branham
amber branham преди ден
Junk Male
Junk Male преди ден
Muta did an awesome job at this. I'd definitely watch more deep dives like this.
InvalidShortcut преди 2 дни
58:29 Vatican?
Trey Flowers
Trey Flowers преди 4 дни
XVideos > PornHub No really, look into it. The company that owns XVideos has done more good for the sex worker community than MindGeek have.
Jeb преди 4 дни
Welp if por hub gets taken down and you’re poor just switch to hentai and google images or some shit, still works
DaGamer Masta
DaGamer Masta преди 5 дни
Wau, Brilliant Documentary
HG Joziiah
HG Joziiah преди 5 дни
Those prayers are kinda homophobic I’m a Christian and I am technologically against same sex marriage but when I pray I pray for everybody and I love everybody gay straight trans. I think they misunderstood the message in the Bible it’s to spread love not discriminate against people :edit I love you Mutahar n
Q Phenom Anon 17
Q Phenom Anon 17 преди 5 дни
Great job shining a light on this topic.
Q Phenom Anon 17
Q Phenom Anon 17 преди 5 дни
Muta, the people who are against trafficking hub aren't against people who do this of their own free will, it's the people who are forced to do this, the sex slaves, the ones who are abused for profit. People aren't commodities, they should never be bought and sold. Those people want them to be freed. They aren't going after Porn stars or prostitutes. You really need to see the difference. I really can't even believe I need to be saying this but after seei NG you argue against the main points of the movement I became concerned. And Pornhub is just the Biggest site which is why it's mentioned. Yes, Twitter and Facebook are almost just as bad if not worse.
commsarge -
commsarge - преди 8 дни
I gotta warn the boys about this.
Remixer_ God
Remixer_ God преди 9 дни
mutah trim ur mustache plz how tf do u eat with ur mustache hair touching ur lips lmao
8D MUSIC преди 9 дни
Anyone can explain what is the "site" in application i dont understand it how to fill
Wyldkard Productions
Wyldkard Productions преди 10 дни
It makes me pissed off that once was a crazy conspiracy theory is now coming to fruition we were saying this years ago and yet we ignored it
Arminius Invictus
Arminius Invictus преди 11 дни
You're just making this video cause you're a coomer lol
Shawn Naylor
Shawn Naylor преди 13 дни
Me before the video "I like this chanel and everything, but an hour is quite the time commitment" After the video "you know, I'm really glad I watched that"
voracious viewer
voracious viewer преди 14 дни
If the single video removal request was addressed within 48 hours yet the network of videos under girlsonfilm, under investigation remained on site isn't evidence that a financial liability equation was applied? Tort law and mediation clauses make it a simple financial decision for companies. Should implies we operate in a morality based economy or at least one where morality is a decisive factor. I don't think the current example or any other you pick out of a hat demonstrates that to be true.
Lil_ boy_5247
Lil_ boy_5247 преди 14 дни
After this video I'mma use Brazzers
Polite Q
Polite Q преди 16 дни
The camera is too close to your face. I feel uncomfortable
Polite Q
Polite Q преди 16 дни
Also, this is a legal issue. Who cares about some guy's opinion?
nightslay преди 17 дни
why do you have a low pitch sound running the length of the video?
Toga Animationz
Toga Animationz преди 18 дни
My mom would say, porn hub is like you drugging people and you making sexual stuff and abusing people. We should shut down porn hub on EVERYWHERE! Pornhub is he worst thing and app in the world and it's like drugging yourself. Pornhub is bad and horrible that kids could watch this like me, I want to be like you one day and be smart like you and my brother I love to help you with stuff :)
Steve The Talentless
Steve The Talentless преди 9 дни
Everyone experiences pornography diffrently
Bacon Hair
Bacon Hair преди 21 ден
honestly, I am those types of people to watch full spongebob episodes
Jesse Pawlusiak
Jesse Pawlusiak преди 21 ден
I don't understand, pornhub made me send a pic of my id and this was like 2 years ago to upload
辣的Takis преди 22 дни
For every like on this comment counts as days I will not go on the hub
J WiNK преди 22 дни
where dat Muta sexXx tape at yo. . ?
Franciscop98 преди 23 дни
There's a really simple thing I'm missing here. They're claiming to manually review every video uploaded onto the website... That has multiple instances of underage porn CONFIRMED to have been posted on the website. So... They are admitting to allowing and hosting underage porn on the site? Or am I missing something here?
David Boston
David Boston преди 23 дни
Love girl doooo porn, also o got screen recordings and and you still find their vids
David Boston
David Boston преди 23 дни
imaginary преди 24 дни
broo wtf i used to watch girls do porn wtffff
BEASTFRAG435 Pro преди 24 дни
This is why I only watch hentai
SlyHikari03 преди 24 дни
This is pretty sad.
Obunga Care
Obunga Care преди 24 дни
Anthony Barnett
Anthony Barnett преди 25 дни
The sad thing is, removing Pornhub won't stop the abuse.... truly a sick and cruel world
Omega преди 25 дни
1:45 Clearly fake signings. Never would such a unknown thing get 1,7 million signings. Edit: oh and yeah, it is a scam.
Keegan Fisher
Keegan Fisher преди 26 дни
This shit is why I only watch granny porn
TammyTheRanger преди 27 дни
Rose: **sends a ton of emails to PronHub to remove the horrible videos** PronHub: Rose: It's big brain time. **impersonates a lawyer and threatens legal action to PronHub** PronHub: Please don't hurt us! **removes the videos**
no ty
no ty преди 27 дни
Earlier this year, my friend got a friend request on this app for (i'm not too sure) making snapchat friends who like the same stuff as you, and he got a friend invite from this person who had photos of a girl who was no older than 8, showing her cooch, and it said, "Child pornography on titpus,com.|, it was drawn too. The adress took you to Chaturbate, is Chaturbate as bad as this? I've never really been into that cam stuff, so I've never gone there. Maybe these people should expose Chaturbate.
Voracity преди месец
Raped and trafficked at 14... Sometimes I wonder how some people survive - when I was 14, I was making retarded Minecraft videos. Jesus.
Teddi Lynn
Teddi Lynn преди месец
I'm here because you mentioned you did this video in a newer one. I see this was posted only a month ago. Funny, it never showed up in my subscription box. Please keep mentioning that you've done this in future videos. Great work champ. Cheers
Vam Monaco
Vam Monaco преди месец
BAN BGpost! SNAPCHAT! INSTAGRAM! FACEBOOK! It’s clear and apparent they support rape
a. y.
a. y. преди месец
I swear he did more research than actual main stream media like bbc or cnn
super not best friends dont play
super not best friends dont play преди месец
I don't wanna watch porn anymore
J-MRICK преди месец
The fucking sexualize taboos of teens for years!! It's only blowing up now ?!?!?
Ezillity преди месец
I've been subscribed for awhile and this didn't show up in my subbox and its been up for a month.
Erin Guinevere
Erin Guinevere преди месец
I've had many one on one conversations with Benjamin Nolot on the LGBT rights issue and if he used to be homophobic, he isn't now. His opinion has changed a great deal. A lot of the dodgy anti-gay stuff I think is just leftover from what EC used to be, but has since changed its perspective on a lot of things.
Suqreme преди месец
oof time for red tube
Skully R
Skully R преди месец
I’m not sure how relevant this is, but there is some EXTREMELY disgusting stuff on xvideos. The one that showed up in a recommended page had 112 million views! I don’t know what was in the video, because as soon as I saw the thumbnail at the bottom of the recommends, I wanted to throw up. I already reported it to the fbi internet crime complaint center and I don’t know if it’s still up. And I sure as shit am not going back to that page to check. Stuff like this can slip these sites by with 100,000 views. But 112 million?! That’s one third of the US population. You either have to be the most incompetent moderator who ever has existed and ever will exist, or your ignoring it.
-- преди 4 дни
I’m not surprised. I do also saw some thumbnails that made me questioned humanity. That’s why I stopped.
Jiang Li Feng The Underground BeatMaker
Jiang Li Feng The Underground BeatMaker преди месец
Cant tell u how many times i done seen videos like this when im NOT EVEN searching them up. SMDH. Its CRINGY as well hella CRINGE
Riyaa7 Alm3ark
Riyaa7 Alm3ark преди месец
If I had the power Id gun down anyone working in the porn industry.Roaches nothing more.
Mr.Eggington преди месец
when he says “pornhub” he says it in different ways every time
DaWhoDoo преди месец
do da dop dat
McParker преди месец
Exodus Cry litterally sounds like a PMU from Metal Gear.
DeadGaming _240
DeadGaming _240 преди месец
Holy shit.
dragon преди месец
3:00 And men*
dragon преди месец
2:30 Bro wtf? Are you sexist too? Why 'women' only? You think men don't get trafficked?
dragon преди месец
2:17 As a friend of a man who's been sexually trafficked as underage anst shared on pornhub the 0% attention they bring to male victims is absolutely disgusting. This is a human issue not a gender one.
Rachelle Tyson
Rachelle Tyson преди месец
I’m sorry for your friend! Is he in therapy?
dragon преди месец
1:56 And men* damn these people are prob sexist feminazis
Little_turner преди месец
If it’s not Pornhub it’s gonna be somewhere else. At least Pornhub can be accountable. I think the answer is not shutting it down but, fining them. Think about, it if you shut it down the videos are gonna be somewhere else. If you fine them 1. Pornhub will have a BIG insensitive to stop this. 2. If you don’t shut Pornhub down, police are gonna have an easier finding the felons and helping the victims. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think this is cool this is fucking horrible but shutting Pornhub down is not the answer.
Obamah Trump
Obamah Trump преди месец
Obamah Trump
Obamah Trump преди месец
Obamah Trump
Obamah Trump преди месец
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel преди месец
All this reminds me of Hello friend from Mr. Robot.
Carlos Barron
Carlos Barron преди месец
Coomers mad
You cant beat K
You cant beat K преди месец
I smell a coomer.
legend 47
legend 47 преди месец
Everybody out here saying hentai is better but have not seen the fucking amount of shit you can get away with by animating it than a normal human
yeah yeah
yeah yeah преди месец
legend 47 most hentai use minors/rape as the main sex plot which is pretty normalized in japan and other countries, which in my opinion, is not ok.
WolfenOwlCelestial преди месец
Why don't they do what Chaturbate does? They have models send in a photo of themselves holding their ID, and a second clear photo of their ID. Every person who appears on the stream under that account has to do the verification for that account regardless of whether they're verified elsewhere. Unverified accounts can stream but they can't cash out their earnings. Seems like a pretty solid system.
Manuel M
Manuel M преди месец
If it made it so unverified accounts couldn't stream the it would be solid
Coffee Cat
Coffee Cat преди месец
Yh that’s why you just watch hentai and stay away from possible rape content
Robux Millioniare
Robux Millioniare преди 6 дни
@legend 47 You shouldnt watch porn in general (it's very bad for you), but hentai is drawn by entire professional teams, legal voice actors, etc so you know that no crimes were committed.
Aidan C
Aidan C преди месец
legend 47 how could cartoons be worst then literally rape
legend 47
legend 47 преди месец
Ehhhh hentai probably worse
Eric Bastion Hendrix
Eric Bastion Hendrix преди месец
Yea that's a pretty loaded statement about Asa Akira saying EVERY video is reviewed by a person. Not likely. If the videos were truly approved or "not approved" by actual human beings, its not likely that many of these videos would have been uploaded in the first place. Not to mention when we upload content, it gets uploaded pretty much instantly onto the site. we highly doubt every single video is being approved prior to being uploaded. It doesn't seem possible at the rate content is being uploaded. fabulous video.
Fun Guy
Fun Guy преди месец
What % of porn in internet are uploaded without consent of participants? I bet 75%
Lucabratz преди месец
I was jus chilling and eating i spit my damn food straight out when I read "15 year old girl"
Protect Your Children Inc
Protect Your Children Inc преди месец
Age verification would be the best thing on all adult sites. Who could have an issue with that?
god o Randomness
god o Randomness преди месец
Trafficking hub- A website that just shows traffic
flamy flamethrower
flamy flamethrower преди месец
It's a bird eye view of driving at 6am to work with saxaphone music blaring in the background
Blake Bistowski
Blake Bistowski преди месец
Dawg how tf can you blame prostitution and human-trafficking on porn when those have existed long before porn. In fact, prostitution has lost a lot of popularity since porn became so accessible.
Jose Soto
Jose Soto преди месец
Even if they shut porn hub down their is still thousands of more pornography websites
Plaguis Soryr
Plaguis Soryr преди месец
Yo who's got that jailbait video archive? I wanna see some onion links
Melon Hipster
Melon Hipster преди месец
So this guy just looked at what Jon Ronson did and madea YT video about it?
Gatlin Pea
Gatlin Pea преди месец
yeah, basically gave exposure to the whole thing and gave his own opinion about it
Melon Hipster
Melon Hipster преди месец
THe founder of MindGeek said "You wouldn't know we deal with porn unless you got off at the wrong floor"
Devin Battle
Devin Battle преди месец
All I heard was "Daddy Muta uploads to PornHub now"
Gdhvxgsy Hsjdbgs
Gdhvxgsy Hsjdbgs преди месец
Yang pilih allah like.
SmilyGamer962 преди месец
This need more views and likes
miss miab's
miss miab's преди месец
"Free will" vs need for money
Archer Crowe
Archer Crowe преди месец
pornhub is made by valve because it’s made of black and orange colours
The Slippery Noodle
The Slippery Noodle преди месец
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: how hard is it to keep your hands off of minors? I just can’t understand.
artix548 преди месец
If Pornhub is really abusing children and minors, I'd like to play them the violin of Matthew 18:6; “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”
Vince Abednego
Vince Abednego преди месец
Just because something is consensual doesn't mean you should do it. That doesn't mean that it's rape. Some people are just consenting to sexual activity that they have no business consenting to. But rape is simply not having any consent to sexual activity what so ever, and the fact still being apparent.
The Knight Of Logos
The Knight Of Logos преди месец
This is absolutely disgusting, you seem so angry about Exodus Cry because they have different views that go against the Liberal Orthodoxy... Who gives a fuck! What they are fighting against is way worse, human traffickers are PURE EVIL! Most porn websites and prostitution rings are connected to these types of people in some way, most "Sex Workers" regardless of their gender tend to come from abusive families where sexual abuse. Every video on a porn site is somebody reliving trauma. The same thing happens with prostitutes, they have been abused and demoralised, that's why they sell themselves! IT ALL HAS TO GO!!
Cult Cutie
Cult Cutie преди месец
It's been a while since I've been this disgusted. I feel like I need a shower now. Let's have a moment of silence for the victims.
Teqlz on FN
Teqlz on FN преди месец
Broward County 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Vindicta преди месец
Asa akira is my favorite of all time 🤤
Mew преди 2 месеца
I actually don't see why they can't just make people show ID if they upload + an image of their face...
Ganja manNick
Ganja manNick преди 2 месеца
Cadence K
Cadence K преди 2 месеца
I LOVE U SM for supporting (voluntary) sex workers !!
Cadence K
Cadence K преди 2 месеца
Also broward county wtf, why are there so many trafficking rings near me it’s scary
SilentVinyl преди 2 месеца
Checkmate преди 2 месеца
After reading a lot of comments on this video, I hope Muta does a follow-up video about this topic, but in the relationship department as well as what it does to your brain.
Asais 10
Asais 10 преди 2 месеца
So I guess it boils down to "cult vs greedy corporation"
Valentin Idk
Valentin Idk преди 2 месеца
This makes me physically sick. I could puke due to the first story alone
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