I'm Glad I Cancelled Netflix...

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The marketing for this movie "Cuties" was actually more tame than the movie, and that's saying something. Thanks for watching!
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Holyspirit14:6 преди ден
I’m about to cancel as well.
Zane Bot
Zane Bot преди ден
Netflix the company who made the movie and the parents who let there kids in the movie should all be ashamed
Astral преди ден
That's like telling kids not to do drugs while telling them some things that are good about it-
IB Jewd
IB Jewd преди 3 дни
S Nami Bog Remember No Pedophiles
IB Jewd
IB Jewd преди 3 дни
Netflix is actually 2 steps ahead and sending all the personal information of anyone who watched this straight to the FBI
Pedro Saldanha
Pedro Saldanha преди 3 дни
it doesn't look like anything to me, I'm a pirate.
Just Jce
Just Jce преди 4 дни
This movie was made in ~loving memory of Jeremy Epstein~ (By the way i stole this joke)
Edrick Brown
Edrick Brown преди 4 дни
Was Jeffrey Epstein the producer?
Nathan Braun
Nathan Braun преди 5 дни
I never had a netflix, cuz pirate bay exists
Colonel Plant
Colonel Plant преди 5 дни
I’m glad you didn’t cancelled hulu
Pamela Militia Katie Melody
Pamela Militia Katie Melody преди 6 дни
Me too
digduck преди 6 дни
Netflix: This is work of ar... FBI! Open up!
NightSky преди 8 дни
12 year olds are legal in the Philippines... and i am disappointed at my country for this...
Jesse Markham
Jesse Markham преди 10 дни
this movie was bad enough that Netflix is facing CP charges for the sexualization of the children
Dylan Layman
Dylan Layman преди 10 дни
Just like the hard drives an emails uncovered for politics, you had children send audition tapes, they still exist without a doubt and when they are found and reviewed I bet we end up getting a real different reaction
Hanskah преди 11 дни
We'll see how long this lasts once Stranger Things Season 4 drops.
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous преди 14 дни
Is Cuties about the media sexualizing children, or is it about children sexualizing themselves while the media greedily decides it could make money by recording it?
向你祖母問好 преди 15 дни
Epstein would totally find a sequel
Shane Howard
Shane Howard преди 16 дни
*Shane Dawson has entered the chat*
Douglas Gordon
Douglas Gordon преди 17 дни
Cuties made me realize just how many child abuse apologists exist in the mainstream. Maybe that was their big """message"""
Pedro Saabedra
Pedro Saabedra преди 17 дни
still keeping Netflix, I'll just pretend its not there.
The Sswb
The Sswb преди 18 дни
UPDATE: Texas has filed federal charges against netflix
Ilyass Abbad
Ilyass Abbad преди 18 дни
Guys I wish Netflix ,Brought back the classical cartoons not bring in crap to just buy, I wish Isis had a twitter Account cause it’s haram to do anything Haram while Allah Has called us for prayer but I’m not a Islamic extremist
P0W3RGL0V3 -
P0W3RGL0V3 - преди 12 дни
And ppl on discord called me crazy for using the word "thats haram af"
Mileidy Class
Mileidy Class преди 18 дни
Muta, will you do a response to MrGirl? He made a very creepy review of that movie.
Anthony Glenn
Anthony Glenn преди 19 дни
3:30 hell yeah baby!
Trignet преди 20 дни
rip netflix
Thelittlegiant преди 21 ден
Cuties has the same problem that last of us 2 it try’s to say one thing by showing the thing they are saying is bad
GDXdominator Geo
GDXdominator Geo преди 18 дни
I mean Last of Us 2 is fictional When it’s fictional and you’re not doing the thing you’re against, it can work. Spec Ops: The Line forces the player to make you commit violence in the game and then reveals that the violence was harmful and pointless, thus becoming impactful.
Fakhrul Rozi
Fakhrul Rozi преди 21 ден
3:25 thank you brown man
DraconicMusic 20
DraconicMusic 20 преди 23 дни
The biggest question I have about this movie is how these children even agreed to dance in suggestive ways in the movie in the first place.
Benaiah Dandel 8A
Benaiah Dandel 8A преди 23 дни
Muta webcam looking like a deepfried image
machine преди 25 дни
Make a tutorial on how to pirate movies!
Jajuan Taylor
Jajuan Taylor преди 26 дни
Are you ok?
Pine Tree
Pine Tree преди 26 дни
People: Why the hell did you buy the licensing to Uzaki-chan!?!?! Netflix: If you really think that's bad, I got something worse in store for ya
Dark Fox
Dark Fox преди 26 дни
what format is it? 21:9 or 18:9 or did i not guess it? im asking because it perfectly matches the theater view on youtube web
Horseman Dave
Horseman Dave преди месец
The moment when people think that making a new account makes you anonymous,lol.
12A преди месец
I honestly hate diesel patches ngl
Kudz преди месец
You guys are a joke. Making these dumbass gestures of deleting your Netflix accounts while still being a part of systems that exploit kids. Where are the resources to organizations that deal with this? Where is the outrage for child beauty pageants or those stupid dance shows that do this? Just fake moral outrage and empty gestures for some fake moral high ground and views to line your pockets.
Kudz преди 8 дни
@President Obama once again you missed the sarcasm.
President Obama
President Obama преди 8 дни
@Kudz it's pretty obvious my username is satire, not literal bruh
Kudz преди 8 дни
@President Obama always do Obama! Always do. Before you go can I get Malia's number by chance? Could I have your blessing to ask for her hand in marriage?
President Obama
President Obama преди 8 дни
@Kudz have fun in r/iamverysmart
Kudz преди 8 дни
@President Obama ...Are you a child? My response was quite clearly sarcasm. You must be new to sarcasm. I'm sorry for not spelling it out. Also in what reality would anyone ever believe that any president or former president would respond to comments on BGpost?
Garou преди месец
10/10, Would convert to Islam again
Donuttt преди месец
the movie woulda been a classic if they didn't mess it up it's like shooting people in school for anti-gun violence awareness- and making islam look bad part which is partly true but the way they executed it was wrong af
Oscar Gonzalez
Oscar Gonzalez преди месец
02:13 literally I die hahaha.
Joshua Townsend
Joshua Townsend преди месец
I've yet to see any defense for this movie that I agreed with or seemed to make sense (with a care for humanity).
Lord Zamasu
Lord Zamasu преди месец
Ah so the world is truly ending
Garth Alpha
Garth Alpha преди месец
Let Kazuma Kiryu handle netflix and it's staff's for keeping such vile movie that i dont even want to mention. It's still there Smh..
CorruptDoge преди месец
wtf is that resolution
shcrodinger's Lion
shcrodinger's Lion преди месец
All these people defending the movie say it's just right wingers who are against it, I can't wait until they find out that literally everyone hates them
shcrodinger's Lion
shcrodinger's Lion преди месец
Please just send us back to 2019 I swear I'll stop complaining about cats
googoogirl114 преди месец
Scruff Snugg
Scruff Snugg преди месец
It's like smoking a bunch of cigarettes just to say that smoking a bunch of cigarettes is bad
TestDriver преди месец
Looking for the olive oil, just doing some research.
Hafnium72 преди месец
Honestly I wouldn't cancel my netflix but it is absolute shit in most areas. I just keep it for furry animes.
Sheikh Suleiman
Sheikh Suleiman преди месец
Cancel rotten tomatoes too
King Noe
King Noe преди месец
Glad I never wasted time or money on netflix now. Can't believe they'd put this garbage on there! I feel the exact way u do about this movie. If they wanted to show the problem it would've probably been best as a documentary showing the people into this filth & crap. To me even filming these girls in this movie should be illegal for real. Like u said if not liking this puts us on the wrong side of history.. lol then I guess were wrong but seems like protecting kids is right and a good thing.
Common Sense American
Common Sense American преди месец
The Obama's financially support the Netflix programming. If they associate themselves with this movie and others, I have lost whatever little respect I had for them.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha преди месец
How do you think homosexuality was normalized.
Altaic преди 29 дни
Because those aren’t on the same level
shcrodinger's Lion
shcrodinger's Lion преди месец
Edgy homophobic remark, and a cringey username The ultimate pair
Billyboi преди месец
don't watch Cuties, watch Drunken Master instead, because Drunken Master is an actual good film.
owenlol2 преди месец
Okay, after listening to your take, the director may have known exactly what they were doing, and regardless if they personally like or don't like, they were showing art. They had their own interpretation of this and even though I have disdain any part of this that is sexual, i can see some vauge reasons for doing ut.
rin55 преди месец
I haven't watched the movie, only the trailer and a clip of the girls dancing in what I presume is a competition. I don't have Netflix. That scene with the sexualized to a crazy level dance. Not gonna lie, that was shocking and scary. So my opinion is one formed without seeing the actual film. But I don't think I would condemn the film as something that should not have happened. I mean, it's shocking, yes, but that's the whole point? You know like how children reflect society and the issues of their environment, this film as well seems to hold a mirror to society and how it is. I bet kids are twerking all over TikTok and I don't even have a TikTok. I don't even have to see it to know it's there. It's what they see all the popstars do, and everyone else on the internet, so of course, they are mimicking that. And all these beauty pageons for toddlers and ages above, and all the similar stuff. I bet many dance competitions are somewhat like the movie showed. And wasn't there a girl on youtube or other social media, really young, but dressed, behaved and looked like she was much older? And she made a social media career on that? And that's a massive issue. And if this film makes people more aware of all those things and themselves as a society, isn't this the point? And how children see this whole thing we have going on in society. A child takes in what the world around is like, and a lot of that is done through social media and visual content nowadays, and learns the laws of life from it. Then a kid thinks about it and concludes that this is the behavior that gets you places in life. Yes, sexualizing children is bad, yeah we all know it, but we also know that murdering people is bad, yet slasher films exist and continue to thrive. Why do we need them? Why do we look at gruesome murder happening? And some axe murderer/psychotic killer might be getting so much gratification watching some young woman getting sliced and diced on the movie screen. But like the point of horror movies is to explore social anxieties, fears and societies, and not get some creep hard, Cuties is kinda similar. All that said I have not seen it.
SilverDan10 преди месец
Hey guys, proper small BGpostr here . I made a video about the cuties controversy and would appreciate it if you could check it out!
Crimsonn преди месец
Bad Dream
Bad Dream преди месец
The only cuties I like are mini oranges
loliphile uwu
loliphile uwu преди месец
Cuties=Godlike movie cry more India pleb 🇮🇳😍😘💪
Midnight Rider
Midnight Rider преди месец
I'm 15 and this movie makes me feel so dirty..what the fuck is Netflix doing? These poor children, this is literal child pornography.
Pseudo Life
Pseudo Life преди месец
There's a difference between putting awareness and glorifies it. this movie obviously glorifies it. and they removed "a child voice" movie which actually brings awareness. Netflix defending pedophilia and tries it best to suppress anything against it. Please save your children from those sick corporates
Xanoft 1011
Xanoft 1011 преди месец
Murdering people is bad so let's make a Columbine movie.
Jaskinia Męstwa
Jaskinia Męstwa преди месец
Man, this movie IS disturbing if Muta forgets his outro line just by talking about it.
Jonathan Micele
Jonathan Micele преди месец
You don’t need Netflix just piracy
Jake77 преди месец
well, then have fun watching nothing on amazon prime :)
Bradley Pearl
Bradley Pearl преди месец
Let me guess. You like this film.
Tenderonies преди месец
Cuties is a out of nowhere instant classic.
Bradley Pearl
Bradley Pearl преди месец
I hope that you're joking.
Mileidy Class
Mileidy Class преди месец
Muta, have you ever heard of MrGirl? He did a review on this movie where he called the girls "hot".
RYLE SALUNGA преди месец
*t h a n k y o u b r o w n m a n*
Zachery Santa
Zachery Santa преди месец
Way ahead of you guys, I cancelled my netflix 2 years ago!
ViperSlide преди месец
really makes you wonder what kind of people disliked this video
Leonardo преди месец
Omar Gharaybeh
Omar Gharaybeh преди месец
Doing a drug awareness post by giving drugs
Lophidie преди месец
why cancel perfectly good shows like i am not okay with this, the hollow, and the society but allow cuties to exist in the "top #10???"
QJ89 преди месец
You cancelling Netflix over 'Altered Carbon' is no less a flimsy excuse than 'Mignonnes' / 'Cuties.'
Memo TheRat
Memo TheRat преди месец
okay but seriously where are these kids parents who the hell let their child be in this film
DunklerJägerZach преди месец
Oof. Good job subverting ideology, western countries. Good job, corporates. Heh, so this is it huh ? This is the end..
Anacott Steel
Anacott Steel преди месец
French people are a different breed
Mr. Grant
Mr. Grant преди месец
fallen since the days of Napoleon
Sprout преди месец
I am a muslim. and i am 100% certain that everyone who liked that movie or was involved in it is going to the boiler room of hell
Eternal Grey
Eternal Grey преди месец
A Guy walks into Netflix's Office and says: "Guys lets make a hyer-sexualized movie about teen girls and the message is not to hyer-sexualize teen girls" Netflix: Get this man a script
oggimeister15 преди месец
It's like advocating against gun violence while simultaneously promoting your new movie, Bullet to the Head
Brandon BAUCE
Brandon BAUCE преди месец
Sus that this guy may have see through vision , he may be Superman because he’s trying to save the world from the evil cuties
Ehrhardt_ 19
Ehrhardt_ 19 преди месец
Guys trust me killing is bad but let me at the same time murder half the population, surely you'll get the memo then right? (Dear god Netflix, what have you done)
Simmly преди месец
Awe man... Altered Carbon... This is sad news :( My husband and I loved that show. He is going to be heartbroken
Daniel Kennard
Daniel Kennard преди месец
I can't believe they tried that politicaI stunt. Intolerance is looking better and better. I think deep down, we know they're trying to normalize pedophilia.
Yup Tup
Yup Tup преди месец
10:30 just like what happened with gays
Kefka Palazzo
Kefka Palazzo преди месец
Cuties getting so much praise from the industry kinda feels like they're not even trying to hide the fact that they're all pedos at this point.
Pillow Man
Pillow Man преди месец
Cuties is the kind of movie Discord admins/moderators would fap to
Devix преди месец
That Hollyweird is overrun by paedos has been called a "right wing" "conspiracy" for a while now, even though it's been an open secret for a long time. Mind you. They only call things "right wing" that they want to bury.
magic unboxing
magic unboxing преди месец
tbh cuties would have been better if the actors were adults and not minors. i even told my mom about how disgusting the movie is.
Noegard преди месец
This movie makes men feel sexually atracted to minors, which i am pretty sure was not the goal of it, so yeah, fail
Seven Lexar
Seven Lexar преди месец
If you need to sexualize children in order to explain that sexualizing children is bad, you're doing something wrong. This movie is like getting somebody addicted to drugs in order to explain why drugs are bad. Just fucking stupid.
Matthew Gulbranson
Matthew Gulbranson преди месец
Low key promoting the program eh f.ckface? What is this your 3rd video on it? I see what you did there
Bradley Pearl
Bradley Pearl преди месец
Bruh, he's not promoting this movie. He's against it.
entity. преди месец
is it just me or is the aspect ratio of this video extra thicc
こんす преди месец
There are some videos that disliking it will tell a lot about a person
SkYRIMdstryer19 the Warlord
SkYRIMdstryer19 the Warlord преди месец
I feel like Netflix is trying to, "connect with younger generations", if they want to try and connect to me, i want something that will scare the shit out of me
Lara Shafiq
Lara Shafiq преди месец
Cuties is already scary
funloveish преди месец
Netflix is trash
RYLE SALUNGA преди месец
lol funny thing, I only watch jojo
Vits Vicente Torres
Vits Vicente Torres преди месец
In _MIGNONNES_ (CUTIES), an 11-year-old girl named Amy lives in a conservative home and she notices how her popular classmates wear sexy outfits. She befriends them and joins their dance crew. Yes, it's a concept we've seen before, but the execution is compelling and it puts a new spin on its tropes. Is it true that the actresses are over-sexualized which contradicts the message? Well, sort of. It's not about the content _per se_ but the presentation. A couple of times, when the title characters dance, the camera moves up and down (like we, the audience, are supposed to admire their bodies from head to toe). Yes, it made me feel uncomfortable, but not in the way I think it was intended. This actually would've worked better with a different approach, because the girls record some of their practice sessions with their phones. If they had sat down to watch their own videos and the footage was presented to us exactly the same as it is now, it would've been a valid in-universe reason. It would've meant that whoever was holding the phone was trying to make her friends look hot. Luckily, in most scenes, the shot composition is more "matter of fact," making the distinction between fiction and reality more clear. At times, there are point-of-view shots with not that much editing, which makes sense since the protagonist appears in every minute and the entire plot consists of her reactions to each event. A good chunk of the running time consists of these little ladies playing games, pulling pranks and even acting goofily for no reason. It shows that they should stop fighting against their innocence, because it's always present. I laughed my ass off at their factually wrong conversations about sex, which highlight how far from adulthood they truly are. I'm sure this all sounds like a predictable story, but there are a lot of surprises. *Spoilers ahead!* For instance, we all expect the friends to make Amy do more and more extreme things until she reaches rock bottom, right? Well, without anyone telling her, Amy decides to take nude photos of herself and publish them online. Her (slutty) friends act like even that's too far for them and they kick her out of the crew. We all expect Mariam (Amy's mother) to be a Muslim extremist who gets angry at Amy for everything that seems improper, even before finding out about her new hobby, right? She's actually very patient. Amy stabs a pencil in a boy's hand (after he touched her ass) and it's the only time Mariam yells at her and slaps her. Granted, it could've occurred before, because we're never shown what happens after Amy throws a phone out the window, or after Amy lets her little brother Ismaël out of her sight, resulting in their apartment getting flooded. I'm sure that reading a list of Amy's bad deeds might make you think she's a villain who doesn't deserve happiness. No, aside from another girl almost drowning after being pushed by Amy into a lake (my jaw was on the floor!), she does what lost children do when they act out. That's why, at the end, Mariam steps outside allowing Amy to decide if she wants to join her at a ceremony. She doesn't even say "Change from your dance uniform into that traditional dress!" Letting her daughter do whatever she wants in general isn't the answer (honestly, she had already been doing that), but Mariam is giving her a choice in this particular situation. Amy never wanted to have sex or anything like that; she wanted to be noticed and treated like a person. Mariam sees that she still needs to grow up, but her levels of intelligence and maturity are still high enough to know certain things. While Amy's not an adult, she's also not a baby. This is when the main theme is revealed: Just because you're only given 2 paths to choose from, it doesn't mean you can't create a 3rd one. Amy leaves both her uniform and her dress on her bed. She puts on normal clothes that she's comfortable with. And instead of keep tying her hair up or keep straightening it, she lets her lovely curls loose. She goes outside to play with the neighborhood kids. Not every loose end is tied, but that's OK. The movie isn't saying that she has become a better person, but rather than she has realized who she is (flaws and all). Will she suffer the consequences of her actions off-screen after the end credits have rolled? Definitely, but we don't need to see that, since this journey has been completed. Now, going back to the idea of finding a middle ground... Usually, Islam is either condemned or glorified by the media. This film is surprisingly somewhere in between. Yes, there's the critique of how women are treated and how girls are considered "marriage material" the moment they get their period. No wonder Amy is so confused: Everywhere she turns, someone is telling her to be a sex object (in different ways). Anyway, other aspects are portrayed positively. For example, Mariam calls a priest to make sure that Amy's behavior isn't caused by a spiritual possession. Obviously, this guy will be even more of a traditionalist than everyone else, right? No, he tells Mariam "I know that your husband has chosen a second wife and I can see that you're in pain. Just so you know, you can end your marriage if you want." Seriously?! He's religious enough to approve of polygamy but not enough to view the female gender as inferior?! Who would've guessed that?! 8/10
hiimstatic преди месец
fighting fire with fire only creates more fire
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