Yandere Sim Will Never Be Finished...

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This game started off as imageboard scribblings several years ago, in that time frame massive events have happened and I've went through life events of my own, in that time frame I can say that it seems not much has happened in regards to this popular indie game. Thanks for watching!
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SomeOrdinaryGamers преди 3 месеца
Please consider this video more of me also scratching the surface on this myself. I am currently playing this game and have been doing so for the past five hours. I will make a more in-depth video when I can assemble all the history behind this game. Their is so, so, so much. In the meantime please watch these amazing videos by some awesome content creators. KappaKaiju's Video: bgpost.info/post/rZVoq2Okap-C1YU/video The Right Opinion: bgpost.info/post/1pKPxmySgn6Xl2A/video
john smith
john smith преди месец
Yanderedev has actually made a fully "functional" demo (with Osana) I think it's pretty lackluster but you can check it out if you want.
CreakyCoronet 8
CreakyCoronet 8 преди месец
bois, we lost bgpost.info/post/ucSixaGnZZp83nE/video
Banana the kitten
Banana the kitten преди 2 месеца
T h e i r, oh no
SaturneKx преди 2 месеца
You did not just make a spelling error with a non-basic "there" wtf yo
Maxo. преди 2 месеца
Kritzerous преди 4 часа
Yandere dev's face will never be finished just LIKE HIS GAME
AJ420 преди ден
Yandere Devs coding is like he took the first couple days of an intro to computer science and dropped out...
soviet ducc
soviet ducc преди ден
Things that don't exsist: Bigfoot Fairys Flying cars Yandere simulator being finished properly
Cutiewintersnow Torres
Cutiewintersnow Torres преди 2 дни
Hey he did something bgpost.info/post/19WYrnXEipJenps/video
Papi Nuut
Papi Nuut преди 2 дни
I was like... 10 when i started fan girling for yandere sim, i am tunring 16 in april and it’s not even half done! 😅
Ben Medrano
Ben Medrano преди 3 дни
I really hope yanderedev gets his shit together
1MegaCrafter1 преди 3 дни
whitout a players your game is nothing then a programm that is made for entertain purposes. whitout players playing your game you make no income, your unknown and people see that and wonder why nobody plays your game. when they find out why they likely not gonna play your ohter games too until they convinced that these games are played and good.
Doodles 234
Doodles 234 преди 5 дни
its gotten worse
witherXD преди 5 дни
Another woe is me drama... great.....
I LIke Tater Tots
I LIke Tater Tots преди 5 дни
The code looks like something I made in 8th grade
ꨄ Warmy ꨄ Flame ꨄ
ꨄ Warmy ꨄ Flame ꨄ преди 6 дни
I have a confession to make... I actually liked this game and it inspired me. I used to be obsessed. But I haven’t played it in a year or two and now I really don’t care.
Artistically преди 6 дни
Kubz Scouts: Am I a joke to you?
Lucas __
Lucas __ преди 7 дни
R.I.P Lovesick/Love letter. You were almost our savior.
Crusader, Joe
Crusader, Joe преди 7 дни
Wanna Be Friends?
Vin Cesar B. Pelayo 8-F
Vin Cesar B. Pelayo 8-F преди 7 дни
love yandere love it
Aleksi Eetu johannes Anttila
Aleksi Eetu johannes Anttila преди 7 дни
I tried yandere with Gtx 770 I5 750 And i cant remember motherboard 8gigs of ram 450wats And it runned 40fps sooooo i thinks its bug
loanstar loanstar
loanstar loanstar преди 7 дни
It will be
ñ ñ
ñ ñ преди 7 дни
Not any time soon
Hisako DarkFire
Hisako DarkFire преди 7 дни
if else if else if else
Hisako DarkFire
Hisako DarkFire преди 7 дни
i typed that befor u said it omg x'D and yes it really is that bad xDDDD
CrispDaddy преди 7 дни
Yandere dev sounds like a salty ass lmao
FBI open up!
FBI open up! преди 8 дни
Between, if you wanna know, yanderedev posted a video in the channel, and the dev explains all what you want to know, I mean the most popular questions.
charlie scott
charlie scott преди 8 дни
I don't believe you
ñ ñ
ñ ñ преди 7 дни
but why
Flandre Scarlet
Flandre Scarlet преди 8 дни
He even has the audacity to stick me in his game as a secret character, than finish the darn game itself.
etherraichu преди 8 дни
Well this video aged poorly. A lot of people are salty becaues YandereDev released the Osana demo and has been updating the game literally every day since then. They wanted him to fail so badly, but he didn't.
ñ ñ
ñ ñ преди 6 дни
@Gopher exactly
ñ ñ
ñ ñ преди 7 дни
Has it? Much of it still applies. Still spaghetti code Still completely unoriginal Alex is still a dick It still has a very long way to go before its done
Cheeki Breeki
Cheeki Breeki преди 9 дни
"Waah, people harass me online!" Get off social media, and go outside once in a while. There, problem solved.
Actual clan
Actual clan преди 9 дни
13:15 to 13:23 is golden
Cosette Menard
Cosette Menard преди 9 дни
Just to clear up, due to this video being older, Love Sick still isn't in the right. Both Yandere Dev and Dr. Apeis are both sick people. A good video on it: bgpost.info/post/2bFupaG8aG6jyp8/video bgpost.info/post/2KZixXybr6ir1ps/video
fusion_gemer преди 9 дни
Not just not using switches, has he ever heard of arrays?
ROARtheRAPPER преди 10 дни
People don't understand that work = money, not because-I-want-it-and-think-I-deserve-it = money. 9_9
jokerhalo1 преди 10 дни
Just remember in about the same time Yandere simulator started development. All of the FNAF series started, ended, and started up again
jokerhalo1 преди 6 дни
@etherraichu I mean execpt the most recent games have not been mostly still images but ok...
etherraichu преди 8 дни
FNAF is an extremely simple game to make. Im very familiar with its engine. Wanna see what I mean? Open a FNAF game, hold control and press P. Yeah, you've always been able to do that. Anyway, I'm not saying that FNAF is bad or anythng, its not. Its just an extremely easy engine to make a game like that on, and its mostly still images.
Badwifi преди 11 дни
He's too busy modelling his anime avatar
zone the apple
zone the apple преди 12 дни
Now is a demo game
Black Dog
Black Dog преди 12 дни
I can't believe this dude still has people who buy into his bullshit and defend him.
The Mrh1920 Experience
The Mrh1920 Experience преди 12 дни
I like how this game started development when I was in like 4th grade, and now I'm in highschool. Lol
Mayo Muse
Mayo Muse преди 13 дни
I tried to play the game a couple years ago, back in like 2016-2017 on an acer laptop and the game wouldn't even open
w.d weed gaster
w.d weed gaster преди 13 дни
The trash things that yandere dev did is unspeakble
KeylessTax преди 14 дни
It's like a Bethesda game. It was released completely unfinished and it's getting updates for all eternity. The only difference is in Yandere Sim you don't have to pay $500 for each small update
Christian Kirbo
Christian Kirbo преди 14 дни
he used to rule the cum chalice
outcast loser
outcast loser преди 14 дни
It takes time to make a game do people know that
outcast loser
outcast loser преди 2 дни
@macho minju ok I give up
macho minju
macho minju преди 2 дни
@outcast loser i cant but other programmers have and theyve done it in the span of 2 weeks lmfao
outcast loser
outcast loser преди 2 дни
@macho minju fine how about you try to make a game
macho minju
macho minju преди 2 дни
@outcast loser what exactly is there to get. he managed to start a demo with beginner progamming skills great but its been 6 years. im sure a teenager with a nack for coding could at least start the game already
outcast loser
outcast loser преди 2 дни
You just don't get it do you\ the. Demo out
Noobis преди 15 дни
But here's the thing, the dev is also mean to his fanbase and people who want to work on the game with him. He has rejected one artist, which is completely fine, but creates a statement on how their craft is something that shouldn't be touched with the game. Pretty much a rude and immature comment
Elfman Gomez
Elfman Gomez преди 15 дни
Why Yandere is Trash While there is a way to win the game as of August 31, 2020, there is no way to complete the full storyline. This is because only one of the rivals has been implemented after six years and the game ends after she is eliminated. Worth noting that the rivals are just the base model for female students with wackier hairstyles. As of the May 6th, 2020 build, there is an alternate "genocide" ending. However, it can barely be considered rewarding or an actual ending at all as it makes the game incredibly short. All you have to do is kill everyone in the school (without using cheats) and beat the game on the first day. It also doesn't feel satisfying to kill Osana as she doesn't really do anything wrong to deserve it other than liking senpai. Compare this to Hitman where you kill people who have committed terrible crimes that upon killing, felt satisfying as it feels like you just made the world a better place by doing so (and is actually fun). The game was originally programmed in JavaScript. This caused numerous amounts of bugs and glitches, as well as extremely low framerates. Now mostly fixed as of July 2017 - the code has been ported to C# and Unity 4 was updated to Unity 5, which is far cleaner and neater (though he didn't do it). However, the bugs and glitches remain mostly because of BQ #7. In general, the game doesn't know what it wants to be; sometimes a sandbox game and sometimes an actual stealth game. Not helping is BQ #8. Contrary to the typical stealth game with big areas to explore or locations built around one objective, the entire storyline of Yandere Simulator takes place in the school area, with the player's home acting as a sort of hub and the road to the school as a pointless bicycle minigame. As of October 2019, there is a street that the player can go to, but it only contains shops and NPCs. Combat only exists in the form of a quick time event and only against the delinquents or when defending against an apprehension from students and teachers. The game lets you do tasks like wiping off the blood with a mop which can be considered mundane, especially in the context of a stealth game. Instead of fleshed out linear paths for the player to take, there are half-baked elimination methods. Since they are all meant to be equally difficult there is no real benefit of choosing one over the other. The steps required for a successful elimination are convoluted and/or extremely specific. Without looking up the YandereDev BGpost channel or the game's fan wiki, it's hard to guess the required steps. One way to obtain such information in-game is by getting the instructions from Info-chan but it requires you to pay with panty shots. You also don't have the freedom to play how you want as you HAVE to use the elimination methods to kill the rivals. As evident by BQ #8. The game attempts to combine the stealth of the Hitman series and social mechanics of the Persona series, which doesn't work since one contradicts the other. Hitman is a stealth series that barely has a story and is primarily focused on gameplay and killing people who have done atrocious things. The Persona series, on the other hand, is a turn-base RPG mixed with social mechanics where you can hang out with characters in the story and expand more on their personality, play minigames, get a part-time job, ect. Ayano Aishi, the main character of the game, doesn't follow the definition of a "yandere". A "yandere" is someone who appears sweet and caring on the outside yet cruel and menacing to whoever poses a threat to her and her love interest. Her official backstory states that she is empty, emotionless and did not appear to show compassion for others, which makes her closer to that of a "kuudere". Yandere Simulator suffers from extremely poor optimization. This is due to the game's coding and assets with unnecessary amount of polygons, which is riddled with beginner mistakes such as overuse of else ifs and using way too many code lines in Update, which is a method that updates every frame. This leads the FPS to drop from 60 to 20 just by turning on the shadows. It doesn't help that Yandev believes there is nothing wrong with it calling everyone who report this problem, "children with a cheap laptop". In fact, the game uses over 3 GB of VRAM with minimum details. The game's optimization is so bad that it make GTA IV's optimization look like GTA V's optimization Many things that could be considered rewarding because you did something smart keeps getting removed because Yandev sees it as an exploit. For example, BGpostr, Razzbowski, came up with the idea to kill Osana by filling a pan with gasoline and put it above a doorway to drop on Osana and then put a candle in front of her, which sets her on fire and kills her. Yandev saw this and "fixed" it by having Osana smell gasoline and then open the door without going through, which ruins a part of the gameplay and doesn't make any sense. Since 2019, Yandere Simulator qualifies as being in Development Hell. The game has been in development since 2014, and even was initially slated to be released in 2019, but this was later changed to be "when it's ready". One of the reasons for the game being in Development Hell is arguably its scale; with the scale increased on a constant basis, work on the game's first rival was halted. Yandev intends on collecting the sufficient funds for the game only after Osana is completed. Without the money to hire professionals that create assets for the game, he currently has to rely on his volunteers. A demo build was released on August 31, 2020 with Osana implemented, but the full game has not been completed yet. In an interesting turn of event, after Yandev's asset got leaked in late June 2020, an indie programmer name DrApeis has created Love Letter, a "recreated" version of Yandere Simulator which solved the aforementioned game's optimization problem and glitches in only 2 weeks. Yandere Simulator suffers from feature creep with each build, making the game unstable, as there's lots of content that doesn't ultimately affect the game. A good example is the easter egg game Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki, which despite being an easter egg has its own plot and character arcs. The overall fact that players must kill students at a school comes off as rather tasteless and taboo. Also, considering them being underage doesn't help it either. This is also one of the reasons why this game was banned on Twitch. Lots of inaccuracies. For instance, as of an August 2019 update, a new currency feature was added, but for some reason it uses US dollars despite the game taking place in Japan, which uses yen. Some of the names of characters are inaccurate and at times bad like the Nurse, Nasu Kankoshi, which is spelled wrong (it should be spelled, Nāsu Kangoshi as Nasu means eggplant in Japanese) or Yui Rio, which are two first names and are the two most popular names for female babies in Japan. The school uniforms are wrong as most are wearing middle school uniforms not high school uniforms. While this could be a technical limitation, it could just as easily be laziness. It's also weird how this game really wants be primarily Japanese and focus on things relating to Japanese culture, customs, and ways of life, despite coming from a developer who isn't Japanese and doesn't seem to understand Japanese culture outside of anime. The game is an asset flip. All character models are modified versions of existing models from the Unity Store. A notable example is the Ayano's model, which is actually a recolored version of the Aoi Character Pack found in the Unity Store[1]. YandereDev stole the grass textures and the protagonist's room from a person named Doug Clayton. According to Clayton, who asked him to remove it from the game in vain, he "did a poor job at removing the watermark". Eventually, it was removed from the game. From older builds of the game, the school models are used from the anime K-On! and Persona 4. In one alpha build, the game stole the OST, A Stranger I Remain from the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance soundtrack. However, it was removed due to copyright issues. Most of these stolen assets were mismatched together without proper optimization, as evidenced by the fact that the largest asset file in the game is a model file for a toothbrush, bucket, knife and even poster. The "panty shot" mechanic is quite tasteless. Until mid-2019, it was the only way to get Info-chan to give you a favor. Now averted with information bugs, which are more valuable. Some of the rivals are very questionable. Mida Rana is a substitute teacher whose hobby is seducing schoolboys. This is creepy and disgusting for a rival, as teachers would never seduce their students in real life as it could get them fired or arrested for pedophilia. Not to mention, her official artwork is heavily oversexualized. Muja Kina, the substitute nurse is also an adult rival in love with a student. Again, school staff members are not allowed to be in love with students. If she were to do that in real life, she would get fired/arrested for pedophilia. Hanako Yamada is Senpai's younger sister. This is basically incest. When hackers got into YandereDev's accounts, they found out that there is a menu for nudity. Nude textures were discovered by dataminers. They didn't contain any explicit features and they were corrupted, but they existed in the game.
extreme lightning
extreme lightning преди 16 дни
scott cawthon is good
Pamu owo ッ
Pamu owo ッ преди 17 дни
!FOR ALL YANDERE DEV HATERS! Yandere Dev works very hard to make YS, and most of the game assets and other stuff are being made by volunteers, so that's really why it took 6 years. How the fuck do you expect a small group of people to make a complete game just in 6 years? Its takes a lot of time and effort to make and just because he isn't working on YS doesn't means he's bad, he's human just like everybody. He has problems and stuff that obviously prevent him from working on the game. It's so stupid like expecting some to become rich in less than a day or something like that. At least he does something not like y'all haters who do nothing other than just hate and look out for drama. Also people wouldn't like to see an old picture of them on the internet so that fucking chalice meme better stop. He can be driven to suicide or something, and the game could also be cancelled so y'all better fucking stop with your shitty expectations.
ñ ñ
ñ ñ преди 7 дни
1. If most of the assets were made by volunteers, not just Yan Dev, that would actually make it go faster. 2. Many indie games have come out in the time period it has taken for yan sim to reach the first demo. 3. We all need a break from time to time, but he is a terrible person. He literally said "Only about 10% of my fans meet my standards" in a video where he is complaining that he doesn't get enough professional quality volunteer work (this video has since been removed because of the backlash) 4. He stokes the hate. He literally deletes any criticism or jokes at his expense on his videos. It's the Streisand effect. He tries to censor any criticism towards him, so he gets way more as a result. 5. The chalice meme is funny because he hates it. If he just let the meme stay up and ignored it for like a week, the meme would stop altogether, I guarantee it. 6. He won't be driven to suicide as long as fans like you kiss his ass for the rest of time and perpetually give him money. Besides, he makes a shit ton of money a month from BGpost and Patreon. If he was really depressed, he could hire a therapist for cheap. 7. The game most likely will be cancelled, restarted, or greatly scaled back because he is way too ambitious on this project and refuses to get any help coding.
Momma Steven
Momma Steven преди 17 дни
YandereDev: Does nothing in 7 years. Scott Cawthon: Makes 4 games and gets one of his characters getting talk of for Super Smash Bros (which is big for a small developer) in 7 years. Also, fun fact: Steven Universe started, ended, got a fucking movie and got a Naruto Shippuden style reboot in that time.
Michael Terry
Michael Terry преди 18 дни
Dude tell me you e played manhunt and manhunt 2 with game shark to uncensor it?
Shade преди 20 дни
Here's a coding joke: !false It's funny cuz it's true!
Shade преди 20 дни
Nor will Minecraft be
Roy The Idiot
Roy The Idiot преди 18 дни
Shade Fazbear Minecraft has been finished for years, it’s just getting updated, for more content, for the Minecraft community.
OG Nitro
OG Nitro преди 22 дни
I’m pretty sure a 16 year old with a nack for coding can code better.
baguette man
baguette man преди 23 дни
The problem is that yandere dev is an asshole irl
Noah Standish
Noah Standish преди 25 дни
Um I got 247 frames on an overclocked r5 3600 with 16 gb ram and a rtx2070, idk what you did? But there seems to be tearing issues.
Noah Standish
Noah Standish преди 22 дни
@Turtle Not sure but it had some ghosting, and tearing
Turtle преди 22 дни
I think you played the demo, which is actually kinda improved a lot I guess
Neelabhro Ghosh
Neelabhro Ghosh преди 25 дни
idk if the dev did this not, he should do occullsion culling to give serious performance boost, and its pretty ez to do in Unity
Daddy's Wermez
Daddy's Wermez преди 26 дни
Bruh mines so slow on my good computer. THE BEST WAS 5 FPS LIKE BRUH
macho minju
macho minju преди 2 дни
i was playing on my pc and it usually averages up to like at least 100 fps but the demo was playing at most like 40 fps lmfaoo
C.I.A преди 27 дни
Uhhhh did you forget dani? He's way more popular than yanderare sim, he currently working on karolson
ñ ñ
ñ ñ преди 7 дни
Agsma, Just Agsma
Agsma, Just Agsma преди месец
And now DrApeis, the Love Sick/Love Letter dev, cancelled the game because the guy's a degenerate pos and uses the same type of excuses as YanDev's (stress, toxic fanbase, harrassment etc). This is the trainwreck that keeps on giving.
Turtle преди 22 дни
Atleast he's good at coding. I don't think he used it as a excuse
wajmgirl преди 29 дни
At least they’re like a legit young person and not a 32 year old.
Ryder преди месец
Yandere Sim: Exists Kubz Scouts: Allow me to introduce myself
Faye Yap
Faye Yap преди месец
If it’s not completed, then how Do other people play it?
ColdlifeOracle преди месец
Because it's in what is known as an "Open Beta/Alpha", in which people can play the unfinished builds of the game to test it for bugs. Simple as that.
cherryblossomfanatic преди месец
I’ve never gotten over 15 FPS... LMAO
Reyiz-i neckbeard
Reyiz-i neckbeard преди месец
My friends used to talk about this game back in we were in 6th grade. Now I'm studying for university
Fredashay Klavierstein
Fredashay Klavierstein преди месец
Yandere Dev is an amateur coder like me. I write Spigot plugins for Minecraft in Java. I do it because (1) I'm a Minecraft junkie, and (2) I like modding my own server. I've never asked for money for my plugins. People complain about my code, too, for being sloppy and full of if-then statements. I find if-then easier to follow and understand than switch. I find while-do easier to follow and understand than a cryptic for statement. The generated bytecode is optimized by the IDE, so the performance difference is negligible. If the coding style of the underlying source is important to you and you don't like my coding style, don't use my plugins. Simple as that!
Nolan Lemmon
Nolan Lemmon преди месец
When this game started development I was eating my own toes. I am now a writer. How time flies, amirite fellas?
NaranciaCantDoMath преди месец
Short answer: Yandere dev is trying, but also did some bad stuff.
NaranciaCantDoMath преди 22 дни
@MegaBlair007 yea
MegaBlair007 преди 22 дни
BARELY trying. That's more accurate
Mr. Moth
Mr. Moth преди месец
Trying to get our money yes.
MSSGNO преди месец
is the cum chalice guy
DJ Fleischman
DJ Fleischman преди месец
Winged_Hunter256 преди месец
Models, textures, animations, shit like that is easy to swap out Swapping out chunks of programming? Hahaha
simon simon
simon simon преди месец
Yandere simulator. Game that got wasted by a clown.
vincent the boss not really
vincent the boss not really преди месец
1 months later
simon simon
simon simon преди месец
Bet he won't finish it by 2030
Random Things
Random Things преди месец
else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if if false == false then return false; end
OHNOSHE DIDNT преди месец
This games development started when I was in elementary school, I'm now in high school and the official demo JUST GOT MADE! I'm gonna be 40 by the time all the rivals are in...
Masa's Pointlessness.
Masa's Pointlessness. преди месец
YanDev: Stop working better than me! OtherDev: Welcome to captialism bitch
SCP-049 преди месец
Gonna tell my kids that this was the guy from Ratatouille
J.D. Grimm
J.D. Grimm преди месец
Who’s taking longer, George R. R. Martin or Yandere Sim developer? 😂
JaggaTheBops преди месец
Question: Is Grand Theft Auto V a finished game?
Janette Armstrong
Janette Armstrong преди месец
If red dead redemption 2 was made like yaundere simulator then it would take 107 years to be finnished
Dannation Plays
Dannation Plays преди месец
It's September and the Yandere Sim Demo is out.
person person
person person преди месец
Better late than never i supose
Maxtin Invader
Maxtin Invader преди месец
Yeah, after 6 years of "work"
Martin Rivera
Martin Rivera преди месец
It's like if Jesse Cliffe tried to make Counter-Strike without Gooseman lmao
TuxedoBurrito преди месец
He needs to just finish it already Then do updates to fix stuff
fortnitewinner 45
fortnitewinner 45 преди месец
Haha wrong sadly
ñ ñ
ñ ñ преди 7 дни
@fortnitewinner 45 "amazing graphics" it looks like an upscaled xbox 360 game.
Roy The Idiot
Roy The Idiot преди 18 дни
fortnitewinner 45 Because they’re all stolen assets
fortnitewinner 45
fortnitewinner 45 преди 29 дни
@wajmgirl no he finished the beta and the graphics are amazing
wajmgirl преди 29 дни
fortnitewinner 45 you’re joking right?
person person
person person преди месец
Typical_ Nick!
Typical_ Nick! преди месец
I was in fourth grade when he started. Now I’m a sophomore in high school-
Maxtin Invader
Maxtin Invader преди месец
Same with me
Boba Ouma
Boba Ouma преди месец
Clapped Days
Clapped Days преди месец
It’s his fault kinda a cause he updates the game every month it costs him money for little things he does in the game but what do I know
•Im Dead•
•Im Dead• преди месец
Yandere Sim is in demo so its still in progress but just wait for atleast like 4 or 5 months
Maxtin Invader
Maxtin Invader преди месец
@•Im Dead• still, 6 years in the making
•Im Dead•
•Im Dead• преди месец
@UniqueHazard he's just adding more build to be put in the demo
•Im Dead•
•Im Dead• преди месец
@Maxtin Invader that just a testing build
UniqueHazard преди месец
More like another 6 years
Maxtin Invader
Maxtin Invader преди месец
Its been in a demo for 6 years.
Random Internet User
Random Internet User преди месец
Yanderedev finally added Osana! Time to wait another 6 years for the other rivals!
Aron108 преди месец
You definitely got the wrong impression of YandereDev. I cannot wait for part 2.
wajmgirl преди 29 дни
Yeah, he was way too nice to that shitlord
Maxtin Invader
Maxtin Invader преди месец
Are you serious?
Galacticone преди месец
Muta I would pay you to make programming tutorials. I only know how to work with if statements and the only programming etiquette I know is to end off my loops, I feel like I could learn a whole lot from you.
ThatGuyInYourShed преди месец
MUTA The game executes 2000 lines each frame Thank god your neighbourhood isn’t Hiroshima after your pc ran that
Loner_Landd TM
Loner_Landd TM преди месец
my friend tried to work on the game and they have a sign up process like he won't accept you unless you take pictures of your license and everything like bruh that's weird ill ask him for the dev files and we can get to the debug menu
Cool boy 2x
Cool boy 2x преди месец
Change your damn settings then put it at low if so slowwwwwwwwwwwwww
CheeseMcCheese преди месец
The reason the game is slow is because yandere dev is a shit programmer and writes 100s of lines of code which could be reduced into 10.
PokeMario2401 преди месец
@Cool boy 2x this was made before the settings were even in the game
Cool boy 2x
Cool boy 2x преди месец
go in your settings when you look at the map and change your settings in your phone in the game
Cool boy 2x
Cool boy 2x преди месец
There’s a demo ok it’s almost finished
Maxtin Invader
Maxtin Invader преди месец
The demo took six fucking years to finish
Brittney Kirland
Brittney Kirland преди месец
Osanas our u can stop hating
wajmgirl преди 29 дни
thePRUH!!!! преди месец
is the game outside demo out yet? i feel like someone could speedrun life faster than YanDev's scheduling to release the game
Maxtin Invader
Maxtin Invader преди месец
@Brittney Kirland I know
Brittney Kirland
Brittney Kirland преди месец
Maxtin Invader yeah she’s in the game
Maxtin Invader
Maxtin Invader преди месец
Medic Olkie
Medic Olkie преди месец
Plot twist: the actual game is fully finished and he's secretly been trolling us for 6 years
Pierogi behind the slaughter UwU
Pierogi behind the slaughter UwU преди месец
*I thaink most of us hate the developer but love the game*
Pierogi behind the slaughter UwU
Pierogi behind the slaughter UwU преди 6 дни
@Gopher like . The concept and the character designs
Foxufrazbear723 преди месец
Well it's finished now so get this of my fyp
mr. YouTube
mr. YouTube преди месец
It's isn't finish the first DEMO is finished
chipscope128k преди месец
And here we are now with the demo.
Ms. Twisted
Ms. Twisted преди месец
"yandere sim will never be finished" me with the demo that came out: 👁👄👁
Random Internet User
Random Internet User преди месец
@Ms. Twisted chances are, It's gonna took a another decade to finish it. Because A. He says that he will use new models, But because he already animate a fuckton using the original models, It will maybe add an extra 1 or 2 years to the game development to replace those animations B. If what he says true about how quickly he can make a new rival, Let's say, a single rival took 3 months (which is very optimistic), considering there's 8 rivals left, We will need around another 2 years before the game is released C. He will most likely get distracted by Easter eggs (He himself have said that he spend 8% of development time on Osana, so he mostly spends his time coding "cool" features and Easter eggs that adds basically nothing). And that's if it goes 100% smoothly with no drama and volunteer's union. So most of you will probably be already lose interest on the game when it's finally released
Ms. Twisted
Ms. Twisted преди месец
@E yeah i know
Josh Wells
Josh Wells преди месец
I mean, people decompiled Mario 64, optimized pieces of its code to make it run natively on anything from a 3DS to a doody laptop from 2008, before this guy was capable of doing anything with his game. Making games is a tough task to accomplish, but we’ll see “new” demo build releases on Windows 2025 edition before we ever see a full release.
Flare XZ
Flare XZ преди месец
Weird thing is Yandere Simulator has started on 2014 but was never finished at all. Scott Cawthon released FNAF 1-2 on the same year. At this point if Cawthon kept the pace, we would have FNAF 32 while Yandere Simulator would be completed in 3014.
Алексей Прасол
Алексей Прасол преди месец
settings are in the phone
MeowCat Tablet
MeowCat Tablet преди месец
Your Mom Is In The Phone
Jeff Lowe
Jeff Lowe преди месец
Anyone here when Osana is released?
Mr.Smiles преди месец
I have to agree with you on this video. He’s worked on it for a minute and doesn’t have options or an attempt at anything. Bruh papa, what are you saying right there? Edit: What do you mean harassment isn’t okay? He’s basically stolen money, his future does deserve to be in this state he is. You said it yourself it’s a huge financial gain and he has a community. He’s waited a long time...shut up Muddah he was lazy! You get that yet you say it because it’s community guidelines. You’re just stating things and not doing anything. “It’s healthier not to respond...” no bruh no it’s not. Let’s say I donated 1,000 dollars because I am interested in this, and then 3 years later nothing truly has been done. He robbed me, and enjoying himself with it instead of finishing the game...Respond to that? Truly respond to that? It’s freakin’ horrible man for anyone to have their hopes up and then... ^sigh^ You have so many good points and then you act bigger on something’s when you ignore the human side. It’s upsetting... I have to add another edit: look Muddah, all because you didn’t make a Yandere game doesn’t mean you can’t speak out. He’s sloppy and yet you seem to be skirting that line that he’s not sloppy just so he doesn’t strike you. He would lose. But you are just spouting out pure...nothing. Nothing at that point. And that’s upsetting.
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