The U.S. Government is Suing Google...

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Things are getting a bit spicier when it comes for the biggest tech organizations in the world, will they remain the monoliths that they are or are we finally going to see them broken up in the years to come? Thanks for watching!
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Frosty Mika
Frosty Mika преди ден
You cant uninstall Google from android so- Why are they claiming they arent forcing it? Im confused
MD Avaughn
MD Avaughn преди ден
Yea but you have to remember google at one point literally made and a-certified themselves the main search platform. Immediately kicking everybody else to the curb not to mention that they’re already Google.
Kafke преди ден
You forgot the bit where yahoo, ecosia and duckduckgo all rely on bing results. So really there's only two search engines: google and bing. And I guess yandex and baidu but those are technically not in english.
Iestynd100 преди 2 дни
I Own A Monopoly 😉
A H преди 4 дни
I remember when Yahoo was the big thing. When Google came along, we were like what the hell is ''Google'' (or Goggle as some people called it). It really didn't take that long for them to start dominating the market!
Squirrel E.
Squirrel E. преди 4 дни
For some f*cking reason when I press Google on my computer and it brings me to Yahoo WTF
_n преди 6 дни
Microsoft is shit lol
Chloe McCarthy
Chloe McCarthy преди 6 дни
Lawyers: "Other people do what my client does therefore they are innocent." People listening: "Huh, they have a point tho"
bruh meme
bruh meme преди 7 дни
I mean, it's not googles fault everything else sucks.
Drinks Watere
Drinks Watere преди 8 дни
I use Microsoft edge..
wolfVital преди 8 дни
the best point to take away from this is them only giving a shit when their 80 year old brain gears started turning and realized google controls most of the information the public has access to. Which includes politics. That's probably the ONLY reason they give a shit.
Sven We
Sven We преди 9 дни
Hey Muta, I'm asking you as the security expert that you are: Would you say that Duckduckgo really is the most secure alternative they advertise to be? Can they really be trusted not to save and sell search data?
Adrianishere преди 9 дни
zoroxtreme преди 10 дни
I only use bing for spamming searches for Microsoft rewards
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan преди 10 дни
If it aint google chrome its safari
Homicidal George
Homicidal George преди 11 дни
The lawsuit is pretty damn stupid. Basically you're not allowed to make a great product and provide great service that most people want to use
Omaly Wolf
Omaly Wolf преди 13 дни
Ill be real now i just uninstalled crhome and hell that edge now has step up whit resource usage in comparasion my pc has never ever run so smooth
John Hentie
John Hentie преди 13 дни
Imagine using Google. Use DDG and use adblock on all google sites.
Sameer Shabbir
Sameer Shabbir преди 13 дни
duckduckgo for life
Grassy Knoll
Grassy Knoll преди 13 дни
I use brave browser, no getting around the youtube problem though.
Pixel Zed EX
Pixel Zed EX преди 14 дни
But is it Google's fault that bing is shit? Like that's the big question I've got. Like yes they own so much but it's just like windows. There's no real alternative to windows other than mac, and they charge you to breathe in their stores, let alone but one of their pieces of plastic that you can get for 2 grand cheeper if you simply take windows instead. Like, it's a monopoly sure, but it's a monopoly because google WORKS. Nobody is going to switch to bing over hearing "lol google bad".
gio s
gio s преди 16 дни
Gotta thank Project Veritas
Dale D
Dale D преди 16 дни
Biden will stop it all. They'll get away with anything now.
King Katura
King Katura преди 16 дни
Well they do have a monopoly and they do exclude everything else and no you have to use something of googles or you can't really do much else, not without being completely confused, having content being denied because google paid them to be exclusive, and not being able to see things like history because they patented the whole kit and cobutal of the idea of web services or videos buttons so forth and so on, their defense will probably be everything we did was from you the governments tools even all the money came from the government , and if we were a monopoly you would have never allowed use to do it all, we have all this from your laws and your blessing which you wouldn't unless we were not a monopoly and it wouldn't have went this far. yadada i have a feeling this whole thing is a joke for sympathy for google to make people forget that they helped rig the elections.
King Katura
King Katura преди 16 дни
Wow the reply is the actual definition of monopoly, as the dictionary definition of monopoly is not what monopoly is as its a legal term therefore a legalese definition, which is what i posted but for some unperturbed reason it has loads of errors now when the original text does not.. Anti copy"? lol Just read a Blacks law dictionary the one i used was the 2nd edition.
King Katura
King Katura преди 16 дни
MODopolia dicitur, cum unU8 aolus nliquod genus mercaturre universum emit, pretium. ad auum libitum ' statuens. 11 Coke, 86. It Is said to be a monopoly when one person alone buys up the whole of one kind of commod1ty, fixing a price at his own pleasure. MONOPOLIUM . Tile sole power, rlgbt. or privilege ot sale; monopoly; I. monopolJ'. Calvin. MONOPOLY. In commercial la\v. A privilege or pecuUar advantage vested in one or more persons 01' companies, consisting: in the exclusive right (or powel') to canyon a particula r business or trude, manufacturu I. particular arti· 452, 77 N. E. 302, 117 Am. St. Hep. 327; St..'1te v. Dawol'th. 122 Ind. 4.62, 23 N. E.946. 7 L. R. A. 240; Davenport v. Kleinschmidt. 6 Mont. 502, 13 Pac. 249; Ex parte Levy. 43 Ark. 42, 51 Am. Rep. 550 j Case of Monopolies. 11 Coke, S4; Laredo v. International Bridge, etc., Co., 66 Fed. 24.0, 14 C. C. A. 1; Intel'l1al1onnl 'I'ooth Crown Co. v. ilanlcij Dental .dss'n (0. C.) 11] Fed. 916 ; Qneen Ins. Co. v. State, 86 'l'ex. 250, 24 S. W. 39i, 22 L. R. A. 483; lierl'iman v. Menzies, 115 Cal. 16, 46 Pac. 730, 35 L. R. A. 318, 56 Am Se Rep. 81. MONSTER. A prod1glous birth: a bu· mUD birth or offspring not buving the shnpe of mankind, which cannot be heir to aoy land, albeit It be brollgllt forth in marriage. Bract. rol. 5; Co. Litt. 7, 8; 2 BI. Comm. 246. M ONSTRANS DE DROIT. L. Fr. In English law. A sbowing or manifcst;..'1Uon or right; one or the common law methods or obtaining possession or restitution from the crown, or eIther real or personal prOIJel'ty. It is the proper proceeding when the right of tbe party, as well as the right of the crown, nppenrs upon record, and cOl1Rists in putting in (l claim of right grounded on facts already acknowledged and established. and praying the judgment or the court whether upon these facts the king or the subject bas the t·lgbt. 3 Bl. Comm. ZOG ; 4 COke, 5411.
shubham neurekar
shubham neurekar преди 17 дни
people just use edge to download chrome anyways hahaaha
Violet Violence
Violet Violence преди 17 дни
I use Ecosia. Each search is basically a donation to plant trees worldwide. It is the best thing ever. I also use Opera (web browser) and in my opinion, it is better than chrome.
ice преди 17 дни
the sun blinded me
aeon765 преди 14 дни
the sun is a deadly laser
WHY PASSWORD преди 19 дни
am i the only one here that uses edge and bing constantly?
Art Konstantino
Art Konstantino преди 19 дни and ? What do youthink Muta?
GMRGaming преди 20 дни
It is hilarious how desperate Edge is. I got my current PC about a year ago and when I set it up, Windows forced a Microsoft Edge page to open talking about how I should set it as my default browser and how it was "faster than ever" and "millions use it" and stuff like that. If I remember correctly I had to click out of like 4 things to set the default to Google Chrome.
Awes Urmana
Awes Urmana преди 21 ден
there is is a funny face at 5.05
Awes Urmana
Awes Urmana преди 21 ден
imagine if google bout the goverment
Pinhook Meiosis
Pinhook Meiosis преди 21 ден
Edge is actually good.
cryptoDido преди 21 ден
i am switching from the base of default, google needs to go down a little
Me over here using chrome as my browser with bing as my search engine
Kray Kidboy
Kray Kidboy преди 22 дни
Isn't the idea of monopoly that no one can even try to combat you in the same business? But they can so what's the issue. Google is just better so people use it more... is it that hard to understand? I don't think they should be sued.
MoonBatz преди 22 дни
I personally would sure try the other search engines but would I like them? idk probably not probbaly would. I'd probably just go back google.
Grammar Shinobi
Grammar Shinobi преди 22 дни
I use DuckDuckGo
ScorgonJon2k преди 23 дни
This is what happens when you do employment discrimination on the basis of politics.
TeachMe Senpai
TeachMe Senpai преди 23 дни
We are talking about Google services being mandatory for smartphones.
Celtic 1
Celtic 1 преди 23 дни
Google cannot have a monopoly on search engines there are two other search engines that I can name off the top of my head Bing and Yahoo answers so they cannot have a monopoly on search engines
Jack Grim
Jack Grim преди 23 дни
As a customer service wageslave, i can confirm people is not sophisticated enough to even open the fucking settings of their devices, now if we go by statistics i am most likely wrong, but for most people, computers and electronics run on magic.
Nickle Spale
Nickle Spale преди 23 дни
Many are still stuck in their little fantasy world but it's people like Mutahar that bridge the gap between numb-skulls and the truth that's out there (right in your face too) and for that I applaud this guy. Please continue to use your fanase to educate folks even if they don't choose to listen all that entirely.
Nickle Spale
Nickle Spale преди 23 дни
So are we gonna talk about Project Veritas or...?
Casey0706 преди 23 дни
Make it to where i can delete google apps, wasting space is annoyinh
Mr. Rice
Mr. Rice преди 23 дни
whats harder to find than Waldo? Indians using Ecosia
Tony Younge
Tony Younge преди 24 дни
Competition? Ha,more companies that are just there.
Beatrice Berntsson
Beatrice Berntsson преди 24 дни
my grandma uses yahoo
Beatrice Berntsson
Beatrice Berntsson преди 24 дни
I use ecosia
PvP hacker
PvP hacker преди 24 дни
nice video but that fucking glare
Nich Kin
Nich Kin преди 24 дни
took a bit of a year break, and to start things off with a good video, yay mutahar
BV83X преди 24 дни
Google practically owns the government at that point
Dessert Storm
Dessert Storm преди 24 дни
0.01% of indians is 13 000 000 people
Liam Fraser
Liam Fraser преди 24 дни
actually, I haven't been able to change from google, haven't seen the option
Razor Hogan
Razor Hogan преди 25 дни
Google is a verb not a noun nuff said No other product's name in the history of mankind became a verb P fucking eriod
alex hernandez
alex hernandez преди 25 дни
Google playstore and iTunes is a monopoly 100%
Domain преди 25 дни
I use bing because of bing rewards
Goliath Projects
Goliath Projects преди 25 дни
Google has the monopoly by choice of the masses
chemknot преди 25 дни
I tried deleting all google stuff from my phone and i basically made it a paper weight and had to factory reset it. I couldn't even use the keyboard
Matthew Beaver
Matthew Beaver преди 25 дни
Edge is the Chrome setup program with extra steps.
Avoyzy преди 25 дни
BunBunVR преди 26 дни
oooh how wrong this dude is about bing and edge, i'll give this guy a like still
(STUDENT)William Giles
(STUDENT)William Giles преди 26 дни
Legaleagle -sues for cia not realeasing important shit US Government -sues google for being a monopoly Google/YT -demonetizes legaleagle It’s Rock Paper Scissors boys
III VI IX преди 26 дни
Oil, pharmaceutical, and Disney sweating rn
speedguy20 преди 26 дни
16:03 yea but lets say every single person that has viewed this video stopped using Google to use bing. Google would still be ahead in users, and ultimately would change nothing, while you're stuck using a dogshit engine like bing. That's the exact logic of me pointing out flaws in a game I like, but the retort being "If yOu DoN't lIkE iT, dOn'T pLaY" or even worse, saying "Then play an Indie game lul"
James Dickinson
James Dickinson преди 26 дни
I thought they were getting sued for tracking incog searches
foxrumor преди 26 дни
When Google decides it wants to hide something from me, I use duckduckgo and it always shows up first. It's not Google's job to decide what is okay to show me. Why can't they give me objective results to my search like they used to?
Vinny преди 26 дни
I was personally affected by Google's takeover of the world, years of trauma and stress which I had to spend 5 hours a day in self-therapy to combat. Also millions of dollars worth of supplements to help with the anxiety. I demand compensation for my pain, I AM A VICTIM.
xhag1x преди 26 дни
Screw google I use duckduckgo for my search and am actively looking fo alternatives to googles services .
CPY преди 26 дни
i have default duckduck go everywhere.
QueenViren преди 26 дни
Sooo....they just gonna ignore Disney??? 🤔
San the Man
San the Man преди 26 дни
lol my mom uses bing
San the Man
San the Man преди 26 дни
This lady uninstalled chrome on the computer I bought her and kept using bing like wtffff
Zac Mulford
Zac Mulford преди 26 дни
The autofocus was a whole ass vibe on this one Muta
Quinn Derp
Quinn Derp преди 26 дни
dude no offence but it looks like you haven't slept in weeks
Spicy Bread Productions
Spicy Bread Productions преди 26 дни
I'm fine with DuckDuckGo running on Vivaldi. If you use Chrome, I'd laugh if you got doxxed (It's an unrelated habit...) but it's not like I'm gonna stop you... unless you attack Vivaldi or any other browser
CizreK преди 26 дни
Since launch I have not liked Google and had a bad feeling about the company. Jump 22 years later. I was totally right.
Luna Shivelight
Luna Shivelight преди 26 дни
What happened to Firefox?
NANCOK преди 26 дни
Duck Duck Go exists too, has worked flawlessly for me
littleferrhis преди 26 дни
Rip bing.
Mr. Bruh
Mr. Bruh преди 26 дни
Mutahar is the one that has a monopoly over youtube
Mr. Bruh
Mr. Bruh преди 26 дни
I use duckduckgo
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs преди 26 дни
You know... Bing isn't the Anti-Christ. Try it out. DuckDuckGo is great too. Use that instead.
The Cooler Daniel
The Cooler Daniel преди 26 дни
Ripper The Thunder God
Ripper The Thunder God преди 26 дни
Jonah Abenhaim
Jonah Abenhaim преди 27 дни
3:10 DuckDuckGo, How dare you say that
Jonah Abenhaim
Jonah Abenhaim преди 27 дни
Why did you post this on youtube which is owned by google?
Komrander преди 27 дни
I once downloaded a thirdparty app store, now im pwned...
coldfries преди 27 дни
They deserve it for the new icons
Lori D
Lori D преди 27 дни
Google does have a monopoly on android though. Android is open source but Google play services is proprietary. Try disabling google play services on any phone. Obviously play store will not work, but even if you use other app stores or sideload apks, most apps themselves will still refuse to run without google play services. Google play services is also updated constantly, so apps have to update to keep up. Which means that even if you reverse engineer google play services (see open source project "microg") you have to constantly keep working at it because apps will not work with old versions. There are very few real exceptions to this rule (except for maybe a couple hundred apps on the open source store "fdroid"), either make your app work with Google play services or accept the fact that your app will miss out on some major functionality. And they DONT let manufacturers use google play services without also using the store. And they scare most people away from alternative stores with the "google play protect" thing, with no way for an alternative store to gain a "trusted" status so that people aren't scared away. Even amazon, a company every bit as huge as google, gets treated as untrustworthy. So yes, they may not be have a monopoly on smartphone manufacturing, but they have almost as much tight control over android as apple does over ios. It's a duopoly.
Cancandoo преди 27 дни
Atleast I use DuckDuckGo
Karl-Markkus Hiiemäe
Karl-Markkus Hiiemäe преди 27 дни
I am using microsoft edge to watch this video right now. fite me.
Dais преди 27 дни
chrome is that one girl whos gotten around has all the diseases.
Dais преди 27 дни
chrome is too big. too big is too many more viruses. never using google on any device. i make fun of google nerds at work that use google for means to i dont even know of.
Dais преди 27 дни
google chrome even with virus protection still got several computers viruses. we dont use google ever. this was at work.
Richard S
Richard S преди 27 дни
I don't think anyone uses Yahoo on purpose. Thats the people who installed some sketchy app that redirects their searches to Yahoo 😂
Litespark преди 27 дни
They're finally getting chopped up? Good. Using duckduckgo anyway.
Otto von Bismarck
Otto von Bismarck преди 27 дни
But but but ... I don't use Google, i use duckduck
David Fontdevila Robles
David Fontdevila Robles преди 27 дни
FAX, only used Microsoft Edge to download Chrome xd
CyberTech преди 27 дни
Everyone gangsta till people start moving to bing
Rampage Gaming
Rampage Gaming преди 27 дни
monopolies are like dictatorships; most people don't like them, and most people think they're all bad, but there are historical examples of monopolies held by good people which are overall positive. look at steam for example, steam _didn't need_ competitors cause steam is genuinely a really good service with very little to no anti-consumer practices. hell even steam support is pretty decent.
Wake the Dead Spirituality
Wake the Dead Spirituality преди 25 дни
And come on, there are global entities with power to steer google and the US government. Your birth certificate is a receipt. Citizens are slaves.
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