Nikocado Avocado Needs Serious Help...

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преди 21 ден

To think a community where the highest records are held by how much one can consume possesses theatrics to this extent, I can say the brief history of the most prolific channels in this community, Nikocado Avocado has quite honestly blown me away. Thanks for watching!
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Legoshi преди 26 минути
JellyDio преди час
Everyone: he's won, but at what cost? Nick: 😭😭😭😭😭 literally every fucking video smh
AquaUsesPUMP преди 4 часа
hey arent you that fortnite youtuber called sypher pk
carlos pelayo
carlos pelayo преди 5 часа
muta muta muta muta muta muta muta
Pore преди 6 часа
i'm sorry not to be mean, did he sweat from crying at 17:12 ?
Pore преди 6 часа
the most upsetting part of this video is that you're right the chicken and fries look so much bigger than what we get here -.-
alfie wilson
alfie wilson преди 8 часа
wow im british im offended
copyrighted Games
copyrighted Games преди 9 часа
yaankeeeeeeeeeEEeEEee with a brim
Caden Marston
Caden Marston преди 9 часа
Nikocado: says he is going on a diet Me: Stop the cap... Stop the cap right now! Stop the cap!!
Lion -O-Ryan
Lion -O-Ryan преди 10 часа
If the food doesnt kill him the virus will and thats not a joke if hes not careful...
Lion -O-Ryan
Lion -O-Ryan преди 10 часа
If the food doesnt kill him the virus will and thats not a joke if hes not careful...
2,808,892 views #1 ON TRENDING
2,808,892 views #1 ON TRENDING преди 12 часа
People starving in the world and that fat freak wasting food like that
MR. Ananda A.
MR. Ananda A. преди 13 часа
"We also do not condone harassment of any individuals..." *Right after that* Muta: "Bri'ish people be like..."
nooobarejustlikekreek преди 14 часа
sorry but i felt sick when i saw the thumbnail of I don't want to be fat anymore that much food I am sorry
randomPerson преди 15 часа
I'm honestly impressed by the amount of calories Nickocado digests. Yet, he's still alive and well. This has to be some magic shit
Bacon Hair
Bacon Hair преди 19 часа
nikocado avocado sounds like what people would say when doing a ritual "NIKO-CADO AVO-CADO" "NIKO-CADO AVO-CADO" "NIKO-CADO AVO-CADO" "NIKO-CADO AVO-CADO" "LET US BURN THE FAT MAN."
Whisper Sama
Whisper Sama преди 23 часа
I dont fear anyone but this guy, he scares me
aiden Pearce
aiden Pearce преди ден
He was on tosh.0
Josefina Magno
Josefina Magno преди ден
Rise of the blood pressure
Silver play button with no videos challenge!
Silver play button with no videos challenge! преди ден
I can hardly eat one sub😂
Francis Gonzales
Francis Gonzales преди ден
Mukbang is straight up gluttony
Kakyoin Noriaki
Kakyoin Noriaki преди ден
9:49 its back
Patrick Bossa
Patrick Bossa преди ден
"Valkyrie-level surveillance" lmao
KxT_5490 преди 2 дни
"kind of insane-" KIND OF INSANE? ._.
what the
what the преди 2 дни
I mean throwing up your food is also slowly killing yourself-
Carlina M
Carlina M преди 2 дни
Both are eating disorders
giorgi-EMPIRE преди 2 дни
he's a big big boi biggest boi
Fried_Infant преди 2 дни
take a shot every time he says 21 pound lobster
N54Lyfe преди 2 дни
simp lmao
TJ преди 2 дни
Nik is slowing killing himself by binging food??I've just discovered my best way out! :D
TJ преди 2 дни
I'm sure these types of channels are against youtube T&C's now so he will no longer get paid but still! AfricaTV still exists where he can still stream and get paid i suppose
TJ преди 2 дни
0:14 the would have been accurate for 2011 but nowadays its "You got a pound for the bus? come on its just a pound!"
Cookie Muncher
Cookie Muncher преди 2 дни
He has an OnlyFans? How can he show stuff? Is this even practically possible? The physics of this scare me
MrFuggleGuggle преди 2 дни
Reverse Eugenia Cooney.
Jack Assaf
Jack Assaf преди 2 дни
I cannot stand these eating channels. The chewing, the crunching sounds, the greed all over their faces, I just can’t watch it. The most disturbing part is all the ppl subscribed to his channel and actually support him. They enjoy watching him slowly kill himself and thats sick.
xdxangeloxbx преди 2 дни
I would literally die if I ate all that stuff at once. I'm already full after a medium menu of mcdonalds.
The Royal Noob
The Royal Noob преди 2 дни
O no guys he is a simp o no expOseD Jk
LusT преди 2 дни
sub to his only fans and review the content lmao
EmんEm преди 2 дни
You scared of 21lb lobster?? Watch H3H3's "Sea Monsters of BGpost" video. Will make you want to not ever eat again
alchemist89 преди 2 дни
Nikocado is an inspiration to me. I'm trying to lose weight and looking at him makes me want to live a more healthy lifestyle. Thanks Nik, I never want to end up like you
Daiveon Mallery
Daiveon Mallery преди 2 дни
He has an ONLY FANS? whos trying to see him naked?
Bailey Subliminals
Bailey Subliminals преди 2 дни
It’s like watching someone literally drug themselves and drink wayy too much alcohol and all you can do is watch them slowly kill themselves and there is nothing you can do.
FooFoo преди 3 дни
Even shaggy and goku eats less than him
Gumby преди 3 дни
7:14 family guy reference?
murbabaHD преди 3 дни
I actually hate him
Joe The Hammer never forget
Joe The Hammer never forget преди 3 дни
same with badlands chugs, the dude can barely talk without being out of breath
1996 Toyota Camry
1996 Toyota Camry преди 3 дни
I weigh 250. Only because I wanna resist a bullet. Like at least be able to survive if one hits me. But I am slowly exercising to keep it 250 and may go below.
Hat Kid
Hat Kid преди 3 дни
This man's heart must pump pure fat butter instead of blood
Some HispanicDude
Some HispanicDude преди 3 дни
The drama between Nick and Stephanie is soo petty.
Rothy Frothy
Rothy Frothy преди 3 дни
Nej 6ix9ine
Nej 6ix9ine преди 3 дни
im scared now
Noob Saibot
Noob Saibot преди 3 дни
milkshakespear преди 3 дни
8:05 Celebrate 2 pounds of weight loss by eating 10 pounds of food in one sitting
Circuit Carbon
Circuit Carbon преди 3 дни
Andra Pratomo
Andra Pratomo преди 3 дни
I find mukbang video by itself is fucking disgusting, and then there's this guy.
RobloxScripts преди 3 дни
MrNxthxn преди 3 дни
7:52 Celebrating my 2 pound weight loss by gaining 10 more pounds lol
EK CHEATZ преди 3 дни
Eh, Americans be like . “Eh you got that burger fix I’m Finna die”
Killersaw преди 3 дни
If he gets dislikes, he will be more likely to stop his diet. And if mukbang is the only way to make his money, he will again continue and that is sad
EK CHEATZ преди 3 дни
Eh, Americans be like . “Eh you got that burger fix I’m Finna die”
EK CHEATZ преди 3 дни
@ARL 44 ye you gonna shoot up a school? Tyler wants his mop back
ARL 44
ARL 44 преди 3 дни
Bri ish people be like “Oi mate you got a loicense for that opinion?”
martinithechobit преди 3 дни
I feel he knows its a lot of money and can't stop now. And is now trading his health for views and money. The price to stay relevant on BGpost.
Ariana Eschrich
Ariana Eschrich преди 3 дни
Yes, I shall now celebrate loosing 200 pound by gaining 400 more.
Seth Koch
Seth Koch преди 3 дни
If that lobster really was 21 pounds it would’ve been the 5th largest ever
Heimdal преди 3 дни
Eventually this guy is gonna be as big as polpo from Jojo part 5
Jahim Uddin
Jahim Uddin преди 3 дни
People are watching this man kill himself.
Molossus преди 3 дни
I don't care at all about his health and he can baloon to 400 lbs, but the wasteful and indulging culture of food he's producing is the problem.
Chapers преди 4 дни
Eduardo Hinojosa-Fraire
Eduardo Hinojosa-Fraire преди 4 дни
you are a simp
Acensioner Banshee Spade
Acensioner Banshee Spade преди 4 дни
He honestly reminds me of my old self, seeking food for comfort/pleasure. He's pursuing that happy go lucky lifestyle undermining the potential health problems. Looking at his videos made me do some self reflection.
Bunyan преди 4 дни
I lost it at 17:27 god damn that was funny
Abdoul malick diallo
Abdoul malick diallo преди 4 дни
Slim Jimmy
Slim Jimmy преди 4 дни
This video needs to be taken down
Slim Jimmy
Slim Jimmy преди ден
@Carlina M fat shaming
Carlina M
Carlina M преди 2 дни
Master M
Master M преди 4 дни
Whoa he needs some serious help
margareth michelina
margareth michelina преди 4 дни
Last year he made a drama with Stephanie Soo because they made a joke about "In and Out Sleep", and also bringing Zach Choi, the silent Mukbangers for no reason because they ever made a collaboration before. And he bullied her through Insta Story with his other friends and made Stephanie cried on her channel. Poor her.
TheCycloneable преди 4 дни
imagine a mukbang content featuring starving people in africa and yemen
Sevilou преди 4 дни
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the new god fenrir
the new god fenrir преди 4 дни
So for good kfc (as guy from ky) as for a bucket with no wings. Cause when you get wings they throw almost only wings
NTASD преди 4 дни
Yankee With Brim
Dape Pandleton
Dape Pandleton преди 4 дни
SammytimGaming преди 4 дни
I hate eating subways my head gets dizzy and my tummy gets burned
Livingstón преди 4 дни
fnck that. certain perversions transcend "who am i to judge" & muk bang is one.
The Catspaw
The Catspaw преди 5 дни
I remember when Tosh had this dude on lmao
Nie Oliwier
Nie Oliwier преди 5 дни
Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog
Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog преди 5 дни
This guy eats like a non healthy body builder.. And he barely fucking works the weight off, not that it'd help him anyways he's long gone from a heart attack away from now..
NoneOfYourBiz87 преди 5 дни
Mukbangs are just fat people wasting food tbh.. And Nik is just cringe, dunno why anyone wanna watch him.
Steve Brule
Steve Brule преди 5 дни
Bruh, he's making so much from Patreon, at the time of the video if all his Patrons are at the 8$ tier, is about 48k (with the 2.9% Patreon takes included). He's at 899 Patrons now btw, so it's so much higher considering people are paying 24+
Smart cookie
Smart cookie преди 5 дни
Coincidentally, a cigarette to British are called (f)ags, so is Nicocado.
Mack Mode
Mack Mode преди 3 дни
Barbs преди 5 дни
2:04-2:09 earth's glaciers
Anime Wala banda
Anime Wala banda преди 5 дни
Mai thikh hu friend. what about u.
Eric Hearst
Eric Hearst преди 5 дни
I think you're legit but your hat... it's bothering the shit out of me.
Proomy преди 5 дни
if youre ever feeling down about yourself... just watch niko avacodo and be happy you arent niko
DevilJin01 преди 5 дни
These people are the evolution of Shoenice. For better or worse.
IIxr преди 5 дни
muta can i have your hat for no real purpose what so ever i just want that hat
nunbutbricks преди 5 дни
I used to watch him a bit before he got fat (no offense) and then I stopped and came back a couple years later and I was dissatisfied
sensei-suu преди 5 дни
Niko ain't no clown nor circus he is the entire fucking carnival
Unacuentagenerica преди 6 дни
He has a only fans ._.
Calum Cowell
Calum Cowell преди 6 дни
I feel sick just watching him 😂
MaxUltra64 преди 6 дни
He just needs a damm new parrot
Flipchip Chips
Flipchip Chips преди 6 дни
It’s fake he’s doing it for money Hopefully
Absolute King
Absolute King преди 5 дни
To killed himself??
James Parsons
James Parsons преди 6 дни
Instead of selling pallets of makeup they’re eating pallets of food.
BlackDolphin90 преди 6 дни
Well if you eat to much you die....regardless if it is a channel or not.
Levi_OP преди 6 дни
no kidding
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