Metal Gear Solid 4 is Pretty Solid...

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A short little rant about why this game holds such a special place in my heart. Thanks for watching!
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00:00 - Intro & Context
24:51 - Act 1: Middle Eastern Shenanigans
1:03:24 - Act 2: We Hit The Peak
1:43:46 - Act 3: Colonel, We Managed To Avoid Any Fun
2:28:49 - Act 4: Fan Service
3:17:36 - Act 5: Two Snakes, One Haven
3:59:30 - A Wholesome Debriefing

SomeOrdinaryGamers преди месец
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Boiho преди 2 дни
really loved the vid well done
Elliot Addler
Elliot Addler преди 8 дни
Loved the video Muta. As a fan of both franchises, I would LOVE a long form video like this for the Yakuza series too
Ach Mounir
Ach Mounir преди месец
KUTaragi saaaaaaaaaan
King0fDepravity преди месец
Eva was that unknown Chinese woman muta! In mgs3 she steals the philosophers legacy for China.
GAYEW_blowjob_Masters vanilla stool
GAYEW_blowjob_Masters vanilla stool преди месец
rose mary was not useless because depending on your condition she call you or you call her and she gave tips or helped you lower stress levels and stuff like that.
Fellow Warrior
Fellow Warrior преди 49 минути
This video makes me so happy. I agree with Muta, it's not a perfect game, but it's such a great ending to the series. It's hammy, it's contrived and it's silly, but there are so many great moments, and the ending to a literal decade of the story of these characters, is just breathtaking.
Philip Ehret
Philip Ehret преди 2 часа
I’ve only ever played 1 metal gear game but GODAMN THAT WAS FUN TO WATCH
burr153 преди 2 часа
Haven't watched ya in forever.... Shit you put on some weight.
XxcheckmatexX преди 4 часа
-anything happens- "It iiiiiz what it iiiiiiz"
George Bennett
George Bennett преди 5 часа
George Bennett
George Bennett преди 5 часа
Made my day
LolixLP преди 5 часа
After the Raiden and Rising bashing youre gonna have to make a video on it. Id watched a 1 hour video on Rising. Want proof? I watched 4 hours on MGS4 xD
Aok Lok
Aok Lok преди 8 часа
He even made it the funny haha number
Devil преди 16 часа
karandip's corner
karandip's corner преди 17 часа
The way the patriots were destroyed reminds me a lot of the beauty community
Light Sage
Light Sage преди ден
I feel like everybody just completely forgot Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance which is the canonical last game in the series taking place four years after MGS 4
professional gamer
professional gamer преди ден
Basically, it was all rigged from the start
Some Guy On His Phone
Some Guy On His Phone преди ден
Holy shit this was the creepy pasta dude? This content is pretty good.
Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies преди 2 дни
Thanks for the video :)
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones преди 2 дни
Papa Muta, I had an interesting cyber security red herring come up. Which includes an account of mine being accessed by an IP owned by the UK Ministryt of Defense. If you want more info just comment on the comment, and i'll send you details. (I don't do illegal things as a PSA for the potential degens immediately assuming the worst)
Nuno The Dood
Nuno The Dood преди 2 дни
Mgs 4 shouldnt exist lmao
Timeplay Paradox
Timeplay Paradox преди 2 дни
When you realise that the voice actor (Phil Lamarr) for Vamp is the same voice actor for Samurai Jack, Hermes Conrad (Futurama) and Ollie Williams (Family Guy)
Something Is Wrong
Something Is Wrong преди 3 дни
everybody gangsta until muta's recording for so long that a full night passes in the background
JayNxtGen преди 3 дни
Can you do a Phantom Pain vid please? Really enjoyed this
Big_Mak _Jak69
Big_Mak _Jak69 преди 3 дни
Uncharted 4's title screen wasn't that bad.
noelie noelie
noelie noelie преди 3 дни
La lay lu lay low.
noelie noelie
noelie noelie преди 3 дни
I love this game. Man tears at the end.
SquaredbyX преди 3 дни
Sounds like Wintermute
Omnissiah преди 3 дни
I am feeling like shit today and I really feel worthless and there is nobody I can talk to
Wolfy gabby
Wolfy gabby преди 3 дни
Yo I didn't even know this video was up
Mr X
Mr X преди 3 дни
2:47:10 She doesn't one shot you on a higher difficulty. I played it on the extreme and she takes away 20% of your health
vruv vv
vruv vv преди 3 дни
Yes but msg3 is my favorite
TheGeoffBomb преди 4 дни
I can't believe I sat through all of this. Probably the only BGpost video of this length that I've ever sat all the way through. Loved it!
jtrev492 преди 4 дни
Well Liquid used the biomorts body in act 3, thats why he was there. It wasn't just the GW AI that he used, he still needed Big Boss' code
so guys we did it
so guys we did it преди 4 дни
Nice 2 sponsors
Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime преди 4 дни
Man Mutah really wanted to stretch this to 69 minutes
Jared Neves
Jared Neves преди 4 дни
I don’t have a long enough attention span to watch interstellar but I watched this
Liam Moniz
Liam Moniz преди 4 дни
This video is as long as a MGS 4 cutscene.
lapierre002 преди 5 дни
Just got around to watching this. I'm just left emotional after this journey.
Chris No
Chris No преди 5 дни
1:14. Listen closely.
Luke Price
Luke Price преди 6 дни
I always hated that Snake's final battle wasn't even with the real Liquid...
Luke Price
Luke Price преди 7 дни
Not sure why the Patriots made Snake age faster than normal but also still make him a super soldier that can destroy anyone even in his physical 80s.
Oof преди 8 дни
When is the latest metal gear placed in the story tho?
Rixar.Player преди 9 дни
26:02 is like halo reach, from the start we know we don't save the world this time
Rixar.Player преди 9 дни
time to sit down, over 4 hours and enjoy
V X преди 9 дни
I hope we get MGS3
Logan Bailey
Logan Bailey преди 10 дни
Solid snake is actually a clone of snake reason real snake is still alive is solid snake has accelerated age explains why real snake is alive and an old man by that time
ThatLazGuy преди 10 дни
4 hour 20 minutes, yes good man.
Dillpickle 1997
Dillpickle 1997 преди 11 дни
James Mortimer
James Mortimer преди 12 дни
RIP otacons lovelife
Yeff преди 12 дни
Great video but you spoiled Death Stranding for me and im kinda bummed
Yeff преди 13 дни
I didnt even play any MSG game and i still loved this
LukiBoy преди 13 дни
I feel like everyone has been making a video on Metal Gear Solid 4 lately
V❶ ֆs
V❶ ֆs преди 13 дни
i love you
Simple Fat Kid
Simple Fat Kid преди 13 дни
Can somebody explain to me why Ocelot brainwashed himself to be liquid even though he could just carry out his plan as Ocelot?
burgerrun lol
burgerrun lol преди 13 дни
Dude, i honestly love 4
Drew Kosonen
Drew Kosonen преди 13 дни
Wait.... Hold on. I've been piecing it together for awhile, but I think I get it now: MGS4 is Kojima saying to the fans "FINE - You won't let me end this shit where I fucking wanted to, so here you go, here's a fucking game full of fucking fan service where I'll bring back all of your fucking favorite characters and give them stupid fucking story book endings." So we see Campbell, and Meryl, and Vamp, and all the familiar old faces. And then there's Raiden. MGS2 was the statement Kojima wanted fans to remember, but they completely rejected it. Not completely, but everyone basically hated Raiden... I didn't see what all the fuss was about. But in MGS4, Raiden (AKA Kojima's message) is nothing but a mangled mechanical version of his former self, constructed solely for the purpose of doing flashy shit for the camera.
Drew Kosonen
Drew Kosonen преди 13 дни
54:48 "Bludgeoning industry" lmao I'm not sure if you meant "burgeoning" or if maybe that was on purpose.... But no seriously, I've been keeping an eye out for PMC's a little bit ever since MGS4. I never knew exactly wtf Kojima was trying to tell me with any of his games, but I always knew they were spitting knowledge. And yeah... we don't exactly have nano-soldiers yet, but PMC's have played a huge role in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think one doc I watched called Shadow Company was on Prime, and it's actually really fucked up how PMC's have basically just been given a blank check, and absolutely no oversight. Even worse, there are incentives for everybody involved if the bill is as big as possible, so everybody just looks the other way while they run up huge tabs on nothing. Sending empty trucks back and forth through hostile territory, just so they can send an invoice.
blitz king
blitz king преди 13 дни
I gotta give it to pupa muta kept me watching the whole 4.20 and love the small clip at the end if y'all watched it till the end you are the real MVPS
Drew Kosonen
Drew Kosonen преди 13 дни
26:00 "MGS4 = Master Chief has super cancer" I don't think I've ever heard a more succinct statement than that
lil lasagna
lil lasagna преди 13 дни
SmyrnaK преди 14 дни
Snake, you sure that snake will be solid enough even with that age?
Vincent Cavanagh
Vincent Cavanagh преди 14 дни
Metal Gear Solid 4 gets me *SOLID*
Leo Veas
Leo Veas преди 14 дни
If you guys liked this video, then you all should really check out "Metal Gear Solid 4 was a Mistake" by Steak Bentley. It is really one of the best videos on BGpost and the best review of this game imo
Leo Veas
Leo Veas преди 6 дни
@ALH I respectfully disagree
ALH преди 7 дни
as someone who checked it before this one, he's wrong in so many aspects I simply wouldn't recommend it.
Vynter Stormfell
Vynter Stormfell преди 11 дни
Long live Steak!
Connor преди 14 дни
The Chaotic Trickster
The Chaotic Trickster преди 14 дни
About the Frogs. "Don't you know that 2/3 of the world's deadliest killers are women?" Yeah, Liquid's private unit isn't just another PMC, but the best of the best.
KosmDidact преди 15 дни
Mr Sad
Mr Sad преди 15 дни
Everything was planned from the start no no no "it was all rigged from the start"
Tony Gunk
Tony Gunk преди 15 дни
locodesert 2
locodesert 2 преди 16 дни
4 hours and 20 minutes huh? nice.
Doggo Da Great
Doggo Da Great преди 16 дни
no one is gonna mention the 420 video length?
Drew Kosonen
Drew Kosonen преди 16 дни
12:30 "Everything has a reason in this franchise." Careful... those words have sent men into odysseys from which they still haven't returned all these years later. Unholy, forbidden knowledge is gathered in the tomes of PythonSelkanHD, and issued forth only by the death rattles of those it has ensnared. Only the dead have ears for the words which drive living men insane.
zSliippy -
zSliippy - преди 16 дни
Another fact about MGS Rising is, originally they planned for it to be based off of gray fox but they stopped kojima since there wasn't really a way to do that. (atleast that's what I remember)
Mr. Theta
Mr. Theta преди 16 дни
As someone who isn’t a metal gear fan, this has been an interesting 4 hours and 20 minutes
vruv vv
vruv vv преди 3 дни
It's a game series worth getting into get the legacy collection for ps3 on run the first game on an emulator
G4mbit преди 16 дни
It's really bugging me that you keep mentioning snake being old. By the events of MGS 4, he isn't "in his 80s". Because of the FOXDIE virus, he's rapidly aging. He's actually in his mid-to-late 40s but symptom wise, he's basically dying of super cancer aids that also makes you appear physically older.
Howdy Partner
Howdy Partner преди 16 дни
I'll be honest. I wasn't expecting that paid promo at the start.
David преди 16 дни
Delicate little did you know
NassTheBoss преди 16 дни
Snake...had a hard life
Heyimyourcat преди 17 дни
I’ve played one mgs game and it was peacewalker I don’t know why I watched this but I did
Marvin Dude
Marvin Dude преди 17 дни
Dude i watched the whole video, that was an awesome ride. Very well done , time well spent. All hail Metal Gear! ;P
AliGamer3000 преди 17 дни
Thethumbnailscreams OKBOOMER
MoistHarvester преди 17 дни
Finally got around to watching this as I beat MGS4 last week and god damn what a good video Muta!!!
Ren преди 17 дни
I think Rising's story is great.
AhuuOnAcid преди 17 дни
You know the game is solid when the video is 4 hours long
Thetreeboy преди 17 дни
8:38 metal gear ray huh? I remember slicing one of those black half in metal gear rising revengeance
greenthumb преди 18 дни
Never played any of the MGS series, but I’m over an hour in and pulled into it. Wtf Muta.
Alex Felicio
Alex Felicio преди 18 дни
Gotta say never really had an interest in metal gear, and saying that I watched the first hourish and I’ve bought every game in the series and downloaded roms for the games I can’t play on a ps2/3/4, thanks mutahar been looking for a game series to lose myself into
Clayy Lmao
Clayy Lmao преди 18 дни
I'm guessing Muta saw Steak Bentley's video lol
AceSlayz преди 18 дни
420 nice
Ironic God
Ironic God преди 18 дни
3:34:31 It's official, Meryl is pegging Johnny
Ironic God
Ironic God преди 18 дни
Damn, I really watched a 4 hour video documentary on a game I've never played...
Door Fish
Door Fish преди 18 дни
Sorry don’t have time to watch this watching hxh
happyveliz преди 18 дни
Who else thinks that the fight at the end of the game, would have made a good little multiplayer VS mode?
DJCTE преди 19 дни
Took me over a month but I finally finished this video. Funny this is I don't even like MSG and have never even played a single MGS game
kagatoASUKA преди 19 дни
I always hated MGS4 when I first played it not only did this video really clear up a lot of muddled memories of it but now I kinda wanna play it again. Also this might be one of the best video I've ever watched on BGpost.
Binod Sarkar Ram
Binod Sarkar Ram преди 20 дни
Λsher Λries
Λsher Λries преди 20 дни
420, eh?
Λsher Λries
Λsher Λries преди 20 дни
Ill watch this full video one day....
D A преди 20 дни
I've actually attempted to get this game on PC, but kind of complicated when the game is technically a PS3 exclusive kind of game, even when looking at the emulator for this game, I think I've tried to get it work, but it still has issues which sort of prevent me playing it really. At least from the stuff I've seen apparently the game was made for the system in mind. Kind of wished they would bring all of the Metal Gear Solid games to PC like they already have done for MGS1 and MGS2. Being able to play MGS3 Substance and MGS4 on PC would be crazy. Would be nice to play all these games. However, with how things are at Konami, hard to say those would actually come to PC. The other good 'stealth game' that I've played is Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, which is available on PC and I play it several times over even when I've 100% the game many times already.
Nova 29
Nova 29 преди 22 дни
Why is this video so fucking short...
john doe
john doe преди 22 дни
Great video. Would love to see you cover the other Metal Gear games.
Kuhmodo преди 23 дни
Had to look it up. It rained when I was born also lmfaooo
jose celedon
jose celedon преди 23 дни
jhonny its the best gouy ever fucking hell jhonny its my boy
Jesse Pawlusiak
Jesse Pawlusiak преди 24 дни
Yeah man, you NEED to make more metal gear content
punipunipyo преди 26 дни
Solid snake quit spy gig, got a new name and get in to politics. And now became the Senator of Taxis Dan Quenshaw.
punipunipyo преди 26 дни
MGS 5 was the one that shouldn’t be; 4 was masterpiece
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