Windows XP Horror Edition...

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Imagine someone who just wanted to get spooked a little decided to install this and then realized they probably lost everything on their computer. Thanks for watching!
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karandip's corner
karandip's corner преди ден
You almost killed bisexual billy how dare you!!!
Daniel Goosehead
Daniel Goosehead преди 11 дни
kinda miss the good ol Hill background for windows xp
/PANDADRIFT преди 16 дни
5:09 why does this remind me of chin chin from filthy frank
/PANDADRIFT преди 16 дни
ri преди 19 дни
When he paused my heart dropped
Matyyk преди 19 дни
You know, my fist pc had windows 98, and I'm younger then this os haha, but I got that pc from my father when I was like 7 or so, and used it for quite a while, next was win XP, then win 7 then win 10, i had a short experience with win 8 but I hated it
GioGiosRequiem преди 20 дни
Time for me to laugh Because The Funny Jump Scares :)))))))
Emily Brown
Emily Brown преди 23 дни
That animation is actually on BGpost, I don't recall the name, but it's pretty decent in full. Basically, the "man" is depressed and longs to have friends, but each time he finds a friend, his inner monster compels him to kill them - rinse and repeat. It's better than I make it sound, as most things are, but I suggest browsing for it to those who are interested.
SlimyKlerburt преди 24 дни
muta's face when the thing crashes right as the payload happens is priceless
The Ultimate YouTuber
The Ultimate YouTuber преди 24 дни
I miss Windows XP so much! *MY CHILDHOOD!*
Robo Ditto
Robo Ditto преди 24 дни
God преди месец
What's the linux Muta using?
phud преди месец
The jump with Phantom Balloon Boy and the fnaf 1 jumpscare sound effect hurt me on a personal level
NathanDaGamer143 преди месец
Perfect Enrager
Perfect Enrager преди месец
You could see the scare in his eyes when audacity coincidentally crashed.
Jennifer Rose
Jennifer Rose преди месец
Love how whoever made this put a FNAF 3 jumpscare with the FNAF 1 jumpscare sound.
ThatGuyWithaGoodMic UNKNOWN
ThatGuyWithaGoodMic UNKNOWN преди месец
Well I was only covering the pc s screen except for mutah s face
Professional Idiot
Professional Idiot преди месец
V-boax manage..
Mr. Line leaf
Mr. Line leaf преди месец
Plz do the no antivirus stuff or at least show how to harden the included antivirus
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith преди месец
i remember this, this was pretty good
Anhilo преди месец
ya know its bad when it starts fucking with the *dll files*
The Beet Farmer
The Beet Farmer преди месец
Just install windows Vista. That is much more scary to use.
Piece Of Bread
Piece Of Bread преди месец
Starting from 4:20 that song is Thresh login screen theme from League of Legends wtf
SporkDog преди месец
Why do I always watch these vids when its night or Im homealone smh.
Ted Kaczynski was right
Ted Kaczynski was right преди месец
wow what a cringefest
Lee Gou
Lee Gou преди месец
* cries in W7 fan *
a veggie
a veggie преди месец
“Windows XP was a disappointment.” - The Spy
Coty Schwabe
Coty Schwabe преди месец
Windows XP was the most customizable OS ever. I miss it.
Bowitboy преди месец
Not gonna lie. Seeing mutha genuinely worried about a virus is a retry terrifying
EquinoxKiwi преди месец
4:38 for those who are curious in the image shown, that ragdoll is from the game known as nox timore.
The asdfghjkl asdfghjkl
The asdfghjkl asdfghjkl преди месец
More Malware!!!!!!
Oscar Andres Sarrazola Ciro
Oscar Andres Sarrazola Ciro преди месец
Virus: Don't look behind you Mutha: *inmediatly looks behind him*
NotTooFast преди месец
they just threw a bunch of shitty horror game clips together and an animation everyone's seen lmao
David Giguri
David Giguri преди месец
Lets make khraposting virus pls
Zavier P
Zavier P преди месец
the animation at like the beggining is copied off of a popular youtube scary animation they saw it and it was scary they were like SWIPE this is mine now its called the sadman
Bellais преди месец
who made the animation though actually pretty cool
Darth Mortis
Darth Mortis преди месец
I love how 80% of this video is just Muta talking about computer stuff
iDontProgramInCpp преди месец
It would be interesting to see a green background on the Windows XP logon UI
Chrono Giro
Chrono Giro преди месец
I've never seen Muta so genuinely freaked out before.
Nightmish Morning
Nightmish Morning преди месец
First, you didn't laughed at all when you were scared of a video recording in the dark, second, at 4:38 you didn't laugh at all: that's weird 4:50 an another weird reaction of yours (you didn't laugh at all) 7:59 another weird reaction from you (you didn't laugh at all)
that kid who got lost
that kid who got lost преди месец
we need how to make an untraceable vm like muta, intructions on github and such
Racxr420 преди месец
this is the first time where i saw mutahar with a confused face
Mini Sims4
Mini Sims4 преди месец
Seeing Muta's face at 3:44 made me extremely scared cause when he's scared that means you should be scared
Clodify преди месец
5:08 This gave me memories. I've seen that BGpost video before.
Username 1515
Username 1515 преди месец
I had windows 7
syckly преди месец
i've seen that animation before on another youtubers channel his channel is coryxkenshin but he plays video games and reacts the animation his viewers suggest
Blurple преди месец
This is what I thought malware did when I was a kid
Magui D
Magui D преди месец
5:11 yoooooooo it's from that one BGpost short
Roger roger corporal
Roger roger corporal преди месец
Wait a sec I heard that windows xp support end so how did you get xp? I'm probably retarded but just wondering.
r a i n y
r a i n y преди месец
the actual fucc so scary- but ur cursing is funny
Dante Arce
Dante Arce преди месец
0:01 "hello mortals"
di. mythios
di. mythios преди месец
heh Win2000 I used for 10 years before going to Win7, which I still use in my back up computer.
RespawnPlayz преди месец
Look how sacred he was when he saw his mic stopped
yeety_my_ yeet
yeety_my_ yeet преди месец
3:43 you can see his smile fade. He must’ve shit himself when he thought it got onto his main pc
Potato преди месец
Muta's never seen the sad man, interesting
Galxay Knight
Galxay Knight преди месец
4:15 when your friend says wanna watch a family friendly channel
Freddo преди месец
Yo the first jumpscare sounded like a mix between the Fnaf 1 and 3 jump scare sound 😂
RainbowistLaney преди месец
Muta: *Opens Windows Horror edition with no fear* Windows Horror Edition: *Cha cha real smooth* *OBS stops recording* Muta: wHAT THE FUCK?!
Jackesfox преди месец
I started fucking laughing when this shit played Thresh login screen music
Bashful Wolfo
Bashful Wolfo преди месец
A phantom BB jumpscare lmao The least scariest FNaF character there is-
TheLazyWanderer преди месец
13:00 Defender might be good... But i'd rather use any cranky antivirus than have it rape my CPU whenever it wants.
quarantined cat
quarantined cat преди месец
it would be funny if they put dorime as the background music any clueless idiot would probably be scared
イケメン преди месец
it actually could have been spooky if they didn't basically steal everything in it (for anyone curious, the animation that played is called the sad man, its by jake lava here on youtube, go show em some love :))
Enkay преди месец
Windows 2K pro baby
Bad Ideas
Bad Ideas преди месец
holy shit, the person who made the virus literally used an image from one of the worst horror games, Timore (Or Timorem? I forget the exact name) But when the first screamer pops up and muta calls it Baldi, that's actually one of the shitty mannequin monster things from Timore Edit: And then obviously the granny thing, which is just, meh, but then it just straight up steals an animation that you can find on youtube, although I forget the name currently, but shit, that makes it even harder to take this virus seriously when it's obvious the creator basically went on youtube and searched the word "Scary"
Marshall Rich
Marshall Rich преди месец
I missed virus investigations :')
JuicyJuice преди месец
Indian Toby Maguire
Alinka Golovach
Alinka Golovach преди месец
If you pause at exactly 4:39 you can see a new Muta face
god o Randomness
god o Randomness преди месец
Mutahar you scared me
Different i am
Different i am преди месец
I'm gettin' some Sonic 06 flashbacks with that Windows XP background.
Muse преди месец
You gotta admit that was cool making XP go rogue. It looks like an art project.
Muse преди месец
I miss windows XP so much!
ThijmenSama преди месец
where do you get windows xp vm?
Miguel the sonic and sonic.exe gamer
Miguel the sonic and sonic.exe gamer преди месец That is the download
FaultyAnims преди месец
ok the only scary part is the amount of images it used probs from the web
FaultyAnims преди месец
bruh that animation is actually made by someone who probs didn't contribute to this lolol
1word2letters преди месец
Maybe? преди месец
That animation fr sad fall guys
Gamemaster13000 преди месец
Was that animated sequence made specifically for this virus or was it stolen from other creator cause it was honestly quite impressive. I'd hate to see someone's well made horror animation completely ripped off by some guy making a glorified creepypasta.
ALT TRAX преди месец
I thought my TV was broke because of the filter and or lighting you are using 😅
Ben Irwin
Ben Irwin преди месец
Lmao Muta you gotta stop leaving your outtakes in
iSuckAtNames преди месец
dont look infront of you...
SG Gaming
SG Gaming преди месец
Got a question for you @someordinarygamer. Whens the time you have almost compromised your computer/ information from downloading viruses?
Big Bee Boy
Big Bee Boy преди месец
Lmao they stole a video off youtube
Unscriptablee ee
Unscriptablee ee преди месец
Dude when the guy who has everything down gets worried I ain’t tough anymore 😅
nachosNapples преди месец
why does it feel like i've watched this?
Gaming Customs
Gaming Customs преди месец
Nothing beats the classic muta acting a fool reacting to some cringy virus😂
regretti spaghetti
regretti spaghetti преди месец
Lmao when the girl was taking off the creature's mask in the animation i immediantly went "KISS! KISS! KISS!" In my head
Alma Martinez
Alma Martinez преди месец
The scariest part is Muta's neighbohrs not respecting quarantine and having a party. Now that's a horror virus!
Daniel M
Daniel M преди месец
Could have been possible to mount the vdi in another VM as a secondary drive, or even run a live Linux session on the original. Also I use ClamAV personally as it's the only Linux native AV I've found so far, and I only have it installed because I use wine constantly, running things I come across on my internet endeavors with somewhat reckless abandon, and considering some of my bottles/prefixes have access to root and/or home it's better to be safe than sorry, and as a last precaution I use virus total if I really don't trust the file.
Gabe likes Memes
Gabe likes Memes преди месец
almost as metal as dos viruses
Yo its small s
Yo its small s преди месец
I remember I was using BGpost to mp3/mp4 converter and after every convert it will bring you to a random website. Now I convert something and a page pops up that says your computer has a virus. Now I know that it’s fake but after I checked my task manager I realized HOLY SHIT I ACTUALLY GOT A VIRUS so youtube mp4 player... is kinda bad.
Caleb Pounds
Caleb Pounds преди месец
Right when he said atleast theres no full on screamers
KeyRubiX преди месец
This is unexpectedly entertaining.
Chaos Convergent
Chaos Convergent преди месец
Windows10 does not support FRAPS recording function
doge fluffy tail
doge fluffy tail преди месец
some of this stuff is games and videos not just screamers on the app
dat boi123
dat boi123 преди месец
I looked behind me and there was a wall nothing else happened
Comrade M 0 n k e y
Comrade M 0 n k e y преди месец
11:40 humon is dead: mismatch Idk why dat came to mind
Zhef преди месец
That creepy animation could actually be found on BGpost
Frederick Christian
Frederick Christian преди месец
I think there was a mismatch
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