we all survived what happened yesterday...

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Did you remember what was supposed to happen Yesterday on the fifth of September? I'm gonna wager 99% of you do not. Thanks for watching!
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Alibe преди 7 часа
Leaving a comment here for anyone who's on the mood of predicting the apocalypse on the replies December 31st, 2020
Narrowing Willows
Narrowing Willows преди 10 часа
I'm pretty sure my sister's birthday is the day after September 5th. welp
The Brainbusters
The Brainbusters преди 13 часа
NGL , the blue man looks like Mark Zuckerberg
FaZe RyZeN
FaZe RyZeN преди 15 часа
I randomly found this video and I was like what how
neal heron
neal heron преди 17 часа
wtf happened to 720p
Coco11211 Games
Coco11211 Games преди ден
Muta "Well at least at least uh if the world had ended you'd have died alongside your hot dogs right that would have been f*cking poetic in a way." No one: Me: Ha funny
Dacian преди ден
lmao rip
Sahi Hazqeel
Sahi Hazqeel преди ден
I had the fbi in my house
Yoonie преди ден
*lets see if we can suvive 2020*
Chef keef
Chef keef преди ден
We survived now that we survived give chef keef a like to give good luck cooking
Boring stuff
Boring stuff преди 2 дни
I saw mark zuckerberg in that weird picture
Monxuxu преди 2 дни
An awful event did take place on September 5th... I forgot to watch someordinarygamers newest upload.
Joshua Trowbridge
Joshua Trowbridge преди 2 дни
ive learned more in this vid than i have in 5th 6th 7th and now my 8th year of school
The one in the toilet
The one in the toilet преди 2 дни
*5ft of 2020* Me just playing Minecraft alone trying to find diamonds at 3:00 a.m.
Hurricane Nathan
Hurricane Nathan преди 2 дни
Zophibee преди 3 дни
I had a dream on September 28th, 2020 of the Archangel Michael escaping some battle/ambush of other angels (could've been demons but they looked like normal angels). He sought refuge in a house that I was in with some young man (no idea who). Michael went to rest in one of the beds, and after a while the young man went to wake him so he could go eat. Michael was exhausted and starving from the looks of it, considering how much he ate. Upon his arrival I did see wings coming from his back, massive and at least 10 feet wide for each wing! His muscles were larger than any human man in existence was ever capable of achieving and he stood at least 7 feet high. I ended up going upstairs after witnessing him eat at the table to see another angel enter from the balcony door. It was night time outside and chaos was everywhere. The angel/entity that entered the upstairs room had jet black hair with a clean shaven face - not a single hair on him other than his head. He wore a black dress suit that went to his knees. His eyes were dark and steady with a menacing intelligence behind his glare. He didn't say anything to me before the dream ended there. While I don't really believe in any human-made dooms day "prophecies" I do believe there will come a time when mankind just cannot survive well anymore on Earth. We will become incompatible with the planet and it'll be a slow race to the end filled with desperation, greed, violence, and money will not be enough. That's a very real future, and one we are starting to face now. Humans will die out long before any apocalypse-like event happens, and it'll be our own fault.
Rawenhappy преди 3 дни
Not to brag but I ate yogurt and bread yesterday
Lil Rotta
Lil Rotta преди 3 дни
I can't believe I survived this video. When I'm not in fullscreen, it's much shorter than normal and makes me constantly feel the urge to scroll up. edit: I just realized that this sounds like a hate comment, it is not. I'm pretty sure that this was not in his control whatsoever. just wanted to clarify.
It’s Green
It’s Green преди 4 дни
Random dude: I’m not dying without my hotdogs!!
wolferz studios
wolferz studios преди 4 дни
can you please talk about "Eris Loris"
Sevilou преди 4 дни
Dreams are subjective reflection of one-self, not a *collective* prophetic movie to spoiler everyone's reality. If you are experiencing dreams that are alike to someone else's, then most likely you had / are experiencing things that can relate in your dreams symbolism. Your dreams are never *exact* same to tiniest detail (which matters) as someone else's.
GTA and Apple channel
GTA and Apple channel преди 4 дни
@Sevilou sounds relatively close and when I wake up I feel like It’s not a dream but that’s what actually happens then I remember that my cat has been dead for quite a while ( 3 years ago ) I don’t wake up like usual, it’s like I don’t even sleep but just close my eyes because it’s fell like that I already awake before I even open my eyes
Sevilou преди 4 дни
@GTA and Apple channel *keep in mind that whatever I typed below I would only describe from my own perspective in all shape or form, and it might not at all or just vaguely describe your own situation symbolizing entirely different point of view* example: dead cat but alive before being hugged in your arms = you might just care for your pet obssesively. At first red might symbolize love in this context for caring deeply for your pet, that's a good take but really shallow compared to closer look. Red is also symbol of sacrifice and power. Color being *dimmed red*, *not* bright red in your *bedroom* the place where one is supposed to calm and wind down, feeling comfortable. In this scenario i would translate to calm mood and being comfortable *because* you are there with someone you care for, *in your dream it's* "your cat dead in the dream, but alive for some time before being dead in your own arms". *How i would interpret it for myself:* -Burning red colour, becoming dimmed or being gradually dimmed represents sacrificing yourself less for others/significant other. -You want to *pretend or not that you don't care* only to keep yourself in your comfy-bubble (i.e. less worries, less stress, more comfy). However instead of feeling relaxed as you should be in your own bedroom, due to -*lack of your attention and care* for that someone You end up *"hugging them dead in your arms"* One way or another they've become less important in your life, thus they are obviously alive in your day to day life, but in dream being alive at first *they end up dead* and you have them *in your arms* meaning *it's your fault* for screwing up IRL. *tl;dr* you might be ignorant to someone / something or are not putting enough effort to preserve it and you end up destroying it.
GTA and Apple channel
GTA and Apple channel преди 4 дни
@Sevilou I have a lot of other dream that I still remember Like a dream about me hugging my dead cat in a dimmed red room( My bedroom with Dimmed Red light) ( the cat was alive in that dream) ( still in First persons)
GTA and Apple channel
GTA and Apple channel преди 4 дни
@Sevilou but what you said fit my personality quite well
GTA and Apple channel
GTA and Apple channel преди 4 дни
@Sevilou I also forgot to said but that I’m in First Person View and i was lying on a bed and there a a guy in that room doing something that I don’t ( I remember that he doesn’t do much of anything but he is doing something) remember and near the end of that dream I remember thinking that “S*x have no purpose” or something very similar to that
Hisako DarkFire
Hisako DarkFire преди 5 дни
what if we are already living the "end of the world" ? >.>
Chrispy_Salt преди 5 дни
I see Mark Zuckerberg
c h e a t e r. r p m
c h e a t e r. r p m преди 5 дни
Does anyone here remember June 6, 2006? When everyone thought the world was gonna end.
the-bread-shed Gaming
the-bread-shed Gaming преди 5 дни
1:45 thought the gfuel was a can of raid
Alyssa McCain
Alyssa McCain преди 5 дни
I just happened to watch Nexpo's video on the strange posters in Utah and saw him uncover the September 5th subreddit. I thought "wow, didn't Muta put out a video pretty recently about us surviving an apocalypse I had never heard of." Had to come back and I can't believe I was right.
kako ki
kako ki преди 6 дни
It ended 2016
Rahidul Islam
Rahidul Islam преди 6 дни
Bro you're channel has an early 2000s, miniclips, flash games vibes. Love your videos bro
Noble 69
Noble 69 преди 6 дни
5th of September was when the Blue Man Group cancelled their tour due to discovering Titan technologies in Planetary Annihilation
clowntown 101
clowntown 101 преди 6 дни
It was actually no simp September, and it was real yall should stop mocking.
Nick Marko
Nick Marko преди 7 дни
So we survived my 24th birthday?
Red Crewmate
Red Crewmate преди 7 дни
I read the title and got worried
matty14 преди 7 дни
damn my birthday was gonna be the end of the world
Adrian Ornelas
Adrian Ornelas преди 7 дни
Maybe I’ve mixed too much tequila with my gfuel that’s my phrase now thanks muta
MAZEツ преди 7 дни
6:53 Mark Zuckerberg
Ferox преди 7 дни
Son Czar
Son Czar преди 7 дни
I used to do stupid maths in my class and I fucking failed 9th Standard 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
『 Phagalizer 』
『 Phagalizer 』 преди 7 дни
Are they referencing 24 as in Pink Floyd's "Chapter 24"???😱😱😱
the Bebobalistic
the Bebobalistic преди 7 дни
. . . . . . - . . . .
YoshiFBIAgent преди 8 дни
I had a repeated dream about the sun pulling earth into it, and the sun exploding, omg were all gonna die!
GDbowser преди 8 дни
h hͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪ hͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪ hͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪhͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪhͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪhͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪ hͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪ hͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪ hͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪ hͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪͪ
Luis Aguilera
Luis Aguilera преди 8 дни
Sophia Isted
Sophia Isted преди 9 дни
How would we know if we died anyways. The world might end but we would never know because we would be in after life?
Mcos преди 9 дни
Its scary because i heard knocking on my balcony window at fifth of September, and i did never heard any knocks before i just found this video and i am scared.
Meme _lord
Meme _lord преди 9 дни
when its October and nothing happened
Fbi Agent
Fbi Agent преди 9 дни
Bruh that guy in the photo is micheal miers
Paul Tasmock
Paul Tasmock преди 10 дни
As a scientist I can aproximately predict the end of Earth. About 5 million years when the Sun will end fusioning Hydrogen and start with Iron, in that moment, it will expand, engolfing the first 3 planets, so Earth included. Dont worry, by that time Im sure we will space fairing species, spread out to thoudands of planets
Lin Gu
Lin Gu преди 10 дни
You need to do a video on Twitter and Facebook's censorship on Hunter Biden.
sarah ovens
sarah ovens преди 10 дни
I had no idea...
Adrian Budgell
Adrian Budgell преди 11 дни
In all seriousness the dreams are pretty fucked up and it makes me not want to sleep
tntim111 преди 10 дни
dreams are the only reason I sleep
Captain Falcon Best Boy
Captain Falcon Best Boy преди 11 дни
The world won’t end until DIO dies.
Linus преди 11 дни
HEY! You there. Did you know that neckbeard is a synonym for redditor?
Unicorn преди 12 дни
Well we are all invicible
KingMB XJ преди 12 дни
this aspect ratio is shorter than a 5' 11" guy in the eyes of some picky hoe with standards higher than that turtle from finding nemo.
Connor Douch
Connor Douch преди 13 дни
The blue face was Mark Zuckerberg im absolutely sure of it. Btw I had a dream where muta slapped keemstar idk why
I'm litreally just here
I'm litreally just here преди 12 дни
I had a dream about me being duo from JoJo’s child, idk why either
Falxie_ преди 19 дни
Muta with the wide aspect ratio
Educatedh20 преди 22 дни
Ok let’s be honest everyone sees Hitler when we look at that blue man
Elijah Gray
Elijah Gray преди 22 дни
Did you know this probably is connected to the happy valley dream survey
Cereptic преди 26 дни
it looks like scp-096
Just Some Random YouTube Profile Picture
Just Some Random YouTube Profile Picture преди месец
Damn this happened on my birthday...
TheCrunchyGamer преди месец
one time i had a dream about earth crashing into earth in a walmart parking lot
TheCrunchyGamer преди 23 дни
@ThatOneDude the dream ended
ThatOneDude преди 23 дни
TheCrunchyGamer what happened after that?
Neko преди месец
People are just having fucked dreams because of how fearmongery media is nowadays. Like, I've had several dreams where nukes drop, which only started after covid began.
shcrodinger's Lion
shcrodinger's Lion преди месец
Supposed apacolypse survival bingo Y26 2012 2020 2021
eles keletitto
eles keletitto преди месец
NODE graph out of date : rebuilding AND that is why we are still alive, glados pls start singing
King Noe
King Noe преди месец
Lol really people... I would've told u I promise. U don't have to worry until 2033 or 3033 i'll have to get back to ya on that. Some of these people trip me out.
Emmy Ocelot
Emmy Ocelot преди месец
It's the end of the world every month
The tower of Babble
The tower of Babble преди месец
4:45 ah, the spongebob references. May they never die
faze shadowclaw
faze shadowclaw преди месец
his skin is smoother than my peanut butter
Kirsten Patricio
Kirsten Patricio преди месец
I bet that severed head with the skull attached was Void from the Godhand from his youth.
Ben Price
Ben Price преди месец
Dont celebrate to quick not everyone survived sept 5th is my wifes birthday i thought oh well we'll all be dead Not the case now its just me
Zemock преди месец
Retard Conspiracy Blue Face Man: OOoo I'm scary you're gonna die tomorrow Me: ok. Thog no care.
kevin anderson
kevin anderson преди месец
24 michelle jordans jersey number
Ada Asher
Ada Asher преди месец
No one knows when the world is going to end I can be tomorrow the next day the next week the next months the next year the next million years the next thousand the next hundred no one knows and no one knows a volcano can burn us a giant fireball can come back and kill us all no one knows except for you know who and now I'm not talking about the BGpostr so don't let the fear get inside you and not kill your good day
Liquid Splash
Liquid Splash преди месец
I don’t know I hit my foot pretty hard is it worth surviving
Cthulhu преди месец
What about the post where the guy said he became the leader of Mars?
Daniel Harrington
Daniel Harrington преди 5 дни
Only Mayor Mccheese
Daniel Harrington
Daniel Harrington преди 5 дни
Super Hot? Glasses Jacket Shirt Man?
Patrick Star
Patrick Star преди месец
i always thought that was an arg that got ruined by a bunch of trolls, because it seemed there was like an actual storyline for it about 6 months ago and then it got invaded by trolls
REDARROW101_A5 преди месец
Is it me or does that picture @6:45 look like Mark Zuckerberg?
Cypher.Sonic // SegaSakura
Cypher.Sonic // SegaSakura преди месец
The new graphics seem cool but I'm not in that area where the new graphics are
Anthonyg5005 преди месец
hey guys, trust me the end of the world is tomorrow
Anthonyg5005 преди месец
@Bowser it's a joke because in the video he talked about people who think they know when the end of the world is
Bowser преди месец
I can't tell if you are joking. I may be dumb
Square Bob
Square Bob преди месец
Grandparents: BacK iN My dAy wE HAd To WaLk In 30 FeEt Of SnOw. Me: 😏 That’s cute.
Joseph M.
Joseph M. преди месец
so are we going to ignore the new aspect ratio? Mutascope
50shadesofHisoka преди месец
Kakutasu преди месец
nah, i think that picture looks more like mark zuckerberg
REDARROW101_A5 преди месец
That's what exactly I was thinking it looked like. I mean TBH he could End the World in Theory. He just need to turn off the Facebook Servers and then all of a sudden there would be mass panic, that would lead to the collapse of civilization.
name person
name person преди месец
What happend yesterday
Vai преди месец
what even happened
Johnny and Plank
Johnny and Plank преди месец
Guy had a sub zero spine ripping fatality nightmare lol 😂
Logan Caine
Logan Caine преди месец
Still waiting on my survivor throne and crown. God damn the USPS!
Mohammed jawad play’s
Mohammed jawad play’s преди месец
Yeah I remember what happened yesterday I ate breakfast Went to School With a gun Killed 103 students Got charged with a 200 crimes Went to court Escaped prison Stool a baby Killed a baby And went back home
Plasma Bat
Plasma Bat преди месец
I checked it out, apparently they're not saying the world's going to end just that bad shit is going to happen starting on the 5th, and then after things will start getting better. But shit is already kind of fucked, I'm not sure how it will get worse. or maybe september 5th was the point where stuff will go back to normal after all this fucked up stuff already going on. i dono. anyway hope everyone is doing well and is having a good day :)
Bruh Luigi
Bruh Luigi преди месец
supa syrup PLUS
supa syrup PLUS преди месец
I that the blue face was mark zuckerburg
turvis 45
turvis 45 преди месец
Woah, I survived....that means I'm special....
PavPete преди месец
0:39 what the hell is wrong with your finger muta
Rishabh Parmar
Rishabh Parmar преди месец
btw jojo had an entire part devoted to end of the world so the world WILL end /s
Rishabh Parmar
Rishabh Parmar преди месец
Yes 5th september is the beginning of the end. How? I just realised that I must take up the mantle of doom slayer and kill unholy hordes of humans. yall gonna die brothers and sisters, seeya at the end of my super shotgun!
Unreal OrKa
Unreal OrKa преди месец
Guys please stop saying next year will be better than the last
Erika Alumno Secutec 1
Erika Alumno Secutec 1 преди месец
My brother was born in 5th of September. I was born on the 24th of the same month. I’m scared.
Shrekismysenpai преди месец
I’m sure 2020 is just a vibe check from god
DarknessGuard преди месец
The world ended? Oh, must have overslept it. Nothing different happened so far so maybe I'm just dead and believe I still live my normal, average life. What really kills us will be something that wasn't predicted, whatever that me be.
Donnie преди месец
I remember this only because of Nexpo lol
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