nintendo is kinda guilty...

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They did everything right revealing the 3-D All Stars remaster, except make it completely limited... why? Let's find out! Thanks for watching!
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SomeOrdinaryGamers преди месец
I use G-fuel through suppository methods using code "SOG".
ReconEvacuate RE
ReconEvacuate RE преди месец
Sorry I'm gay
OversizedSausage преди месец
@CubeShade it wasn't made to be. I know there are hacks that do it but the way it looks is fine cause it fits 64 better
Lynne Hall
Lynne Hall преди месец
if people are complaining about the price of a game it'll be fair game to increase it if people want it that much
yolosupem преди месец
K holdup
eggboy13 UWU
eggboy13 UWU преди месец
I Talk fnaf
I Talk fnaf преди 5 дни
Cinematic Nintendo commentary
abbas преди 7 дни
I bought it in October lol. nobody liked it clearly
Satanen Perkele
Satanen Perkele преди 11 дни
Just buy a used wii with all the games on it lol.
LongHappyFrog преди 13 дни
See i just think people overthink things. It's an anniversary collection to celebrate THIS year. Not the next year, not the year after that... This year. its the equivalent of selling happy 2021 when it's 2022
VeggieTablz Tablz
VeggieTablz Tablz преди 16 дни
I got that game...haven't played a lot because 1.such shines camera is REAL glitchy 2. Haven't played galaxy because I have both 1 & 2 3.I haven't played 64 because Idk how to blj (real reason is because like any sane normal smart creature I am to scared to go on spoopsy E A L level)
Joey Reinhart
Joey Reinhart преди 21 ден
Store *number a*
Fancy Frog
Fancy Frog преди 22 дни
Why don’t they sell it digitally?
F.L.Infinite преди 24 дни
I see that the Nintendo's Virtual Boy is gaining popularity in the webcam market.
Foxy преди 25 дни
this screen size why?
Spicy Meatball
Spicy Meatball преди 25 дни
Nintendo forgot to put their grasses on, so Reggie will not nintendo
JustBryant преди месец
Hopefully Nintendo releases a Galaxy 2 DLC or something.
Iplayontrackpad R.G
Iplayontrackpad R.G преди месец
"store NUMBER a" muta is four parallel universes ahead of us
firstname lastname
firstname lastname преди месец
Nintendo's devs are some of the best in the industry, but their buisiness guys need to be sacked.
Mary567 преди месец
I would have paid 60 for Super Mario Galaxy alone, I was so excited for the game and am definetly going to buy it. Loved both parts on the Wii and played them for days straight. Such a shame they needed to do this shit.
sir_paniccake ttv
sir_paniccake ttv преди месец
You know on eBay or what there selling 3D all stars for $75 to $150 even though the game is still out
King Noe
King Noe преди месец
I know, I mean a digital version is an unlimited copy right. Odd. Wish Mario was on ps4 lol he needs some better graphics. Wish they made a more adult mario or somethin but the first 3 & the 64 mario's are classic, they should always be available digitally.
VašVoljeniStanoje преди месец
Just use time machine!
Mike 52
Mike 52 преди месец
I’m a big Nintendo fan but I do have the same opinion as you it’s so fucking stupid that it’s limited
꧁ღ๑Avlan schuck๑ღ꧂
꧁ღ๑Avlan schuck๑ღ꧂ преди месец
Its really fun im glad I got it when I did
DragonSlicer преди месец
I'll say, Yea to the piracy because fuck nintendo, They clearly show that they can do fking n64 on the switch, then why the fuck don't they just release all the nintendo 64 games and also gamecube games on the switch, like holy shit I've been wanting it on the switch so damn badly but NO nintendo doesn't want to do that shit other than (Lets jerk off mario and basically release the roms for $60 and MAKE IT LIMITED) I find that kind of stuff kinda scummy and bullshit because I felt like the switch is kinda lame in the amount of games it has, majority of the games in the store are indie games, Nintendo Let me play Banjo Kazooie and Tooie on the switch, If they don't I just fully support the hackers that mod the switch and does it because again FUCK NINTENDO.
Rey Hugo
Rey Hugo преди месец
Why are you in a wider shot !?, I don’t like it go back to close up !!!!
Bryanna Disoso
Bryanna Disoso преди месец
I just went to gamestop today. Apparently they had two games that I wanted and planned on getting: Super Mario 3D All Stars and WWE 2k Battle Grounds. Lucky for me, I was there the minute they opened (I just got there too early and just decided to wait) and got them both in their plastic wrap. This wasn't important to the video, I just thought it was funny. 😅
BEEG YOSHI преди месец
I’ve never played any of these games, so I’ll probably get this game.
Michael Z.
Michael Z. преди месец
Is kent mansley in there developing photos?
Bruh преди месец
He said the thing
Vulpox Filmes
Vulpox Filmes преди месец
they could sell more in a long term without artificial scarcity, because scalpers
Bella Swan
Bella Swan преди месец
We are all masochists simping for Nintendo.
hashbeen 1985
hashbeen 1985 преди месец
Scarcity only exists if the product and or company is going extinct, so nintendo should have plenty of games unless they're leaving the scene soon
naw yeah
naw yeah преди месец
store number A
ShadowKamokezi преди месец
Can't wait for it to be 80-100$nzd cause you know, inflation fucking sucks
Fuzzzy преди месец
"Drop" based marketing should be illegal.
blue2x2x преди месец
Nintendo: "Limited Digital Release" Scalpers: "It's Free real estate" Pirates: "Let us introduce ourselves"
RESIDENT EVIL преди месец
Just cfw your switch someone will dump it.
RESIDENT EVIL преди месец
Finally someone said something about these scams.
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName преди месец
another episode of nintendo telling its fans to pirate the games
William Richter
William Richter преди месец
Probably because they're going to release 64, Sunshine and Galaxy individually after it ends
annikkaware преди месец
Yo Muta, the widescreen kinda fucks up the viewing experience on a phone. If you do widescreen, would you mind doing 2:1? It works perfectly on most phones, and is a nice compromise for 16:9 and 21:9 displays.
Daner преди месец
All fun and games until we ✨pirate ✨ the game
Caleb B
Caleb B преди месец
Even the original Mario all stars came with completely new graphics back in the 90's.
iliTrxpz преди месец
the beginning of the video reminds me of 3rd grade math
Collin Broom
Collin Broom преди месец
Muta was right, I did learn something this video, A is a number apparently!
DarknessGuard преди месец
At least I'm not planning to buy it anyway and can laugh about idiots spending way too much on leftover copies while I could play my older copies whenever I want. Though if I happen to trip over a physical copy the smart thing would be to get it and sell it for a higher price later.
Soulight преди месец
I also think they are doing it so they can re release the games separately on the E shop.
Soulight преди месец
I mean to be fair I bought super mario sunshine on ebay back in 2012ish for 80$...
Dr Baconhair
Dr Baconhair преди месец
3d all stars free •emulator •youtube playlist Done
Vincent Paul
Vincent Paul преди месец
Premium bandai and some of their gundam model kits😔😔😔
G59 // FLESHRIPPA преди месец
And alllllll this bullishit can be avoided if you just play on PC. The sad part is that A Hat In Time and several other similar games do the BING BING WAHOOOO a hell of a lot better than SUPA MERRYO. Like Muta said, these games that you've no doubt already purchased numerous times can be emulated to look and play better than Nintendo's recycled bullshit. Also, can we talk about SNES9x being an infinitely more accurate emulator than the SNES mini? You can even take it a step further and use Bsnes/Higan and get basically 100% accurate emulation. Nintendo may as well be dead.
JayTwoTwo преди месец
Oh my god... they will do this with Metroid Primes Trilogy.
mark Gears
mark Gears преди месец
I don't have any Metroid prime so I may have to buy it.
Luca Mihail Murafa
Luca Mihail Murafa преди месец
Phantomas преди месец
nintendo try not to sell old games for 60 dollars challenge
ozzy thekidd
ozzy thekidd преди месец
Who else had the jump scare at the 2 minute mark 😅
Minty Meeo
Minty Meeo преди месец
Reminder that the Render96 project is a hundred times better than Nintendo's own offerings in this collection.
VeggieTablz Tablz
VeggieTablz Tablz преди месец
I wanted to ask if you liked these games but I felt like if I did I would be hurt......but we good now....
Quickscope One Eighty
Quickscope One Eighty преди месец
Are the digital copies also limited time only lol
Knucklehead mcspazitron
Knucklehead mcspazitron преди месец
I think the reason $60 is too much is because it’s literally just a port of 3 old games while the completely REMADE versions of crash and spyro are $40 which are also 3 amazing games that are remade from the ground up
Homonkeylus преди месец
Nintendo: "emulator bad" Also Nintendo: "hey so we're making it so you can't get this thing after March"
DeltaRed12 преди месец
A, B, and F. Reminds me of a set of 3 doors.
TheKid20K преди месец
This is why you pre order
Eddie 2P
Eddie 2P преди месец
since its going away after march im going to buy it digitally but otherwise i wouldve just pirated it and played it on yuzu
Geek Central
Geek Central преди месец
Super Mario 3D All Stars is only worth if you haven’t played any of these games considering some of these games (especially Sunshine) are rare to get. I’m getting it because I haven’t played Sunshine, and I would love to relive Mario 64 and Galaxy.
Alex EatDonut
Alex EatDonut преди месец
When i saw the limited time i instantly thought of every scalpers buying tons of games and selling them for thousands online.
Kaigê преди месец
Store NUMBER "A"??????
funnyusername47 преди месец
I’m completely fine with everything about this game, but the limited time release totally spoils the whole deal for me. I’m not gonna buy a game because someone’s trying to trick me into doing it. It’s scummy as hell. No fucking thanks.
Chebic преди месец
If when I pick a copy up at GameStop if it is sold out then I will run all the way to Japan and steal a copy straight from Nintendo.
Manny Salazar
Manny Salazar преди месец
My wallet has sufffered artificial scarcity
Alexander Chippel
Alexander Chippel преди месец
Nintendo has been anti-consumer since day one and now people are starting to notice.
Alexander Chippel
Alexander Chippel преди месец
This video should be "Mudah disproves the Labor Theory of Value" in 15 minutes.
Alexander Chippel
Alexander Chippel преди месец
Artificial Scarcity was a major aspect of how the Wii's marketing went down.
Nightmacer X
Nightmacer X преди месец
Idk why they didn't use the ds 64 and upscale that game
qvlic преди месец
khan academy
Tumblr CAT
Tumblr CAT преди месец
Bro I hacked my wii ages ago I have all 3 games including galaxy 2 I’m set for life
1.restnrelax.1 преди месец
I've been looking forward to this game since we first heard rumors. I want that portable Sunshine, plus. And I'm the quintessential Nintendo fanboy and appreciate it that they're one of the few big game companies left still making quality products instead of just selling woke propaganda advertisements. But this manufactured shortage here is really low of Nintendo.
Crystal Pepsi
Crystal Pepsi преди месец
i am going to wait until the limited release is over then pirate the game
StarscourgeJester преди месец
Sounds like when I went to buy a Switch back in spring and they were sold out They still aren't available where I am, and I'm not paying scalpers
W_nder преди месец
Sunshine is the biggest and most underrated out of the three.
Meme Graveyard
Meme Graveyard преди месец
Couldn’t people just emulate these titles anyways? Who cares?
Meme Graveyard
Meme Graveyard преди месец
Jon Dough but can’t you do that as well with an android?
Jon Dough
Jon Dough преди месец
Now you can emulate then on the go...
Marge Simpson
Marge Simpson преди месец
Too bad my joycons don't work, helps me save money from buying more games 👍
Marge Simpson
Marge Simpson преди месец
Ah yes, reminds me of the good ol days of poorly made amiibos
high five
high five преди месец
Who else already secured their pre-order for this game.
RyznFlames преди месец
I have a slight conspiracy theory. I think nintendo will release all 3 games separately after the march 31st deadline for Super Mario 3D All Stars as a conclusion for a massive cash scheme. Now, you may be wondering "If that was the case, why didn't they tell us about this on the Mario's 35th anniversary announcement?" Presumably because of artificial scarcity. They want to alarm people by putting them on a time limit, convincing them that there is only a limited amount available in stock until March 31st, so that they can gain more people to buy the game as a manipulation tactic. This enables Nintendo to make an extra profit before they reveal all 3 games individually after the 31st as a way of playing the fuck out of us.
Gatlin Pea
Gatlin Pea преди месец
"No but like bro it doesn't matter that its just upscaled textures and its $60, or the fact that its limited even if ppl are asking for it so that the game can be played even after the original copies are destroyed, like bro nintendo is just having a hard time bc covid so they cant make unlimited copies, even if they are one of the richest companies in the world and that they are making the digital version limited too, and bro its mario's anniversary so it makes sense to make it limited like bro when they realeased mario allstars in the wii no one complained about it, yeah bro like totally no one complained about a shitty port, no one man, bro u should just be happy bcuz nintendo is making the game."
Gatlin Pea
Gatlin Pea преди месец
@Welsh Dragon bro yes bro i do bro, bro.
Welsh Dragon
Welsh Dragon преди месец
Can you even understand what you wrote **bRo**?
Queen Mary
Queen Mary преди месец
I just bought mario maker 2.... I don't regret it lmao
Jennavive86 преди месец
Nintendo mini
ROBOTPETER101 преди месец
Nintendo is gonna be milking Mario for all the money that he's worth. "We removed the game collection from sale, but YOU CAN buy each separately for $40-60 a pop! What, lower the price? Nah, they're still worth the price they were released with!"
Процессорный кристал
Процессорный кристал преди месец
Unofficial source port will be better
CringeyDingie преди месец
muta filming with a virtual boy
InactiveCoyote преди месец
One of the reasons why hackers dump the game file to save the games.
It's MAM!
It's MAM! преди месец
I bought both digital and physical
Kitty Litter YT
Kitty Litter YT преди месец
great points I'm buying it anyway
Generic Username
Generic Username преди месец
I’m just gonna buy the game digitally. I really dont have to worry about scalpers, unless in the next few days I turn into a hardcore Nintendo Collector.
SuhDoo преди месец
They know damn well that people are going to be panicking over the limited release. Stuff like that makes people that're usually hesitant, a bit more willing to give up their money, especially knowing that it'll be their only chance to cop the game. It furthers onto the subject of "scarcity". The game becomes only that more valuable with the knowledge that it's only available between a smaller time-span. It'll sell a lot faster because of that.
DickPays преди месец
I totally get the whole discontinuation of the game, if it was just physical, but the fact it's also digital? That's so dumb.
Curtle преди месец
I think “artificial scarcity” is a stupid thing to be mad about. If I was making a product, I should be allowed to make as much as I want even if I could technically make more. Stupid laws or rules or whatever, disagree.
RyznFlames преди месец
Then your product would be a massive failure
oni преди месец
My two main issues are that if a game they're no longer making is distributed (freely) elsewhere, via ROMS or etc Nintendo loves to bring the hammer down with not just site takedowns but huge lawsuits. ie: Earthbound Pay up to four digits online for a copy to play on the SNES or get a ROM They finally caved and put it on the Virtual console then discontinued the VC and Wii U. Similar case here: Mario Sunshine and Mario 64 copies going up in price over the years, not extremely high but regardless- harder to find. Nintendo now rereleasing this as a package, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY One hand i have to praise them for bringing the games back at all, but the other hand is upset they dont make these WAY MORE AVAILABLE. Not to mention, they are within their rights to do this but the people who have/share/seek these ROMS do so because they love the games and Nintendo, not out of spite.
Ian P.
Ian P. преди месец
"if I put 80hrs a week into youtube, what woulda happened?" Video title: top 5 reasons smash ultimate is dead
theundeadranger10 преди месец
This is just the metroid prime trilogy all over again
KillerReign _
KillerReign _ преди месец
Nintendo lost their chances convincing me to buy their system when they started Limiting the amount of Switches that are being put in stores. Coulda had one in 2018.
Dr. H82r
Dr. H82r преди месец
March 31st is most likely gonna be a huge reveal ngl
Xibyth преди месец
You can get ready for it by playing some Mario exe games.
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