Nintendo Switch Scalpers Must Be STOPPED...

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преди 3 месеца

Imagine buying out an entire stock of game consoles to resell them for four times the markup, Nintendo Switch gamers know all about this. Thanks for watching!
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DancingDragons преди 9 часа
As a Nintendo fanboy I find Nintendo fans to be some of the worst.. ESPECIALLY the Mario and Pokémon fans
BONGONDOR преди 2 дни
530$ 42 sold thats over 22,000$ for the switches
darkangel1994ify преди 5 дни
We have 326 scalpers who dislike this video
Genkia87 преди 6 дни
This is what happens when Nintendo can't restock their shit. Even before there was a global pandemic, they couldn't keep up with their stock.
Black Knight
Black Knight преди 8 дни
530 is 402 usd. Thats how much my Switch costed when i bought it when it came out
Lord0Link преди 15 дни
I also hate scalpers with a passion but that RTX 3080 tho, I just want to play Cyberpunk2077 @ max settings 4K Ray tracing on "DAY1" if it is possible with that card. long story short I bought one for €1200 €960 = retail price here in belgium. + was almost so insane to Bid on one for €1600
Dave McCaulkin
Dave McCaulkin преди 18 дни
The build quality of the switch is straight garbage. Joycon drifting, cheap plastic, screen is fragile, very basic touch screen, it just sucks. There is no reason to buy a switch except to play the exclusives. After that, theres literally zero purpose to use one, it is garbage
Ogrodniczek преди 19 дни
Imagine nephew watching this video before his birthday.
James Cook
James Cook преди 24 дни
where i live scalpers and shit arent really an issue. i remember walking into the store a little bit after nintendo switch released and buying one without a line or anything like that
Dondo Golden Rose
Dondo Golden Rose преди месец
I’m glad I bought a game that auto updates for $47.51 cheaper. (USD)
Ivan Lopez
Ivan Lopez преди месец
My Aunty gave my son a switch lite but i didn't have the guts to ask how much she paid, bless her soul. good thing she's freakin LOADED.
Chris G
Chris G преди месец
Thanks, I will be smarter with who I do business with the next time. Sorry about the issues you are having and thank you. They got it for free, the company, and Nintendo never sent a courtesy paycheck, to me, for sending that to them.
Just(A)Theory преди месец
Hm.... i hope im trying to sell my switch for a decent price o-o I thought my switch with the nice all in one carry case and 5 games for 400$ was a good price o-o
wizzzer1337 преди месец
Anyone came here after the RTX 3080 disaster?
Empty Program
Empty Program преди месец
Lucky me getting the switch the year it came out
Paxonex преди месец
Glad i bought mine last year....
ChildConsumer преди месец
Thank god I got the switch for Christmas lmao.
Remy преди месец
just got one 10 minutes ago from at retail price. If you're reading this go for it, don't pay & extra 100 bucks to mr scalper.
DeathlikeSilence преди месец
I got SUPER lucky and found someone willing to trade their regular Switch for my Switch Lite.
Taylor Brown
Taylor Brown преди месец
Is mutahar Canadian? If so I’m so happy😂
James Wilson
James Wilson преди месец
Search scalpers on BGpost and this is how I found this video. You'll also notice most of the BGpost videos are about Nintendo products too.
The OG
The OG преди месец
Please make a sequel for the 3D All Stars. It is being scalped for over $250. I am not even joking.
Dived Bakster
Dived Bakster преди месец
I wonder from were Nintendo got their ideas.
C & C Miller
C & C Miller преди месец
me who got the switch 3 years ago : POG
Fusion преди месец
Man I got my big boi switch for F R E E I won it
Symbot YT
Symbot YT преди месец
When my dad was at work he entered a raffle for a free Nintendo switch, and he won lol.
Thomas Lichman
Thomas Lichman преди месец
The NES and SNES Classic is probably the most egregious example of Nintendo's artificial scarcity practices.
Gavin’s Friend
Gavin’s Friend преди месец
I feel like since muta is off his medication, he would still be speaking even if he didnt know if the camera was recording or not
J Truther
J Truther преди месец
Also that animal crossing one you said you'd buy for 525 was auction with over 2 days left lol
J Truther
J Truther преди месец
Its a natural reaction to the global economy halting (in this case cross-continental shipping has been drastically reduced due to Covid) and being unable to keep up with supply. As a result, scalpers come in and jack up the prices given this is an item desirable enough that consumers will willingly pay premiums on the secondary market when the primary market cant facilitate consumer demand.
The Rainbow Of Life 592
The Rainbow Of Life 592 преди 2 месеца
This is the same with the Xbox 1 X I can find any new that are in stock that are 400$ or less
obama преди месец
you know, you could wait for the xbox series x
MarioRavioli преди 2 месеца
launch day flashbacks
Boba Ouma
Boba Ouma преди 2 месеца
my brother got my nintendo switch from a black friday thing and the last nintendo switch was there but apparently theres alot of people there buying games instead so my brother was lucky to get a nintendo switch then gave it to me on christmas
Gods Perfect Retard
Gods Perfect Retard преди 2 месеца
I craicked up immidiately when you said buckaroonies!
Austin Andrews
Austin Andrews преди 2 месеца
The solution is simple don’t buy a Nintendo switch right now
SyborgCat преди 2 месеца
Uhm I think im selling my switch for only 14k
BunbunmaruMX преди 2 месеца
On July, about the same time you uploaded this vídeo, Paper Mario was about to come out, and one of my fav streamers said he got one for a good price, when I asked him how much it was, he said, 360 or something like that, and I asked him, Hey but, isn't the base price like 300 USD? You said it was a good price, So he answered: Yes but there's no where to find nintendo switches here (He lives in East Coast in the USA) so I searched on online stores and they were about 400. and 500, mostly close to 500 and this one had very little use at 360 so I said, heck I'm gonna buy it. I got like WTF!!! How did that happen? And I've seen many places can't supply enough Switches and with this vídeo oh man. I guess now I understand xD
Dad Who Left to Get Milk
Dad Who Left to Get Milk преди 2 месеца
If y'all wanna buy a Nintendo Switch get it from this one website called
Schloates преди 2 месеца
Steam sales baby
Timothy Rochon
Timothy Rochon преди 2 месеца
What's even worse is that there are people charging $5,000 for a course to basically teach you how to scalp on Amazon and call it 'affiliate marketing'. And what's even WORSE is there are people charging $10,000 that teach you how to make a course to sell for $5,000 that teaches people how to scalp. You're reaction at 10:28 sums it all up lol
Xavier Mendez
Xavier Mendez преди 2 месеца
Scalpers are the bane of my existence
Julek Suska
Julek Suska преди 2 месеца
Imagine if you couldnt find a Nintendo switch in a store. -This post was made by European gang
random comment
random comment преди 2 месеца
This Nintendo switch regret getting got it and the dock scratch my switch
*snazzy clock*
*snazzy clock* преди 2 месеца
Ian Swett
Ian Swett преди 2 месеца
I work at an apartment complex and found mine in a box next to the dumpster with $400 in it. It was the best day of my life lol.
Veronika J
Veronika J преди 2 месеца
that’s crazy here in central europe all stores have them in stock even now for regular prices (320-350€)
Artistically преди 2 месеца
0:45 The way you say "for a uuuuh nephew" made it sound like you were trying to buy it for yourself and was ashamed to admit it for some reason
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Bureau of Investigation преди 2 месеца
Richard Seubert
Richard Seubert преди 2 месеца
Here in eBay Germany: Collective Edition (like Zelda, etc.) up to 1999 Euro (3.137 CAD) Normal Edition from 199 Euro (204 CAD) Amazon Germany: New 319 Euro (500 CAD)
Bob the catto
Bob the catto преди 2 месеца
Glad i got mine in 2017
Fracted Tech
Fracted Tech преди 2 месеца
Got a hackable switch and never paid for the games due to dissatisfying
Fainted преди 2 месеца
the thumbnail is more legendary then my girlfriend's vagina
Trusty Vault 13 Canteen
Trusty Vault 13 Canteen преди 2 месеца
Here in Germany i can buy a Switch from Amazon, no problem
The Morning Brew Review
The Morning Brew Review преди 2 месеца
I have a collection of multiple Switch and Switch Lite consoles that I have accumulated over time during the pandemic. Why do I own so many? For long term plans with the intent to keep them as a collection. Scalpers on the other hand are just toxic and are hurting the market and ruining it for everyone who hasn't owned one yet. Nintendo will eventually recover and keep up with the demand in production. Hopefully we can see the ACNH Special Edition making a comeback.
Andrew 525600
Andrew 525600 преди 2 месеца
Can’t wait the n64 classic to release and scalpers will make it ♾$
NormalWinterFox преди 2 месеца
I didn’t get the switch until back in May because overall I wasn’t planning on getting one, but Animal Crossing came out. That being said, I had to wait till May because that’s when they finally restocked them. Plus I was stubborn and waited until Best Buy or GameStop restocked them because I hated how overpriced people were selling them. Regular switches were like $400, one time I found one for $1,000. Then the Switch lites were $270 or more. One time a friend of mine found a Nintendo switch lite for $13,000 on eBay and we couldn’t believe how someone could price them that high. Like who would buy a Switch Lite for $13,000?
checkmatelad преди 2 месеца
I bought mine at Christmas 😎
Larnx преди 2 месеца
Since I got one early I didn't know finding a full switch was this hard
Miya Coxlong
Miya Coxlong преди 2 месеца
I concur- Buy a switch lite to test the waters. Find out it’s over hyped and have no interest in buying the normal switch ever. I’m glad I didn’t buy into this scalper shit. The library is not worth it whatsoever. I’ve had a lite for a couple months now, bit the bullet and invested in two big titles, animal crossing new leaf and legend of Zelda breath of the wild and a few 3rd party titles here and there. Nintendo is overpriced and lately have been dipping their toes into years old shit industry tactics lately with their newer mainline titles. I regret my decision wholeheartedly 100% RIP my nearly 400$
TheCoochieCrusaders преди 2 месеца
I had a similar experience. We went from my home province all the way to Prince George BC on a family road trip stopping at nearly every stop and we didn't find a normal switch until we went in some random towns Walmart and they had 2 left. Sold out literally everywhere else these things are becoming insanely rare.
Agent _______9
Agent _______9 преди 2 месеца
It’s the same with the new LEGO Mario sets
Moses Daniel Abidnego
Moses Daniel Abidnego преди 2 месеца
It is just like diamond (controlled by de beers)
Trax преди 2 месеца
Good thing I got mine earlier I got it when I was in my fortnite phase and I have the fortnite edition I sometimes wanna kill 9 year old me when I look at that switch
heavens door
heavens door преди 2 месеца
Also covid ducked up the creation of switches
BoJangles преди 2 месеца
Yo I’ll sell you my switch blue and green joy cons with console for 250$ cad
NikiPlayer преди 2 месеца
I'm so glad i got one in august 31st 2017
Artism Jr
Artism Jr преди 2 месеца
From where i love in america its pretty east to find some
duck that Scots on scooter
duck that Scots on scooter преди 2 месеца
Im smooth brain i sold my nintendo switch for a ps4
Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng преди 2 месеца
My first console was a Wii that my dad won at a company event. I used to be a Nintendo fan who would defend it to the death but now I don’t even have a switch and had actively persuaded a family member to get something else because of how things are
dakota640540 преди 2 месеца
Agree with 99% of what's presented but you talk about artificial scarcity while talking about a holiday where everyone all at once goes to purchase gifts. This isn't the manufacturer's fault or really anyone except the lazy people that decided to wait until the month of to purchase a gift for someone they 'care' about. The manufacturer doesn't decide how many units of their product to send to a store, the store buys how much they think they will sell. It's not like they know how many people are going to be coming in for each individual item, they can't keep an infinite amount in the back either, they have to buy enough to sell to the exact amount of people who come in. For each additionally held item that isn't sold, they're losing out. So they can either buy a ridiculous amount and potentially have alot sitting in the back taking up space and potentially never selling, or they can order an increased amount and miss out on a couple sales because they didn't have enough. losing out on 'potential' money sucks, having too much of a product that you can't sell actually hurts though.
ShockingRotom преди 2 месеца
Now im really happy i got my switch in December before this pandemic hit damn
Blacula Playz
Blacula Playz преди 2 месеца
just dont buy from resellers. switches are in stock sooner or later and bots can get everything
XCD01X преди 2 месеца
if u wanted the animal crossing switch then buy it when it comes out lol
philkiks преди 2 месеца
They only restock in japan and without the AC code.
Nish преди 2 месеца
I got a switch first try, in lockdown. All my stores had them in stock with a game bundle.
lia mutter
lia mutter преди 2 месеца
I bought my switch half a year after the original release
Yash Singhal
Yash Singhal преди 2 месеца
Bruh I asked my dad for mario galaxy and he bought me the soundtrack instead because he couldn't find the game
yunghart_og преди 2 месеца
i work at a retail store and i was able to get my bosses to put in a “one per person” rule and actually enforce it. i love when i piss off the pieces of shit that yell at me when they can’t buy 15 switches with their tax exempt card.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name преди 2 месеца
STILL can't get one even close to MSRP. Ridiculous.
Clifford Rodrigue
Clifford Rodrigue преди 2 месеца
I just want to say I worked at Walmart and Nintendo knows this is happening because they send a rep to us once a month just to look at the product we have and see our displays not to mention the fact that they're the only game company to do this which is actually baffling.
AleDongo преди 2 месеца
i enjoyed watching
Luanik8kmg преди 2 месеца
I'm 13 and i lost 220$ trying to buy a switch cause i got scammed by a fake shop. (I saved money for almost a year to buy the switch)
Lord Gryphon
Lord Gryphon преди 2 месеца
For some reason, this practice didn't yet transfer to country where I live :D hope it'll stay that way. I guess america/canada are kind of "special". However I agree with you on Nintendo also having a lot to do with this.
。おたとP преди 2 месеца
Not sure if Canada has Qoo10, you can try buying from there, they have Korean sellers that sell them for a cheaper price
Andrick Archundia
Andrick Archundia преди 2 месеца
At around the 4:08 mark when you show the lite at $299 and mention it’s at normal price, it’s not. The regular switch is worth $299 new. The lite is $199 lmao.
Awais Official
Awais Official преди 2 месеца
Shit muta you are starting to hate things i like. Calm down jesus christ
philkiks преди 2 месеца
Rabbit the One
Rabbit the One преди 2 месеца
What's a Toys Are Us?
Moxxii преди 2 месеца
As a poor as person and seeing all my friends flash their switches. It genuinely makes me feel left out- it fucking sucks.
Lord Ludicrous
Lord Ludicrous преди 2 месеца
Their basically using a public bot.
FireBallKing515 преди 2 месеца
Tell him I said happy birthday 🎂
Blerwerler преди 2 месеца
A shipping vessel chock full of Amiibos abandoned off of the North American pacific ocean would like to have a word with you.
Fire Bear
Fire Bear преди 2 месеца
Yes I agree 1 god dam game should not Cost 60$. New
Tre преди 2 месеца
I like how I’m playing my nintendo switch (big boy one) while i listen to this
Shibe преди 2 месеца
Amiibo are a prime example of this
Not _ Carlos
Not _ Carlos преди 2 месеца
The switch lite is 200 not 300
TheUnluckiestBoyo преди 2 месеца
At my walmart it says 1 switch per customer so yeah
Frankey2310 преди 2 месеца
There's this popular video on Russian youtube talking about how nobody remembers SNES because it was completely unaffordable at the time. That same video was actually an ad for SNES mini and the whole sales pitch was basically along the lines of: look, we know you don't give a damn about this junk, but this only means you can it at the cheap retail price and resell on eBay at a markup! Absolutely bizarre. I never realised Nintendo has been doing this with all their consoles, though...
obama преди 2 месеца
Can someone complain to the FTC about this?
Binnerism преди 2 месеца
bruh the priciest present I got ever was a 30dollar "gaming mouse" and I'm 13
Madalin Predoiu
Madalin Predoiu преди 2 месеца
well, it fucking sucks living in an ex communist block country with the economy still fucked, so anything imported is so expensive. shit, the online retailers sell nintendo products at US scalper's price, a switch being roughly 420$
inov8shun преди 2 месеца
I had hit a big bonus at work. I told my son I would get him anything he wanted. The wii had just came out and that's what he wanted. I searched and searched and found a place that said they had 3 in stock, I believe it was Fry's electronics. I ran down and when I got there they were selling them in a 700$ bundle. the bundle came with extra controllers and accessories and I believe 4 or 5 games. Yes, I bought it.
Soupxasy преди 2 месеца
You know what's worse? Living on a country where Nintendo doesn't officially sell games and the switch
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