Ellen Degeneres Is Not a Good Person...

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This is the least surprising statement I've ever put up in a title. Thanks for watching!
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Enthie Gavoir
Enthie Gavoir преди ден
And NOW everyone's talking about how she was never funny and the like cause it's now socially acceptable now that she's been exposed.
Devil jin 77 X
Devil jin 77 X преди 3 дни
Conan O'Brian is the best talk show, nice to his crew , loving, funny , goofy and 100% irish
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher преди 3 дни
Ellen Degenerate.
Ty Guimond
Ty Guimond преди 6 дни
Congrats you ruined my life happy now?
Rigor Mortiz
Rigor Mortiz преди 6 дни
You should avoid BGpost or the entire internet. It's gonna get worse.
voodoo64 преди 11 дни
Ellen Degeneres...is not a very good sentry mannn.....
Rushil Ori
Rushil Ori преди 12 дни
Try conan o'brien
Tetho преди 15 дни
I knew about the show but never watched even when I first saw it I just thought it was "meh" and just went on to watch old cowboy movies, mafia movies, and generally 90s - 80s movies with my Dad.
Kiweeb преди 21 ден
Ellen I didn't really care about. But how her audience acts all crazy and overly excited drives me nuts.
Boosteroids преди 24 дни
I’m proudly say that i am an asshole, but i never take things for granted from peoples, as long as im still breath, i will try to do myself
sophia merecedis
sophia merecedis преди 27 дни
Alex Smith
Alex Smith преди месец
This video summed up: Muta: do you want a cookie or a sticker? Ellen: actually it's funny you asked cuz I once gave a cookie to a starving child
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler преди месец
Be wary of people who try too hard to appear clean and nice, and plastic surgery does not hold up well.
shcrodinger's Lion
shcrodinger's Lion преди месец
Ellen degenerate
Xxdestroyernem преди месец
Ellen degenerates
Jarrett Smith
Jarrett Smith преди месец
I do nice things sometimes, yes to get ahead and look better. But I still do it to be nice(see what I did there?) I am honest about this because that just the way it is
Hentai Christ
Hentai Christ преди месец
I was lost in his eyes
KingMB XJ преди месец
this guy is the human embodiment of a cancel button.
Chricky119 преди месец
Liked for the title, stayed for the stare 0:01
Crimsonn преди месец
I don’t think she’s a good person either.
Redlin Ranger Studio
Redlin Ranger Studio преди месец
well you do more creepypasta narration videos like the good old days
BendingSpaceAndTime преди месец
Ellen Degenerate.
Harvey Lee
Harvey Lee преди месец
the Ellen Show is the last of us 2 but for TV
K Toro
K Toro преди месец
My grandma whos actual name is Karen watches the Ellen show religiously
WisK преди месец
If you can’t find someone who watches it just look at my sister. Who is not nice
PumpkinJuice преди месец
me when i take a shit and somebody's watch's me: 0:01
제로 преди месец
First Gotta like my own comment cause no ones gonna do it for me
analogaudio rules
analogaudio rules преди месец
Ellen Degenerate
Bono Lover Ortega
Bono Lover Ortega преди месец
One time, I heard that when someone was little, they thought her name was Ellen The Generous, because she gave out prizes on her show... nope 👎🏻
Bono Lover Ortega
Bono Lover Ortega преди месец
My mom likes/liked Ellen. I don’t know if she knows about this or not
Bono Lover Ortega
Bono Lover Ortega преди месец
One time, Bono & The Edge (U2 🇮🇪) were on her show and they were her servers (I think the actual servant was absent) and they tried to get her & her staff coffee ☕️ She got mad at them cause they got the wrong order. Bono blamed it on the Edge & Ellen got mad. She was like No! Teamwork isn’t like that! You don’t blame each other!
Individual with existental chrisis
Individual with existental chrisis преди месец
Literally thought my screen was frozen at the start.
Swamp Fox
Swamp Fox преди месец
i called it from the beginning, Ellen the "Degenerate"
taco BS
taco BS преди месец
Or she looks like too thololol xD.
taco BS
taco BS преди месец
She is only apologizing cause they found out lol peace o shit lier.
taco BS
taco BS преди месец
Everyone acts like they knew too tho lolol xD.
taco BS
taco BS преди месец
She just tryna save her rep for money too tho lolol xD.
taco BS
taco BS преди месец
Ehy is everyone acting like they never believed her and yeah I know always had thatxfunny personshexwaas axshitty person lmao forgot what I wanted to say but u get what I mean too th ololol xD.
taco BS
taco BS преди месец
She a Karen mad emo e too tgo lol faker jerk.
Whimsy преди месец
As tragic as it is that's it's gotten to the point where victims have to speak out, I love this era of complete, quiet psychopaths who get away with murder are getting their just desserts.
Sebas7710 преди месец
DeGenerates like her belong on a cross.
Jesus [is the only way] Lord
Jesus [is the only way] Lord преди месец
Oof McOofy
Oof McOofy преди 29 дни
There's no need to share your religion, pretty much everyone knows about Christianity
Bondit преди месец
Ellen degenerates
FT Kingfish
FT Kingfish преди месец
No shit
Catherine Michelle Rothschild
Catherine Michelle Rothschild преди месец
So Finding Marlin may not happen now because of this.
Dewansh Shukla
Dewansh Shukla преди месец
Ellen Degenerate show
MrKillabeez666 преди месец
yes,my ex gf and she held me hostage with her double D's and small waist line,true story too lol and im an asshole
Salah Ad-Din
Salah Ad-Din преди месец
They're called talk show "hosts" because they're the hosts of numerous parasites.
Santos Prince Z
Santos Prince Z преди месец
Ellen’s not a good person? She never was.
S Sen
S Sen преди месец
When I commented this a year ago... People said I was homophobic. Now..
bandora badr
bandora badr преди месец
Damn my boy be looking like muta even if it's slightly
Senator Armstrong
Senator Armstrong преди месец
Meanwhile Conan is going insane with his cutout audience
Gus Oslund
Gus Oslund преди месец
Ellen degenerate
Cybernetic Ritual
Cybernetic Ritual преди месец
Finally quality content, loved the video. Rather have someone be honest about being an asshole then a fake two faced person who's utterly evil beneath the public mask/veil that they wear for everyone to see.
God's Office ལྷསང།གཧ _ གངས
God's Office ལྷསང།གཧ _ གངས преди месец
Elen Degeneres more like Ellen Degenerate.
100 subs with no videos
100 subs with no videos преди месец
In 7th grade, we had to do a project on either genocide or important people (wierd ass choices, but its to show how far people could be pushed or whatever and the change single people could make) Ellen was one of the choices that you could do, and people would call me homophobic because I always said that her personality just seemed fake
Otakuuuz преди месец
Eric Andre is the best talk show host
Dylan Escalante
Dylan Escalante преди месец
My grandmother used to live this show. I'm glad she passed away before all this bullshit cane out about her.
Its Gems
Its Gems преди месец
Ellen degenerate
Big Gay Inc.
Big Gay Inc. преди месец
The only talk show worth watching is The Eric Andre Show and I stand by that.
JoshtheJosher преди месец
Ellen gave a DOLLAR to a homeless person 20 years ago, and brags about it today?! Lady please! *My dad and I treated a homeless person to dinner 20 years ago; we paid for EVERYTHING he wanted!* Now you look me in my eyes and tell me who really has the right to brag about what they did 20 years ago! 👊🖐️🎤💥
I ʇˌuop understand your jokes
I ʇˌuop understand your jokes преди месец
*Ellen degenerous? More like...* Show more
Sora Sanchez
Sora Sanchez преди месец
BTS was the only reason I watched two full episodes.
Crazy Disney Girl
Crazy Disney Girl преди месец
Y’all can talk about better things then scandals like are politics and Blm ✊🏾 and etc
Crazy Disney Girl
Crazy Disney Girl преди месец
Well I feel like people don’t or shouldn’t talk about scandals because the world is revolving around things to think about than what is happening basically it is programming you that is also something I learned in science it is programming you to think but it is my opinion
Fauzan Aziz
Fauzan Aziz преди месец
Also this channel doesn't revolve around politics
-UnJust- преди месец
No and he does talk about better things.
Shark with a Knife
Shark with a Knife преди месец
I opened the video and when I saw you sitting there staring at me with a constipated look I started wheezing
Nikapocalypse преди месец
I just quit my job a couple months ago, largely due to the effect it had on my mental health. It wasn't until about a month and a half later that I truly felt fairly recovered and like I actually understood how badly I was effected. I was there for five years. Definitely get out of a job that fucks you over.
Jett’s Dad Died
Jett’s Dad Died преди месец
Hey, Muta, I think you borrowed H3’s eyebrows for this video.
Pillow Salads
Pillow Salads преди месец
*_ellen degenerate_*
Jomppi the epic gamer
Jomppi the epic gamer преди месец
Ellen Degenerates
ODETHIOUS преди месец
I'm going through the dark timeline muta videos. I think there's a hidden code.
YN 13
YN 13 преди месец
my mom can watch ellen from start to finish but my moms also a narcissist so
YN 13
YN 13 преди месец
my mom can watch it from beginning to end but my mom is also a narcissist so
TORTOYS преди месец
never liked her never will
Quinn M
Quinn M преди месец
My mom watches marathons of the show. I can't stand it
꧁ Skylar Sides ꧂
꧁ Skylar Sides ꧂ преди месец
The fact that I made a presentation about how good of a person she was is just..... *I don't even know*
Obladi Oblada
Obladi Oblada преди месец
Muta hypnotized me with his eyebrows making waves
Xiphactinus Audax
Xiphactinus Audax преди месец
Ellen Degeneres? More like Ellen Degenerate
Jacob Fineman
Jacob Fineman преди месец
I mean, even watching a few minutes of the Ellen show, it's kinda obvious how terrible she is kuz have you seen how sadistic her games are?
The happy Harambe
The happy Harambe преди месец
More like Ellen Degenerates
Latrell Darell
Latrell Darell преди месец
I couldn't ever watch her inbred trash show
2ც, ८Һ૯૯қע ૯૪
2ც, ८Һ૯૯қע ૯૪ преди месец
I always misheard it to, Ellen the Degenerate
☢ ƬƝƬƁOƳ-Ɗα-Ɓαωz ☢
☢ ƬƝƬƁOƳ-Ɗα-Ɓαωz ☢ преди месец
Top 10 Intros of all time
Mischievous Mr Magpie
Mischievous Mr Magpie преди месец
I tried, I left because I couldn’t change the channel
DredgenFrog- 01
DredgenFrog- 01 преди месец
Ella the stupid degenerate show
St op
St op преди месец
ellen degeneres? nah, ellen degenerate. why hasnt anyone made this joke yet
St op
St op преди месец
@Iva Grujić ok
Iva Grujić
Iva Grujić преди месец
They did, you didnt see it yet
KaWaiiBuRgEr преди месец
I like only know about her because of Blair St. Claire’s snatch game on her
doge fluffy tail
doge fluffy tail преди 2 месеца
what a racist dump show
[ Some fire demon with internet access ]
[ Some fire demon with internet access ] преди 2 месеца
Ellen Degeneres More like Ellen Degenerate
Frank Parent
Frank Parent преди 2 месеца
All these people who came up with atrocious toxic workplace stories...
enze преди 2 месеца
Someone is watching a lot of moistcr1tikal lately.........
Braxton Odachi
Braxton Odachi преди 2 месеца
My dad can only watch an entire episode of it when we visit my grandpa, and he loves that show.
Miyuki преди 2 месеца
More like ellen degenerate
Bananasplityamiyami преди 2 месеца
The world is not just black or white my friend. Take it easy, calm down.
Psycho преди 2 месеца
My aunt loves the Ellen show, never understood why. Now though it makes sense seeing as how both my aunt and Ellen are horrible people; bad just gravitates to bad I guess.
Mr. Glitch
Mr. Glitch преди 2 месеца
I only watched Ellen for the games
Optimal преди 2 месеца
ellen degenerate
Ęÿūį Æßñ
Ęÿūį Æßñ преди 2 месеца
Ellen Degeneress? More like Ellen Degenerate. I’m I right fellas? Lol
Cubic Water Bottle
Cubic Water Bottle преди 2 месеца
Didn't some guy get shot because he brought Ellen the wrong coffee?
Abhishek Robert
Abhishek Robert преди 2 месеца
I'll rather watch static on my tv than her show lol
Abhishek Robert
Abhishek Robert преди 2 месеца
God, What has 2020 done to Eminem?
Orochimaru преди 2 месеца
Once I was little I literally thought her name was "Ellen Degenerate"
CC Official
CC Official преди 2 месеца
Click here for an Indian seal 0:40
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