Is This Website Protecting Predators?

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преди 29 дни

With a new trend floating around, and new strikes being administered this all seems to bring back memories of when we covered a similar topic a couple months back regarding moderation of content. This time it seems as if the ones who should be on the run may receive the benefit from vague guidelines. Thanks for watching!
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SomeOrdinaryGamers преди 29 дни
This video was solely for my brother MamaMax, I hope him and BGpost can resolve all this amicably.
YYONDERR преди 10 дни
@Ellenor Bjornsdottir mutahar
Ellenor Bjornsdottir
Ellenor Bjornsdottir преди 10 дни
Wait, is your name Mutahar or Anas?
sadtianii преди 15 дни
say hi to ur dad for me!
YYONDERR преди 26 дни
bean преди 26 дни
u said he was ur dad u liar
Charlotte Lim
Charlotte Lim преди 2 дни
if you close your eyes muta starts sounding like an old white man
Illumi’s Pincushion :3
Illumi’s Pincushion :3 преди 6 дни
The people disliking this video must be BGpost Algorithms personal accounts.
Unicorn преди 7 дни
Wet paint too sexual.
foxtailedcritter преди 8 дни
Dunno muta sounds like BS. (YT tries hard has made comments removed for videos on kids shows.) As for those dipshit vigilantes are just as creepy pretending to be children and doxing people. All around leave it to accutal police don't be a wanna be go go gadget potato that does vigilante crap just for views and clicks.
digduck преди 10 дни
If it bleeds, we can kill em.
Johnny Rojas
Johnny Rojas преди 10 дни
I mean they are because they have done nothing to mini ladd for him being a predator and has not terminated his channel at all
Remixer_ God
Remixer_ God преди 11 дни
Austin Cannon
Austin Cannon преди 12 дни
My question is this, who creates a teen dating site? I would think someone who is extraordinarily naive, or someone who is creepy as hell.
ZONEX HAVEN преди 12 дни
bartholimule преди 15 дни
Thier taking down this guy’s videos called anxiety war that exposes predators also
Trisitin Scarlet
Trisitin Scarlet преди 15 дни
He screwed the algorithm alright
joseph Armijo
joseph Armijo преди 15 дни
I back you and mamamaxx up 100%
Dylan Layman
Dylan Layman преди 16 дни
Evil will always survive, it’s the indifference of good people that makes evil thrive
Axel Milan
Axel Milan преди 17 дни
Asking if BGpost is protecting predators is like asking if the sky is blue.
Mia Mendes
Mia Mendes преди 17 дни
Plastik Ninja
Plastik Ninja преди 17 дни
maybe, vimeo even isnt that bad...
V lone
V lone преди 18 дни
Spoiler alert. Yes
MMMark преди 18 дни
BGpost would arrest Chris Hanson if they ran into the room while he was busting a nonce.
Jackson Wilt
Jackson Wilt преди 18 дни
those subtitles were beautiful
ayzee-a2k преди 18 дни
Matt Watson? Matt Watson from SUPERMEGA(tm)?
Dr Tickles
Dr Tickles преди 18 дни
Ty for sharing MommaMax he is doing a great cause and great work
Mark Rodriguez
Mark Rodriguez преди 19 дни
Lol yt got called out and now they're just trying to make an excuse for defend them
Joey the Sloth
Joey the Sloth преди 19 дни
Love me some Muta
Dr. Torrance
Dr. Torrance преди 19 дни
I just reported mr beast counting to 100,000 for sexual content.
Prion преди 19 дни
Question. Why not just send all the info to the feds and let them sort it out? I understand that this is to get the word out, but at the same time the authorities are better equipped to deal with these people. Then again you could make the argument that sometimes if you give something to reddit they figure it out faster than any agency could ever dream. Either way, I don't see the point in making a video to expose randoms if you already have sufficient details to send to the authorities. Now if you don't have the needed details? Sure, by all means get the word out and let people get the stuff you need.
Rudyard Kipling
Rudyard Kipling преди 19 дни
donttellmewhaticandogoogle A
donttellmewhaticandogoogle A преди 20 дни
BGpost is so messed up that even using the wii channel music will get you copy claimed for some song that sounds nothing like it. And yes, I am speaking from actual experience on another channel I have.
bruh h
bruh h преди 20 дни
Leafy: *makes too much pokimane videos" BGpost: *BAN HIM! GET HIM OFF HWASSMENT BUWYING* Miniladd: Sends nudes to children and manipulates them BGpost: I see nothing wrong
Obese Stain
Obese Stain преди 20 дни
I am not seeing any anime profile pics in the comment section lol
Alabamian Mapping
Alabamian Mapping преди 20 дни
"Guess I hope hi venom and want us" -automatic captions
G C преди 21 ден
Children do not need a dating app. Talk about a bad idea.
Afghani OG
Afghani OG преди 21 ден
BGpost is like a bad acid trip that traumatizes you
Horus преди 21 ден
Somewhere in this comment section there is a Child predator
TCn TheClassicnathan
TCn TheClassicnathan преди 21 ден
Susan wtf
The. Joker
The. Joker преди 21 ден
This video got taken down the next day...
haltech ECU
haltech ECU преди 21 ден
Brooooo you started playing phantasy star online 2!?
Sad Furby
Sad Furby преди 22 дни
Not making a 100s of videos all about 1 person supposedly being a rule for monetization is really sus because idk if any of you have fallen down the Amberlynn Reid or Foodie Beauty youtube rabbit holes but there are relatively popular monetized channels that built their ENTIRE channels around making fun of these women through "reaction videos". There are channels built around sneering at fat women getting monetized. BGpost is so damn inconsistent and hypocritical. I hate it here
dustyegg преди 22 дни
Matt and Ryan, from Super Mega?
Versatility преди 22 дни
BGpost and Google = The world's biggest scumbags..
Kobra преди 22 дни
Yo Muta, the app got renamed to spotafriend (mylol)
BYtoady Nolastname
BYtoady Nolastname преди 22 дни
They just slapped a piece of tape with the word "human being" on one of their servers and run contested strikes through it.
Waverton преди 22 дни
There’s a youtube kids for a reason
Oh_thats_zac преди 22 дни
Your channel is so additive 😂❤love u bro
Falkrim преди 22 дни
kilcats преди 22 дни
i cant tell difference between hindi and English anymore. i didn't even noticed when he spoke hindi
Treevors 3.0
Treevors 3.0 преди 22 дни
Should there be a teen dating site at all that just sounds very bad in so many ways
Treevors 3.0
Treevors 3.0 преди 22 дни
Thats a hard ass game
Treevors 3.0
Treevors 3.0 преди 22 дни
Can you remove the finger print?
Treevors 3.0
Treevors 3.0 преди 22 дни
This guy is getting bad people off the street i had to deal with someone at a young age at it wasn't fun and it fucked me up for life but the guy did do time and i put him there but from then till know i dont trust any girlfriend's dads i just dont trust men at all
Josh Franklin
Josh Franklin преди 22 дни
I love MamaMax
Aurelius преди 22 дни
Hello Anus
vigil преди 22 дни
My name is anus....
S G G преди 22 дни
Those who victimize children cease to be human so using "dehumanizing" rhetoric towards them should not count.
Microwave преди 20 дни
/\ What he said | |
deathbell_gaming преди 22 дни
Birthday, ruined.
Oh what hi
Oh what hi преди 22 дни
youtube's going on about how animation can be used to deceive kids (with the COPPA rule), and yet they don't even bat an eye at pedos?
Murkwood преди 22 дни
oh no youtube protecting scum who'd of thought it.
Total War Timelapses
Total War Timelapses преди 22 дни
You didn't watch the video did you?
abc 123
abc 123 преди 22 дни
you forgot the third thing people get violent over on the internet: baby monkeys
GamesHole преди 22 дни
can i report youtube to youtube? lmao
uiop uiop
uiop uiop преди 23 дни
Do a spanish english rapp please
Mantis_Riger преди 23 дни
Yes, yes it is. Same as the BBC. They just moved onto mainstream media websites from mainstream media.
the meme man
the meme man преди 23 дни
Mutahar comin in with the good takes
Mario Mixels fan 2011
Mario Mixels fan 2011 преди 23 дни
Democracy is a mistake. Autocracy is the final solution to all problems.
TwizzElishus преди 23 дни
Pedophiles aren't human and you can't change my mind.
Tips and Videos Channel
Tips and Videos Channel преди 23 дни
Just had a look into mini lad, that's so fucked. I wonder how many others are just like him, probably hundreds. I've never understood how these nearly 30 year olds could actually have fun playing these games for months with other kids. It makes so much sense they are predators.
LumbyMcGumby преди 23 дни
I love max
Nermina Turluck
Nermina Turluck преди 23 дни
guess i hope hi venom -google translate
MamaBearz 17
MamaBearz 17 преди 24 дни
Muta it's back!!
Erston Animations
Erston Animations преди 24 дни
my name is anal
Ben J
Ben J преди 24 дни
Watching this before it gets taken down
skywaker studios movies,games and more
skywaker studios movies,games and more преди 24 дни
Every Indian fan got goosebumps in the starting
Helix Jovian
Helix Jovian преди 24 дни
Mutahar looks like he's in a cinematic movie
xq39 преди 24 дни
How is it we have all these fucking mass surveillance systems and we have essentially no privacy yet these scum predators can act with impunity?
Just Some Bird With Internet Access
Just Some Bird With Internet Access преди 24 дни
Go to MamaMax’s BGpost channel, he literally scares youtube HQ, and he’s a legend
Menhera_ Angel
Menhera_ Angel преди 24 дни
Not only BGpost is going to damage their company but also damaged their reputation.
QuidQuoPro преди 24 дни
My 49" monitor do not fit the enirety of your video without black bars :( Need to get myself a 70" monitor next time
саша к.
саша к. преди 24 дни
Not sure about BGpost but rule34 porn site is protecting them for sure
Mustard преди 24 дни
THANK YOU for protecting Mama Max. I've noticed this a lot too recently and I'm glad you're shining light on it.
IsaacInfernape2000 преди 24 дни
Earth is dead The movie
peepants преди 24 дни
I heard Matt watson and went "supermega???"
Andarius Gates
Andarius Gates преди 24 дни
BGpost may not be protecting pedos but facebook does. Itll delete anti pedo groups but keep up pedo groups. Seen it happen at least twice.
Dopameme преди 24 дни
I'm just saying, BGpost's failures in analysis of certain content can lead to some damning shit. Also I'd pull up to Vegas and bet a solid $500 that Cuties could end up on BGpost's featured movies page (then again I've got horrible betting history so who knows).
DarknessGuard преди 24 дни
BGpost: says no private information may be showed in videos also BGpost: keeps on bugging me to give them more personal, offline data whenever I try to login. Asides from that YOU PARENTS FREAKING SHOULD ACTUALLY PARENT YOUR CHILDREN FOR ONCE.
Coffee Cat
Coffee Cat преди 24 дни
BGpost 2007: Video sharing platform for average Joes BGpost in 2020: the fucking Salem witch trials
SunBunz преди 24 дни
And they don't remove videos by Onision...
Gordon the big engine
Gordon the big engine преди 24 дни
they delete comments that say P E D O
DC Callisto
DC Callisto преди 24 дни
Hahahhahahah 8:01 funny.
No Signal
No Signal преди 24 дни
01101100 01101111 01100001 01100100 01101001 01101110 01100111
Grimari преди 24 дни
its for this reason im hesitant to upload content. it would be so easy for someone to claim my videos for "personal information" and get my videos removed and i wouldnt be able to do anything about it because im a smaller channel. its really sad tbh and kind of fucking sucks. i wish youtube had a better system that prevented anyone from just claiming a video because they dislike the person.
z_derApfel преди 25 дни
That was basically the stance I had when I saw the Mamamax video and the response.
No-edit Nathan
No-edit Nathan преди 25 дни
Yes, yes they are
No Signal
No Signal преди 24 дни
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Cloonsy преди 25 дни
Simple yes
sparrow преди 25 дни
Yt does everything bad they arent capable of doing anything good
Plok !
Plok ! преди 25 дни
when he said "i hate matt watson" i got confused until i realized there was another matt watson
one screamy boy
one screamy boy преди 25 дни
Going off of predators, social media and explicit content online. I use Tumblr. Tumblr was designed to be for people 18+, but minors were joining the site. There were people who were posting explicit content, but when minors started using the platform, did everything they could to keep minors safe (example, asking them not to follow or even blocking minors that follow them). Tumblr ended up with a pedo problem. This led to the community banding together to make the site as safe as they could for their underage peers - making it so that minors could filter content, people made sideblogs for explicit stuff, people that primarily posted NSFW were blocking minors, etc. NSFW posters were even making it clear pedos weren't welcome. But still, Tumblr has a pedo problem. This is when the community came together to try and make the platform unsafe for pedos, and safe for minors the best they could. They reported pedos n shit too. However tumblr is only ran by something like 200 - 300 people and the platform has well over a million users, so much of it is accidentally glanced over and this pushes the people on the platform to moderate themselves and make blocklists of dangerous users for minors to be weary of. However, someone on the outside saw "Explicit content may exist here" and "there are underage users" and major corporations asked Tumblr to fix it quick lest their app be taken down. So this led to the great porn ban of 2016, when Tumblr quickly developed a filtration bot to attempt to filter explicit content and explicit blogs from search results. However the bot was made so hastily that it was wrongly flagging people. Luckily they made an appeal system, and a team with actual people checking appeals to see if the blog/post in question is actually wrongly flagged. Now the bot has been developed and there are less and less instances of wrongful flagging. Does Tumblr still have a problem with predators and all around horrible people? Yes. But the userbase has come together to make pedos unsafe and keep minors safe. It's not the greatest system thus far and still needs some work, but it's far far better than what BGpost is doing. Take notes, BGpost.
one screamy boy
one screamy boy преди 25 дни
EDIT: You know you've failed as a platform when it falls on the userbase to keep underage people safe.
10 1001 1010
10 1001 1010 преди 25 дни
Thank you for helping our dad.
Romantic Outlaw
Romantic Outlaw преди 25 дни
paging barbara streisand.......
CringeCatcher.c0m преди 25 дни
Mama max - stops predators BGpost - You have broken the law fool
David Akanbi
David Akanbi преди 25 дни
BGpost is actually in a evil scheme
Jethio The Dragon Lord
Jethio The Dragon Lord преди 25 дни
**I'm a minor** welp.
Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hunter преди 25 дни
I'm playing genshin impact while watching rn
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