imagine being this stupid

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Seriously how hard is it to mask up.

David Hunton
David Hunton преди 3 дни
So, your gf not your wife. Must really care about her.
Pybro преди 4 дни
the only time i wear a mask in the car is when the green house effect makes the inside of the car smell like shit
marian roberto
marian roberto преди 7 дни
you are right i look healthy 100% but i have asthma and addison disease a autoimmune disease those in the store can actually kill people who have health problems and get away with it should be a law for trash people like that
Max Adams Tailor Edison Orion
Max Adams Tailor Edison Orion преди 8 дни
no, it's ok, throw florida under the bus.
Niva Raven
Niva Raven преди 9 дни
I live in Austria and in around two weeks we will not have any hospital beds left. And in this case we face the same situation Italy had to face at the beginning of the pandemic.
nope nopew
nope nopew преди 14 дни
all I have to say.
Y Need
Y Need преди 14 дни
Natural selection
Necrodimization Official
Necrodimization Official преди 14 дни
I dont think that its not real, i think that masks or face sheilds wont help in the long run.
Wildfire преди 15 дни
That cough set off my fight or flight response... better check your blood oxygen levels, Muta.
Miguel Villanueva
Miguel Villanueva преди 16 дни
Me, my mom and my dad caught the virus and i just had minor symptoms, my dad had no symptoms, my mom got a fever and a dry cough but was ultimately fine. The scariest thing though was living with my grandparents. My grandpa survived a stroke but was very affected and my grandma is very illness prone. So we had to wear a mask inside our own house. But when i see these people not wanting to wear a mask for an hour really makes me fucking angry, it also makes me worry about the lack of empathy these people have and how selfish they are. This hurts me alot.
Proven Scroll
Proven Scroll преди 14 дни
I haven't had anyone close to me who's caught it but one of my friends are immune compromised so this makes me really angry to see people who cant wear a mask for 5 SECONDS
BIG MAK преди 16 дни
Masks don't work anyway. Okay I sent this without looking at the video but the people in it are pretty cringe.. But hey there are worse people in the USA (*cough* Antifa *cough*).
Ren преди 18 дни
mans spitting real facts
HonorStar преди 18 дни
As a person with severe asthma, this virus is really scary. I wear a mask to the best of my ability even tho it's hard to breathe. It's honestly frustrating to see people not even try to wear one. It's like you don't care if you are possibly killing someone.
atomicskies преди 19 дни
notice how its usualy women doing this
SOULREAVER654 преди 19 дни
Florida is gone, we must get dicount john wick out of there
Govanni преди 19 дни
Masks don’t stop the virus.
Samiran Ghosh
Samiran Ghosh преди 19 дни
"India is speedrunning" So true 😂😂😂😂
RED The Wifey Hunter
RED The Wifey Hunter преди 19 дни
As a Florida person...this state is filled with morons like this. The worst of them are Karen Anti-Vaxx Choosing Beggar Anti-Masker people. (Yes all of those in one. They're like a whole other species). I've gone to wear 2 masks around them to be on the safe side.
NoneOfYourBiz87 преди 21 ден
Hans Lugen
Hans Lugen преди 21 ден
Max преди 21 ден
Things are very odd now. On one hand public health and safety. On the other hand you got channels that get millions of the subs over night and suddenly have that Dr Fauci guy on there telling people to wear masks. This is all getting very odd (I wear a mask in public for the record)
Fallen Faction
Fallen Faction преди 22 дни
It's not airborne, but I get what you're saying
NoahA 759
NoahA 759 преди 22 дни
Putting on a mask is like asking the question do i wanna get prego today.
Berťa Kučerů
Berťa Kučerů преди 22 дни
I have to wear a mask from 7:40 in the morning to 13:30, guess what i dont even feel it anymore
Efe Aydal
Efe Aydal преди 23 дни
The masks better work. My face had wounds because of it, I know many people do.
Fine Gentleman Adolf Hitler
Fine Gentleman Adolf Hitler преди 23 дни
Not even 2 seconds into the video we are watching and I wanna commit hate crimes teacher can we change today’s subject to something less infuriating
The Charminx
The Charminx преди 24 дни
2:18 i really want to punch every single one of thouse morons and get away with it again.
Niklassen преди 24 дни
Stupidity should be a diagnosis.
Koba преди 25 дни
I don't think that simply wearing a mask alone will make you completely covid-proof, but you have to be a new brand of stupid to protest against an extra layer of protection that can save some peoples' lives (if worn properly at least)
bf nifty
bf nifty преди 26 дни
If my dad gets this I will never see him ever again so wear your mask plz he will die in a couple days
Cereptic преди 26 дни
2:07 if u see these types of people there should be a law that allows u to open fire on them
Kenny S
Kenny S преди 26 дни
Yea, that's all cool n shit. But nobody should be FORCED to wear a mask outside. Private companies have a right to refuse service to people who don't wear them. That should be it. I actually value freedom so yea, i'm bringing rights into it. My bad, but then again we don't have bill C-16 here or hate speech laws. Imagine not having freedom of speech :)
Atavy преди 26 дни
We care Muta, we care :)
Spicy Lemon
Spicy Lemon преди 27 дни
Is it too late to consider outright purging people like this from our society? Can we just forget about ethicality and remove these ignorant troglodytes from the gene pool?
Synthetic Teapot
Synthetic Teapot преди 27 дни
The reason I care is because my dad was coughing up blood clots from covid a week ago and felt like he was dying. He takes things much seriously now. It sucks. It's much better safe than sorry.
Gamesux преди 27 дни
Its incredible how people blame the government for "handling covid badly" when the whole reason why its so bad is because the people arent cooperating with the government.
MikeyDay66 преди 27 дни
People seem to forget it's not mutually exclusive. We can both be careful and fight tyranny. The masks aren't that bad.
sunflower jesus podcast
sunflower jesus podcast преди 27 дни
Florida man shits on ground
William Metcalf
William Metcalf преди 28 дни
We won’t need masks if we just learn to stop breathing.
Ah yes, Americans
Wolfhowling преди 28 дни
Seriously, at this point on our blue little hellhole a world ending comet sounds like a lovely thing right about now.
MightyMusen25 преди 29 дни
2:02 he did it bois the mutahar laugh
Bepis Gaming
Bepis Gaming преди 29 дни
I work at a florida walmart ama
Cheems преди 29 дни
Anti maskers should wear a mask anyways cuz they so ugly 😎😎😎😎
FONISSA преди 29 дни
People really out here acting like they don't have only one life.
CarterTGS преди 29 дни
Let's crusade the 1000 people who disliked this..
nope nopew
nope nopew преди 14 дни
@CarterTGS Honestly the stuff he does anybody could do if they did a bit of research.
nope nopew
nope nopew преди 14 дни
@CarterTGS Hes just an average one at best.
CarterTGS преди 14 дни
@nope nopew He is epic tech guy, he does deep web/creepypasta shit, he actually keeps me up to date on useful news, and he plays games and does Live streams
nope nopew
nope nopew преди 14 дни
@CarterTGS I honestly don't like muta you know all he's really good at is computers.
nope nopew
nope nopew преди 14 дни
@CarterTGS whats your point.
CarterTGS преди 29 дни
Muta: ...airborne virus that could potentially kill us- *coughs* Me: I'm in danger. this is a joke, granted not a good one but please do not harass me for this because I know that there are people like that that will.
TD Andy
TD Andy преди 29 дни
1:00 mama mia
Velvet Blade1987
Velvet Blade1987 преди 29 дни
As someone who lives in America, this is normal
FallyYT Gaming
FallyYT Gaming преди 29 дни
dude. my fucking 91 year old great grandma is POG CHAMP, absolute POG CHAMP for surviving covid
KONA D преди 29 дни
What a god
sauce boy
sauce boy преди 29 дни
Tbh I don't see the point in the mask as it's not air borne according to some source's I heard plus the mask isn't really effective but I use it in respect to our florida law's and to protect other's or at least comfort them.
ml1201 преди месец
My friend, while pregnant, basically had to stay away from everyone because if she got it her baby would have died and she might have died as well. Which is horrible for her because she had been trying for years to get pregnant.
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers преди месец
If someone do t wanna wear a mask, they don’t have too. It’s called natural selection. They die and we get stronger
Mutahar rooms looks like a California gender reveal aftermath
Blin Kurwa
Blin Kurwa преди месец
5:27 you said it your self airborn illness it can get through your eyes... a simple mask thats not n95 rated without gloves is almost close to usseles the goverment is puishing these trash laws because of thrist of power and authority oh yeah and money. In Greece you have to wear a mask in closed spaces but not if it is a restaurant or a cafe! nooo you cant get covid there or bars with 50 60 people all cramed together!!! oh wait i forgot they close them at 12 am that solves everythingngn1!!!!1!111
Blin Kurwa
Blin Kurwa преди месец
dud ... china is number one on covid deaths and cases china is just hiding it and faking stats dont believe this bullshit
soulspasta преди месец
I live in a very elderly area in Florida and we get so many people walking into our local CVS, Walmart and Winn Dixie with no mask on. Some even say they have asthma and show one of those fake card's. I have severe asthma and I still wear a mask. They do work, so please *WEAR A GODDAMN MASK.*
Even if u don’t believe in it that’s ur belief, atleast wear the mask just in case
Cullen Duval
Cullen Duval преди месец
My dumb ass though he said anti massacres
John Gone64
John Gone64 преди месец
Resident Evil 7 COVID hazard
Goomy__64 преди месец
I have athsma, bad athsma I will most likely die if I get covid
Ravalo преди месец
Imagine being this stupid This post was made by smart people gang
Xenos Vista
Xenos Vista преди месец
ah yes, America at its finest.
Jeff Mame
Jeff Mame преди месец
Around these parts Florida = Stupidity
Lusus 1143
Lusus 1143 преди месец
"I don't how much you care...." I do, I really hope your family is doing good Muda. Hope Your doing alright too.
Emma Aston
Emma Aston преди месец
I’m feeling more and more like I’m the only one who genuinely enjoys wearing a mask and have wanted to wear one all my life cause I thought they looked so cool and am so happy now that I can lol
ziggurat sauce
ziggurat sauce преди месец
Nah, I'm starting to come around as well. I can even make stupid expressions with my mouth and no one will know
Lemonaids77 преди месец
I feel so lucky rn i got covid and all i had was a mild fever lol but yeah i still wear masks and stuff cuz its just common sense
zx99 _
zx99 _ преди месец
As a Florida black male who wears a mask in public areas not being racist or any thing but most of the non maskers are white.
Florzed YT
Florzed YT преди месец
A member of my family has a very bad illness. She just got an operation so the progression of her disease stopped. But if she contracts Covid-19, she will die. Stupid people are everywhere goddamn.
Super Shag
Super Shag преди месец
Wear a damn mask, don’t be stupid.
notzach преди месец
i don't get the big deal about masks. the worst thing is you will be slightly inconvenienced for a few months. also, the faster you wear a mask, the faster you won't been too.
Officer classified
Officer classified преди месец
i’ll wear the mask but man i fucking hate it i fucking despise it chasing someone who ran from me with a mask on, it’s really hard
Giordano Aisa
Giordano Aisa преди месец
With this situation most of the ppl I know have totally lost hope in the U.S., don't know if it is bad according to this video tho....
Zachariah Shaver
Zachariah Shaver преди месец
I say,let the idiots die
Jordan Campbell
Jordan Campbell преди месец
Anti maskers should just stay home and suffer if they get the virus. I know it sounds hella evil, but the fact you could've prevented it and didn't take any precautions after being warned then you should just stay home and be sick. Or if they even go to the hospital they should be charged triple just for being anti mask. Or in general they need to actually start fining people for not wearing it
Robbie V
Robbie V преди месец
he should have wrote wear a mask in hindi in the title
VHS преди месец
don't worry! natural selection will do it's thing.
baltas baltas
baltas baltas преди месец
Then i know the fact that then you wear a mask you concentrating co2 for 7-8 times and still wearing a mask if needed.
Scarfxze преди месец
My condolences go to you Muta
Lucid преди месец
If you don't want to wear a mask, just stay at home.
nope nopew
nope nopew преди месец
welp the people are gonna get louder and louder, and you know what im cheering with them 2:06.
nope nopew
nope nopew преди 21 ден
@Buck Johnson if you were saying why to the. "welp the people are gonna get louder and louder, and you know what im cheering with them 2:06.", welp I'm surprised you haven't seen it yet.
nope nopew
nope nopew преди 21 ден
@Buck Johnson oh i thought you were talking about my second comment.
Buck Johnson
Buck Johnson преди 28 дни
@nope nopew well that's such an argument.
nope nopew
nope nopew преди 28 дни
@Buck Johnson don't know to be honest.
Buck Johnson
Buck Johnson преди 29 дни
@nope nopew why?
BlueNightfury преди месец
Yikes as much as I have said myself I don't like wearing a mask despite having had the virus in the begining of the year (though I didnt have it as bad as everyone has it and while I fighted it off like a normal flu.) I wouldnt just go around and do a big ass parade in a store and say "TAKE OFF YOUR MASK WOOOOO" like, okay? I don't like wearing them either but my god, oh well people are people. And my family's had it too but got through it as well, like my mother who has Lupus, still got through it. But I suppose it effects people differently.
mot_datrix преди месец
I literally have not caught any physical illness ever since I started wearing a mask (so, around the beginning of the pandemic) If this is not enough proof that masks are extremely effective against airborne illnesses then I don't know what is.
mot_datrix преди месец
To set the record straight, I would catch a cold every 3 months, it's been about 6 to 7 months.
a very chronic tonic
a very chronic tonic преди месец
its simple put the mask on so you dont kill anyone
Alexandre Moura
Alexandre Moura преди месец
Muta, how is Sweden being?
『Jeff Daniel』
『Jeff Daniel』 преди месец
"*India* is running a speed run check of how fast can we be the number one covid Hotspot in the *country* - muta
Isiah Duran
Isiah Duran преди месец
I swear if anyone were to do this I'm fighting everyone
Daniel Beaston
Daniel Beaston преди месец
down voters are antimasker
Ethan Colman
Ethan Colman преди месец
Damn, I hope you and your mum are doing OK...
mired rired the 8bit
mired rired the 8bit преди месец
"Take off your masks" that is disgusting, go to hell people who say that
DANIEL BIN OMAR - преди месец
But what if im already stupid
Mr Afton
Mr Afton преди месец
We’ve had COVID for almost a year and we’re getting nowhere cause of no maskers
nope nopew
nope nopew преди 14 дни
Thats not true
BuzzFeedTeal преди месец
its not stupid at all
a sick fuck that will eat your soul
a sick fuck that will eat your soul преди месец
It is
the last straw
the last straw преди месец
it is
Rueagon Vyceratops
Rueagon Vyceratops преди месец
Sorry to say Muta . i do not care for my family , so if i was loose anyone , i would not be heart broke , like you I don't have that weak mind set over family loss , they can not accept me for who i am , then there strangers to me . And i know i will get attacked from other in comments , but i don't give no fucks about them , because words don't do a fucking dam thing to me.
Pepsi Richard
Pepsi Richard преди 23 дни
Who hurt you? Lmao
Jack преди месец
who hurt you....
CyanRyanN64 !
CyanRyanN64 ! преди месец
Yeah ok edge lord
FooFoo преди месец
I'm like very scared of covid since I have some health and medical disabilities
Javid Mirzayev
Javid Mirzayev преди месец
Kind of waiting for the government of Canada and USA become real. Like serious. We gonna take this matter for reals. People were getting ill in my country we’re getting ill but government put a stop to that and people are thankful. Why can’t Canada and USA do the same
Boba Ouma
Boba Ouma преди месец
im glad i never seen these people in person.
King Noe
King Noe преди месец
I hear ya Muta. I'm not an anti masker yet at the same time I don't believe in people being forced to wear mask unless attending big crowds & events like that. But if not they shouldn't be forced. I def don't believe in doing what the people in this video are doing at all but some people gotta realize florida-texas has had hurricanes & storms for months so i'm sure that's taking a lot of it out of the u.s. & washed some places clean plus all the protest & no massive death totals with any protesters it seems oddly but I had health problems before so I wear it if i'm out. I don't think it's fake just being manipulated & blown out of proportion now but when it started it was terrible. Then I realized it's a form of the spanish flu it seems. I just heard a country next to india tested over a million people for it & only 38 had it so it seems to be leaving most places but I def respect all your thoughts about this. Knowin how u felt I would def wear a mask but if someone didn't care I wouldn't. Just don't treat everyone like walking biohazards because of the news or goofs like these people but yes it is worse for the elderly it seems so people should respect them buy wearing mask around them yet this old guy near my apt never has worn a mask, sits outside all day, & crazy enough to sleep w his door open yet this guy hasn't been sick once. Must have somethin to do with the ohio valley & san francisco valleys. I mean people act like it's a cloud just sitting over us sometimes but don't think i'm trying to dismiss or disrespect any of your concerns. People calling people ignorant for wearing them are just as goofy as people wanting to force people to imo. Peace muta, stay safe, hopefully we can game sometime in the future. I know this comment was long but I can tell this is important to u so thought i'd share some thoughts with u. Hopefully it helps some
Jori преди месец
If these people actually cared about freedom they'd be working towards making the world a viable place for that type of thing, but it's not about freedom, it's about "wahh I don't wanna follow the rules :(("
E10 преди месец
Here in my country we have an entire political party which believes 5g is killing us but carona virus is some fake government conspiracy and the worst part is they’ll likely secure seats in parliament.. a party in which the leader spreads fake Facebook news as factual. I can’t stand humanity sometimes
nope nopew
nope nopew преди месец
nobody is saying carona virus is fake even the so called "ANTI MASKERS", no but what their saying is this is getting ridiculous and seeing this comment section, just proves their point.
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