Did The MAP Community "Make" This Doll...?

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In the magical world of Internet theories we come across one doll that seems to have an alarming connection to an organization no one should take part of. Thanks for watching!
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zBepis преди ден
Maps are fucking degeneracy and scum trying to normalise pedophilia, however perhaps the idea of the ass button could have stemmed from ignorance rather than a MAP/pedo agenda? if the legs of the doll are put forwards so you can sit it down, maybe it was intended to trigger the ass button when you sit the doll down, but the placement and audio effects of the button were significantly overlooked. The above was wrote before seeing the part of the video where hasbro announced that was the case. Very poor design and terrible for that to make it past initial testing.
ʟᴏʀᴅ ɢɴᴋ
ʟᴏʀᴅ ɢɴᴋ преди 2 дни
pedophilia is not a sexuality pedophilia is not a sexuality pedophilia is not a sexuality pedophilia is not a sexuality pedophilia is not a sexuality pedophilia is not a sexuality pedophilia is not a sexuality pedophilia is not a sexuality pedophilia is not a sexuality pedophilia is not a sexuality pedophilia is not a sexuality
Hendrick Rademaker
Hendrick Rademaker преди 2 дни
I slightly hate that the trans flag was slightly connected in a way with the pedopile's ( or MAP, I prefer to not give them a valid sense though so Pedophile ) because as me being a FtM , it kinda hurt man. :') I'm definitely no pedo because I'm not even over the age of 18. Unless it wasn't meant as that.
frogeee преди 3 дни
If age is a number then so is years in jail. Neutralizing children to this stuff isn’t okay, I’m 11 and grew up an a harsh spot in town and was neutralized to these things and it wasn’t okay. If someone where to grab me (AND THANK GOD NO ONE DID) I would’ve fought, yes, but I wouldn’t think anything of it and that’s not right.
Cove' преди 3 дни
666k viewers on 23/10/20 Thank me later. (If you were about to)
BoilingOrange преди 4 дни
Quistill преди 4 дни
I miss 13 minutes ago when I didn't know this thing existed
susu maylove
susu maylove преди 4 дни
666K views I guess this video is Satanist
identity theft
identity theft преди 4 дни
it isn’t even a sexuality though a sexuality is being attracted towards a group of people in a specific gender or group of genders not a fucking age range
SSM4 Bloopers
SSM4 Bloopers преди 4 дни
want to know what the MAP community convention is? jail
iva naletilić
iva naletilić преди 4 дни
Man ur the most underrated youtuber
311 Jazzy
311 Jazzy преди 5 дни
There should only be one button for the music on the tummy not 2 buttons and the one that makes sounds is not necessary. Very wrong.
Yummy Bread Boi
Yummy Bread Boi преди 5 дни
Sign the petition to make public executions legal:
Scrablse преди 5 дни
3:00 I think we all had the same reaction as Muta. Honestly, what the fuck.
Karine 26
Karine 26 преди 5 дни
When the woman pressed the button of the doll i was expecting like a "Hey ! do not touch me there !" or like the silly song "no no dont touch me there,this is my nono square" 😂 i was like "oh they gonna show kids that its not appropriate ! thats great !"...oh boy was i not expecting the actual sounds...like wtf trolls
Mlgfox преди 6 дни
They beat and kill pedos up in jail/prison and the guards don’t do anything 👍
Tyler Tenebrae
Tyler Tenebrae преди 6 дни
The doll looks a bit off-model and the description that says "inspired by the movie" seems to acknowledge that. That aside, if you've actually watched the movie, it certainly seems to have a lot of butt jokes and other, shall I say, "cringe", so I can see how the staff could have overlooked (or decided against drawing the attention to) the rather unfortunate implications of this particular design. Seems like a failure of QC to me. Intentional features of that kind often to be less subtle.
SAFE ZONE преди 6 дни
Let's burn the map flag together
Artifracts преди 6 дни
pedophilia is not a sexuality, children are NOT a gender
sadtianii преди 6 дни
when muta made the "starfish button" sounds i jsahdwqiuhwd
Lauren James
Lauren James преди 7 дни
“It wasn’t intentional” right we didn’t design it that way...
Lauren James
Lauren James преди 7 дни
So the doll, I think she makes those sounds when she sits down. Supposedly. That’s what I think it could be seen as. But they put the button where her vagina would be. Like STOPPPP! that’s horrible it’s gross, it’s disgusting.
Mateja Milanovic
Mateja Milanovic преди 7 дни
Please , for gods sake call them pedophiles
25abooder преди 7 дни
thats not hallal though
DrunkTruck преди 7 дни
if you'd start your next video with "hello my name is mike from nikerofost tech support" with an indian accent
Goose преди 8 дни
If she’s on the clock.... I’m sorry
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin преди 8 дни
Please stop calling them “MAPS”, the way I’ve seen MAP is Multiple Artist Project. And I’ve been a part of a MAP before, it’s incredibly mistaken from my personal experience. I’ve lost at least one friend from it and we just need to call them what they are, Pedophiles or Pedos. -Mono UwU
HappBoiJad преди 8 дни
I’m disturbed
Joshua Fujiwara
Joshua Fujiwara преди 10 дни
i need a thick map bih to dominate me
Mustard Crøw
Mustard Crøw преди 2 дни
Uh.... what?
opcoder x90
opcoder x90 преди 8 дни
Bear преди 10 дни
The map flag looks nice but what it stands for is disgusting
SilverRed Premium
SilverRed Premium преди 11 дни
I’m pretty sure the botton was not sopposed to work like that
Pastel Devil 16
Pastel Devil 16 преди 12 дни
I have seen toys with random buttons on them and wouldn’t think it’s that’s weird but the noises?! Man there just asking to be called out! It’s so gross!
edrrrk преди 12 дни
what the hell
l e m o n L o o
l e m o n L o o преди 12 дни
If the button was on the leg this wouldn’t be happening.
Dave McCaulkin
Dave McCaulkin преди 13 дни
Honestly, I dont think it was intentionally done to look as bad as it does, I think Hasbros excuse is legit. I think this is a result of poor engineering choices, a bunch of people who don't make enough money and have zero sway in Hasbro not caring enough to mention the button placement, and finally little kids don't understand why it could be percieved as bad. If this is truly an accidental design flaw, then why is this so much worse than a naked Barbie doll
kimie Dan Dan
kimie Dan Dan преди 14 дни
MAP'S make me sick no its not a sexuality you're just a p3do
Meat Boi
Meat Boi преди 14 дни
bruh MAPs will never be an actual thing. It is just impossible.
bxby_ guru
bxby_ guru преди 10 дни
@Dave McCaulkin what are you trying to say? Do you say you support it? Or even part of this disgusting people?
Dave McCaulkin
Dave McCaulkin преди 13 дни
thats what they used to say about gay marriage
big boss bob ross
big boss bob ross преди 14 дни
Let’s not give them the pleasure of actually getting away with the term “map” let’s please just call them what they are: pedophiles. That or monsters. Either works fine really
Cvsual Crossing
Cvsual Crossing преди 14 дни
Them: "Age is Just a Number" Me: "Prison is Just Prison"
Cvsual Crossing
Cvsual Crossing преди 14 дни
As always. The universe is whack.
will simpson
will simpson преди 15 дни
Bruh them grouping us trans ppl in with the MAPS is disgusting
Cutiecookieomg _
Cutiecookieomg _ преди 15 дни
3:20 why?!-
Xcesive преди 16 дни
When I see this, I think that it’s badly designed, but it’s supposed to make a gasping sound when it sits down like it just fell down
julio rodrigo
julio rodrigo преди 16 дни
"Age is just a number" Hell is a hot tub Being hanged is a swing Cremation is a tan and get help if you are a map please
Sinister Silence
Sinister Silence преди 17 дни
Can there be a go fund me to get you a better camera please
Ominous Hunter
Ominous Hunter преди 17 дни
FBI: interesting...
Armando Cabrera-Ontiveros
Armando Cabrera-Ontiveros преди 19 дни
Pedophilia is a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance! God have mercy on us!
Muntaha khawar
Muntaha khawar преди 19 дни
3:04 MY FAVV Anas quote
Dope Hub
Dope Hub преди 21 ден
CatRaven преди 23 дни
Marcel преди 23 дни
We need RWDS to hunt down pedophiles
ollie uwu
ollie uwu преди 23 дни
They should have made her maybe sing another song when she sat down or something like actually talking??? 💀💀
KingN0ah преди 26 дни
This Some Nambla Shit
lowly gemi
lowly gemi преди 27 дни
Is it just me or does anyone remember having so many toys like that? Or having pretty recognisable toys that has weirdly placed buttons or stuff like that? This sparked memories of other toys I've had and I genuinely started feeling sick.
snailcat преди 28 дни
I saw these when they were for sale Then later on saw that video and was in absolute shock I couldn't believe they actually-
Jaylen Brown
Jaylen Brown преди 28 дни
M aps A re P edophiles S top giving them attension
mic nik
mic nik преди 29 дни
No obviously is not a link to human trafficking but I honestly think it couldve been made with the intent to show kids if they touch other girls or their own private then you get a reaction.. Kids molesting kids can happen. Also why would it make a moan and giggle sound when it sits down?
Antonio Reed
Antonio Reed преди 29 дни
Are you saying you don't moan whenever you sit down?
_livwithme преди месец
im not lying, a few weeks ago a trolls world tour commercial (very spliced up) played as youtube ad. I swear to all that is real, i heard the end voice sneaked into the song a few times telling me to “s*** a d***” and i sat up so straight i tellll you whaaat. I got so freaked out i messaged dream works, and i feel the need just to say this bc idk why but does anyone else ever catch this stuff in very choppy youtube ads. haaaalppppp -
Kaden Thomson
Kaden Thomson преди месец
Not maps N.A.M.B.L.A.
CardCrook преди месец
'Age is just a number' is a phrase that means you can achieve anything regardless of your age.
Stanced Styfon
Stanced Styfon преди месец
That is a sketchy ass conspiracy, damn
syrupfreak преди месец
jippy преди месец
i couldn't even fucking like listen to the noises she would make
Artistically преди месец
Honestly, ppl should REALLY look into the Bratz babyz dolls. Had some as a kid and thinking back on them, those dolls were waaaay too thottie to be "babies." Most of their clothes consisted of crop tops and panties, and some pretty suggestive clothing imo. Like I get Bratz are supposed to be about "fashion" and they were modeled after the older Bratz, but it's not like they couldn't have reworked some of the clothes to make them more tasteful - or make baby clothes that still looked fashionable. Heck, I'm pretty sure one of the Roxxi babyz dolls straight up wore lingerie-like pajamas. I don't think there was ever really any backlash either tbh, likely because everyone saw them as the Bratz and not babies. Inho, the babyz dolls were way more sexualized than the actual, adult dolls and I feel like that says something. With the troll doll, at least it was stupid because the button placement gave the wrong impression. But with the Bratz babyz dolls someone had to go out of their way to make those designs. It's not like they can boycott them now or anything because I'm pretty sure they've been discontinued, but it's pretty creepy that no one had a problem with it lol.
xxprisoncatxx преди месец
**washes out eyes**
Bunny Baby
Bunny Baby преди месец
I’ve had baby dolls with buttons on the bottom that giggle but it was advertised as such, that it would laugh and say wee because it’s supposed to go down slides or something idk. Now that I’m older that doesn’t sit right with me
Maddie Halloway
Maddie Halloway преди месец
I just saw a latin popular youtuber talk about this doll and OH BOY, the comments in that video from latin people are WAY different from the ones in here. Basically, most of them were saying the moms who reviewed the doll are exaggerating and that they are the ones sexualizing "innocent" sounds.
Antonio Reed
Antonio Reed преди 29 дни
sounds sus
Miffin_Man преди месец
Someone start a MAP convention, we got them all in one place, then... Rip and Tear, until it is done.
Forlorn преди месец
its just a fucking toy, bigger issues going on.
Gordon Denny
Gordon Denny преди месец
bruh this kid was just playing with her toy then her doll started moaning, if that happened to me, I would throw it
Bad Dream
Bad Dream преди месец
They also could have destined it with the intention of being a dark joke, but that doesn't make it any better...
Artisy Snow Leopard Oreo
Artisy Snow Leopard Oreo преди месец
Really, it just seems like bad design to me, anyone remember the infamous Trazan doll that was supposed to raise his fist but looked like he was.. "Pleasuring" himself? Yeah, that happened and it was recalled.. Anyways, MAPS suck, sorry this happened to parents, this is just bad/non International inappropriate design to me but still what the actual fuck who though this was okay?.. :0 |
sharkbait007 преди месец
I miss when times were simpler.
Waifu Pennywise
Waifu Pennywise преди месец
This is disgusting what person think it’s a good idea to make this they should be in jail for this and get them neutered from their disgusting act
LovelyLittle Bee
LovelyLittle Bee преди месец
Why did I get a diaper ad before this 😂😂alright then BGpost
Silver Tea
Silver Tea преди месец
wtf is MAP community, just say pedophiles
Lmg mounted And loaded
Lmg mounted And loaded преди месец
“Age is just a number” So is 911
Veero A
Veero A преди месец
Usually kids like to break things like their own toys, hopefully kids which is break these troll dolls
Soup Just Soup.
Soup Just Soup. преди месец
To me, MAP meant Multiple Animator Project. Those are pedophiles.
Artistically преди месец
Same. It's really upsetting pedos managed to hijack the acronym.
wurmy преди месец
I have a new term for MAPs/p*dos, E. It stands for E - ew
Rose преди месец
SUPERNOvA преди месец
Tbh while i do see the problem i just find it hilarious that theres a butt button "Hey dad look what happens when I CLICK THE COOCHIE!"
xredstar303x преди месец
Idk how the MAP thing even has so much of a following that it’s become a trend. I mean obviously this stuff has been going around in the background for years, but the fact that some ppl are trying to make it an accepted thing... that’s disgusting.
Dagmar преди месец
hey maps are multiple animator projects NOT PEDOS DONT GIVE THEM THAT NAME THEY DONT DESERVE It :(
Artsy Boio
Artsy Boio преди месец
Map: Majorly Abusive Pedophile
Artsy Boio
Artsy Boio преди месец
That netflix cancelling actually happened-
Lophidie преди месец
bro i my jaw literally dropped at the troll doll, are you kidding me????
junodragon6780 преди месец
3:35 Burn it, burn it with FIRE! Freeze it with LIQUID NITROGEN, then teach your child how to smash it with a hammer! No. Just. NO!
Bread Milk
Bread Milk преди месец
Oh your not a pedo your a map? Thats OK, they'll need a map to find all your body parts
Bacon. преди месец
If Assassin's Creed was real I'd run the section that assassinates pedos and people that post about things they'd like to do to kids in the future. :)
smol i am
smol i am преди месец
His face is scarier than the story LMAO XD JKJKJK I LOVE YOUR VIDS MUDAR!
Caíque Carvalho Soares
Caíque Carvalho Soares преди месец
And then you go back to 2001, when kids would mount a vibrating broom created by Mattel... *Ah, those good ol' times*
Fantuh преди месец
age is a number so is 911 :]
LemonChan is Random
LemonChan is Random преди месец
That’s a cute doll Watch’s video:nvm
sMoqaFleshesq преди месец
Animation Artists want their Acronym back.
Dove wing
Dove wing преди месец
Pedophilia is NOT a sexuality it’s a mental disorder. If you identify as a “map” please either stop and get some help or go rot in jail
Bananaxe преди месец
(2:44) Actually that was put there so when you made the doll sit down it would make noise. People need to stop jumping to conclusions, it was just a poorly designed toy.
Bananaxe преди месец
​@2spooky2play It was a shit design, you have shit designs like that all the time. Usually when toys have sounds it's to make it seem more lifelike. Any company would not let that slide if it was on purpose, because that would hurt the companies reputation. The designer most definitely got fired, but this case is a shit design
2spooky2play преди месец
Bananaxe Why the hell would they need a doll to make that noise? And you would have to press the button too, I don’t think the doll sitting would activate the button. Edit: 6:36
Bananaxe преди месец
@Porn Bot Police hey man I didn't make it. like I said it's bad design.
Porn Bot Police
Porn Bot Police преди месец
...so it gasps and giggles when it sits..?
MewMew преди месец
i think thats a ripoff of poppy from trolls, not a map troll doll
OnFireGamer преди месец
I've seen more than enough poor design to give them the benefit of the doubt its slipped through because it was friday and everyone was overworked
h2jdid bruh
h2jdid bruh преди месец
M=a A=prison P=comuninity
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