Netflix Should be Cancelled...

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Can someone explain to me how Netflix believed this was ever going to be a good idea. Thanks for watching!
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noctiswha преди 22 минути
im glad i canceled my 14 free trials.
RekeBear преди ден
1:25 Cast: Muslim actresses names... ooh boy, this is gonna go places.
Dog преди 3 дни
Cancel-culture is stupid and doesnt help for shit, i dont think netflix should be cancelled but the movie is a huge problem and i'm glad people are speaking up about it.
Johan Nilsson
Johan Nilsson преди 5 дни
Disclaimer: I haven't seen the movie, though I wouldn't mind doing it in the future to see for myself. For me, the worst thing is that the filmmakers didn't cast older actors for the 11 year old roles. Partly to shield kids from being the sexual objectification of pedophiles, partly to let the actors have a better understanding of what they get themselves into. It's a delicate subject, sexualisation of children in today's world of social media. On the one hand, I don't think that the non-CP community should increase sexualisation and exploitation by making movies where actual sexualisation happens. On the other hand, this topic must be discussed more. And let's be honest, most people won't delve into dense acamedic papers about this stuff, so media such as movies serve a purpose when it comes to reaching the general public. Another point that I see many commenters also picked up is that it's unfortunate that the intended target audience (young girls, and maybe boys too) won't be able to see this film. It's they who need to see this film the most, together with their parents so a fruitful discussion can be happening. Maybe this film is better suited in an educational setting, like screening in schools.
IB Jewd
IB Jewd преди 6 дни
This is some good troll bait 65 replies in a day lol
MASTER GAMER преди 6 дни
Well dang When I was 11 I still draw on walls and eat ice cream like a dog
Smuggy Loser
Smuggy Loser преди 9 дни
This movie is making sausage party look like art It's that bad
Shami преди 10 дни
wait im dumb is netflix actually shutting down or is it just seriously hated on for cuties
ian mohamed
ian mohamed преди 11 дни
If hating this series is a right wing, then I’m on the f a r t h e s t right you can imagine. -some guy on a discord
Grim Reaper Fears Me SO STOP THE DEATH THREATS преди 14 дни
I made a video on my other account about this movie and I lost a good majority of my followers!!! Said alot about the people who followed me!! I will never give #Netflix any business
Phi avir
Phi avir преди 14 дни
The only reason it won awards and is being defended by various outlets is because the director is a minority. If this was directed by a white male or even female, it would've been slammed and put in the bin faster than you can say something something diversity
Twirox преди 19 дни
I usually never root for cancel culture, but this I'm all for cancelling Netflix. Unless they delete Cuties and/or give an apology of some sort I will not be satisfied. I don't care what race or gender the director is, Cuties is just plain wrong in so many levels that it shouldn't even exist.
satuxrnstars преди 19 дни
movie is kinda islam-phobic in a way
BudiPlot преди 20 дни
I saw that netflix's app has gone down to 3.8 stars because of that. They're definitely not happy I can tell
Kyle’s Imaginations
Kyle’s Imaginations преди 21 ден
I bet whoever directed “Cuties” is a MAP(Minor Attracted person)lolololol
ZeusDeeGoose преди 21 ден
The 1K dislikes are from Netflix employees
IceInTheSoda преди 21 ден
This is the perfect time for Blockbuster to make a streaming service and take over.
sasuke uchiha
sasuke uchiha преди 21 ден
Smh a world falling apart.
learn2rideVIDEOS преди 21 ден
Hi Netflix, I thought Gillette did a hatchet job on themselves but you take the crown here.. Enjoy your massive drop in subscriptions. F*ck you netflix.
Reactionless преди 26 дни
Oh thank God they changed it
Wayne D
Wayne D преди 26 дни
I wonder what muta thinks about certain media outlets defending this film lmao
Con Lon
Con Lon преди 27 дни
Everything was great
i should telecharge desniy + now
The Meme Channel
The Meme Channel преди месец
When I was 11, I was going to turn 12 next year.
Ronin75 преди месец
I feel like 2020 is a black mirror episode
Austin Ortiz
Austin Ortiz преди 28 дни
If we're living in The Matrix then whoever is running it is on bath salts
TheWhiteNoob 735
TheWhiteNoob 735 преди месец
Yknow I’m an 11 boy and I am at that age yknow what... but anyway I don’t even think this is okay this is wrong why tf would you even get to the development stage of this BS
Coen Merriman
Coen Merriman преди месец
I heard that obama made this movie.
nao tenho nome :v
nao tenho nome :v преди месец
Why netflix?
yaiba преди месец
I bet ol Jeff is just having a whale of a time with this
k. _nf
k. _nf преди месец
*Cancel Netflix* Report Child Abuse, Jesus Help this world...
Liffory преди месец
Kinda ashamed that this released ON MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY
Adilene Neves
Adilene Neves преди месец
Cassidy Blevins
Cassidy Blevins преди месец
Muta should bring more attention to this topic
greenthumb преди месец
11 year old actors starring in a 18+ film. Yeah that says it all really, doesn’t it?
ThisActuallyHappened преди месец
The movie shouldn't exist. There are ways to introduce problems about hypersexualizing kids (and people at all) without hypersexualizing kids.
salem royce
salem royce преди месец
Yip cancel for good
Доктор парадокс
Доктор парадокс преди месец
Man once said "I do not know if Satan exists, but the fact that people are selling him their soul is undeniable"
Доктор парадокс
Доктор парадокс преди месец
I see now why 2020 is such a nightmare
Dmac Dmac
Dmac Dmac преди месец
the movie is disgusting it zooms on their bums ewww sorry my english isn't good
Ehrhardt_ 19
Ehrhardt_ 19 преди месец
People shouldn't defend this movie at all, it's trying to say one thing while completely going against the very thing it said. You should be on a list if you don't see a problem with 11 year olds "twerking" Can we have thanos snap our existence?
DeceptiveZer0 преди месец
I’m ashamed that this movie came out on my birthday...
Marky Mark
Marky Mark преди месец
The fact that rotten tomatoes is now a 91% on this flith just disgusts me in so many ways ppl actually think this shit is good, they should all be checked out or killed if anything, mysterious skin is the best deception of what happens to kids
The Ryan and Roy Show
The Ryan and Roy Show преди месец
Cuties is so wrong. No DAD should be okay with his daughter acting like this. Those poor kids parents should be charged with exploiting a minor.
DrGoof 6
DrGoof 6 преди месец
They're trying to trash our religion making it look like our parents are "Abusive" and things like that, trust me, seeing abusive parents in Islam is really really rare and it's forbidden by Allah (god). And also, for the people that think our parents forcefully make us get married, it's not true, we marry whoever we want and whenever we want (except you can marry others if you're 18+ only). If you hate a certain religion then keep it to yourself, Muslims are suffering enough already, calling us "terrorist", killing our families and friends in China and some other countries and more.
DrGoof 6
DrGoof 6 преди месец
@Rusty Director May god bless you, friend!
Rusty Director
Rusty Director преди месец
I feel sorry for people like you. You shouldn't be labeled as that for your religion.
Egan Mansfield-Mitchell
Egan Mansfield-Mitchell преди месец
Netflix should have something done, but cancelling is too far I mean there is 100s of other shows etc that people watch and enjoy but that movie was fucked but still
Sairi_Taisaku преди месец
Cuties: *exists literally everyone: *FBI OPEN UP*
No One
No One преди месец
You see damage control articles saying "but it's a movie AGAINST child exploitation!" Meanwhile, that original movie description existed. Sure as hell doesn't sound like a movie about the evils of child exploitation.
Aj T
Aj T преди месец
Now the film is out, the issue really lays on netflixs or. The movie was way different than the trailers and promos show.
Sarah McDonald
Sarah McDonald преди месец
Guys, Can we bring back public executions?
Gibb преди месец
This won't change until the Netflix investors dump all their stocks. We need a #DUMPNETFLIXSTOCK movement.
junodragon6780 преди месец
As much as people in this comment section say we shouldn't blame Netflix, but I'm sorry. Once you pull the trigger, all blame falls on you. And Netflix green lit it, so yeah, harsh truth to this.
GTA V Theatre
GTA V Theatre преди месец
Nathan DT Pinero
Nathan DT Pinero преди месец
can we not cancel netflix cuz i like watching it
Fuck You
Fuck You преди месец
I was scrolling through Netflix with my mom and little sister and when we went past “cuties,” my mother legit gave us THE look and told us not to click it on any of her accounts.
Marc T.
Marc T. преди месец
Let me guess Dan Sneider is the director
Darla Mae
Darla Mae преди месец
Why is this even a tv show in the first place... Its beyond fucked up
Woody Woods
Woody Woods преди месец
i went on google to see the reviews of this movie and i was shocked by the amount of people i saw giving it 4-5 stars. one of which was a guy who watched it with his male friend and said how ot was inspiring and led him to signing his daughter up for a dancing team at her school and said that thw movie was good and "loved the scenes and angles"....he also said, and i quote, "would watch again, but not around my wife 😂" makes my blood fucking boil bruh
Venomous Shadow Artist
Venomous Shadow Artist преди 10 часа
That makes skin scream, wtf is wrong with people.
Lucas Fūr
Lucas Fūr преди месец
What’s the difference between Netflix and Jeffrey Epstein...Epstein didn’t kill himself
Furry Boy
Furry Boy преди месец
Kids bop and a serbian film must i say more
Irina Sanchez
Irina Sanchez преди месец
I'm a democrat and I agree it's a abomination but I don't think Netflix should be canceled just that the freaks who allowed it to go on the platform should be fired.
SierraGallager Shrewd
SierraGallager Shrewd преди месец
I have no idea how anyone can watch this. I feel like it is a FBI trap.
Evolucion Humana
Evolucion Humana преди месец
The Sundance cofounder was sentenced for paedophilia/child sexual abuse. So cares about winning a Sundance Award ?
szubert - max
szubert - max преди месец
Is this child abuse? I think it kinda is of some sort
Clinton Latsha
Clinton Latsha преди месец
If you're conservative for hating that this movie exists, then I am far right by their standards.
The real GabeN
The real GabeN преди месец
I’m a transhumanist Nationalist neo anarcho crypto capitalist with Chinese characteristics now
Kars The Ultimate Life Form
Kars The Ultimate Life Form преди месец
Hey, can you save me from space? I'll get rid of this shit
The Omega Gamer
The Omega Gamer преди месец
I feel ashamed of my country, sacrebleu
lovely9987 red
lovely9987 red преди месец
Parents of these children should be punished for what they made their children do? Is money really more important than your child🤮🤮? Are you satisfied with your child doing this sick thing? Some people should not be parents. It makes me feel sick that they are people like this in our world 😔😔
Miss Ducky
Miss Ducky преди месец
The most disgusting part to begin with is coming up with the idea in the first place. Who in this already corrupted world had the "brilliant" idea to use kids, sexualize their bodies during their puberty, make them twerk in front of pedophiles, agree to film it all for 18+(!!!!!!!), and, in the end, make a movie about it? DISGUSTING AF!!!
Elephant преди месец
Cancel the show.. not Netflix.
ꪗꪊꪀikꪊ'ડ ડiᦔꫀ
ꪗꪊꪀikꪊ'ડ ડiᦔꫀ преди месец
I personally don't think Netflix should be cancelled it's more on the lines of Netflix and the people related and in ties with this movie should take in responsibility and remove the movie from existence. You can't cancel everybody don't be ridiculous.
C_Much_ 058
C_Much_ 058 преди месец
The movie is worse than trailer
The Toast Lord
The Toast Lord преди месец
1.3k people, decided that explaining why Pedophillia is horrible and why a movie where kids basically dance for a mature audience probably without knowledge that this is wrong. What the actual fuck is wrong with you.
[[Slice of Phoenix]]
[[Slice of Phoenix]] преди месец
the 1.3k who disliked the vid are pedophiles
KathyWilker GoogleAcct
KathyWilker GoogleAcct преди месец
He could have made this video without using the Lords Name in vain and the f bombs... i mean, i guess hes trying to act as if hes Cool but its more cool to leave out the language... lost me at Gd... hes no better than the ones making the movie...
Venomous Shadow Artist
Venomous Shadow Artist преди 10 часа
You should stay off the internet my friend, you're not going to enjoy it here if that's what riles up your Jimmies.
Meg R.L.
Meg R.L. преди месец
The fact that people are defending this movie is frustrating. Someone just stop the earth and yeet me into space. I hate it here.
Paperfilia Collectibles
Paperfilia Collectibles преди месец
Netflix: we're sorry but we still release it for that sweet pedophile money
Sept Fuz
Sept Fuz преди месец
1.7m dislikes on the official Trailer
Christine Major
Christine Major преди месец
When I was 11 in the 90s girls labeled other girls that acted like that hoes & dirty. One girl actually got her name forever attached to the word dirty. Ex. 3 Jennifers in my school and one is forever known as dirty jennifer whenever somebody is trying to figure out which jen someone is talking about. And I changed her actual name but you get the point. These kids are never going to live this down. Their parents and these film makers are idiots. And so is everyone who supports this crap.
Mandi C
Mandi C преди месец
I hope you changed your views a bit because this is most certainly NOT ART. The little girls flash someone in the film, along with bending over and twerking on an adult man....Someone please elaborate how tf that’s art??? Anyone who supports this is a pedo.
Kaijufan4life Jr
Kaijufan4life Jr преди месец
When I was 11 I was playing Protoype and The Darkness
tineyspark преди месец
This is NOT OKAY!! Since when is okay to sexuality exploit children and call it “art”.....WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL!!!!
piotralex5 преди месец
I liked that movie tbh. Especially when Schwarzenegger was approached by Morpheus and they fought Decepticons with kryptonite, that was some Voldemort action!
Mr White
Mr White преди месец
She is the african ghislaine maxwell. Should be on a list
Khayr Brother
Khayr Brother преди месец
Those kids literally have mercenaries as parents. What kinda parent exploits their kids like this!!!! So pathetic
Yarits Qinthara
Yarits Qinthara преди месец
This things shows us that we (as an ordinary people) have more morals than the elitists
Mr !!?
Mr !!? преди месец
We will be rewarded greatly in November, remember that, Nintendo Fans
slaymaster999 преди месец
We didn't like toddlers and tiaras lol most of us hated the parents involved and found the kids annoying especially honey boo boo ugh that poor kid. Remember that cash me outside girl yeah same thing we didn't like her either.
LB преди месец
anne 310
anne 310 преди месец
The co founder of Sundance is a sex offender and is now in prison for child sexual assault , let that sink in.
N8 преди месец
Plot twist: the fbi used this movie to catch pedophiles
Will Connolly
Will Connolly преди месец
This is sure as hell a cancellable offense.
Cinn Agilae
Cinn Agilae преди месец
The MAPS got Netflix. Amazon Prime and Hulu next
Random Guy on the Internet
Random Guy on the Internet преди месец
"Free-spirited was given a whole new meaning."
Pagwava Pagwava
Pagwava Pagwava преди месец
When I first heard of this movie I thought that it was a documentary on how this type of stuff is a big problem. Boy was I wrong
Jett’s Dad Died
Jett’s Dad Died преди месец
Uh... guys. We all know Cuties is bad, but you know anime has been sexualising 12-14 year olds for years? About that?
Jett’s Dad Died
Jett’s Dad Died преди месец
solo Oh my God you are so dumb it hurts my well being
solo преди месец
Anime is fictional characters. Cuties is real life minors. Only a mentally ill person would mistake fantasy for real life.
Jett’s Dad Died
Jett’s Dad Died преди месец
It’s official. Netflix have made a jailbait movie.
youngdolph преди месец
1.2k pedos don't like this video
Keith Ruffner
Keith Ruffner преди месец
You sounds like a triggered leftist
spder grow
spder grow преди месец
Purple преди месец
Am I the only one who doesn’t care about this movie? Like I’ve watched it but i don’t care if it sexualized these kids. I swear I’m not a pedo or anything but it just doesn’t bother me. Please tell me I’m not the only one
CrispySlimyFetus преди месец
RMZ преди месец
People that defend this movie should investigated... pedophiles aren’t so sneaky. They are pretty blunt when it comes to their “fix”. It is absolutely disgusting how far we’ve come as a society and the degradation of humanity. All the way down to our children now. Is there really no law to protect children against this??? I mean, they mention “nudity of a minor’s breast” ... if that is found in your computer you go to jail, why’s that ok to be on Netflix or anywhere else honestly??? And Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 90%?????? Come on now... that’s disgraceful and gross!
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