Fake Animal "Rescue" Channels...

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Animal rescue is an amazing thing, it's a shame some channels find a way to do the exact opposite and reap views and donations out of it. Thanks for watching!
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1Slicx преди 54 минути
Somebody: has one second of copyrighted music BGpost: 👁️👄👁️ Somebody: puts animal abuse BGpost: ➖👄➖
Sherrie Pinkston
Sherrie Pinkston преди час
I checked for one they got taken down
Zophibee преди ден
7:55 this bastard is also grabbing the rabbit by the ears which is EXTREMELY painful for them!
wolf3597 преди ден
I'm going to take some time and go to all the channels you've mentioned and report every one of their videos. Maybe youtube will do something then.
ImOmen преди ден
Anas if ur reading this or anyone reading this U should check out Nick Cowerly's channel HE also posted videos on this matter
xxxAlphaREXxxx преди ден
most bad people get good karmas
pink_sheep преди ден
The fact that its still going in tho :/
skoot преди ден
This makes me want to play Cambodian Incursion
Happerex YT
Happerex YT преди ден
there are 108 channels that fake animal rescues
Floyd The Meme Machine
Floyd The Meme Machine преди ден
I hope those sick bastards go to jail
Anthonyischill Orta
Anthonyischill Orta преди ден
nick crowley says more
Yeet Homie
Yeet Homie преди 2 дни
Bruh i just got an animal rescue ad at the start of the chanell
Madison Hanna
Madison Hanna преди 3 дни
Bruh I can’t watch this shit without getting insanely pissed off lol
eagle strike
eagle strike преди 4 дни
um... is this fake or not? Turtles getting their barnacle drip cut off their backs... bgpost.info/post/rdKb0JyTbJ6g0mQ/video kinda wowrried for the unproffetional looking work
pink_sheep преди ден
Tu Hoang
Tu Hoang преди 4 дни
Ok white people, im gonna tell you a secret, the only time we save animals is for dinner.
Arnav Pandey
Arnav Pandey преди 4 дни
I am not feeling well after seeing this video :(
YukiNEET преди 5 дни
Fake Animal Rescues: *Puts dogs in danger in purpose.* John Wick: It's show time.
Stickman intellect
Stickman intellect преди 6 дни
BGpost: *moderates freedom of speech and anything related* Also BGpost: Nah Animal abuse is fine, and so is breaking other laws.
cdnpunk преди 6 дни
I feel like I got super high and my vision is lagged
Flamingoodness преди 6 дни
Muta how did you not know that rabbits live in holes. How many times have you said or heard the phrase “rabbit hole?”
Slow game cube Music
Slow game cube Music преди 6 дни
Me: is mad because of the dog BGpost: this is fine
Cyan преди 6 дни
CXensation преди 7 дни
Nothing happens unless you REPORT the video you find abusing ! While watching the offending video, click the horizontal 3 dots to the left under the video window. Click "report", answer a few basic questions, and the video is reported ! It does however take some time before YT can possibly react, be patient, the video will be taken down.
Staple Warrior
Staple Warrior преди ден
bgpost.info/post/l7iNvoiYeIyH2aM/video bgpost.info/post/zNKFvJbYYoF2lZs/video bgpost.info/post/1pijuqHWj6h7sX0/video Here is your proof
Muhammad преди 2 дни
They don't though, I bet you at least a few thousand people who watched this video reported those channels.
Victor Marquez
Victor Marquez преди 8 дни
As a dog person through and through god I hate humanity at times. Makes me sick to my stomach what people would do for internet fame.
LeAnn Brower
LeAnn Brower преди 9 дни
The sad reality is that the people of Cambodia and Vietnam don’t give a shit about animals! I’ve been watching them abusing monkeys for years and BGpost does nothing about the problem.
Minecraft Villager
Minecraft Villager преди 10 дни
And Wilderness Channel 2020 is doing the same thing, I told my parents about it but they wont do anything because "we can't do anything" I told them that we can call the international police but they say that we cant report something like this to the police
Dingus Doofus
Dingus Doofus преди 10 дни
Hey, I just noticed something. THey're all "stuck" in the same way on all the channels. Cat stuck between wheels, stuck in an iron ring, etc. Carbon copies, there's very little variation, always the same weird situations. Whether they're just copying what they see or if they're actively coordinating: they're certainly all faking it.
MadameChaos преди 10 дни
I wish they could all put these cruel people in a test laboratory! So you could also get the poor innocent creatures out of the laboratory at the same time. EVERYONE who attacks innocent living beings belongs there. Thank you for pointing it out. 💚
NoobTube преди 10 дни
If I knew anyone who is abusing an animal I would wish them the absolute worst of luck on everything they will ever do for the rest of there life. Who agrees?
digduck преди 10 дни
Showing killing animals and abusing them = fine When I say NaZx auto delete = logic.
Flower Boy
Flower Boy преди 12 дни
I shit you not if I had the locations of these individuals I would have many confirmed k*lls
Anime girl
Anime girl преди 13 дни
Anyone tell me what's a fake dog rescue channel so I can report
Jinxness преди 15 дни
bgpost.info/post/xc6ruoSloXCXrpc/video They are the same group that got their channel banned previously for abuse puppies I think
Johan Nilsson
Johan Nilsson преди 16 дни
Oh man. Poor kittens. :(
Aesthetics Vibes
Aesthetics Vibes преди 17 дни
bgpost.info/post/wKKm3GqWeIKWvH0/video there, the most abusive and disgusting fake animal rescuers, they killed for views I leave it all to ya'll
Ghoulspark преди 18 дни
Wtf Siri just activated randomly if u have an iPhone go to 5:50 and press play Siri will activate
Erika Luleå
Erika Luleå преди 18 дни
Agree with you, that You Tube NEED TO STOP supporting fake animal rescue channels. I mean if they can give so much super energy to copy strikes, that would not be so difficult to save animals of getting harmed by intention. Should not be so hard to figure out. And for people that abuse animals: Shame on you and hope if not in life then your soul will have a very hot afterlife! if you get my hint!.
Bussy преди 19 дни
ASAP, Hi, please help, I found out some fake animal rescue channels are still exist in BGpost such as Pets Rescue, Love pets, Cats Rescue,Dogs Rescue. They are using same animals in their fake rescue. They never update the conditions of those animal they claimed that have been rescued. They never update in their videos about those animals step by step from the day it have been rescued, healing process in the vet, until get adopted. If I ask them about update of those animals, they were not responding at all. Sadly some viewer still not aware of this fraud, and they still subscribe those fake channels, but thank God now more of animal lovers start aware of their fraud. Those channel make a fake rescue to get a lot of subscribers to get more money from the ads. Please help those animals which torture by them for their content. Maybe you know some animal lover organisation around the world to start investigating those fake rescue channels. I hope they get caught soon. I feel so sad of those animals, they get die one by one coz get torture from time to time in making fake rescue. Please do something if you can help those animals. I am so thank you if you can make all animal lover organisation in the world aware of those fake rescue channels and start to report them. 🙏🙏🙏
Sintav TheTK
Sintav TheTK преди 20 дни
Hi I'm Cambodian and i hate my own country
ThaNarc преди 21 ден
Fake video fake blood
Staple Warrior
Staple Warrior преди ден
This video or the fake animal rescue channels?
RT_Productions преди 22 дни
to shoutout one "a chick called albert" is a good channel
Major преди 23 дни
Hope for Paws, Vet Ranch, Kritter Club, and Kitten Lady are all good examples of legit rescue groups. Kritter Klub frequently features animals that get stuck in places, and also shows proactive remedies to prevent more animals from getting stuck in building areas. All look legitimate to me, and Vet Ranch shows progress of animals healing.
VK's ASDgaming
VK's ASDgaming преди 21 ден
Wildlife Aid from UK as well. They also have gory bits (had to shoot badly hurt deer) if you are into that, but usually all ends well.
Ironic & Random
Ironic & Random преди 24 дни
The boy literally put dirt in the puppy's wound. Bruh.
Derek Dumas
Derek Dumas преди 24 дни
The rescue journey TV at 9:00. First video with the road and the puppy. . . yeah. they killed that dog, after they stuck its head in a fence and rescued it. and then left it to starve, and who knows what else over and over. now they made this channel bgpost.info/face/MtTpoUAkLC3DSZDWIBS54A and they also took off comments.
4Heed Indeed
4Heed Indeed преди 24 дни
3:11 Lmao
Chuck Yufarley
Chuck Yufarley преди 24 дни
The trouble is, if you watch one or two vids from the legitimate rescue channels, your recommended vids then get flooded with the abuse vids.
Nick Roselin Oleksiak
Nick Roselin Oleksiak преди 25 дни
Lesson here: stick with Dodo for legit rescue videos.
Random Dude
Random Dude преди 25 дни
the hole thing is dangerous it just like they put an animal to a hole and they just drown him
Michaela Bauer
Michaela Bauer преди 25 дни
Meis magiic
Meis magiic преди 25 дни
BGpost wonders why a bunch of advertisers left and then wonders why banning cuss words doesn’t fix it
chichiboypumpi преди 26 дни
one of those moments I get self-hate for being Asian, I hope these monkeys would find themselves in situations far worse than what they put these poor, hapless creatures through.
weasel1822 преди 27 дни
Not sure if Muta will see this, but have you seen the rat trap channels where someone is throwing captures rats onto live, electric traps to kill them? I get people hate rats and mice but to catch a ton of them and throw them into electric traps to make it seem like they’re wild and wandering onto them for food is fucked up.
True Diamond Archer
True Diamond Archer преди 27 дни
i really wish to learn how to hack just to leak these peoples addresses and see them dead
celeste преди 27 дни
And most of the channels are still up or have changed their names and BGpost does nothing about it, GREAT.
Nick's Nation
Nick's Nation преди 28 дни
On the Happy dog's channel. Am i the only one who notice the "Saving Centipede from carnivorous" video
TheArachknight преди 28 дни
These people deserve to be glory killed ngl
Humble Abode
Humble Abode преди 28 дни
The bastard is starting to like the hate comments. He needs to be raided
Nemo-Nova преди 28 дни
Happy Dog changed their name to Puppy Love. I have a list. Yes, they abuse the same animals over and over: Also check out this video by Nick Crowley (he is a good guy, but it won't allow me post his link here): KM Daily Happy Dog (deleted, now Puppy Love) Pets Kittens សង្ឃឹមសម្រាប់សត្វឆ្កែ (Translates to 'Hope for Dogs', Khmer language is Vietnamese) Love Pets Puppy Love (says from United States, but we know they are posting from Vietnam) The Rescue Journey TV pabloxito17 Love Rescue Animals yorquy Animal Lighthouse Little Furry Friends Animal SafeGaurd The Rescue Journey
GoldenHusky преди месец
i just wish i can slap people who hurt animals
Ľőñę wøļf ķiñž
Ľőñę wøļf ķiñž преди месец
I wish the human race didn't exist.
Pia Z
Pia Z преди месец
BGpost won’t listen unless they are publicly shamed on Twitter. Tweet at them (@TeamBGpost) and demand they remove these fake animal rescue channels.
Angel wmzy
Angel wmzy преди месец
Didn’t Nick Crowley make this video type first?
ghost Compton
ghost Compton преди месец
Thing is most of those poor animals are in countries that don't have any laws that is against animal abuse.
Marcia James
Marcia James преди месец
Ok how do we get this stopped, you tube don't seem to give a shit. We need to come together and complain , get all these faxe channels off any social media platform.
:3 c
:3 c преди месец
does he even mention the fact that he took this video idea from nick crowley or..... like at least link the original video dude, you basically used the same title too
Anne Crowley
Anne Crowley преди месец
Those people are psychopaths.
Croe Foxy
Croe Foxy преди месец
So you directly stole Nick Crowley's video basically. I mean props to you for getting the news out there but your content is almost never original and I don't know why nobody can see that.
Boot Hat
Boot Hat преди месец
sillypoopfart Lopez
sillypoopfart Lopez преди месец
Its disgusting how many videos they made and how many animals they tortured 😡😠😡☠☠
torgr01 преди месец
Happy Dog also appears to have an alt account called Happy Puppy.
Staple Warrior
Staple Warrior преди ден
They changed there channel to clear there name many channels did they when they got called out
they graed the raddits er
happy dog killed a dog
George Jefferson
George Jefferson преди месец
Internet: Censors useless things that have no need to be censored *Animal abuse happens* Internet: Nah I didn’t see anything officer.
Faiyaz Kashfi Rian
Faiyaz Kashfi Rian преди месец
Apparently a lot of these channels are run by the same degenerates
Rex Remedy
Rex Remedy преди месец
Layers of evil... multiple levels. First they harm an animal. Second, they put it on BGpost, third they attempt to make it look as a rescue to gain sympathy. Fourth, they use it for monetary profit. Fifth, they use the same animal again and again. The list is almost endless. I have never seen evil stacked as high before. Five levels of evil in one video. Amazing... in a horrible way though.
Vanessa Ross
Vanessa Ross преди месец
👁👄👁 ➖👄➖
Sophie Louise
Sophie Louise преди месец
as soon as they made the first video of a puppy with a snake, it went viral, so they kept doing it for views, they also always use the exact same animals every single time. happy dog and rescue tv have the same creators.
Hunter GD2
Hunter GD2 преди месец
I’m glad this is getting attention as seeing how these people are literally abusing animals just to seem like they are saving it. They’re most likely traumatized so much from all of it which probably will just hurt the animals in the long run. Hopefully the accounts do get removed and investigated for how upsetting it is. I’ve seen these videos before that made me think it was a bit awkward seeing the same animal in so many situations : (
CATS & KYLA преди месец
bgpost.info/post/vaKPz6TWj4lpy3E/video bgpost.info/post/qKWFuorcgnF23GQ/video Here is another channel. This video needs reporting PLEASE REPORT HIM GUYS 😭 These recuses are them going to a distressed animal and it's dead when they get there. Its unbelievable and clearly staged ... please report.
ThatnewsGUYq преди месец
8:03 it’s logic that it’s not good for the animals 🦮💥🔫
Kara Wolff
Kara Wolff преди месец
ALL FAKE CHANNELS: The videos are hard to watch but they must be reported some of these videos are a year old. Wilderness Channel 2020 @UCFlUPBMJlDsybcrrPgCuIuA Pets Kittens @UCMtTpoUAkLC3DSZDWIBS54A/featured Love Pets @rquy Poor Animals @UCdC2Xn25KnYMvhRz9bbW_7AAnimal Animal Safeguard @UCXQLWY4igOiTuytWAtiG5vQ
john doe
john doe преди месец
if it's months appart it can't be the same cat... UNLESS you film all three videos, keep them as material and upload them slow in time.
Wasssup360 преди месец
Just got recommended one of those channels too
Dhruv Sharma
Dhruv Sharma преди месец
Fake Animal Rescue Channels be like: God Dammit the kitten got entangled with the snake and fell into the radioactive pool again
LovelyLittle Bee
LovelyLittle Bee преди месец
Kitten Lady is a good channel and she rescues cats! I watched her to get tips when I rescued my kittens ❤️
Jdom246 dom
Jdom246 dom преди месец
BGpost needs to get there shit together
BakedPotatoYT преди месец
Video: **Copyrighted Music** BGpost: *"Hippity Hoppity, your revenue is now my property"* Video: **Abusing Animals** BGpost:
No преди месец
The only actually good ones I've seen are the "hope for paws" channel and "the dodo" (idk abt the name on the second) edit- didn't see him mention hope for paws
Samui Yuki
Samui Yuki преди месец
You got the second one correct
WV Pet Project
WV Pet Project преди месец
I have an animal rescue channel- but it is legit. New and small, but legit!
Kevin S
Kevin S преди месец
And they all play that stupid sad guitar song 😂
Little Swan's playGROWnd
Little Swan's playGROWnd преди месец
6:13, The dog at my house when I was around 4 years old died because of a snake bite at night (Info from my father), so yeah, I guess in some parts of Backwater Asia countries, snakes and dogs do have correlation.
Little Swan's playGROWnd
Little Swan's playGROWnd преди ден
@Staple Warrior my point is. Them putting snakes near dogs and "fake rescuing them" actually is logical. Dogs being bitten and killed by snakes is a very real occurrence,at least near where I lived. Doesn't mean that what they're doing is right or justified
Staple Warrior
Staple Warrior преди ден
Are you saying these channels did nothing wrong
star fatinum
star fatinum преди месец
The video is *still* up.. somehow?! and it makes my blood boil everytime I think about it. It’s insane how BGpost does jack shit about this meanwhile giving BGpostrs strikes just for saying the word _”gay”_
Drememe_ преди месец
What about the fact he murdered a dog, same one under a gate, days later dead at the side of the road, THE GUY MURDERED A PUPPY AND HE RUNS 8 CHANNELS! THESE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO REGRET EVERYTHING THEY HAVE DONE.
Joseph Zbacnik
Joseph Zbacnik преди месец
Kill them, kill them all.
BarryBlu преди месец
Watching that guy rip the rabbit out of the hole by its ears had me pissed
DragonSlicer преди месец
I reported the video and really hope that those people burn in hell.
Kami Amaya
Kami Amaya преди месец
Saw this last week and didn't think much on it since I don't watch animal rescue vids. But today I was watching some restoration vids of like die cast cars and I was suddenly like, wow all these thumbnails look like the same type of damage and dirt and omfg am I watching fake shit >:C I know it's nothing as horrendous as these animal channels but it just made me wonder how much of yt is fake like this.
Grace Senpai
Grace Senpai преди месец
this channel might be faking rescues, can anyone who is an expert in recognizing fake channels tell me if it's fake or not bgpost.info/face/6xEn9w1zzl7kHWW6dhGa8A
Rainier Albert B. MADARANG
Rainier Albert B. MADARANG преди месец
KM animal and happy dog: *sees an animal* also KM animal and happy dog: *aH yEs A gReAt JoB fOr Me*
Coolio Ash
Coolio Ash преди месец
They better hope I never find them.
Coolio Ash
Coolio Ash преди месец
I am. Disgusted.
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