The Worst Ads On YouTube...

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I could make a feature length movie with the amount of ads that keep slipping onto this website that had they been regular uploads would have been snapped off this site in a matter of minutes. Thanks for watching!
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DeLorean4 преди 11 часа
I give this video 3 fists out of 3
StaticOn60Fps преди ден
9:45 what about VpnHub?VPN Hub? Lol
Ari H
Ari H преди ден
Bro I just got scam ads for roblox and among us on my front page of BGpost wth
Original Gamer
Original Gamer преди ден
People are so effing STUPID, it's mind blowing!!!
_q4ying преди ден
Everybody gangsta till Muta brings out the annoying kid at Walmart voice.
XLR-8 _77
XLR-8 _77 преди 2 дни
Person about to watch video on BGpost while loading.... Ad before video:, it's where all the girls are at
Flandre Scarlet
Flandre Scarlet преди 4 дни
Seriously, what's with the sudden influx of Heaven's Fury ads? I swear, everytime I watch something, it'll be a 50/50 chance that another ads like those would play, in contrast to other actual product ads. And it's mostly about this guy telling me that "It's just a browser game, you just go to a link and start playing". I'm I the only one here?
Lord vader
Lord vader преди 6 дни
the riots were a few blocks from my house
FULLY TOX YT преди 6 дни
muta always got that good energy u luv to see it
Thomas Cabral
Thomas Cabral преди 7 дни
Don’t even get me started on that Pray for World Vegan ad where they literally showed animals getting chopped up...
Ayday Games
Ayday Games преди 8 дни
Get youtube premium ;)
Cvsual Crossing
Cvsual Crossing преди 9 дни
The moment I clicked this video. An ad for some roblox server popped up, luckily could skip it after 5 seconds, but like, I thought roblox ads were dead (video wise)
Talia Starlight
Talia Starlight преди 12 дни
I once saw an ad for a VPN that just had a picture of two lions fucking. Nothing surprises me here.
hossam ragab
hossam ragab преди 16 дни
i felt that sigh
Knox преди 17 дни
I have trust and jealousy issues but god damn even I wouldn't do that shit
Gonçalo Pereira
Gonçalo Pereira преди 18 дни
Hot Girl is one site that I am traumarized I A M O N L Y 1 0 Y E A R S O L D
Sonicopi преди 24 дни
Those stricklands car ads are the most fucking ear grating advertisements I’ve ever heard, not catchy or creative or funny just boring and annoying
Arianna McTarsney
Arianna McTarsney преди 24 дни
thank you so much for pointing out that controlling behaviors are abusive and can lead to physical abuse. If I had heard that when I needed to, it would've made all the difference. I'm sure that integrity and popularity have helped people.
Reactionless преди 25 дни
Is it bad that I grew up to just not pay attention to ads anymorev
SuperJTSaga преди 27 дни
That dead sigh at the beginning of the video gives me life LMAO
AK 12-
AK 12- преди месец
Cyberboi32 преди месец
Yo is tor a good free vpn tho
The Sharpest Robloxian
The Sharpest Robloxian преди месец
Hey parents! Wanna make sure your kids ain't watching that H E N T A I?
E10 преди месец
Lmfao all the people crying and leaving 1 star reviews now 😂 if you installed it you deserve to be scammed.. you weirdos
Ujjval AKA THE *B.A.A.P* • 3 years ago
Ujjval AKA THE *B.A.A.P* • 3 years ago преди месец
Are you ok?
Madam Gryffindor
Madam Gryffindor преди месец
Bruh, not too long ago I got a VEGAN ad showing people literally SLAUGHTERING ANIMALS BY HACKING AND SLITTING THEIR THROATS! And another ad about lonely milfs!
Srinivas Pavan
Srinivas Pavan преди месец
Vanced my dude.
HιTȥ Gɾιɱ
HιTȥ Gɾιɱ преди месец
Raid shadow legends...
Serge Ip Vai Ching
Serge Ip Vai Ching преди месец
Why these ads exist Answer they are hungry for money
Jenny Wakeman
Jenny Wakeman преди месец
And this is a prime example of why I have adblockers installed, so I don't get these kinds of things. Also, BGpost's advertising system is so fucked up, so is their "community guidelines", or whatever they really are.
mudkip преди месец
this is why i use adblock.
Forbidden Sun
Forbidden Sun преди месец
I thought that was Anita Sarke... whatever it’s her name
SlyHikari03 преди месец
“You’re not a dish, you’re a man” are the only ads I’m ever getting..
Pürpking преди месец
9:09 I like the ad
yoshimasterleader преди месец
6:14 - This infuriates me the most. It's clearly art that the advertisers stole and they're making money off of it. Trying to find original artist. Any of you internet sleuths can take a crack at it full picture another version
taco BS
taco BS преди месец
What so you can cheat lol
MikkMods преди месец
I thought that the ad in the beginning was an actual ad, I’m extremely stupid.
Your average Konskript
Your average Konskript преди месец
Laughs in adblock lol
Jenny Wakeman
Jenny Wakeman преди месец
Literally me over here. Adblockers are recommended for a website like this.
Kyle Finn
Kyle Finn преди месец
Imagine saying your platform is marketed towards kids and your ads are literal *orn
Drake Hashimoto
Drake Hashimoto преди месец
Bruh, I've seen Virtual Dating partner ads with an attractive/modeled woman on the front, moms looking for men, and russian ladies wanting to date as much as other things. This crap is weird and disgusting, wth 0_0
celine преди 7 дни
same lmao
shadowXXe преди месец
Have you ever wanted to know what your boyfriend was doing and where he was going, Have you ever wanted to slowly creep into every crevice of his private life until he has no private life until he is your slave, download Boysafe and use CIA approved interrogation and intimidation tactics to keep him at bay and buy our premium pack to get an underground prison facility with state of the art surveillance with 5 back up NAS servers, guard towers, an electrified perimeter, private military contractors and, security robots. all for just 6699999. Boysafe because we know that in order to keep that boy you need reinforced military grade concrete and Mobile operations teams that are trained to kill on sight.
Poop nigga fart sex_OM3N
Poop nigga fart sex_OM3N преди месец
Bruh I saw this ad of this puzzle game and every question you get right a girls article of clothing comes of Like you get a question right her shirt comes off and before you see anything the add ends like bruh nobody falling for that
PhazonEnder преди месец
I like you Muta but you may want to do a bit of research on current events since what you referred to as "protesters" are nothing than criminals rioters, looters, and murderers.
BanjoGun преди месец
You ever heard a turtle nut? *Im Dying*
Doralingus Memberberries
Doralingus Memberberries преди месец
No he didn’t.
Walter преди месец
I think we should all, no matter who you are, what you like, who you love, what religion you’re in, what gender you identify as, or what race you are, we should all come to a common ground and understand its not okay to spy on anybody. No matter what your relationship is to them
Shit n Cum Productions
Shit n Cum Productions преди месец
How tf is this just happening now
Fusion Rage
Fusion Rage преди месец
If you can’t bring yourself to trust your partner, then why are you in that relationship?
ReviewEverything преди месец
I keep getting the Classically Abby ads and I just want them to stop
SvM Was The Sheet
SvM Was The Sheet преди месец
Anyone else had the dating ad to meet "young slavic girls"? 😂😂
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga преди месец
This video was playing in the background, I was wondering how an ad avoided my youtube ad block.
Asdercol преди месец
Georgie died of a heart attack because he was a criminal drug addict, not because of someone kneeling on his neck. The one guy was holding him down because he was begging him to, retarded of him to comply with the drugged man, but hey, that just shows training is still lacking. Source? Old news from the released camera footage.
brandon smith
brandon smith преди месец
Ive seen strip teases, porn and heard nasty asf orgasm in ny headset
Titan TheTiger
Titan TheTiger преди месец
I got that add on your video :3
Marius AFM
Marius AFM преди месец
I get ads of photoshopped cockroaches, worms and more disgusting bugs *on food*
The Sneaky Sleuth
The Sneaky Sleuth преди месец
“That boy George Floyd” he was a fully grown man in his 40’s with a hefty amount of fentanyl in his system and an inability to sit down in a police car. In your own words “it takes one google search”
Just a guy who’s a frog for fun
Just a guy who’s a frog for fun преди месец
We all know how if you have a lot of fentanyl in your system you attract police knees to your neck, basic stuff
CJThunder преди месец
A hefty amount of fentanyl would make it unlikely that he would be conscious.
Kyler Axten
Kyler Axten преди месец
ZioDio преди месец
[insert generic WikiHow ad]
SomeSortofWeeb преди месец
So yeah theres this app right now call the Circle that lets parents track and censor what there kids see on the interent... Theres literally options to block NEWS, POLITICS, and MEDICENE, like.... what?!
ToxikDreamz3 преди месец
It's nice papa muta is looking out for us. :)
FNAF PLAYS преди месец
Tenya Iida
Tenya Iida преди месец
Stoyan K.
Stoyan K. преди месец
here I am, chilling without any ads in BGpost vanced
Jenny Wakeman
Jenny Wakeman преди месец
I have adblockers.
Flare Gaming
Flare Gaming преди месец
@Stoyan K. newpipe
Stoyan K.
Stoyan K. преди месец
@CJThunder vanced is also free
CJThunder преди месец
chill with Firefox or Opera and get no
BespiGT преди месец
I remeber those turtles
Unforseen Commenter
Unforseen Commenter преди месец
What about the "find my kids" adverts? "wHaT wIlL wE dO tOdAy?"
N-word Jim
N-word Jim преди месец
"The wrong kind of attention" Muta, I think you need to look deeper into this. These days, with all of these garbage apps on your phone, the ones that are advertised everywhere all of the time... the advertisement is the product. Any attention is good attention, because just by talking about the ad, you've already bought the product. The game behind the ad only exists as some kind of justification for the ad. It's like, the game is the packaging, and the ad is the product. The business is in selling advertising, reach, clicks, numbers, "acquisition", etc. All publicity is good publicity. To quote Bill Hicks "Anyone who works in "marketing"... kill yourself"
night partridge
night partridge преди месец
whitehat muta
unapologetically canadian
unapologetically canadian преди месец
My mom downloads those spying apps to see if her husband is being unfaithful
sad cat
sad cat преди месец
i got milf sex website ads that i'm pretty sure leads to a virus
C7 ous
C7 ous преди месец
I almost forgot about ads.
ChickenBrothRoss преди месец
BGpost is owned by Satan
FLSnail преди месец
I saw an ad of animals being drilled in to and being abused lets just say that wasnt really fun
Johnny Garcia
Johnny Garcia преди месец
Jeff Paul
Jeff Paul преди месец
I got an ad that had two husky’s doing it
Ryan Wilke
Ryan Wilke преди месец
I hate the rise of kingdoms ads
Jogi преди месец
On German youtube you get ads that literally say "Fuck me in the ass tonight!" With Piper Perri taking 5 mambas to the ass lol
Ooga booga the potato Booga ooga
Ooga booga the potato Booga ooga преди месец
I get McDonald’s adds
Zapdog преди месец
i keep getting apologetics ads on the atheist channels i watch
Kazuhiro преди месец
Parents kit app
FishFiletFan487 преди месец
These ads are really bad But a FiletOFish heals all
Mighty Cookie
Mighty Cookie преди месец
I actually feel really bad for the unlucky people who actually downloads these.
Sleepy seal
Sleepy seal преди месец
I better not catch you simpin muta
XDeelan Ratsegg
XDeelan Ratsegg преди месец
Earlier I got an ad that claimed any phone can be wirelessly charged. I don't know what it was advertising because I skipped it. There was also this one time where I got an ad with a woman giving head and it was censored by some "Download now" text. I think it was for some dating app.
Ali Left the chat
Ali Left the chat преди месец
I've seen ads of video game scams (especially ones for "free Minecraft") where they use someone else's gameplay. A youtuber called narpy stated someone else used his gameplay without his knowledge
Mike hunt
Mike hunt преди месец
I seen an ad and it was a dating site, funny thing was that the ad was the intro to a porn video I had seen
Grey Warden Invasion
Grey Warden Invasion преди месец
Pretty much every mobile game now uses those same puzzle game style ads like Ebony, despite having absolutely nothing to do with the actual games. And the one game ad that I saw which didn't just straight up show footage from Age of Empires II claiming it was their own game and despite claiming in huge fat letters throughout their ad "THIS IS NOT A PAY TO WIN" people who have rated it all complained what a huge pay to win it is.
Grey Warden Invasion
Grey Warden Invasion преди месец
And that's why you never turn off adblock. I actually once reported an ad because of being an outright phishing or scam. Can't remember what it was about exactly anymore because it was already like two years ago. It showed some WhatsApp messages where one was recommending a lottery group or something to friends talking about how much money he already won. And I searched up some more infos about that - not that I ever wanted to join such a group but I still wanted to get more infos - and I found people outright warning you of that group. Of them just collecting any sort of private data they could find possibly selling it to whoever. I'm not sure if BGpost ever did something about that ad but I at least never saw it again after that.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams преди месец
I wanna bring up the fact that I watch a lot of youtubers whose entire channels are demonitized. Why do I still get 4 ad rolls on it? I thought youtube's entire point to this demonizing shit (Thats what I call it) was because advertisers didnt wanna advertise on these videos. Yet they still have ads running on them and they dont get any revenue? I want answers to this bullshit.
Clementine Schälchen
Clementine Schälchen преди месец
That’s hilarious af
unused used old cheese
unused used old cheese преди месец
ParentsKit promoting stalking since *year*
Space Vaporeon AMVs
Space Vaporeon AMVs преди месец
Btw schools spy using apps
Space Vaporeon AMVs
Space Vaporeon AMVs преди месец
I seen that ad and didn't know I was on your video that scared me so much the ad was creepy lol
Helvetica 66
Helvetica 66 преди месец
What about the damn acorn investing app ad with the weed in the jar?
Taylor Brown
Taylor Brown преди месец
I’ve tried to report that fucking guy who always claims to know the “#1 best food to lose weight” but youtube doesn’t actually give an option to report an individual ad as far as I could find even after trying to google it
nausler benhou
nausler benhou преди месец
Halal drilling
Powerlevelcuck64 преди месец
Actually muta George floyd died because he had drugs in his system
Powerlevelcuck64 преди месец
@Just a guy who’s a frog for fun good thing too
Just a guy who’s a frog for fun
Just a guy who’s a frog for fun преди месец
We all know how hard drugs attract police knees
P3pp3rm1nT_T3a aka ghiaccio
P3pp3rm1nT_T3a aka ghiaccio преди месец
My mum once got an app on my phone that did this shit. I'm free now, and she doesnt trust me on my phone bc I listen to music with sWeArS aNd SeXuAl lYrIcS oOOOOoOoOOo
atropa преди месец
I remember that some pro-vegan organization (surprisingly it wasn't PETA) ran an ad that had noises from a slaughterhouse and the text, "Imagine you're one of these animals." or some shit. That was a fucking wonderful panic attack. I think they almost got sued because of it, actually.
Mark & Aj
Mark & Aj преди месец
The roblox MOD system is hella worse. thgere is real fucking porn on the site in images. not even gonna mention cuss words in-game and on clothing.
Smokey DaPot
Smokey DaPot преди месец
Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose.
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