You Should Probably Uninstall TikTok...

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Researchers are putting together some comprehensive analysis on how this popular social media app may be taking too many liberties on your phone, in today's day and age I don't doubt that most tech companies are pulling things like this off. All of that being said however, you should be well aware of it. Thanks for watching!
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ARandomBullet54 преди 20 часа
Can you link all the sources? im doing a persuasive speech and would like to find the sources.
Alexandra Enache
Alexandra Enache преди 2 дни
They leaved me alone after watching my conversation with my bestie
AaaaNinja преди 2 дни
14:12 The US was caught doing it and a judge ruled it illegal. Companies can take the US to court if they want, and the US has to get a warrant to get what they're looking for. It's not as scary when it happens within a system that has built-in accountability and self-correction measures. But in China, nobody can challenge them, they are entitled to have anything they want handed to them. Businesses that have over a certain number of employees technically belong to the CCP.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf преди 2 дни
Who saw this on there recommended
dustboxednorth преди 3 дни
glad i removed that cancer a long fucking time ago
beebo64 plays games
beebo64 plays games преди 4 дни
Me: *I don’t want to play with you anymore.*
King of Newsham
King of Newsham преди 6 дни
Well NOW we have to find his Hindi account
Epinth Ikoo
Epinth Ikoo преди 8 дни
The dislikers are Tik Tok lovers The likers are actually smart people who know that Tik Tok is trash
Cosette Menard
Cosette Menard преди 9 дни
I remember a few times i downloaded TikTok because lots of my friends used it and recommended the app. Other apps on the phone wouldn't open after downloading TikTok, and once uninstalling it, they could open again. I downloaded it again many months later out of curiosity, and the same thing happened.
Eli Harrison
Eli Harrison преди 9 дни
If its not 4chan its cringy
The Slap
The Slap преди 10 дни
I fully, FULLY support BLM Because big, long marathons got me into the great shape I'm in today!
AJ Wright
AJ Wright преди 12 дни
Uninstalled due to having one post removed. These guys make so many assumptions it’s unreal. First thing to do now when signing up to a social network is ask a legal team what is in the terms and conditions. They are written by legals for the courts of law or civil courts. This is a different language virtually non understandable. Apple are making it worse by not allowing truthful reviews to be published.
GummerJum преди 13 дни
Heheheheheheh I don't have it cos it's cringe af
Itz Sxout
Itz Sxout преди 14 дни
tbh I just deleted it because of how addictive it is
PaperxZone преди 17 дни
I dont download turds Onto my phone
Liwo преди 18 дни
who said i installed it in the first place?
Brisa Roa
Brisa Roa преди 20 дни
i hope it actualy gets banned this time cause when your friends with someone they could text you and you dont know who they are and they could get your information
ssestakhch преди 20 дни
Do you watch horror movies?
Mylinh Le
Mylinh Le преди 22 дни
I recommend everyone to delete tik tok is because the Chinese government can spy on you and check IP address to track you down
60 Second Gaming
60 Second Gaming преди 23 дни
Hammer and sickle my friend, hammer and sickle
flood escaper
flood escaper преди 24 дни
हाय तुम यह मैं एक अनुवादक का उपयोग कर रहा हूं तो पर कोई खोज नहीं याय ईस्टर अंडा
CiniCraft преди 25 дни
If I found out where muta lives, I'm buying a Michael Myers mask and will make a cameo by peeping through his dark window in a random video 🤣
Luiz Carlos Caetano Da Silva Chain
Luiz Carlos Caetano Da Silva Chain преди 29 дни
O never instaled tick tock *S T O N K S*
LEAVE MINETA ALONE!!! :3 преди месец
I would delete it but when there's nothing to watch on YT, Tiktok is where I go...
Otto von Bismarck
Otto von Bismarck преди месец
I think I am too old for tic tok. I was thinking on downloading to watch hot girls . At the end I didn't.
Melissa Umbaugh
Melissa Umbaugh преди месец
I uninstalled TikTok last year, and now I use Reddit😐
____________________________________ преди месец
We need to send liberty prime to a trip to china
Ark Right
Ark Right преди месец
i honestly just dont care about getting spied on anymore. it's a waste to care at this point. nothing's going to change.
BMW M3 GTR преди месец
“You should uninstall dicksock” Tiktok thots: lol what did you say I’m too busy getting all my parents info stolen and sold to communists all while dancing in a camera
Oscar's Art Street
Oscar's Art Street преди 16 дни
Did you mean to put dicksock or was it autocorrect?
BMW M3 GTR преди месец
Never used tiktok but just want to know what’s going on
Jaden Tran
Jaden Tran преди месец
I hated tik tok ever since it came
Matt from Wii sports
Matt from Wii sports преди месец
The new iOS update has a green spot when your camera is in use when I was on Tik tok it was always there even if I wasn’t recording.
Kaylen Gatzke
Kaylen Gatzke преди месец
Can u get in trouble on tik tok if they took off a post will they report it to anyone like law enforcement
vinylvixenn преди месец
literally deleting tiktok made my life so much better i am not even joking. it's like quitting nicotine, it feels bad at first and then you slowly get better and better. do it. n o w
Brogle преди месец
TikTok: (Spying on me) Also TikTok: "Yo wtf this dude got nothing"
Brogle преди месец
Redditors: "TikTok is super cringe!" (by the way my opinion is the same as the Redditors, no hard feelings) Also Redditors: (Insert neckbeard person or something)
greenthumb преди месец
I don’t use either but hey, I’ll give you a D- for effort on that comment.
Bigpp L
Bigpp L преди месец
Mobile legends is a mistake
Lamhot Simamora
Lamhot Simamora преди месец
Appereantly school give assignment to make a video and post on tiktok
GB06 Chomp Chomp
GB06 Chomp Chomp преди месец
That's actually very weird and illegal for many reasons
Carson Jay
Carson Jay преди месец
Virgin China vs. chad India
The Doge【ツ】
The Doge【ツ】 преди месец
I hate the ABUSIVE ads of tik tok
Sairi_Taisaku преди месец
i feel very concerned about my friends and schoolmates (and former schoolmates) already because they use tiktok i only have one friend who doesn't and i'm relieved i have to show it to them
Ali Gaytor
Ali Gaytor преди месец
They can't steal your data if you don't have any data
Prof_Taco преди месец
ok pretty much every mobile app nows ur information
security guard who plays among us, gd and roblox
security guard who plays among us, gd and roblox преди месец
TikTok: Make Your Day ...worse
security guard who plays among us, gd and roblox
security guard who plays among us, gd and roblox преди месец
Me who hasn’t even downloaded TikTok: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you.
Christa преди месец
Tiktok is stupid just like Facebook and Instagram and twitter and all those other social media except BGpost.
Christa преди месец
Katana I totally 100% agree with what you said and tiktok is a medium to share the news with others of how idiotic one can be. It’s a different type of social media but it’s social media nonetheless and needs to be shut down.
Katana преди месец
@Christa Facebook and Twitter is a place to share News unlike Tiktok is a place to share your photo and video and that's why Tiktok should be ban
Katana преди месец
@Christa Bruh Facebook and Twitter wasn't that cringe unlike Tiktok
Christa преди месец
Katana they are all some form of social media including tiktok.
Katana преди месец
Bruh I know tiktok is stupid but don't compare Tiktok to facebook and twitter
Piotr Niedziela
Piotr Niedziela преди месец
Let it die
Kire EDC
Kire EDC преди месец
I don't use any social media, I run a VPN and I always go incognito, every account I do have is connected to a super old trash email, not my main email. I may not have the best security but it's better than nothing
Fury преди месец
Just testing comments to see if I can post...
Fury преди месец
Whaddya know I can
Clypedia преди месец
Oh damn
SʅყSαႦ преди месец
Didn't understand half the stuff you were talking about, but ended up listening to all of it.
Benjamin Guinness
Benjamin Guinness преди месец
tik tok installed itself on my phone and its super creepy im so done with google i cant believe this. please tell me if installed itself on your phone
ツMad преди месец
It shouldnt lol
Doodle Dabble
Doodle Dabble преди месец
I have an iPhone. How do I get those notifications about if another app is using my data?
Despair преди месец
Installed just to check how actually cringe is that app. Well,my sister became toxic because of this poop. Deleted it immediately.
pineapple duck productions
pineapple duck productions преди месец
Watch out, there is a video of a man's suicide all over the fyp!!
Ham burber
Ham burber преди месец
It just got banned at 18:33 september 3rd
Rym Gho
Rym Gho преди месец
I'd rather have an American company spy on me than a Chinese one. I'm not even American.
Morris Martin's
Morris Martin's преди месец
For fast and reliable hacker contact guci_hacker on insta he's the only trusted hacker I know
Morris Martin's
Morris Martin's преди месец
OMG my disabled account has been totally fixed permanently through guci_hacker on insta he's a man of his word
Morris Martin's
Morris Martin's преди месец
I successfully gain access to my wife account easily without her notice through guci_hacker on insta he's legit and trusted 100%
Morris Martin's
Morris Martin's преди месец
I strongly recommend guci_hacker on insta he's fast and reliable
Mama GoodVibes
Mama GoodVibes преди 2 месеца
Muta after the amazing year YT had in 2020 I keep coming back to your channel knowing that this ones a solid and gonna stay here.
badit a
badit a преди 2 месеца
Is tiktok safe now i was enjoying making fun of liberals who did not know the facts on tiktok it makes me sad now that i can't make as much fun of them as I use to :(
badit a
badit a преди месец
I dont but I was having funnnnnnnnnn
Zane Diezel Juan
Zane Diezel Juan преди месец
If you want your info going to china’s hands then sure go for it
Jean pierre
Jean pierre преди 2 месеца
I swear that tik tok is like a addiction and i feel it was made to be like that so u would always be using it
Kaylee Slytherin
Kaylee Slytherin преди 2 месеца
Im a just send this to my whole class (yes my whole class has tik tok)
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper преди 2 месеца
So... where do they sell the information that they get/steal? Is there anyway for us to see what did they got from us?
Kevin Who
Kevin Who преди 2 месеца
Does anyone know where the link to that reddit post is?
Willy B
Willy B преди 2 месеца
TikTok should be banned from the US.
Slovak_Cat преди 2 месеца
I think that ZIP file is filters and ar
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze преди 2 месеца
2 things dude. One u said "jacking off your phone." Lol... and your embroidery is not centered.... 😁😁 all in fun. Love u dude. Channel is "WOKE" 🤙🏾🤙🏾
Javeria Ijaz
Javeria Ijaz преди 2 месеца
wtf i didn't hv any idea that u r an Indian u hv such a perfect accent i didn't even realise holly shit u were speaking hindi n i was like wtf bro 😂😂😂
Warlord преди 2 месеца
I uninstalled it before it was released
Twigg преди 2 месеца
Never used it, never will. Its for people that need more than validation from others.
Prophet Jesus
Prophet Jesus преди 2 месеца
TikTok *Gets banned Likee: Time to get rich
Mr. Minty
Mr. Minty преди 2 месеца
8:28 - “That’s why it’s much more better...” Sorry dude, grammatically you’re suppose to say better*. You’re welcome ❤️🤪.
Agustín Morales
Agustín Morales преди 2 месеца
The best intro ever man!
angie bie
angie bie преди 2 месеца
TikTok is gay app Its too obvious
NightSky Music
NightSky Music преди 2 месеца
I'm getting iOS in da future
ghast преди 2 месеца
You should talk about the battery reparing apps sorry for the bad spelling
Tevrtito 2
Tevrtito 2 преди 2 месеца
Alright guys im moving back to musically
Steve Berge
Steve Berge преди 2 месеца
I got a text from Tiktok about account confirmation and I have never used it in my life before also TikTok ad keeps showing up on BGpost.
Ninjajosh преди 2 месеца
"TikTok is spying on users" Google: *visible stress*
Sudhir Naik
Sudhir Naik преди 2 месеца
I forgot to log out from tik tok n I uninstalled now its banned in our country what to do 😭@SomeOrdinaryGamers What should I do 😭
SweetiePixel7718 The one And Only
SweetiePixel7718 The one And Only преди 2 месеца
I know you guys are like "Why is She Commenting if it's not About Tik Tok" Well it's not, Because I'm Telling a Story about how Google Send Me Gmail Emails Saying someone is Trying to hack Your Google Account, So I Check it out And I got so Scared, I Went to my Google Account Manager And Changed my Password So I Was Still Scared, Because What if they Actually Got my Google account Data, I hope they Don't Find out that I play Minecraft...I Never want to be Hacked again...Man I'm Still Scared to this day. Well I guess it Is what it is.
Itz_Dragon Mapping
Itz_Dragon Mapping преди 2 месеца
me who doesnt even have a phone: *laughs in not having a phone, and not wanting to download tiktok anyway*
StreamSniper Plz Subscribe To Get Moar Videos
StreamSniper Plz Subscribe To Get Moar Videos преди 2 месеца
My sister uses it help! How do i yet her stop! Im not a bot
sweetener-suga преди 2 месеца
good thing i deleted tiktok long ago B)
Xumless преди 2 месеца
Laughs in not cringy
Logan Parent
Logan Parent преди 2 месеца
Dunald Turnip
Dunald Turnip преди 2 месеца
Any other country: Bans TikTok *Crickets* US: Plans to ban TikTok *oMg OrAnGe MaN bAd!1!*
Dominican Girl Revamped!
Dominican Girl Revamped! преди 2 месеца
Can't stand TIK TOK but Indians love it :/
i Am BOoMeRRR преди 2 месеца
Im Lucid
Im Lucid преди 2 месеца
Qhy iPhone is better
FaseANDRIOD 96 преди 2 месеца
Yankee with brim
Payne In The Ass
Payne In The Ass преди 2 месеца
I guess Watch Dogs's message was loud and clear
Logan Parent
Logan Parent преди 2 месеца
the masterizer
the masterizer преди 2 месеца
reddit is better then tiktok
James Tucker
James Tucker преди 2 месеца
Quran...electrical tape ready for war
TTV_Switcher260 преди 2 месеца
I just turn off location on my phone and ONLY turn it on when im using Google Maps
Jan Godwin
Jan Godwin преди 2 месеца
I was charged $2500.00 for something when I called to have a refund gave me back $14.00 said that was all I was entitled to.The music and some of things shown are awful . Personally I wish it would go away.
dont mind me
dont mind me преди 2 месеца
I had musically when it first came out and then it turned into tiktok and i never knew it would change sooo, rest in peace me
Kurt Matthew Aquino
Kurt Matthew Aquino преди 2 месеца
I've Never installed tockteck.
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