YouTube Is Promoting Scams...

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It seems anyone can throw a buck and promote anything. Thanks for watching!
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whirlpool. преди 10 часа
6:33 mutahars dio impression
legoscout roblox
legoscout roblox преди 10 часа
i hate seeing free robux scam adverts, its so annoying that google approves those scam adverts
thefunnymanengi man
thefunnymanengi man преди 5 дни
Asian Invasion
Asian Invasion преди 7 дни
Jotaro: ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA Dio: 6:33
bipollarbear преди 7 дни
"Its like going to your favorite hentai website...." MUTA STOP
Shiny Prisma !
Shiny Prisma ! преди 7 дни
All I get are robux scam ads......
Cvsual Crossing
Cvsual Crossing преди 8 дни
The moment I clicked on this video, I received an ad for "Free Cash, with a subscription"
Equinox преди 9 дни
Fucking back to the future man, I love it
nv aravind
nv aravind преди 9 дни
Well what about my bro, Brian rose .. he started from humble beginnings now with help of BGpost he is going to be next mayor of London (God help London). Heck, he may help for brexit(who knows!!)
Louisville Nashville RailRoad fan 1982
Louisville Nashville RailRoad fan 1982 преди 10 дни
Link to video?
Abbey Robinson
Abbey Robinson преди 10 дни
can you do an expose piece on Ghost Town Living youtube channel? He burned down several buildings and asking viewers to help pay for the rebuild.
A Table
A Table преди 10 дни
They've been promoting FreeMinecraftHacks.exe for years at this point
A Table
A Table преди 10 дни
I tried reporting the ad and it was this whole garbage process and then they eventually directed me to what was essentially a dead end
freerunningNL преди 10 дни
Its also promoting, literally viruses and Trojans in the Netherlands lol
Yeah, I just got done downloading like 5 scams!
Spaceman220 преди 11 дни
IKR I keep getting Trump ads
Combine Soldier
Combine Soldier преди 11 дни
I got a ad for this video claiming that it could give you money
FuzzyBrunty преди 12 дни
7:52 killed me lmao
Noobert - Roblox Tutorials
Noobert - Roblox Tutorials преди 12 дни
1:07 why is it censored
Till All Are Fun
Till All Are Fun преди 12 дни
Yeah I got an ad that I thought was legit I go to the site pay for what was being advertised, next day the site was gone and their email address was fake. Not only am I pissed that I got scammed by the fake site, buy fuck youtube as well for letting it through.
BirdBoiBance преди 12 дни
I get so many obvious scam advertisements that it is not even funny
Computery преди 13 дни
BGpost keeps promoting scams
Spyrack преди 14 дни
i can't blame you muta. i do like the wanted themes for gta 5
Alex Balekjian
Alex Balekjian преди 18 дни
Watch Eric Worre...BECOME EDUCATED! I hate that making money in MLM companies still isn't enough for people to believe it works. MLM schemes are legal and pyramid schemes (without a product or service) are illegal. Learn the difference.
Johan Nilsson
Johan Nilsson преди 18 дни
I see these kind of scams on BGpost in Swedish too. Recently, I've gotten a lot of casual sex dating ads and in some instances straight up porn (well, at least the softcore variant). I've tried to report them, but BGpost makes the process really difficult. Personally, I have no problem with porn or dating sites targetting people wanting casual sex, but given how many children and teens that are on this platform, these ads make me very uncomfortable. I'm glad you brought up the topic, Muta.
Lain Suvanto
Lain Suvanto преди 18 дни
It’s like a. royalty system
ReyDelSolyo преди 19 дни
at least I have AdBlock on...
Marissa Marotte
Marissa Marotte преди 20 дни
I use to turn back my computers time for free Jasc animation shop 3 trial over and over again
Stalin's Сука
Stalin's Сука преди 20 дни
Just remembered, but thanks for putting out that channel theif video. Put out a quick throw away video on my other account, and got a 'hi, would you like to be friends?' almost immediately. If I hadn't seen your video, I probably would have replied with something snarky. Completely forgot about the interaction until just now
Jgobea01 преди 20 дни
Have you seen youtube videos about console errors? The comments are filled with bots telling you to dm an account on ig to get scammed lmao
milky slap
milky slap преди 22 дни
mudar is lookin a little wide today
4 strhike
4 strhike преди 22 дни
Ok but have you seen the pay 5$ and we’ll give you access on a video teaching you how to get any girl you want no matter if your have big schmeat or not
dasdawg 428
dasdawg 428 преди 22 дни
FBA is fulfillment by amazon. You send your packages to Amazon and they put your products into the warehouse and you get most of the money and Amazon gets a small % of your earnings (I think if I remember correctly).
Shelly Mathews
Shelly Mathews преди 22 дни
I fell for the biggest scam in my life not once but a few times . It was called university.
splatjesus преди 23 дни
i saw an ad on the hub once that said something about a “BANNED AFRICAN PENIS RITUAL” i shit you not, one of the most entertaining ads i’ve come across so far.
Lavender преди 17 дни
Mr.Miguelin Kalashnibob
Mr.Miguelin Kalashnibob преди 23 дни
And here we are on the era of the fall of youtube every company pass trough this they do anything for money
Benjamin A. Hicklin
Benjamin A. Hicklin преди 23 дни
There are ads on BGpost?
Conundrum 5
Conundrum 5 преди 24 дни
I saw an ad about a toothbrush that you just put in your mouth and when they revealed the dentists names i searched them up and they were actors.
jaden da finger
jaden da finger преди 24 дни
I've been desperately trying to report weird fetish videos on BGpost. Such videos include furry por, inflation, vore, feet, etc. Nothing happens. Maybe some videos will get taken down if I'm lucky. Please help me
Jacobx преди 25 дни
That’s facts I got an ad saying I could get some ass if I pay 5.99 (extra for shipping and handling) I also found another one saying: Get Free Robux TODAY! The only free source. Just press link and there you go like it’s so stupid
goose goose
goose goose преди 25 дни
BGpost is looking for any microscopic reason to delete muda right now after this video
Mr. Mann
Mr. Mann преди 25 дни
8:00 "I THINK NOT!!!" This deserves to be a meme in and of itself.
James Peterson
James Peterson преди 25 дни
rip blurry memes (I know why but still) Also the videos where you're hyper are the best videos
Kantanas преди 25 дни
So uhhh I just wanted to post this here because its a video about youtube promoting scams and cheats and I have known this for a while but I just got a prime example just now while watching a rerun for a csgo tournament. I'll post the link
imbetterthanyouis преди 25 дни
COMMING SOON : Scampocolypse ! THIS CHRISTMAS for those who loved the adpocolypse 1 and 2 , elsagate . shitcanning the partner program , !!!!!!!!ALGORITHMS!!!!!!!!! get ready this christmas Scampocolypse soon to a youtube near you !
cyco преди 25 дни
I get robux scams that are like “every roblox player wants this” I feel bad for kids who actually fall for those dumb scams And get their accounts stolen
Nathan Jenkins
Nathan Jenkins преди 25 дни
The mickey mouse videos are bad publicity for disney, they probably had some pressure applied to keep the image good. The pyramid schemes have no one applying pressure, so are likely less enforced. They should have someone spot checking ad videos though.
Austin Gurley
Austin Gurley преди 26 дни
I actually saw a election scam even used a bad quality audio clip saying I'm Joe blow and I approve this message
Syd UwU
Syd UwU преди 26 дни
you need to amke a video on paparazzi. Its an mlm on selling shitty costume jewlery.
Oroberus преди 26 дни
Ever thought about scamming those scammers? Contact them with the offer to produce 4 or 5 positive videos for their stuff for 5kUSD, do NOT tell them, that you will edit the description afterwards to tell everyone that it's a scam and do also not tell them that you will produce 4 or 5 more videos following up debunking every single one of your own videos xD
IzzyN преди 27 дни
You should make a video about these "I MADE 1000$ IN ONE WEEK WITH NO EXPERIENCE USING NOTHING BUT MY GMAIL!"
Georgina преди 28 дни
sounds like more mlms, like forex, itworks, and the trading thing that i would get spammed with, you know the 'trading_with crypto traderrrr~~~'...hehe acces to our 'supportive community' (cult)
Dat Boi
Dat Boi преди 28 дни
Fall guys mobile doesn’t exist at all and if I get one more ad for it I will uninstall.
Mr Learningscholar
Mr Learningscholar преди 28 дни
Nah bruh 149 a good work visa for another country
Brian Mo
Brian Mo преди 28 дни
i like when muta has to put a copyright disclaimer in certain videos to prove that some people get oversensitive
Grey Warden Invasion
Grey Warden Invasion преди 29 дни
Not just BGpost, also seen a couple of scammer, pyramid scheme and porn ads on other social media platforms as well despite that going against their ToS. They literally don't care what ads they put up. And if you report them they will either not care at all or remove the report button after a while.
Sup преди месец
tALKING of scams anyone got free robux
Chicken Foundation
Chicken Foundation преди месец
I once saw an ad on the homepage for sexy emojis
KG REVEN преди месец
Got an ad for Pine Sol of all things
Wheezr преди месец
“About a week or two ago”- Bobby shmurtahar
Myst1c3 преди месец
Have yall seen the fall guys on mobile devices scam?
KendoruSlink преди месец
You get copyright strikes on your channel but scammers get off Scott free smh
OmegaVideoGameGod преди месец
Popcorn Pal
Popcorn Pal преди месец
it was also promoting valorant hacks
That’s Sketchy
That’s Sketchy преди месец
Supersonic Truth
Supersonic Truth преди месец
I’ve seen that first ad searching the net for something I don’t remember what. There’s also CashApp scams and other scams that claim you can get shit that you have to pay for, for “free” if you go to the obviously fake websites
Christoph Buchegger
Christoph Buchegger преди месец
gotta plug the antibot here
BurgerBoss 101
BurgerBoss 101 преди месец
Took ya this long to figure it out
DEMOSKRON преди месец
10:14 Yankee with no brim
J Debeast
J Debeast преди месец
Sneak peak to future anti MLM collaborative efforts between Someordinarygamer and the illuminauti channel
Mr Wojak
Mr Wojak преди месец
Use Adblocker on PC and BGpost Vanced on Android. Problem solved
Toromomo преди месец
there are also fall guy mobile ads
idriss Rayane
idriss Rayane преди месец
вιgριғá преди месец
5:16 savage
Jasdow преди месец
youtube strikes down their content creators for no reason at all yet they promote obvious scams, who is in charge here?
Luna преди месец
You know its gunna be good when you see that opening XD
PCLBT преди месец
Aah. Finally. He sold the warehouse and got his club back from the neighbors
Deanlen преди месец
> BGpost is promoting scams Ah yes the grass is grass
Ventodivino87 преди месец
imagine, clicking on ADs on the internet
Benji Price
Benji Price преди месец
This fucking aspect ratio lol
TheForgotten преди месец
Someone turned off ad block for the first time in a while
Lagoz преди месец
i once got a hentai ad , and when i clicked i got to a fake robux scam site. i got disappointed
Alex Snitzer
Alex Snitzer преди месец
Today @ {{webinar_time}}
Tips and Videos Channel
Tips and Videos Channel преди месец
Facebook constantly promotes scams. Its getting obvious that these sites are opening backdoors for organised crime. Kind of like a dodgy shop sending all your card information to criminals.
Komrade Kradles
Komrade Kradles преди месец
I saw a youtube ad about gta 5 on phone a few times
Feigned преди месец
BGpost: demonitizes videos for dumb ass shit, enables people to claim others' videos easily, allows animal abuse content and promotes scams... What a great platform.
Redstone Planet
Redstone Planet преди месец
Get mutahar a job at BGpost *now*
Feno Droide
Feno Droide преди месец
muda take a breath you are talking like a ferrari
Lxix _xixL
Lxix _xixL преди месец
hi guys
HZStudio преди месец
BGpost had been "promoting" scams for a long time
Sir_adam_S преди месец
Cover roblox scams.
DrNiradino преди месец
Scam commercials on youtube are somewhat of a norm in my region. I remember seeing an add a month or so ago about magical phone number, which will send money to your phone, if you sand message to it.
Isabelle Reny
Isabelle Reny преди месец
Time Traveling confirmed But yeah I've seen alot of them recently I find it weird in a sense that we aren't able to like, report certain ads that are clearly money grabbing scams or straight up NSFW virussy looking ads.Which btw I realise how problematic that could become because we all know if BGpost makes reporting ads possible people will be abusing it probably half of the time for the wrong reasons Also maybe not and i'm being a negative Nancy tbh 👁️👄👁️
Sentity преди месец
I thought I was overthinking when I started to get ads of very obvious scams on BGpost.
Fuzzzy преди месец
It's like people who crack FL Studio, and try to produce Big Room, so they can be successful, but then get like 2 Soundcloud plays.
E10 преди месец
Literally nobody gives these rats money and if they do they deserve to be scammed.. how naive can you be? 🤦🏽‍♂️
COMeNTO преди месец
The Muta behind the slaughter
TheOmarSimental преди месец
7:51 Oh yeah? OH YEAH?!? *O H Y E E A A A H H H ? ! ? ! ?*
Dorbellprod преди месец
What about those go vegan ads in which they show real dying animals?
Jollabang преди месец
Honest to god thought I was the only one who listened to wanted level music, that stuff is good.
Deltius преди месец
gta 5 wanted level music is a banger would listen again very good tunes to jam out to better than lofi beats to forma ur car to
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