Roblox Has a "Cannibal Cult"...

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One of the most popular family-friendly gaming experiences houses the most popular servers for all things "soy unholy". Let's sit down and watch in awe how deep this rabbit hole goes. plot-twist, its the best kind of RP.
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SomeOrdinaryGamers преди месец
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Elhassan Mahmoud
Elhassan Mahmoud преди 3 дни
I just used filmora 9 to make my first montage lmao
Смерть ОМОНа в Беларуси
Смерть ОМОНа в Беларуси преди 3 дни
This shit is hella cringe, how hasn't she been taken off the website?
kirb owo
kirb owo преди 4 дни
this is a sponsor that ive actually used! its really nice!
Slashgamer 27
Slashgamer 27 преди 7 дни
You've been missing on a lot about the cults on roblox
BloodyBlaze преди 7 дни
Btw Lizzy Winkle isnt 5 that’s the account age
Marsmellow преди час
N1TR0 Gaming
N1TR0 Gaming преди час
@SomeOrdinaryGamers lizzy winkle (girl who passed away) wasnt 5 years old, but 5 years was instead the age of the account i believe
Devilish —
Devilish — преди час
The new update for the White Glove Society is pretty fucked.
R00B преди 2 часа
" I'd love to try some gay cake " *TASTE THE RAINBOW*
Moody преди 4 часа
Muda's memems are cursed af
Sheep Farm
Sheep Farm преди 4 часа
Lol was that the price is right fail cue song?
Andrew Zemko
Andrew Zemko преди 5 часа
Ok but why does youtube ID this as Team Fortress 2
The Gaming Plague Doctor
The Gaming Plague Doctor преди 5 часа
Ahh yes I do very much enjoy this Team Fortress 2 gameplay! Thank you youtube for helping me figure out what this beautiful game was!!!
Grade 4 Responsibility LAMPA, Juno G. 拉尊诺
Grade 4 Responsibility LAMPA, Juno G. 拉尊诺 преди 5 часа
They’re language is weird- Example: Sistah, Soy, Holy-
Galacticone преди 6 часа
I played De Pride Isle and pissed of an entire sever by killing literally everyone including the staff. Annoying a lego game cult, good times.
Galacticone преди 5 часа
Fr though the game is actually a lot of fun, I don't really support the group itself but it's one of the better horror games on Roblox.
Mimical Creep
Mimical Creep преди 6 часа
OMG... I'm a nurse in that game. Soy!
Mimical Creep
Mimical Creep преди 6 часа
C.I Thunder
C.I Thunder преди 6 часа
fancy seeing you here
Theworst92 преди 6 часа
Bruh why dose it say that the game he's playing tf2
Alscaldes преди 7 часа
and then i wonder why people hate the game so much
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar преди 14 часа
13:57 is where he shows us the servers er welcome :}
Glassy преди 15 часа
Yes I have used Filmora 9 and by used it I mean 2 videos with earrape, check them on my youtube, but just please......your ears first.
Abdo Abughalia
Abdo Abughalia преди 15 часа
Bruh, Your camera is set 2mp
Beltux преди 16 часа
No one- Litteraly no one: BGpost: TEAM FORTRESS 2
Quentin Breitlyn
Quentin Breitlyn преди 16 часа
Valindra recorded a sex tape live on my birthday but thats a rumor so....
【akmount】 преди 17 часа
Ah yes, my favourite gameplay video on my favourite game, *team fortress 2*
Wind by the Shore
Wind by the Shore преди 19 часа
Never knew roblox was so cringe nowadays
ArtistWithTheHat преди ден
Note to self: Muta gets the good suck in this video
darkiemoons преди ден
as a roblox player i can confirm this is true
Random Guy
Random Guy преди ден
Jan 14 is my birthday, and I feel cursed
african salt
african salt преди ден
i actually use filmora to make some vids its super easy to use but the free version has a huge ass watemark that makes it unusable so unless u re buying then i dont really recommend it
Edgar Arroyo Tovar
Edgar Arroyo Tovar преди ден
roblox is like the hub now strip clubs people cussing sex like wtf roblox
Nonefatmilk преди ден
why is tf2 the game that got copy righted
NebiKite преди ден
I've been playing roblox for 7 years and personally, I don't really care but they have been certainly breaking rules. The gore is mild most of the time, of course the homophobia, but people in these games can get warned/banned for filter bypassing once the games get taken down as they have all access to chat logs. Anyways, this is a bit messed up for a children's game.
error- 101
error- 101 преди ден
I got a ad of Trump dancing one video ago. He can't really dance but still a wwe champ
Bowen Jonge, de
Bowen Jonge, de преди ден
sanotoriam is weird and funny at the same time
Bowen Jonge, de
Bowen Jonge, de преди ден
ah the sanatoriom oh my
Allan the Enby Femme
Allan the Enby Femme преди ден
Is it bad I wanna play this?
Banaan преди ден
i played that without knowing what it whas still didnt know when i left
CoreBoredom преди ден
Don't be an idiot. Go cheap, go Davinci Resolve.
Himeji Wataru
Himeji Wataru преди ден
It’s literally not that serious, if you actually play Roblox you would know that theirs a lot of creepy/weird lore games on the site and that it’s not out of the ordinary. This game is literally just role playing and the nurses aren’t robots and they don’t act like that irl, they’re just in character. Nons need to mind their own business
Megaman Nick
Megaman Nick преди 2 дни
I’m actually in their server, boy do they hate cisgenders
Captain Shadowfox
Captain Shadowfox преди 2 дни
I'm part of the group it is and it's not a cannibalism now. it got a warning so they changed it to people who doesn't eat/drink, to a large spider now.
Your Breath Stinks
Your Breath Stinks преди 2 дни
and valindra literally made transphobic comments and shit , everyones an asshole in de pride FOR YOUR INFORMATION you can get banned from their discord for being body positivity as a used to be mod i was the only nice one in my opinion , after i left i got told the cult went to shits because me leaving made others follow and join my school cult
Eggsdee 32
Eggsdee 32 преди 2 дни
You wanna know why I join the group? CAUSE OF THE BIGGER CANDLES LMAOOOO but the game itself it's ok I only play like a few months ago and now they transform into spider.
mazeyey55 преди 2 дни
this is why I dont play roblox anymore
momololtote's shit
momololtote's shit преди 2 дни
I use Filmora
murbabaHD преди 2 дни
Game:TeAm FOrTrESs 2
kyo преди 2 дни
7:00 dora when shes a teenager
kyo преди 2 дни
6:21 is that an airsoft gun
FBI OPEN UP преди 2 дни
Nothing is safe anymore
the Oswald dreamer
the Oswald dreamer преди 2 дни
*I oNly PlaY RoblOx fOr bear anD PIggy NOT fOr culllllllTs*
Jecho Butter
Jecho Butter преди 2 дни
I use filmora
Huno Rio
Huno Rio преди 3 дни
It looks like he slept well finally
PeteLovesBread /BusinessBread
PeteLovesBread /BusinessBread преди 3 дни
Creeps...hope they don’t move to other games like Minecraft.
Emarcee Q'em
Emarcee Q'em преди 3 дни
This is so much freaking cringe.
The Tramp
The Tramp преди 3 дни
I like to play this church game in roblox and when you go into the mass room there's always people fighting about there political views and these three guys stood next to each other and they all wore the same shirt that said K
gamer_q809 преди 3 дни
I know that Roblox is Mostly thought of just a kids game, but it really isn't, because people develop games and code etc.. and these type of games are basically "myth" games that are meant to be like creepy and stuff. Trust me, there are way way darker games than this.
sean marcus Lascano
sean marcus Lascano преди 3 дни
I guess you don't know about the Roblox war against Nazis
Ask Dustrry
Ask Dustrry преди 3 дни
I visited the church with my neighbor's account she just gave me it.
Asphyixii преди 3 дни
A few months ago I was friends with a follower of that group when it only had about 7 members or so. If I remember correctly they tossed me off a cliff when I exploited. Edit: Her discord account has been deleted and she unfriended me on rblx.
diane преди 3 дни
up to you guys if you wanna believe me or not, but i used to be close friends with the owner back in 2018 or something, it was before they started all of the cult groups like Divine Sister, the Sisters Covenant, etc. they were actually really talented, we'd play this game called Bloxburg a lot and i remember commissioning a 500k mansion from them and it turned out beautifully, i dont think theres a single person on roblox that builds better than them, however their behavior was slightly predatory. they'd send me some slightly nsfw memes and when i told them i wasnt comfortable with their dirty jokes and nsfw memes, they refused to stop. they would bypass clothing that had genitalia and nsfw body parts on them, and would say very vulgar and sexual things. recently heard that they were on a livestream and had flashed their audience their genitalia, mind you their audience is very young, and it honestly made me feel really uncomfortable just hearing about it knowing that i used to be good friends with this person. idk whether i still like them or not, but i know for sure that theyre not exactly the most moral person out there
Dimensionteevee преди 3 дни
Let's n o t go where we (some roblox communities) once have gone to
Pink Wool
Pink Wool преди 3 дни
"Roblox has a 'Cannibal Cult'" *Team Fortress 2*
Leon Barisic
Leon Barisic преди 3 дни
"According to rummors, he recorded a sex tape live on January 14th 2020" Did he really have to record it on my birthday.
Kea Ntsane
Kea Ntsane преди ден
Feel bad for you bruh.
SzechuanSavage преди 3 дни
"I haven't seen a Reach this big since Halo" That was fantastic lmfao cracked me up
No Edit
No Edit преди 3 дни
Roblox can ban someone for making multiple accounts after a ban or making random content then make a new account
Nerf Newb
Nerf Newb преди 3 дни
Some kids like to play meep city, others like to start a cult.
Angel Dark
Angel Dark преди 3 дни
1:50 AP starts
Mango Lord
Mango Lord преди 3 дни
I met Valindra in game, and well, it went awful, she smacked me with her wand thing, fed me to spiders, threw me off the island that takes like 10 minutes to get to. It was horrible.
Mango Lord
Mango Lord преди 3 дни
Oh yes, I played this, I ate people as a crude (In their case i'm "Unholy") spider. It was funny :> (Also its not a cult its a group)
Isaac Lai
Isaac Lai преди 3 дни
I unironically really enjoy it, it's a surprisingly good horror game.
Jasper The Clown
Jasper The Clown преди 3 дни
I have an account old enough to enter the game, it is super laggy but that is probably because I'm not playing on PC at the moment.
elio преди 3 дни
Roblox is filled with communities like this. If you've spent more than a year and have found communities to be in, you'd quickly find out how dangerous ROBLOX can be for children. I myself aswell as friends have had to create movements in certain communities in order to boot pedos and weirdos or straight up shit people out of said places. ROBLOX's rabbit hole goes far beyond what you could ever posibly imagine, from pedophile staff rings, sex games and even a Porn community known as 'RR34', to entire communities dedicated to extremist political movements, and I'm barely scraping the surface. Whatever you do, not engaging in ROBLOX communities might save you unimaginable trouble.
【クラクヘド】Kid Kohai
【クラクヘド】Kid Kohai преди 3 дни
this is when we run...for we cannot account for or trust any of our children anymore..
Dan Pewpewman
Dan Pewpewman преди 4 дни
how do I join this?
Midnight преди 4 дни
I just realized that I played that game.......without knowing it was a cult.
lothar rosenbaum
lothar rosenbaum преди 4 дни
Im so fucking late but pass word guessing on roblox is so fucking hardcore check out people that talk about it
baddie skye
baddie skye преди 4 дни
me and my friend joined that game and its group. the first thing i thought was a mental hospital or some type of conversion therapy game or some shit. it's you and a bunch of people in patient outfits basically trying to survive everyday eating animal carcusses and running from murderous spiders... sometimes the nurses are abusive and very pretentious. you're given holy water but sometimes the nurses "run out" so your vitality and energy declines until you're "soy unholy" or whatever, it's really weird. nothing about the game itself has anything to do with LGBTQ+ tbh
Expired Apples
Expired Apples преди 4 дни
22:21 it looks like that because of how the roblox glass material reflects light
Katze Flocken
Katze Flocken преди 4 дни
roblox is the most unfriendly game i've ever experienced, you are either getting bullied or scammed... possibly groomed as well lol
BubbaWubbleBubble преди 4 дни
I cant unseen the pictures iv seen while playing Roblox
Not Neccessary
Not Neccessary преди 4 дни
I thought it was a gay resort or some shit like that. I went there myslef
Toast‎‎‎_Zac преди 4 дни
My friend is addicted to these games, he tends to try and murder all of the people he can as a raider.
MrMrbread преди 4 дни
There’s some weird shit on Roblox like condo games where you smoke and fuck people
MrSamIAm преди 4 дни
Also the like to dislike ratio is actually pretty good for a Roblox game
MrSamIAm преди 4 дни
As a part of the Roblox and Roblox twitter community. This Is meant to be a Roblox myth. Roblox myths are meant to be kind of like creepy pastas. @Flamingo makes videos about these myths sometimes. But this one is kinda fucked up. Some are actually good.
I switch account
I switch account преди 4 дни
I saw this and went 'ohh divine sister? That creator of that one pride game?' I hate myself, but that was a fun game ok? I didn't know how to be a spider tho
ji2b преди 4 дни
It's a joke game
brycu преди 4 дни
so no one is gonna talk about the fact valindra casually carries around a luger?
Toshi Everything
Toshi Everything преди 4 дни
The game isn’t a cult LMAO it’s a horror game
Redžib Alić
Redžib Alić преди 4 дни
trin преди 4 дни
lmao those members are barbs, whole different cult on those.
N0MAD1C B1TCH преди 4 дни
finally, a modern day small tiny internet cult that refuses to call themselves a cult. remember kids, first rule to starting a cult is to deny you are a cult! that freaky roblox goddess got scary things in store for their future..
caliemarie. exe
caliemarie. exe преди 4 дни
I have joined this “cult” before and it’s all about LGBTQ+ and stuff but it’s kinda weird
Yuvan Ramesh
Yuvan Ramesh преди 4 дни
Mutahar just brightens my day. Best BGpostr ever. Also ROBLOX TITTIESSSS
さげSkylar преди 4 дни
But yeah de pride isle is good, valindra was too greedy and said we have to pay to play les beyond smh
さげSkylar преди 4 дни
Declan.W McMeans
Declan.W McMeans преди 4 дни
Fallout 76 has Cannibal perk . back when the game was 1st came out that was the only fun thing to do was trick new players into being your friend then just fucking them over by killing them taking there stuff and to top it off that fallout 76 Cannibal perk animation has funny as hell . and most people just died laughing in Voice chat anyway . I haven't played 76 since like a few weeks after the beta
Artistically преди 4 дни
Even though I've never heard "goddess" be used as a pronoun, mad respect for Muta for sticking to it.
Maggie Stanley
Maggie Stanley преди 5 дни
im sure most of the transphobia is trans ppl joking abt it
Hay Hay
Hay Hay преди 5 дни
26:44 gay Cahaaaayee
Graciegalaxy преди 5 дни
I played this game not to long after flamingo played it. I thought it was cool and even tryed out to become a nurse, but I didn't get accepted. It's a bit hard to become a nurse. Anyways when I joined the game I was not talked to by anyone and I died on the first night. It was funny to see how things are going now and I just have to laugh at the fact I wanted to work there. xD
Bogur Kidd
Bogur Kidd преди 5 дни
two girls at my school were in the divine sister roblox group... im scared of those girl
Bogur Kidd
Bogur Kidd преди 5 дни
i was drawing Todoroki while watching this lol
Bogur Kidd
Bogur Kidd преди 5 дни
i love filmora 9 but why is tf2 in the description
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