This TikTok Trend is Disgusting...

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Seriously I can't imagine how tone-deaf the creators of this website are when they upload content like this, it has to be a parody. Thanks for watching!
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Sigma Cain
Sigma Cain преди 11 часа
Venomous Shadow Artist
Venomous Shadow Artist преди 11 часа
I did some stupid shit on the internet when I was younger but jesus christ.
Glassy преди ден
We need a video where Mutahar Sits down, and scrolls/watches through "Alt" tiktok
System_Runner41 преди ден
Floyd The Meme Machine
Floyd The Meme Machine преди ден
Teens don't be like jake paul
Floyd The Meme Machine
Floyd The Meme Machine преди ден
Oh tick tok that app that spys on you And steal your information
TheSandwichSlayer преди 3 дни
Fuck bees not do tragedies
SailorLoveGaming преди 3 дни
I think it's not too late to delete Tik Tok, DELETE THE APP! on the real though, it's messed up knowing people will do anything for fame, the time Germany was going through, with Nazis, the Holocaust, etc, it's sad, heart breaking and sickening to know that what happened back then was real, and that people had so many years ahead of them, even if they didn't they still had a life, and to think that now Tik Tokers will do POVs of a Holocaust victim is sickening and disgusting, there are many trends on Tik Tok, and I think, by far, this is the most disgusting, Tik Tok isn't taking care of it's platform, it's not, kids do dangerous challenges and could die from them, just hope Tik Tok can just be deleted so we all be in relief that it's gone because of the dangerous challenges, trends that are pure stupidity and etc.
GÅÇHÂ mêmë ÇÅt
GÅÇHÂ mêmë ÇÅt преди 3 дни
Why do people make fun of tragic events, I guess humanity really has gone to shit. Wait humanity has already gone to shit with Karen's and maps and all the other shitholes humanity created.
Alex Faulk
Alex Faulk преди 3 дни
That thumbnail 😂😂😂
Hisako DarkFire
Hisako DarkFire преди 4 дни
no strings attached? oh wait.. whats that on your hat the whole fucking video XDD ♪♥
Hisako DarkFire
Hisako DarkFire преди 4 дни
i have a way for you to state the end like you normaly would but in cases like these where u deem them "well you shouldnt really like this video really" would-a go-a something like-a dissssss (TikTok is placeholder for anything u wish) "dislike if you agree with TikTok , and like comment subscribe if you agree with my wisdom" and then end the way u normaly do after that n.n, just so u dont have to feel bad or have any dout in anyone who does like the video!! :D ♥♥♥
AxeHead преди 4 дни
How about we put them idiots in the gas chambers to make it funny. That would be really really hilarious.
Wizardlycash250 преди 4 дни
biggest bruh moument
Tyler Tenebrae
Tyler Tenebrae преди 5 дни
One moron does something and we laugh at him. Five morons do something and there's like fifty of them already goin "oh, so that's normal, let's do this."
PlayWorks преди 6 дни
interestingly interesting
DaWiggul преди 6 дни
One day, i wish the FBI would just take down these terrible, TERRIBLE WEBSITES AND PEOPLE!
David Ambrose
David Ambrose преди 7 дни
Title: this tic toc trend is disgusting All of us: do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down
Eric Procopio
Eric Procopio преди 8 дни
I never thought in my life I would see #comedy next to #Holocaust , I have officially lost faith in humanity
Eli Harrison
Eli Harrison преди 8 дни
digduck преди 9 дни
TikTok is next level pos on the net
dustboxednorth преди 10 дни
I have nothing wrong with distasteful jokes, which are usually like dropping a glass jar beneath someone's foot and saying "JUST A PRANK BRO," but this isn't a fucking joke at this point. It's all just swimming in broken glass.
NoobTube преди 10 дни
Him: how do you lean from tick tock Me: you don't
Hamza Siddiqui
Hamza Siddiqui преди 12 дни
haha, muta. you cant confuse me by speaking in hindi
Shawn Naylor
Shawn Naylor преди 14 дни
Ah yes, virtue signaling
Hallo Boi
Hallo Boi преди 14 дни
Wow! Incredible! People making terrible trends ON TIKTOK FOR THAT MATTER that offend a giant amount of people!
D. преди 15 дни
Rubbe_ преди 22 дни
Yea I can find controversial things funny, but this is outrageous
Radu :D
Radu :D преди 24 дни
Always has been
pheen преди 25 дни
im fine with edgy jokes but id prefer if they were funny bc most ppl forget to add the joke part. like, you cant just do smth offensive and call yourself a comedian, anyone can be offensive but not everyone can be funny.
Vox Populi☭
Vox Populi☭ преди 26 дни
''#comedy'' and ''#holocaust'' in the same fucking description...
•Søft _ bøø•
•Søft _ bøø• преди 26 дни
Im glad trump wants to ban tt.
Peter Gilbert
Peter Gilbert преди 27 дни
I thought Twitter was toxic, and then tik tok was born
xFuneralxThirstx преди 28 дни
I thought Twitter was a cesspool until I discovered tiktok. Being a young adult is no excuse to be insensitive to one of the greatest travesties in human history.
Anthony Young
Anthony Young преди месец
Fuck man, I'm a jew that makes jew jokes and even I thought that was too far.
Spade Records
Spade Records преди месец
Muta in the thumbnail 👁👅👁
FACER 360 преди месец
Meth won't affect my child!
Star boy
Star boy преди месец
I love how the subtitle system did not give a flying fuck to even try to translate what you said
That_ Deadeyegamer79
That_ Deadeyegamer79 преди месец
Everyone in the comments: I'm from *insert country effected by Germany here* and I'm *T R I G G E R E D*
E10 преди месец
Tik tok as a whole is disgusting.. only brain dead sheep use it
bloop a boop
bloop a boop преди месец
I have an itch at the back of my throat that only a shotgun slug could scratch
Person Man
Person Man преди месец
1:14 Hmmmmmm, ok
parish elizabeth
parish elizabeth преди месец
This is one of the times where I wish/hope that Hell is a real place...cause these little shits would definitely be going there!😡
parish elizabeth
parish elizabeth преди месец
Just one of the many, countless reasons why Tik Tok needs to go!
Ari преди месец
for a sec i thought he was speaking bengali
Just say Alhamdulillaah
Just say Alhamdulillaah преди месец
M.H преди месец
What that tongue do Muta
Lazy Larry
Lazy Larry преди месец
Tik tok is in my top 3 things that need to burn in the deepest pit of hell thats inside of another hell
unusualInferno преди месец
In Italy we have people doing 911 and Titanic POVs TikToks. It's fucking wild how smooth a brain can be.
Buddha UwU
Buddha UwU преди месец
If your gonna "educate" people. Why do it in the most cringe way possible
Paul преди месец
I personally like edgy humour but this is way too far
SpaceNerd преди месец
how to turn my blood vessels into a kitchen stove 1. get my attention 2. show me this tik tok trend 3. now you have a human stove
SpaceNerd преди месец
"this tik tok trend is disgusting" yeah, and milk is white
Cooler CHADler
Cooler CHADler преди 12 дни
europe should be white but for some reason it aint
WisK преди месец
Aren’t they all
Vapyrwaves преди месец
i thought i was having a stroke in the beginning because I didn't understand the words and then i realized lmao
Geet преди месец
ur speakin hindi lol
OG Nitro
OG Nitro преди месец
Damn, trump should’ve put tiktok out of its misery when he had the chance.
Jamie Coggin
Jamie Coggin преди месец
And my faith in humanity yet again drops to zero.
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage преди месец
Wtf is wrong with your tongue
Random Gay Weirdo 疫トに
Random Gay Weirdo 疫トに преди месец
Sairi_Taisaku преди месец
This trend is outright disturbing and creepy if you think about it... death is actually a scary thing for most (or at least sane) people. Seriously why would this ever be a thing??? also the holocaust thing is a very traumatic thing to experience why are people almost unintentionally making it a joke?
Atomic Mushroom 6413
Atomic Mushroom 6413 преди месец
My eyes
yes please
yes please преди месец
deaf people so confused
Just a water bottle
Just a water bottle преди месец
These are the same kids that would try to cancel you if you make a gay joke
Justin Copen
Justin Copen преди месец
I came here because of the muta pick, and we all know what I mean
Amir Rashed
Amir Rashed преди месец
No U
No U преди месец
Tiktok is darker than the darknet
Arav Dogra
Arav Dogra преди месец
Muta switching between English and Hindi so effortlessly makes me feel strangely valiadted.
Bad Ideas
Bad Ideas преди месец
Now, normally, I ain't one for beating kids...
sleepingkobold UwU
sleepingkobold UwU преди месец
9:51 dawg I just draw :(
A440 преди месец
5:35 The Prophecy
Dylan Duncan
Dylan Duncan преди месец
Why couldn’t you be our president
BrinaFlautist преди месец
One of the things that *really* pisses me off about the "POV of a holocaust victim in heaven" TikTok is how the girl is literally smiling throughout. Even when she reveals that she "died" in the Auschwitz gas chambers. She's like "I died in the gas chambers :) I'm a holocaust victim :) thanks for your sympathy :)," acting like it's a typical cute little TikTok trend. And don't get me started on how these girls are literally "cosplaying" and pretending to be Holocaust victims. They claim to have met Holocaust survivors or have visited Holocaust memorials... yet they think it's a good idea to make these? I should also add that this isn't the first time the official Auschwitz Memorial had to tell people to not use the camp as a backdrop for their cute little social media trends.
Max Tchalla
Max Tchalla преди месец
It's fun to hear mutahar speaking in hindi
Evan Fischer
Evan Fischer преди месец
Despite how much I hate tiktok there are some good ones
Lee Gou
Lee Gou преди месец
I saw the thumbnail. I can't unsee Mutahegao.
Senju Ghxst
Senju Ghxst преди месец
Next there’s going to be like POV: I’m the Parkland shooter and I shoot everyone in your class except for you or some shit.
Excogitatoris Hominum
Excogitatoris Hominum преди месец
So.. did them 9/11 videos happen? 5:35
Zouraiz Khan
Zouraiz Khan преди месец
he has the type of desi accent i expected him to have not too much not too low. like how all things should be
Rahil Malhotra
Rahil Malhotra преди месец
0:13 I didnt know he could Hindi so well!!
PlasticShorts преди месец
People make it hard to look forward to living a long life
TwistySponge преди месец
Actually, september id the month of reposting a suicide
RETRO THUNDER преди месец
What was that mouth hemorrhage st the start?
Maus In Da Haus
Maus In Da Haus преди месец
0:20 YES!
P_NoiZe Sacha
P_NoiZe Sacha преди месец
15 years ago the history textbooks used in chinese schools issued by the Minister of Education said that Hitler was a great conqueror like Napoleon Bonaparte. Keep in mind this was 15 years ago back then there was even a Nazi themed bar and Restaurant . # HufnGas
Sylveon TheFairyMaster
Sylveon TheFairyMaster преди месец
“I’m so sorry” “Thank you” Idk why, it just sounds weird
PlatinumBladeStudios преди месец
Yeah they just want shit to feed their ego and feel like they’re better than other people. This happens so much on social media, it’s disgusting
Oliver Pease
Oliver Pease преди месец
Imagine getting a tik tok ad in between the video
Sir Dankleberry
Sir Dankleberry преди месец
Look I'm off the opinion that anything can be a joke if done well enough but the problem is it isn't funny.
Sir Dankleberry
Sir Dankleberry преди месец
I'm gonna fart and lock them into the gas chamber.
CN SL преди месец
People need to stop just thinking "me me me" 24/7.
The Charminx
The Charminx преди месец
tiktok is not a platform to educate. its all about comedy and toxicity deez days. if you want to educate others then go to youtube or other platforms people can find long and intresting video's instead of thouse 9 to 60 second BS. and please don't make yourself rideculous
ThatOneUncreativeGuy преди месец
Tik Tok is disgusting *always has been*
Diego_The Dinosaur
Diego_The Dinosaur преди месец
im just waiting for some dude to do this trend, and its like this: ''Sir, how did you die?'' ''I died in chernobyl, suka (loud russian music in the background)'' ''shit''
GamEch GT
GamEch GT преди месец
Kya baat kar rahe ho bhai hame to samajh aa gaya intro😂
RatingCoyote326 !
RatingCoyote326 ! преди месец
My family is of Jewish descent and my ancestors have died in the halicaust and I down for dark humor but that not humor and If you ever want to educate people be professional not larp about people who have actually died
Ramit Kumar
Ramit Kumar преди месец
today is 9/11, and i just HOPE tiktokers don't fuck this up, otherwise there'll be none left for them.
Diavolo преди месец
I love mutahars thumbnail
Bilal Khalid
Bilal Khalid преди месец
Muta were you speaking Urdu or Hindi in the start? Are you from India or Pakistan?
Martin Parvanov
Martin Parvanov преди месец
Its hot
Erik and Toby
Erik and Toby преди месец
The thing I hate is that they don’t know shit bro it’s so fucking disrespectful
Dudriduo преди месец
They probably didn't make it into art school either
Parpar Y
Parpar Y преди месец
Your speaking Urdu with English
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