Scalpers Made Me Mad...

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Imagine trying to buy a graphic card in 2020.

SomeOrdinaryGamers преди месец
i know when it comes to scalping the majority of scripts are operating on web requests. ive been looking at a whole range of these scalp bots and the methods can be all over the place. most common is going to order landing page and quickly filling neccesary values (a human being will never beat this method at all). the only unfortunate fix i see is to implement a multi stage human verification check on the buyers but i feel most retailers are against this as the inconvenience can cause lost sales. its like the anticheat war if i have to put it up to a quick and dirty analogy. retailers will keep implementing new systems as these scalpers will implement new methods to secure sales faster. all in all, tl;dr: fuck scalping.
Night Neko
Night Neko преди 18 дни
Man as far as i am aware scalping is ilegal , hell if the guys who sold hand sanitizer at 5 times the price since they bouth all the hand sanitizer in the city and got legaly charged for it , this people shoud be charged as well.
Chris преди 21 ден
Yeah like it would fix it hahaha I remember when the made capcha and now bots are able to recognize it hahaha all your hopes and dreams are for nothing because you live in capitalist country u might as well go to china this will be controlled by ccp
Bored yeah
Bored yeah преди 23 дни
Funny thing it's probably like that for gym equipment. Me and cousin of mine have been looking for gym stuff but one of the more popular website; that are based in Toronto, the same issue. Most of there shit is out of stock. Dunno if it's the same but it feels like it :(
Jeffrey Galle
Jeffrey Galle преди 26 дни
I've heard of websites using hidden fields that scripts would fill out whereas a person wouldn't. I'm sure the bots have solved this though, pretty interesting problem.
Rezantis преди 27 дни
Feel your pain Muta, been going through the same shit with sneakers this year and due to the pandemic, It's been damn near impossible to get any release since around march... -_-
Tekno77 преди 2 часа
9:35 Say that again? 😂
noctiswha преди 6 часа
i was going to make my first pc using the 3080. :(
[NE0N_IZZURI_0910] преди 2 дни
Therapist : Left side Muta doesn't exist he can't harm you Left side Muta : 10:50
hime dere
hime dere преди 3 дни
Theres 2 monster high dolls people waited month's 4. Just for some scalpers and bots to buy them and sell them on ebay for 300 USD..
TheThejaketucker преди 5 дни
Thank you mood
Kaleesh Synth
Kaleesh Synth преди 5 дни
Scalpers are worse than drug dealers honestly.
jared преди 6 дни
Ps5 sold out on target yesterday in 3 seconds
GColoradoSkates преди 8 дни
This made me furious!!! I built a new pc for my birthday recently, and I was hoping to purchase a 3080, but of course I never got one. I was forced to buy a 2070 super ( which I am still the upmost greatful for ) to go with my 3950xt. Slight bottlenect, but better then my last pc which was in i7 6700k and rx480 and I could not even run games from like 2014 on it
Mind zero
Mind zero преди 9 дни
Scalpers can commit the self forever sleep
Tyreese преди 10 дни
ye scalpers saved us, nvidia is looking towards 7nm for the rtx 3000 series next year.
Unicorn преди 11 дни
I'm upsetty 9000.1 (Patches) Fixed a glitch that could lag the server near the shop area Fixed bugs
elvis преди 12 дни
Funny part: 6:48
श्री Sojotaku
श्री Sojotaku преди 12 дни
3:31 When muta starts saying "piekoseconds" instead of "picoseconds" you know he is pissed off on a different level
Lil_ Jh
Lil_ Jh преди 12 дни
Now that a bunch of products like RTX’s are now on StockX.. Hahah Good luck ever getting em again manual
TrynnaHitTenMill преди 12 дни
This really makes me cry, even though I'm nog gonna buy a new graphics card anytime soon. These GAMING graphic cards are being bought by programmed bots for who knows which reason, and those people doing it leave no cards for people who genuinely want to game on it. This makes me angry, angry because those people exist in this world who would do this.
LongHappyFrog преди 13 дни
I got myself a 3080 so im good.
step boonga
step boonga преди 13 дни
Yall are just cry babies, we just trying to make a buck. Step up your speed game bro.
B C преди 14 дни
The real idiots are the ones who buy from scalpers
Tyminator преди 14 дни
your wide aspect ratio made my phone feel a lot wider
Dylan Layman
Dylan Layman преди 15 дни
But unemployment crashes lol
Anđela Perišić
Anđela Perišić преди 16 дни
i hate seeing muta cry
Chief_Breadbanks преди 16 дни
upsetti spagetti
Matthew Richard
Matthew Richard преди 17 дни
I think what's more ludicrous is that people are actually accepting and bidding for these Cards at these prices. Fucking Crazy
Caleb B
Caleb B преди 17 дни
I dunno why you'd buy a flagship card on launch anyway. In the next 2 years they'll release a revision that'll fix more of its issues anyway. Botting sucks, but it happens everywhere now.
Eric Lewis
Eric Lewis преди 18 дни
Plot twist it was msi all along
Sir Nicholas
Sir Nicholas преди 19 дни
I thought you were a hackintosh guy?
Sir Nicholas
Sir Nicholas преди 19 дни
I used a bot Muta. I'm sorry. I only got 1 for myself tho. I didn't abuse the system. I just knew it was what I had to do. You should also be mad at Nvidia too tho. From what I've been told by various vendors there was about 20,000 cards launch day globally. Also with our bot, any captcha or human verification it runs into it can't solve it sends me a text with a direct link and I pop in. Once its in my cart its there for a fair amount of time.
ProtoBuffers преди 19 дни
PS5 users are in the same boat
Bubblez преди 19 дни
I bought a 2080 super and they mistakenly sent me a 3080, so I didn't have to worry about all of this scalper crap
Joey Reinhart
Joey Reinhart преди 20 дни
I saw a reddit post yesterday from someone who was confused as to why scalping was bad. They said that they were able to get a bunch of cards and flip them on eBay. I told him he was an asshole and he said he was smart and the people who bought from him were idiots (dispute having no choice).
TheValorousDong преди 20 дни
10:40 thought my right headphone died.
TheBlackestRose преди 20 дни
Cameron Ramey
Cameron Ramey преди 20 дни
Im worried this is gonnanhappen to the quest 2 and drive the price up
Leon M
Leon M преди 20 дни
just wait a few month and the prices will probably drop again. So who cares. Literally no use complaining and no need to have the highes end card on launch. It's not some new game release where you get bombarded with spoilers if you don't buy and binge on launch, just chill a bit idk.
Bepis Bepus
Bepis Bepus преди 20 дни
10:45 mono mutahar
Chris преди 21 ден
Welcome to capitalism idiot as long as people is in control there will be experienced like this all u need is tons of money 💰 and you have the ball gpu’s are your court hahaha. Now y’all wish government controls this shit u might as well just live in china 🇨🇳
Arsh Anwari
Arsh Anwari преди 21 ден
now i wanna get a scalper
Magitek1112 преди 21 ден
So apparently a subsidiary of MSI, Starlit Partner, was scalping the company's own Nvidia cards..what.
Its A Cat
Its A Cat преди 21 ден
cragle111 преди 21 ден
the only reason NVidia is successful is because of there amazing global marketing manager Brandon Ewing aka Atrioc aka the ghost
808Preme преди 21 ден
It’s funny all the scalpers and bots got the shit cards LOL
Noah Standish
Noah Standish преди 21 ден
I had my order ready, and the button didn't even come up it just flashed to out of stock
dustyegg преди 22 дни
100% RTX graphic card buying speedrun.
The_Legendary_NeoStriker преди 22 дни
I collect studio series transformer amd the scalpers make it hard im almost done making devastator but scrapmetal and longhaul were scalped amd now expensive
Hanan Aljaber
Hanan Aljaber преди 22 дни
what about diecast scalpers like the maisto ford svt cobra a size of a hot wheels but apparently the scalper's price is 50 to 346
wolf397 преди 22 дни
If you lower the volume and start the video at 10:41 while lying in bed, you can pretend that Muta is whispering you to sleep
Mister J Bro
Mister J Bro преди 22 дни
Sneaker twitter strikes again with their botting bullsh*t ruining something else for collectors/people that really would use it. They do this just to flip it and make $20
Benson Hedges
Benson Hedges преди 22 дни
Dude I have he same problem with car parts everything is becoming extremely hard to buy, one part I’ve been looking to buy has been sold out for three months and I refuse to pay almost double on eBay
amber преди 22 дни
8:47 team green fanboy
Jeremy Mendoza
Jeremy Mendoza преди 22 дни
Same with ps5
Asariel TnG
Asariel TnG преди 23 дни
Maybe nvidia know the scalpers were going to buy it and sold defective ones to pay for the fix XDDD an release it latter i know im reaching but i will laugh my ass off if that is the case.
spaghetti lord
spaghetti lord преди 23 дни
Buying RTX graphic card perfect any% speedrun 1 second WR
Lorenzo Campici
Lorenzo Campici преди 23 дни
Scalpers are assholes ngl I've been planning to buy a pair of limited sneakers for a while, I had an entire plan organized, and they were sold out within 30 seconds, putting me into a queue without actually making me buy the kicks. Forgot to mention that I purchased it within 30 seconds of its release window, TWICE
K преди 23 дни
Ahh ebay, the folks who happily act as a fence to buy/sell stolen property and also the scalpers best friend.
Shaun Fitzgerald
Shaun Fitzgerald преди 23 дни
I had one in my cart, but then the site crashed. I was sooooo pissed
Cody J
Cody J преди 23 дни
That’s what it feels like trying to get those Black Friday deals since more and more are going online
matthew galer
matthew galer преди 23 дни
Sophia Coughlin
Sophia Coughlin преди 23 дни
10111011(binary) = 18710 (decimal) = right double angle quotes (ASCII) very interesting muta
CrackerTweak преди 23 дни
I tried buying both for work but I got fucked on both. I just got a used 2080 Super till they come back in stock.
Mello .J Fello
Mello .J Fello преди 23 дни
I genuinely feel so bad for him
Efe Aydal
Efe Aydal преди 23 дни
It's not NVIDIA's fault. If nobody bought from the scalpers, wouldn't NVIDIA make another batch anyway? Scalpers would try to buy that also but in the end if people won't buy from them they would eventually go bankrupt. I mean, I wish scalpers bot-bought MY products.
Roby Miller
Roby Miller преди 16 дни
That's exactly what a bot would say, Efe.
Han Hong
Han Hong преди 22 дни
It goes both ways. With the significant lack of human verification, they made the jobs of the scalpers easier than it should've been. Would the scalpers still be able to nab a couple of the graphics cards? Absolutely. However, NVIDIA still had a small part to play in this due to their incompetence, intentional or not.
KoukiLFS преди 23 дни
Yemen kalkanını bot ile satın alalım.
Roger Rangel
Roger Rangel преди 23 дни
PS5 flashbacks
General Puff
General Puff преди 24 дни
To be honest, (provided the corporations don't add human verification) you should fight fire with fire. If these scumbags can bot, so can you guys.
Kamrin Milburn
Kamrin Milburn преди 24 дни
same cess different pool
Dean Gibson
Dean Gibson преди 24 дни
Luckily in the UK we still have cards in stock
Rye Salmon
Rye Salmon преди 24 дни
Thanks for clarifying what a scalper is for me man. I had no clue what they were and I'm glad I'm aware now. Thanks man :)
McArnold Richard’sGravyTrain
McArnold Richard’sGravyTrain преди 25 дни
Even sadder is people buy from the scalpers otherwise they would be out of “business”
Curtis Wankerstein
Curtis Wankerstein преди 25 дни
$8000!? US!? I can buy like 6 decent gaming laptops for that and play Halo on system link with a few mates on a train ride from New South Wales to Western Australia for cheaper. WHAT THE FUCK!?
ferret wrath
ferret wrath преди 25 дни
Muda the next gen consoles are useing amd graphics and thay are performing 30-40% better than the 2080 TI and I know it's kinda been under-the-radar but we have known this for 8 months plus the amd card is going to fit right the middle of the 3080 and 3090 at least the one that they have currently put into next gen consoles the entire reason why Nvidia lowered their prices of their cards in the first place is because of the competition AMD poses these cards would have been probably $2,000 like everyone was expecting otherwise also we are likely going to get the same thing that happened with super cards before agin but this time it will be in response to amd and that's the card I'm waiting for in like 6 months the 3080/3090 super in response to amds cards they have already publicly confirmed that they are redoing the super line everyone knows how much the super pissed everyone off after thay bought a 2080 and then the super came out 6 months later kind of think the scalping is a blessing in disguise all the cards these scalpers bought will be worth less then thay originally bought them for in 6 months
tlessmo преди 25 дни
Remember the covid scalpers? shouldn't this technically be illegal price gouging? It's not like ebay and amazon can't ban the practice You can't mark up a product above manufacturer suggested price for a set duration of time. There is price fixing as well which this seems to fall under this practice seems very illegal to me on it's own. At this point I feel like this is something you should contact the FTC and other government officials for.
tlessmo преди 25 дни
Games, collectors editions ect. f scalpers.
Vilmos Palik
Vilmos Palik преди 25 дни
well nvidia doesn't care who buys the card as long as they buy it, so they don't give a shit if the scalpers are the ones buying it cuz they make the same money either way
bobby boucher
bobby boucher преди 25 дни
obtain by forceful action or persuasion.
bobby boucher
bobby boucher преди 25 дни
speed running tool OP hahahahaha
Sushi Koala
Sushi Koala преди 25 дни
Yo muta make the captcha video
BoomerLemon преди 25 дни
Shit, now I'm gonna need a fucking bot to get one of something. Fight fire with fire.
Michael Brinkworth
Michael Brinkworth преди 25 дни
i thought my speaker was broken..
idea of coding
idea of coding преди 25 дни
Ima make a script that buys the card once. thats fast. before the bots can buy it. so i can get the card.
LittleKingRyan преди 26 дни
The sneaker community has been dealing with this forevrr
Obito OGK
Obito OGK преди 26 дни
my mans isnt the xbox series x gpu equivalent to an 2080ti ? lmao and those are console gpus. just wait till AMDs reveal.
Oggy Gamer
Oggy Gamer преди 26 дни
Cinematic aspect ratio is reserved for angry Muta videos only.
Pronic junior
Pronic junior преди 26 дни
6:54 LMFAOaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoao IM WEAK
1337 Player
1337 Player преди 26 дни
10:40 just gave me PTSD from when i got thoese shitty headphone when u buy a phone and i used them
Shady Kitty
Shady Kitty преди 26 дни
just dont get a scalped card lol i know big brain right?
Cold преди 26 дни
Muta: I'm not a bot Also Muta literally a second later: 0:38
SHAdow98 преди 26 дни
I'm with team green aswel no offence to the AMD ppl,but scalping has nothing to do with Nvidia cuz it happens to everything that's new on the market and highly hyped over,it happened back iin the previous gen GPUs launch even to AMD aswel as Nvidia,it happened to pervious gen consoles and to this gen aswel,it happened now to Nvidia again and it also happened to Intel's CPUs too,it was pretty hard to find and buy a fucking 10900k due to scalping,and point is it happens to all these companies regardless of who you like or support and they don't give a fuck. . .guess what tho,they don't have to give a fuck cuz at the end of the day they don't care if the ppl bought their products or not they care about them meeting their sales targets which they do cuz of the scalping,in fact this is better for them cuz if oyu buy from Nvidia directly they need to offer you warranty but if you buy from a random dirt bag on ebay Nvidia doesn't need to give you warranty other than updated drivers XD,they're at even more of an advantage theoretically,at the end of the day tho all i have to say is that i hope all the scalpers in the world end up homeless alone and then die a very slow and horrible death then fall into the darkest pits of hell itself
我没有钱 • 10 years ago
我没有钱 • 10 years ago преди 26 дни
i don't have money because i am a fucking idiot but think that they should add some sort of fucking limit to the amount of the same thing
unknown преди 26 дни
my left ear
T Zero
T Zero преди 26 дни
@10:30 rip my left ear.
Zandran преди 26 дни
comment 3000
Toph 'Goldenfoxx' Morris
Toph 'Goldenfoxx' Morris преди 26 дни
My hope is that eBay and other sites like it will just ban the sale of such things at any sort of a markup (or better yet, ban them outright). Ban the sale of pre-order receipts while they're at it.
WatchKassiopia преди 27 дни
8:23 "This is a hustle for some people" Yeah? And so is pit pocketing, and fraud yet you don't see people supporting that. Sometimes people can be too blinded by sympathy.
Sam Leen
Sam Leen преди 27 дни
Thank you for the shout out!
MarcD преди 27 дни
No one needs a RTX 3080 or 3090 that badly that they should be paying scalpers extortionate amounts of money. You can and should wait for them to be back in stock probably a month or two after release date at the most. Plus by then the issues with some cards will be fixed. Just don’t buy them off these scummy scalpers. Same with the next gen consoles.. I just hope there aren’t a lot of people so desperate for them that they actually sell and these scalper win. If it meant waiting 6 months to get a 3080 I would happily do that instead of giving these scum my money.
Silver преди 27 дни
meanwhile I'm just chillin with my RX 580
PastelLeamur Studios
PastelLeamur Studios преди 27 дни
Idek if this is just a problem with my headphones, but I had the volume all the way up to 100 percent and it still sounded as if your mic was off. Maybe make sure it's on? Idk
Vector7 преди 27 дни
The only thing I disagree with is your assessment of AMD's Big Navi and how you don't think it'll reach Nvidia levels. I'm like 90% sure that AMD will be able to get within a 15% performance difference of the RTX 3080 with their new cards and, although the RTX 3090 will still be more powerful, the power it has is more for 4K gaming than anything else (ignoring 3D artists and related uses for the card other than gaming). Sure, that means that Nvidia will still be a step ahead of AMD, but by no big leaps, but instead by tinier and tinier margins every release. I expect either in the next 2 years of next 4 years that AMD will not only have beaten Intel, but also beaten Nvidia in both CPU and GPU performance and pricing. Speaking of pricing, I'm sure that the AMD card that's closest to the RTX 3080 in performance will also be around $100-200 cheaper, so definitely a big plus there.
GoonzTM преди 27 дни
This is the same thing that happens on apps like StockX my dad had to see if his shoe dealer could sell him a pair of fire red 5s cause they sold out in 5 minutes this also happens ALL THE TIME ON ANYTHING THAT IS RELEASED, I LITERALLY ALMOST DIDNT GET A BIRTHDAY GIFT THAT WAS PROMISED CAUSE OF A FUCKING BOT.
Only With Buts
Only With Buts преди 27 дни
What? HOW?! How can a " BOT " make an actual physical product go " Sold Out " ? It's just fake buying it right? Doesn't Nvidia have some defense against this troll nonsense? This is very concerning cause it can happen to any product online technically.
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