Please Don't Search "Minecraft School"...

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If you want your recommendations to be filled up with the absolute pits of family-friendly Minecraft content than be my guest but I must remind you going down this path may leave you a totally different person, Minecraft may have gone just a bit too far. Thanks for watching!
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idris nnaji
idris nnaji преди час
its been nearly two weeks man. I dont think among us is slowing down this year.
Noobistatic преди час
“The males get pregnant a lot, It really doesn’t matter the pregnancies happen all around”
Noobert - Roblox Tutorials
Noobert - Roblox Tutorials преди 3 часа
2016: Minecraft Monster School Herobrine Teacher 2020: MINECRAFT GIRL STEVE CAUGHT IN BATHROOM WITH ZOMBIE GONE WRONG
Cole Miner
Cole Miner преди 3 часа
Yknow, I remember when these when these videos weren’t complete garbage
Just Jory Vlogs
Just Jory Vlogs преди 3 часа
when you search monster school you see some um very not kid friendly thumbnails
Ana Luiza
Ana Luiza преди 4 часа
Damn i used to watch these years ago... It used to be gold, just the mobs competing with each other. I always rooted for the enderman
Benson преди 5 часа
mutahar in 60p this is very scary pls help me
yourvirtualdad преди 6 часа
"Don't search up Minecraft School" um.... thanks mutahar, i wasnt planning to...
willie Castillo
willie Castillo преди 7 часа
What man are not to BE print
Jordan Crow
Jordan Crow преди 7 часа
What scares me is that after being on incognito on yt for about an hour (searching the scp content farms) I was recommended that monster school shit
Windows 8
Windows 8 преди 10 часа
dont call me a pervert or anything but i used to watch monster school
Jack W.
Jack W. преди 11 часа
No one messes with Minecraft Cartels and comes out alive. Just look what happened in Columbia.
LA LA Games LA
LA LA Games LA преди 11 часа
If you search up monster school and filter by sort by view count and set duration to short you'll find the good ones
ღ Mochi The Doggo ღ
ღ Mochi The Doggo ღ преди 13 часа
So apparently I wasn’t the only one who watched this I’m concerned what the hell
マットボット преди 13 часа
wtf lmao. I don't remember monster school being so..... weird.....
Hoshi Sатоuッ
Hoshi Sатоuッ преди 17 часа
Remember the chad, Willcraft?
Leafyisfakelol Lol
Leafyisfakelol Lol преди 22 часа
666k Views lol
lany lolly
lany lolly преди ден
Yaxnemo Glories
Yaxnemo Glories преди ден
Huh never heard of that for 2 years now
SaneLad96 преди ден
sad thing is i used to watch this shit
Turkey The Gobble God
Turkey The Gobble God преди ден
monster school was my childhood and now i’m sad
Kadence does random Stuff!
Kadence does random Stuff! преди ден
Im sorry but.. 7 years ago is not 2015!
Chardino преди 11 часа
Strelok преди ден
When i was kid minecraft school was ok but now its really bad
VirgoIn VR
VirgoIn VR преди ден
Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips преди ден
Glad I didn't grow up with this...
Oliver Zimber
Oliver Zimber преди ден
Sees the name Minecraft School: *remembers the good times*
Harris XMMCCCLXXII преди ден
Remember when Monster School was an epic series?
jhoncenabomb преди ден
I feel like I just cursed myself because this video has Minecraft school
GARBAGE eAting IDIOT преди ден
I remember that I hate the new version the old one was better seriously BOTTLE FLIP CHALLENGE AND GRANNY!? wtf I miss the old minecraft school so much :(
TJ436 преди ден
I remember watching those monster school vids from like 6/7 years ago. Even though they were from a while ago, they are way better then the stuff made today. (They still are pretty garbage).
Petko Brunak
Petko Brunak преди ден
I always watched that. What's so bad about it? It's funny tho. S o m e t i m e s
Kalomay преди ден
My little brother watches this
Purplecat преди ден
Minecraft school used to be the best thing ever
Strxnger_Dxnger преди 2 дни
"Minecraft School." Me: *I have not heard that name in years..*
Family Fun Time
Family Fun Time преди 2 дни
TheMinecraftian преди 2 дни
what the wryy is going on here
Olivia 757
Olivia 757 преди 2 дни
I used to love Minecraft Monster School when I was a kid. Now it's a fetished deformed abomination.
Clika lopez
Clika lopez преди 2 дни
too late
just a random nerd
just a random nerd преди 2 дни
i fell happy im not watching this bullshit
FIGHTFANNERD9 KPOP is Trash & Twice is the worst
FIGHTFANNERD9 KPOP is Trash & Twice is the worst преди 2 дни
youtube is getting worse & worse i need get away from the internet
Norma Sanchez
Norma Sanchez преди 2 дни
Ohhhhh i have not heard that name in 7
Spino Gaming
Spino Gaming преди 2 дни
I used to watch Monster school. Shit was pretty good back then.
A T-rex with internet
A T-rex with internet преди 2 дни
Minecraft school in 2013: Learning to Craft Minecraft school now: FIDGET SPINNER BOTTLE FLIP WITHER 3AM RAP BATTLE FUNNY MONSTER LIFE
Dan DamiaX
Dan DamiaX преди 2 дни
I miss the old one , that I used to watch.... *cries*
Secrshi преди 2 дни
yeah its not the same anymore...
moez billah beltaib
moez billah beltaib преди 2 дни
i-remember-when-minecr aft-school-was-THE-BOMB-now-its-THE-WOMB
AspectV4 Gaming
AspectV4 Gaming преди 2 дни
i used to watch it when they we're good, now i see a zombie sucking up juice from a girls wewe.
RexZar преди 2 дни
what even happend to minecraft school,it used to be good
TOMO преди 2 дни
I used to watch these as a kid. No sex or pregnancy tho
gimpotency преди 2 дни
Kinda sad how my 6 year old brother watches these
Bp Destroyer69
Bp Destroyer69 преди 2 дни
The people who watch this are typically 5-8 year olds in the phillipines and other asian countries
Loquen преди 2 дни
why pregnancy is the focus on that videos? what is even the point??? thats so fucking cringe, i never liked this content, not even the old videos
we all need clean shirts
we all need clean shirts преди 2 дни
I looked at mudas reflection in the background instead of at his face not for any reason just felt like it
mr poe is no joke
mr poe is no joke преди 3 дни
It's hard to type with one hand...
MelodyIsAFurry преди 3 дни
what have they done to my childhood?
Mr Psyco
Mr Psyco преди 3 дни
Kill me kiillll mmeeeee
Microwave преди 3 дни
Minecraft school was a beautiful sight at first then years after it came to be now it is a pile of fucking horror
gallade samurai
gallade samurai преди 3 дни
I swear minecraft monster school is gonna be the new elsagate scandal.
lekkergamen met jan!
lekkergamen met jan! преди 3 дни
i saw one of a skeleton and that b got a extra bone
Sexy Weed man
Sexy Weed man преди 3 дни
The best minecraft school channel was little lizard and all them ones
Sam Davis
Sam Davis преди 3 дни
i wish a bunch of werdos didn't make crap content but the og stuff was good
super Samio o
super Samio o преди 3 дни
I wish phub had a monster school series
rodger hughes
rodger hughes преди 3 дни
why, this was memories goddammit
Maxeon 09
Maxeon 09 преди 3 дни
This genre was once pretty good. But now its ruined...
Mao MaoYT
Mao MaoYT преди 3 дни
make a tutorial on how to erase memories like this
S a s k i
S a s k i преди 3 дни
My brother watches this “Monster School for kids” *DAMN*
Koen S
Koen S преди 3 дни
We don't say that name around here anymore...
GameEnded преди 3 дни
Minecraft school is a goldmine of youtube
LucasThe ArtisticBoi
LucasThe ArtisticBoi преди 3 дни
It’s been a while since I’ve heard MINECRAFT SCHOOL I remember when I used to watch that shit 🤣
《 I Need A Life 》
《 I Need A Life 》 преди 3 дни
Your lighting pains me
Felix Ibrahim
Felix Ibrahim преди 3 дни
Minecraft school was cool, now it just a legal pr0n.
BrucethDamneth преди 3 дни
muta's laugh is addicting
Jackolight преди 3 дни
My 5 year old brother watches these...
MrLinerz 4008
MrLinerz 4008 преди 3 дни
8:18 look at the fourth video
Jojo blox channel ツ
Jojo blox channel ツ преди 3 дни
[kanuuki] преди 3 дни
"Dont search minecraft school" Me:how bout i do _A N Y W A Y?_
Time loop Productions
Time loop Productions преди 3 дни
I don’t know why but this came up when I searched retro video game posters
G59 // FLESHRIPPA преди 3 дни
Uvinerse преди 3 дни
this gives me nostolgia and i hate it
your meme dealer across the street
your meme dealer across the street преди 3 дни
Remember when the only good monster school animator was WillCraft
RoverTaffy 3_0
RoverTaffy 3_0 преди 4 дни
Vinny Dracula
Vinny Dracula преди 4 дни
kenobi mendoza
kenobi mendoza преди 4 дни
I searched minecraft school and this video was the third result...we did it boys
Threept0 преди 4 дни
Im poor help me
Im poor help me преди 4 дни
Seen this pop up so many times... I watched like 2 videos and Oh My Goodness. (Edit) I watched some of the new ones not the old good ones.
SamBam Animations
SamBam Animations преди 4 дни
I cant be the only one who noticed but Your hair is on fire bro nice
Slushi Wølf
Slushi Wølf преди 4 дни
Wow... it has CHANGED A LOT...
Creamyred bagels
Creamyred bagels преди 4 дни
Muta you forget to censor the endermen fucking a zombie 8:19
Homie Ant
Homie Ant преди 4 дни
9:10 he's a grown ass man laughing at minecraft pregnancy at 4 am
PotatoOiix преди 4 дни
Ngl i haven't heard minecraft school for a while like 32 years ago
Sun преди 4 дни
*Ah. I haven't heard this in years.*
DA PEPO преди 4 дни
holy shit i havent heard minecraft schook in a long while
Jaime Marín
Jaime Marín преди 4 дни
I remember willctaft Those minecraft school videos are the og ones
iva naletilić
iva naletilić преди 4 дни
Jere Juntunen
Jere Juntunen преди 4 дни
I remember many years ago i searched minecraft school they were acutally harmless animations. I remember that episodes were about parkour, brewing and like hide and seek and stuff. I guess a lot has changed
Cervantes 2869
Cervantes 2869 преди 4 дни
Who Shockyy
Who Shockyy преди 4 дни
they ruined my childhood
AkiraTheVixenYT преди 4 дни
Woah, i remember watching those 2014 and 2015 monster school animations, they were actually really good, but hearing about it in 2017 - 2020, look how they massacred my boy.
captainsillybouquethologram преди 4 дни
DUDE. I went to Miami last year and went to a friend's house down there, where I saw HIS DAUGHTER WATCHING THESE VIDEOS. I pray for her soul.
The Fluff
The Fluff преди 4 дни
7:28 OP charge your phone!
Cacatusi Cabboosi
Cacatusi Cabboosi преди 4 дни
Oh god I'm doing to barf lmao.
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