TikTok Actually Survived...

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I literally waited and thought this was set in stone, but this app dodges everything in its way and still climbs to the top. I have to say it's quite admirable. Thanks for watching!
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MrBej преди 17 часа
Take a shot everytime Muta says "oh boy", "ladies and gentlemen" and "touches his nose bridge"
Al Gireaux
Al Gireaux преди 4 дни
Tik Tok is still around!? Bullshit.
Adrian Budgell
Adrian Budgell преди 8 дни
We gave up on privacy when we bought the smart phone
Asumi 771
Asumi 771 преди 14 дни
light mode awhwhwhwhwhh my basement is too light now muda
interested. преди 16 дни
Really liking this format if vid!!
SkyGuy123 преди 16 дни
i forgot he was a person who could stand
Adolseph Hitlin
Adolseph Hitlin преди 17 дни
I'd have it stay than getting banned, Alright listen here bucko, would rather have a Viner invasion 2.0 or have all the sacred cringe stay on one platform, forever sealed away? Food for thought.
Foreskin thief
Foreskin thief преди 19 дни
TILR преди 23 дни
I mean I was confused with Oracle over Microsoft, but sure sure Oracle is a big name in tech........ BUT WALMART????????????
Alejandro Scarcella
Alejandro Scarcella преди 23 дни
whats this? your stripclub muta is evolving! Your stripclub muta evolved into standing muta!
Russian Tinky Winky
Russian Tinky Winky преди 23 дни
honestly i am happy tik tok survived because we all know what happened on youtube when vine shut down all the damn cringe
Psychotica Reboot
Psychotica Reboot преди 26 дни
Not shopping at Walmart anymore
ItsFrits преди 26 дни
Why does it feel like someone is holding a gun pointed at mutahar while he's giving TikTok compliments
MKYT преди 27 дни
Im not a tik tok user, but I am ok with my data being collected to promote me products id be interested in, just let it stay in my own country, I am not buying from China, why would China need it other than selling me cheap products or some other malicious intent? I look for American companies and if they have high quality, long lasting, products.
Anonymous Potato
Anonymous Potato преди 27 дни
tony b
tony b преди 29 дни
i trust it less now. now the usa has social scoring. we just dont use it curtail rights.... yet.
Bacon Toast Bob
Bacon Toast Bob преди 29 дни
I like TikTok
Chris Collins The 14th
Chris Collins The 14th преди 29 дни
@SomeOrdinaryGamers TikTok Didn't Dodge The Ban Permanently, Just For A Month And A Half, Because A Week After The U.S. Presidential Election Starts Is When It's Getting The Real Ban.
LittleWizardPrincess преди 29 дни
I dont really use the app, only like, a small part of my time i will use it, but when I do, its usually good
Obada Erfan
Obada Erfan преди месец
Make the 1h video
KytZu Puw1ng
KytZu Puw1ng преди месец
Sometimes tiktok content is what youtube was 10 years ago
Conner Larson
Conner Larson преди месец
Oracle lol
DarknessGuard преди месец
There is too much money (in Data) and political power involved in TikTok to just go away like that anyway.
poisedon193 преди месец
I love when ppl infront of endless white void like theyre the only thing that exists in the universe
Falling Across the Stairs
Falling Across the Stairs преди месец
Making a vid while standing? Shit just got real😃😃
mark 154
mark 154 преди месец
oh my god muta standing? and a green screen!? he is too powerful now
Cruster Master
Cruster Master преди месец
Hes standing up
HotTrash преди месец
The only reasons why I'm happy for Tik Tok's stay 1. They make fun of Trump there 2. The art 3. Alt Tik Tok 4. ... HOLA NIÑO-
flawlesslegohalo100 преди 27 дни
trump is good
Yobama Weinstein
Yobama Weinstein преди месец
So weird to see him anywhere that isn't in front of a monitor
Thedark Brightlight
Thedark Brightlight преди месец
Does Facebook track your eyes as well
Thedark Brightlight
Thedark Brightlight преди месец
Yo why can i not install wechat
Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat
Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat преди месец
What's so bad about them using your information for advertising? Is it there principal or something of just not taking people's stuff?
Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat
Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat преди месец
Google Play: "Delete." TikTok: "No." Google Play: "Understandable, have a nice day." Hmm....
Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat
Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat преди месец
"TikTok is sus." "TikTok you're going to be taken down in 24 hours." "I'm not sus." "Oh okay never mind. You're innocent."
Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat
Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat преди месец
People: "Were you killed?" TikTok: "Sadly, yes." TikTok: "But I lived!"
Ricky преди месец
I• jocelyn조슬린
I• jocelyn조슬린 преди месец
Muta gettin so pissed he actually walked for the first time
Killer Queen
Killer Queen преди месец
But Muta what about this benadryl challenge?
Kyle Wilmath
Kyle Wilmath преди месец
I would watch a 1.5 hour deep dive into tik tok.
God is Good
God is Good преди месец
I just got the notification 4 days late and yes my phone was on
Mr. Exterminatus
Mr. Exterminatus преди месец
"I died but I survived"
Mrlorden преди месец
This whole video is just a flex ^^
zazxazza преди месец
My comment is going to be buried, but a correction, TikTok is what people make of it. If people watch cringy videos, tiktok delivers it to them with the algorithm. If people watch guitar videos, it does it still. It also segregates comments to age groups. With a bunch of entitled GenZ kids, it's pretty cancerous
Radu :D
Radu :D преди месец
Sadly yes
C & C Miller
C & C Miller преди месец
7R Esports
7R Esports преди месец
With enough push from the CCP anything will survive they invested too much money to let vine make a comeback.
SomeSortofWeeb преди месец
So it turns out that TikTok is ruining Clone High as well
SomeSortofWeeb преди месец
@B̶͎̀A̴̖̒N̷̛̙D̶͊ͅḮ̴̻T̵̹͗ I don't know...
B̶͎̀A̴̖̒N̷̛̙D̶͊ͅḮ̴̻T̵̹͗ преди месец
Is there anything TikTok isn't trying to ruin?
Moon Cioara Raven
Moon Cioara Raven преди месец
Not mad at shit tok, just tired of getting their ads on *every single video I click on*
B̶͎̀A̴̖̒N̷̛̙D̶͊ͅḮ̴̻T̵̹͗ преди месец
I'm mad because almost every disgusting trend is from tik tok... People are saying that we should just ignore them and let people be but after all the shitty trends I just want this app to die
El cuh
El cuh преди месец
POV I went back to my old tiktok account and I say one thing and everyone thinks that I meant something bad
getgud kid123
getgud kid123 преди месец
All I can think of is jake paul waaaaalmart
Wet_.napkin.mp4 преди месец
Who tf keeps playing with tik toks life support
Eric M
Eric M преди месец
I use tiktok for art and humor. I just started art 1 this year and seeing amazing pieces of art on there has been some good motivation for me.
Petrus Andersen
Petrus Andersen преди месец
Blubger преди месец
After years of watching Muta I'm so fucking distraught seeing him stand up.
Pulse Fel
Pulse Fel преди месец
i remember being paranoid as hell when a java update came from oracle and not sun. had to do some digging to find out they own java now so it was fine.
• AshTheLolipop•
• AshTheLolipop• преди месец
Soo... apparently tiktok can allow challenges like "the skull breaker challenge" where you basically try to break people's bones by tripping them and people barely talk or care about it but I can't talk about how terrible it is without people yelling at me? 𝘆𝗲𝗮𝗵 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗻𝗱𝘀 𝗮𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁
better late than never
better late than never преди месец
Damn it...
violuma преди месец
Damn Muta looking good af. Love the videos man!
Mynxiish преди месец
Love the new format!! Can’t wait to see where this goes.
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith преди месец
What a shame
HellomynameisRyanfirstoutindeedgooglelikesmesomuchtheybotheredmeuntilmynamewasthislong преди месец
Who are you.... I can't see you in this angelic white place, where is the Strip Club at.
TripToMoon преди месец
Muta: gets new greenscreen Also muta: of all possible backgrounds uses a white background to blind his viewers who are watching at night
Bare _ Gamer
Bare _ Gamer преди месец
Could anyone give a link to a Barbie vid?
MasterLGT Gaming
MasterLGT Gaming преди месец
did we just lost??
Sebastian Pavaloaia
Sebastian Pavaloaia преди месец
Plot twist (conspiracy ) : China released covid so because everyone is bored inside on lockdown TikTok can get big and they can get a lot of data really fast and after they are happy with the data gathered they sold it for some extra cash :))
Honey? Where's my super suit?
Honey? Where's my super suit? преди месец
We were almost free.
uh idk lol
uh idk lol преди месец
Pharaoh преди месец
Muta went dark mode exactly when I turned off the lights in my room. You're a real one bro
Emilio Trujillo
Emilio Trujillo преди месец
Are there any edits of this video made yet? That would be great
Dave's Not here
Dave's Not here преди месец
I’d rather have China spying on me than America at least they speak Chinese and they have enough people to have spy on . Now we can expect tons of fucking ads.
Bamx333 преди месец
My brotha. It was NEVER a national security crisis. It was wildly popular because it easily provided powerful content creation that was taking away Time Spent metric from FB, BGpost, Netflix. These companies have done the same for decades, but they hated that it was a foreign app beginning to eat their lunch.
Lord Skeletor
Lord Skeletor преди месец
"Tiktok will be banned in 24 hours" *Tiktok survives* Tiktok: "I am inevitable."
Tsuiseki Bado
Tsuiseki Bado преди месец
Im happy we still get our cringe compilations.
Kami Amaya
Kami Amaya преди месец
"80% of VPNs are unreliable" **stares nervously at ExpressVPN icon in taskbar* *
nyunarts преди месец
Wait...an actual W in 2020? Didn't think it was possible.
Dick Grayson
Dick Grayson преди месец
*Mission failed, we'll get em next time.*
Mateus Folletto
Mateus Folletto преди месец
Seeing you standing is so weird. Why is this video even recorded on Greenscreen? Are Pooh Bear goons knocking at your door?
Crypto 137
Crypto 137 преди месец
I have tik tok and it helps me cope in life. It's a way of escaping reality for me.
Dasher преди месец
no one is talking about how muta is in "HEAVEN"
Jdraegon преди месец
Green screen Muta will rise.
MC Wood
MC Wood преди месец
Thank you for helping my eyes by changing green screen to gray
8040 i
8040 i преди месец
I like this new setup, you should try it more
jerzey deville
jerzey deville преди месец
The longer it survives, drastic the measures will be. I don't care about bureaucracy. TikTok has to die. This. Instant.
Yung Cris
Yung Cris преди месец
Great more data to feed into the us government
Andy Garvin
Andy Garvin преди месец
seeing the front half of muta is like driving the dark side of the moon
ted rosa
ted rosa преди месец
I unironically use deviantart
saelix преди месец
I would absolutely love to watch the hypothetical 2 hour long tiktok deep dive video, and I would like to add, your videos in general have been making me really happy for the past few years, keep it up muta! :] I look forward to watching something new from you every morning
Christopher Jordan Mada Simanjuntak
Christopher Jordan Mada Simanjuntak преди месец
Add that 21:9 aspect ratio and its perfect ordinary gamers video.
Morgan преди месец
when i hear people defending and talking about their positive tiktok experiences all i can mentally image is the racist meme clips and holocaust videos
John Travolta
John Travolta преди месец
This new kind of recording made me uncomfortable
Playstation1 преди месец
The stuff you say is ‘cringe’ actually isn’t cringe, but the things you say are ‘normal’ are actually cringe.
Playstation1 преди месец
Are you in heaven? Why are you in heaven
Hynotama преди месец
If you think anything good ever came of Tik Tok, I'll direct you to Upper Echelon Gamers' video on Tik Tok. He makes some great points.
firas rasheed
firas rasheed преди месец
Watever....fuq tiktok just ban it
Space Doge
Space Doge преди месец
YO HE'S GONNA PLAY PUBG MOBILE POGGGGGERS, the reason behind this is because i always get teamed up with indians but i also have a doubt since it's been banned in India.
jmanwastaken110 преди месец
im actually kinda happy because i made a tik tok and i want to hit 30 subs by the end of the year
Pablo Picasso's Fried Eggs
Pablo Picasso's Fried Eggs преди месец
Can't wait to see all the sanrio merch at walmart because of the e-girls
bonehead141 преди месец
you know this is serious when muta is standing infront of us
Mohammad Tasmim Abrar
Mohammad Tasmim Abrar преди месец
Where yo nuts at?
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