Why I Haven't Been Arrested Yet...

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I'm a good boi in my community in the morning but I do like to access the danker side of the web when the lights are off. Thanks for watching!
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SomeOrdinaryGamers преди месец
Contractual obligations tells me to notify you how much I love using code "SOG" and www.gfuel.com
knight solaire
knight solaire преди 10 дни
yaaaazzzzzzz make that money daddy
Michael Mike
Michael Mike преди 15 дни
Muta you have not browsed harmless shit. Sure, not illegal, but harmful. I still fucking remember bloatfly girl
James Peterson
James Peterson преди 22 дни
That ending was an amazing gag lmao
Max Gannon
Max Gannon преди 27 дни
lolz 5star wanted *****
Dooomerd преди 29 дни
Gfuel? Nah me and my boys drink gainer supps
iva naletilić
iva naletilić преди 5 часа
Inb4 he gets arrested
Crashed-In преди 6 часа
Plot twist: he made this BGpost channel so the fbi isn’t sus of him. So he can buy drugs without consequence
zahra z
zahra z преди ден
muta in the video: everything i do is perfectly thought-out and legal muta in the thumbnail: (the eyes of a criminal)
zimisss cameras
zimisss cameras преди 2 дни
i will never eat again while watching your videos , talking about shit coming out from some ass ,thanx
Wh2619 преди 2 дни
Commissar Ciaphas Cain, the Valhallan 597th
Commissar Ciaphas Cain, the Valhallan 597th преди 2 дни
I doubt that FBI would bust me for visiting the dark web at least because I'm far out of their jurisdiction
The Guy
The Guy преди 2 дни
BGpost algorithm: WTF
mlg noscope
mlg noscope преди 3 дни
wait... DARPA is real????? "a hin-d. colonel, what is a russian helicopter doing here ?" "psycho mantis?"
CordaeRunTheWrld преди 3 дни
Crimson V3N0M
Crimson V3N0M преди 3 дни
He said poo missile as im taking a shit
KwattaPatatta преди 4 дни
“Thank you, god” Man that line cracked me up
Ibrahim преди 4 дни
7:15 when you ask a mudokon worker to follow you
** преди 4 дни
It's like swimming. it's okay go past the drop off sign, but it's not okay to go to the toxic waste area
pycrow преди 5 дни
He hasnt been arrested because he's giving sloppy toppy to EVERYONE who works for the FBI
Michael Is Very Vintage
Michael Is Very Vintage преди 6 дни
Mutahar has not been arrested yet because he has been in police custody since 2011, he just hasn't noticed yet.
Wilfredo Rivera
Wilfredo Rivera преди 6 дни
When I see a good topic I like the video but don’t watch the video
William Gibu
William Gibu преди 6 дни
What kinda hat is he wearing I like itttt
Eli Harrison
Eli Harrison преди 6 дни
When I go to prison for typing this
Eli Harrison
Eli Harrison преди 6 дни
laps200 преди 6 дни
I just saw your video. It was posted on my Bday. Haha. Keep up the good work.
Up Next
Up Next преди 6 дни
He checks the window at the end lol
gábor papp
gábor papp преди 7 дни
I use tor expart bundle
Ryan преди 7 дни
SOG: Thank you god. Linus: No problem
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones преди 7 дни
3:03 my sense of humour is about the same level.
Sand Paper
Sand Paper преди 7 дни
This would’ve been a great sponsor for NordVPN
ianxe преди 7 дни
Muta if you get arrested any time soon make sure you smile in the mugshot with two thumbs up!
Avery Johnston
Avery Johnston преди 8 дни
Some of us even cried
M.D. преди 8 дни
its cause of his laugh
Davis преди 8 дни
The most interesting uninteresting person on youtube. Period.
Terro BARERO преди 8 дни
Mutahar is a 12 year old, stuck in a man's body
Hernandez Rodriguez Axel David 3IV15
Hernandez Rodriguez Axel David 3IV15 преди 8 дни
searching in the dark weeb: youtube FBI: OPEN UP!!
Alastaire Daye
Alastaire Daye преди 8 дни
Yo no one can hack that ip it’s impossible without a super computer, meaning you need a huge corporation to be pissed off.
Cassidy Tutt
Cassidy Tutt преди 8 дни
that sponsor was smooth as hell
El Palito 45
El Palito 45 преди 9 дни
wheres the shadow realm
Ifarmplasma преди 9 дни
*Plot Twist: He actually gets arrested at the end of the video*
Dope Backdrops
Dope Backdrops преди 9 дни
Lol muta said based 0:54
Bern No
Bern No преди 9 дни
the ending......LMAO
Cleo King
Cleo King преди 9 дни
info graphics show is a joke
Jr banng xl
Jr banng xl преди 10 дни
You should be arrested for being so damn sexy
Saint Pepsi
Saint Pepsi преди 10 дни
i hate how i laugh at the same time as him its so creepy
Burrito Man
Burrito Man преди 10 дни
2:26dio be like
SqiffyMarlin преди 11 дни
u dummies the fbi is in the USA
Brandon 824
Brandon 824 преди 11 дни
NetuH преди 12 дни
poo missile
flayniii i
flayniii i преди 12 дни
Did he fucking pay 2,000$ for g-fuel?
Пётр Ильич Чайковский
Пётр Ильич Чайковский преди 12 дни
ISIS: “ *ses* attaques ”
El Grimorio del Chamo
El Grimorio del Chamo преди 12 дни
After watching this video, I know I was born to be a hacker.
Burst Tomato
Burst Tomato преди 13 дни
that ending legit caught me off guard and had me scared for a second
Artimus преди 13 дни
Tom Hatherford's son. subbed and subscribed.
Rizky Subianto
Rizky Subianto преди 13 дни
Bing is basically part of the deep web already
Jimbo064 преди 13 дни
guys Bing gets too muhc shit thye ar actually relly good
Sir Random
Sir Random преди 14 дни
Muta flexed on us all he wished us luck on hacking his ip address
Sir Random
Sir Random преди 14 дни
3:00 me and my friends at lunchtime
Wiell Nyan
Wiell Nyan преди 14 дни
They steal files and data... Stealing AV shit...
Jerry Vincenti
Jerry Vincenti преди 14 дни
Mutas a entertainment content creator like Charlie, not a learning creator (though he does provide lots of good information). The average viewer here is likely a 20 something who doesn't know what the deep web is past what muta tells them, ehich is only a small part of cybersecurity and the world of cyber in general
Bender Bending Rodriguez
Bender Bending Rodriguez преди 14 дни
Now thats a clickbaity title if I've ever seen one.
Kenneth wheeler
Kenneth wheeler преди 14 дни
That end of the video made me laugh😂😂
Dead Memes
Dead Memes преди 14 дни
What a great title
IM NAYEON преди 14 дни
big boss bob ross
big boss bob ross преди 14 дни
The US also funds TOR because it’s used by whistleblowers in countries with regimes that are antagonistic towards us foreign policy (I.e. Iran, N Korea, Cuba, etc.) they need tor to be open source so they can establish and maintain contacts in those countries and gain important Intel.
Hefe The Frog
Hefe The Frog преди 14 дни
no woman would bare you child
Disgusting преди 14 дни
about to get arrested muta:posing for the thumbnail
YoankaAvocado преди 15 дни
My introduction to Mutahar: Charlie's Among Us tierlist -> Mutahar googles himself -> this. You sound like a fun dude who knows his shit. You channel's not what I expected it to be, but I'm down to stick around for it. :D
Wee snaw
Wee snaw преди 15 дни
7:12 you're welcome. somebody please clip that
Evan Wright
Evan Wright преди 15 дни
Idk why people think of the deep web as illegal, there are illegal things on there but there’s also very illegal things on google
Plastikschlitten преди 15 дни
Mutahar back in strip club
X-Ray Gamer
X-Ray Gamer преди 15 дни
y does your mouse look like that?
Don преди 15 дни
He is above the law
Mixup 221
Mixup 221 преди 15 дни
Because accessing the deep web isn’t illegal?
Al Haida
Al Haida преди 15 дни
That first question must've been asked by someone who watches cnn. Any time they talk about something internet related, they are so out of touch with reality (and yes the internet is very much becoming a HUGE part of many Americans lives). They will constantly switch from saying deep web and dark web as if they are the same thing. I even heard one say "black web" or "dark internet". Don't even get me started on news anchors trying to understand 4chan.
Nick Tapalan
Nick Tapalan преди 15 дни
Cringiorno Giovanna
Cringiorno Giovanna преди 15 дни
He shoulb be arrestedb! for swëarimg on youtub!!!1!!1!!! And suaiyng poo!!!!!!11!!1!1!!! 👌😔👌😳🤡
Phoenixgd преди 15 дни
2:44 I disagree (don’t attack me lol)
Toh_TheNoobestPlayer преди 15 дни
me: eating Him:Seeing a man poop
crab преди 15 дни
heh "poo missile"
Comegeddon L.
Comegeddon L. преди 16 дни
What was that bit in the last few seconds about? What did he say ohshit about?
Tech Degenerate
Tech Degenerate преди 16 дни
PLZ tell us how you purchase destop access all over the world!!!!??
Alex Silvan Iliescu Tudosa
Alex Silvan Iliescu Tudosa преди 16 дни
7:20, Muta opens google in non dark mode #goesblind
Allen West
Allen West преди 16 дни
9:18 Ya we know how to SSH . Who hasn't SSH into a Retropie ?
RTX J преди 17 дни
The title and thumbnail are perfect 👌. Like spaghetti and meatballs
Animosity преди 17 дни
Hehehe... poo missile
GuyWithInsomnia преди 17 дни
no five stars cause you call lester muta dont try and get low with us ;)
Jeremy Samuelson
Jeremy Samuelson преди 17 дни
what a cheery gent
Wake the Dead Spirituality
Wake the Dead Spirituality преди 18 дни
I think the main thing that demonized the deep web is creepypasta. And don't get me wrong, I love a good deep web creepypasta, but we need to remember that it's fictional by its very nature.
baguette man
baguette man преди 18 дни
Is the deepweb dangerous to log in? Like making me do something bad or blackmail me
baguette man
baguette man преди 17 дни
@Rhinocort yeah i know ive already seen some weird shit in here like child abuse
Rhinocort преди 17 дни
its safe if you have a vpn, but still wouldnt recommend. too many creepy shits down there
James King
James King преди 18 дни
Cut the crap Muta, we all know you have Lester on speed dial
CrypticFuzion преди 18 дни
Lmao Muta is like “here’s my IP if you think you can hack me good luck” 😂
yes no
yes no преди 18 дни
As im sure you already know, nothing is ever fully anonymous. even tailsOS can be cracked www.techdirt.com/articles/20200614/01504044706/tradeoffs-facebook-helping-fbi-hack-tails-to-track-down-truly-awful-child-predator-raises-many-questions.shtml now the child predator should be punished, but what im trying to remind people of is that anything connected to the internet can be hacked. Literally no exceptions
Mileidy Class
Mileidy Class преди 18 дни
2:52 - 2:53 Lol
Zævir преди 19 дни
Muta really said, here is my IP address, try me.
- -- -
- -- - преди 19 дни
bruh the deep web is not 90% of the interner, that's a lie that started to spread because of creepypasta
raybrandt преди 19 дни
MemeMeister преди 19 дни
Bro if you don't wanna get arrested just use light mode smh
MemeMeister преди 19 дни
Nobody gonna talk about how he just spent $2000 on Sonic Peach Rings Gfeul. Those are rookie numbers.
Just a Sprinkle of Salt and Peppa
Just a Sprinkle of Salt and Peppa преди 20 дни
muta muta muta
August A. Mauritzen
August A. Mauritzen преди 20 дни
oh shit
Aleksandra Strong
Aleksandra Strong преди 20 дни
O my god that seem when he said I saw but creechs that go open go Creechs that go stechs
HOABX преди 21 ден
daddy muta
Anonymous faggot
Anonymous faggot преди 21 ден
The day it becomes illegal, is the day we know humanity is 10000% fucked and we're all living in George Orwell's 1984
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