I Should've Made an Onlyfans...

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It took less than two days and this website ended up getting thrown into new terms and services, the type that might effect most of it's creators. I have to say I'm impressed at the person that caused all this. Thanks for watching!
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Aliyu Raymond
Aliyu Raymond преди 19 дни
I was referred to robert_tech101_ on Instagram he helped me recover my onlyfan account.and he also hacks all social media accounts.
Aliyu Raymond
Aliyu Raymond преди 19 дни
I was referred to robert_tech101_ on Instagram he helped me recover my onlyfan account.and he also hacks all social media accounts.
User ID 832054
User ID 832054 преди 29 дни
I've never saved a dollar on honey, but im glad for those who had
Badzylla преди месец
It's not too late muta, you can make an onlyfans
Dondo Golden Rose
Dondo Golden Rose преди месец
Imagine being in fast food for years when onlyfans exists
Shalom Antony
Shalom Antony преди месец
Bella Thorne: making 2 Mil in a couple of hours on OnlyFans Sex workers trying to get a safe living on OF: 👁👄👁 Me, a woman, living in a 3rd world country: 👁💧👄💧👁
WaccPS преди месец
Funny laugh at the start of the vid
anonymous98235 преди месец
It’s not too late.
Makiaveli преди месец
Those screenshots are fake btw.
Shuhrat Kessikbayev
Shuhrat Kessikbayev преди месец
I'd simp hard for Muta's OnlyFans
Iconix Beoinx
Iconix Beoinx преди месец
According to BGpost’s amazing logic you posted this 31 seconds ago-
Iconix Beoinx
Iconix Beoinx преди месец
Walter Anderson yes youtube logic is great
Walter Anderson
Walter Anderson преди месец
D. Vectivus
D. Vectivus преди месец
Why would you buy her content when it got leaked online and is still there for free?
AJ Niebler
AJ Niebler преди месец
i mean if they limit the amount for specific photos just make multiple photos priced the same and say "One of these is a nude, if you buy the right one then congrats" and watch people gamble $50 per photo just to see some boobage
Lil Leggy
Lil Leggy преди месец
"hehe...cOoM" i'm dying
Son of Helghan
Son of Helghan преди месец
Found out Belle Thorne here made a 1 minute video called Fuck me fire truck where she plays with a fire truck
Son of Helghan
Son of Helghan преди месец
I dont give a shit about onlyfans because why pay for porn when you can go and watch it for free. But the fact she scammed and you know she has money. Is just sad.
IdrilZorc преди месец
Step 1: Born female. Step 2: Be attractive(not necessary). Step 3: Stream on twitch. Step 3.5: Go viral. Easier than you think. This could range from screaming "5DOLARS!" to throwing a cat. Step 4: Open onlyfans. Step 5: Profit.
Zen преди 19 дни
braxton miller
braxton miller преди месец
create a onlyfans but it's memes of you laughing
Dog преди месец
Muta after this video: “Better gimme my money” (AYYYYYYYYYYYYYY) 💰 💴 💵
Cyber Queen
Cyber Queen преди месец
Speaking of OnlyFans... onlyfans.com/cyberqueen
Mason Mueller
Mason Mueller преди месец
I’ll pay 2 grand for an only fans
Abbas Kamran
Abbas Kamran преди месец
tloved the intro
Joseph Foley
Joseph Foley преди месец
You still should
cesar killss
cesar killss преди месец
Bella thorn gettin tha bag🤑🤑
Malicious Muppet
Malicious Muppet преди месец
step 1: be born as a woman. Step 2: be blessed with angelic attractiveness. Step 3: exploit the inherent loneliness of man to rake in mad money.
ThE RoBy
ThE RoBy преди месец
Muta feet 🖐🤤
Daniel Gaming
Daniel Gaming преди месец
iTs nOt tO lAtE BuDdy.
oof oof
oof oof преди месец
Get a lood of these simps.
kyx преди месец
2m in a week, goddamn she has all the simps lol
a a
a a преди месец
So you hear this *rocket fires* Rocket:Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~
a a
a a преди месец
Let me guess you see someone shoot a rpg and as the rocket goes it moans or makes anime noises
FadedFear Sim
FadedFear Sim преди месец
mystic gamer
mystic gamer преди месец
lol what u gonna show in your onlyfans beard?
the definition of gamer
the definition of gamer преди месец
His onlyfans is is just a serious face thumbnail
KYLE HUDSON преди месец
just get ph premium
Robert Curry
Robert Curry преди месец
See my values conflict heavily with how a lot of people use OnlyFans, I don’t like it myself, but I understand the people who make livings off of it with their adult film blah blah blah, I feel kind of bad that their livelihoods even though I heavily disagree with them were just ruined by a woman who pretends to be one of them.
GamerzInHell преди месец
I would pay No homo
MGGAMING преди месец
Technitium преди месец
Feminism am i right?! Equality between genders.
Solar_Kirby221 преди месец
4:55 I never expected Mutahar repeating an innuendo in a word like middle schooler 😂
Jackson Espinoza
Jackson Espinoza преди месец
muta when is the pp reveal
Elliot W
Elliot W преди месец
A Disney girl doing Onlyfans. Why am I not surprised... Hey Miley Cyrus! Where ya at? You gonna let Bella "rock out the show" instead of you?
Austin Perez
Austin Perez преди месец
Ill call you LewdaMuta
Cree Smith
Cree Smith преди месец
I'd pay for the feet pics ;)
Karthik S
Karthik S преди месец
Do a video on Peter Scully
CarterTGS преди месец
Not to be Gay but I would pay for his OnlyFans just for the sake of paying for it and not actually using the subscription... Because this mans right here deserves ALL my money lmao
Gekkougagamer 69
Gekkougagamer 69 преди месец
Are you more proud of the traffickinghub video or the metal gear solid one?
Sillius Soddus
Sillius Soddus преди месец
The SIMPS deserve to loose their money
sickcarnagerequiem преди месец
You know the video is going to be a banger when he opens with laughing
shockushu преди месец
Parvesh Kumar
Parvesh Kumar преди месец
Hey Muta, we need to talk about this too : instagram.com/p/CElqLl3AbzB/ This is a post about some websites that are trying to normalize rape and we need to get these sites banned
PvPoof преди месец
Never too late
Fiishy преди месец
How to earn money in 2020: -Start a Twitch -Advertise it on your Instagram or snap -Then wait for the simps -Rinse and repeat cycle for 3 months go offline for 1 month or more -Start an Only Fans -Post on it regularly -gather more simps Then there you've got a ton of money and simps
chacho escalante
chacho escalante преди месец
How much u gonna charge
Prince Wolfe
Prince Wolfe преди месец
Your already pretty stupid if your giving money to random people you dont know for porn that you can just find on google then I dont really feel sorry for you if you get scammed
justsomeguy3612 преди месец
Foot only fans. When covids over, you and your friends go to Dubai. If you can help it find that guy on snape chat, and go ghost hunting
Sarah Michelle
Sarah Michelle преди месец
Bro if I owned Only Fans and Bella did that shit to me I'd boot her and us the money to pay the ppl who got scammed back and to keep paying the employees of only fans. It's bs, isn't $12million enough to live off of?
Human преди месец
how much for onlyfan feetpics
shiftyVnice преди месец
*you still can*
Jahmalae Mason
Jahmalae Mason преди месец
Hopefully some of these onlyfans girls get a real job now.
binod binod
binod binod преди месец
The Pleased One
The Pleased One преди месец
yeah muta you *should* have made an onlyfans
zeta преди месец
It’s never too late
afterbirth преди месец
you still can bro you should
IronWorker Esco93
IronWorker Esco93 преди месец
She's so ugly I don't get the attraction to chicks that look like this. Her face so sharp and pointy like grunty from Banjo Kazooie but the fat version
Jakub Rożniewski
Jakub Rożniewski преди месец
Hey, imagine terabytes of free porn, wait, THERE ARE A TERABYTES OF FREE PORN ON THE INTERNET, how could you pay 200 bucks for a single phucking photo?
dat taco
dat taco преди месец
not gonna lie i would dump my whole salary for Muta's onlyfans 😌👌
Karina Baby
Karina Baby преди месец
Sub to Tojo Otakuboi
Sub to Tojo Otakuboi преди месец
“If i coom it better be the best coom I’ve ever had”
Nick James
Nick James преди месец
Muta, taint-shaving gif?
RankedRecon преди месец
4:54 bruh lol
Ryanair преди месец
fridge daddy🍆
trashcleaner преди месец
Bruhh moment
Bruhh moment преди месец
hello kaling
Spicy ramen noodles
Spicy ramen noodles преди месец
Lol and here i am, no money, no car, no job (barely making 100 bucks every 1-2 months via freelancer work)stuck at my mom's house, and with bad mental health problems. Probly playing on dante must die mode at this point (dont feel sorry, i barely give a shit anymore might as well have a laugh with me :P)
Shawn Delaney
Shawn Delaney преди месец
Awwww - all the SIMPS will have to go and just spend all their money on Belle - WAaaaaaaaah!
Soundwave Superior
Soundwave Superior преди месец
If waking up to Mutahar laughing gives me my juice, imagine an OnlyFans, it'd make me Mutahard.
peepee poopoo
peepee poopoo преди месец
Dew it!
[Name Is Unavailable]
[Name Is Unavailable] преди месец
Plot twist : Thots on Onlyfans are just a front for money laundering scheme
Hog Father
Hog Father преди месец
technically she slayed thots
Purasuchikku_Aidoru преди месец
for 200.00 I better see roast beef
The Violet Prince
The Violet Prince преди месец
Just without watching any of the video, I agree
Cuddle Bug
Cuddle Bug преди месец
Onlyfans: @cuddle_bug
Xen Elixer
Xen Elixer преди месец
Evarts преди месец
U still can
Trevor Burdine
Trevor Burdine преди месец
nobody: not a single soul Muta: COOM
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez преди месец
Muta is the messiah
LilCarl 27
LilCarl 27 преди месец
Nobody: 5th graders: 4:56
0yashiro-sama преди месец
I need a Muta Beard pics OnlyFans account to be real.
Anıl Ece
Anıl Ece преди месец
My new favorite porn category is Mutanari
MxnoOrion преди месец
By the way. This was actually a fake screenshot. If you look at the official account, and the screenshot, there's actually a difference in capitalization. So, I would assume this is fake. Also. Muta feet pics when.
cheems the doggo
cheems the doggo преди месец
2 million a WEEK... thats more money that i will have in my lifetime
Crossifix преди месец
Onlyfans is onlyscams
Huh преди месец
u need some sleep my g
Obsidian Nebula
Obsidian Nebula преди месец
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman преди месец
BlueTintedChromeE преди месец
ONLY FANS LEAK (4TB) 50$ file: *has dozens of pictures of fans*
Yassir Vazquez
Yassir Vazquez преди месец
It even baffles me that thots think they are "sex workers" when they are just selling jpegs, there are, at most, models and that's also a stretch
Slipknlov преди месец
i would like very much for sex work to be cancelled entirely. It becomes more and more acceptable and normalized with each passing generation and there is less and less genuine romantic love because of it. Society is a slut. We don't even personally value our bodies anymore. They are for sale. And apparently, if you don't approve of it, you're being nosy and you need to mind your own business. The overlooked factor here is that this normalization of sex work is shaping society's future in a disgusting way. in my humble opinion. It is my business to care.
Jumpy преди месец
You know the video's gonna be good when I'm laughing before Muta even says whats happening.
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