My Dad Ruined Pokémon For Me...

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преди 16 дни

I love you mom and dad. I grew up with all the obscure games. Thanks for watching!

SomeOrdinaryGamers преди 15 дни
I got my dad hooked on GFuel using code "SOG"
Skarloey преди 9 дни
i think that cartridge needs to be found and it's rom distributed, i need it for research purposes.
Quacktastic преди 11 дни
now that was one heck of a soggy GFuel.
Jake Izumi
Jake Izumi преди 13 дни
I wish you still had the game and the system if you already don’t and show us what bootleg game this is or if you could find an emulation for it and show case that
GoAway Guzman
GoAway Guzman преди 13 дни
Baby muta
Ted Kaczynski was right
Ted Kaczynski was right преди 13 дни
Gfuel has lead in it
George Bland
George Bland преди ден
Boot it up and show us the gun
Tanay Verma
Tanay Verma преди ден
YOOOO SAME, this is how my dad is like
Cassie Kaizo
Cassie Kaizo преди 2 дни
i was sad when i found out pokemon weren't real so my dad took me to a dogfight
kimbonight преди 2 дни
i wasnt even planned to be born when stars came out or some thing
saber7ooth преди 3 дни
I cant believe muta said the n word in this video
Muhammed Asghar
Muhammed Asghar преди 3 дни
*gets gun* "Give me the Mon or you'll be gone."
Never_Mind преди 3 дни
Maybe the ai heard n-word when you said "neighbours" around 0:50
Mutahar 1
Mutahar 1 преди 4 дни
5:21 Looks like you’re going to be money laundering again Muta
Wii U
Wii U преди 4 дни
Who’s here from “Was PewDiePie shadowbanned...?”
Bartosz Adamek
Bartosz Adamek преди 4 дни
Could you use that gun in game?
Gronn преди 4 дни
Anyone here for the $1000?
Abhay Yogesh
Abhay Yogesh преди 4 дни
Topaz преди 4 дни
I am here to get myself $1000
Paul Rondezca
Paul Rondezca преди 4 дни
Did your dad call you the nword?
ur mom get rekt
ur mom get rekt преди 4 дни
Muta is the goat
Sid преди 5 дни
1:41 ~ Holy Moly, been 19 years since I last heard "akuji the heartless"..
Snazzy Glasses Cuckyoin
Snazzy Glasses Cuckyoin преди 5 дни
Bro make a video with ur brother!!!!!!!!!!
E преди 6 дни
Muta epic backflip
E преди 6 дни
My dad left me te he
Adrian Ornelas
Adrian Ornelas преди 6 дни
imagine muta as a kid is mutas kid lol
Connor N
Connor N преди 6 дни
upload the rom
Arin Jäger
Arin Jäger преди 7 дни
S.C.A.R.S. is on N64 (and PC) too... you could play it one day... (At least you didn't get star trek generations beyond the nexus, that game SUCKS! and it's not even a bootleg, it's an officially licenced tie in product)
Vipul Doshi
Vipul Doshi преди 7 дни
should've gotten ctr for ps1. i had the 4 player controller adapter
Vipul Doshi
Vipul Doshi преди 7 дни
how tf you get so ugly tho
Hakelous-reviews преди 7 дни
my parents got me a weird ass n64 fighting game called flying dragon
BEASTFRAG435 Pro преди 7 дни
young Muta is cute
Danke Musico
Danke Musico преди 8 дни
You’re not the only one Muta. My dad was the same when I was growing up. I would ask for something and get something totally different. I didn’t mind because I liked games no matter what they were and now I have great memories of some of the games they got me. Donkey king jungle beat and Tak still hold great memories in my heart
Chris Fuller
Chris Fuller преди 9 дни
METAL GEAR SOLID? No. Mutahar wants Stone Cog Liquid😎 Mutahar dad smart 😎
Black Dragon
Black Dragon преди 9 дни
What could you do with the gun though?
Alex преди 9 дни
Hey Muta, dump the rom!!!
Living potato
Living potato преди 9 дни
Honestly i'd had rather had the one with the gun
yatagan преди 9 дни
I got some chinese bakugan rip-off toy for my birthday a long time ago. But I still liked it lol
Veronica Muha
Veronica Muha преди 9 дни
Omg, my parents were very similar!! I really wanted a Mario game, any one, really. My folks got me Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi. I wanted a hunting game, they got me Open Season (based on the animated movie). Love them to death, but I stopped asking for videogames for Christmas. XD
Otsdarva преди 9 дни
Back around 2005 I visited Vietnam and played the bootleg Crystal version. I knew something was off about the game, but I didn't think too much on it as I was a kid then. Now I find it funny that years later, people seem to know its existence like in that Pokemon video from Jontron.
Scumbag Steve
Scumbag Steve преди 9 дни
Keshav Gupta
Keshav Gupta преди 9 дни
Im so much like Muta Im indian i love my parents , video games , computers , pokemon (competitive level shit ) , and i hate my annoying relatives
Taylor Brown
Taylor Brown преди 9 дни
Seeing little Muta is the funniest thing ever I just imagine his legendary laugh at that age😂
Elusive преди 9 дни
Hehehahaheheha lmfao
TEAM ROKKET преди 10 дни
As a kid I had a bootleg Pokemon silver where my totodile learned the move "Kill study" instead of bite ...good times 😄
SilentVinyl преди 10 дни
William Afton
William Afton преди 10 дни
this reminds me back in 2010 when my dad bought me a gameboy color and pokemon blue from a thrift store. Damn 5 year old me play the shit out of pokemon blue
Atlas Asteroid
Atlas Asteroid преди 10 дни
But did he beat it tho?
Trouser Snivy
Trouser Snivy преди 10 дни
But what did the gun do?
Welwolf Boy
Welwolf Boy преди 10 дни
I wish the gun was a real item in pokemon
FREEMAN, JOHN преди 10 дни
Calm down Prof. Oak! Don't pull out the nine.
espvolt ?
espvolt ? преди 10 дни
I want the rom
Caleb B
Caleb B преди 10 дни
weird, gamefreak ruined pokemon for me...That $30 isle of nothing burger was a knife in the peehole..
J K преди 10 дни
S.C.A.R.S. was quite fun imo. Not as cartoony (or "childish" if you know what I mean) as Mario Kart was.
Zakariya преди 10 дни
My older brother got us All the Pokemon games that was out back in 2005 on a GBA emulator. That was when my gaming life started. No Regerts!
Stephen Venture
Stephen Venture преди 10 дни
"Amazon Prime delivery straight to her uterus" Thank you.
Siddarth Srivathsa
Siddarth Srivathsa преди 10 дни
Is it weird that I want to play this version of the pokemon now?
Ethan P33than
Ethan P33than преди 10 дни
My dad died do u wanna be my new dad
The Ultimate Randomizer
The Ultimate Randomizer преди 10 дни
You should make a video playing it
Ninja The Hedgehog
Ninja The Hedgehog преди 10 дни
My mom never let me play Pokémon My mom said it was "evil"
Natnat Gaming101
Natnat Gaming101 преди 10 дни
Is there really a romhack of this though with the gun
Nikki Taylor
Nikki Taylor преди 10 дни
"We were just thankful " Same.
Bashing Dragon
Bashing Dragon преди 10 дни
nice pokemon pearl was my first pokemon game too
Dj Dankend
Dj Dankend преди 10 дни
MOM JUST BOUGHT A 9!!!!!!!!!!!
Markx 22
Markx 22 преди 10 дни
I wanna know what the fuck the gun did in game
dannyzee4 преди 11 дни
I remember looking for Pokemon Pinball in Pakistan and we went to this little shop and the clerk was like yeh here's pokemon pinball and I tried it out and it was clearly just a normal pinball game with some random antelope head or something on the screen and my dad's like "is it the game?" and the clerk's nodding like "yes pokemon pinball, right?" and I'm like "no". Felt bad for the clerk lol, he'd probably been swindled. Also over there were those bootleg cartridges that were like "75 games in 1" (but really it was 25 games repeated 3 times with different names) and random untranslated Japanese PS2 games. Maybe Muta's come across some of those on his travels. Bootleg beyblades in the UK were pretty cool with unique designs, but broke apart after a few uses and just became plastic ornaments.
TremixNeo преди 11 дни
Young Mutahar kinda looks like my friend XD
Jacrispy Vermillion
Jacrispy Vermillion преди 11 дни
I think the phrase "Mom bought a 9! What the fuck!" Needs to be a show
mrapp24 преди 11 дни
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed преди 11 дни
Play that game for a vid ... Pleeeaaasseee
Vinegar Doppio
Vinegar Doppio преди 11 дни
If you didn’t play Pokémon rip offs you didn’t catch em all
Joshua Brundage
Joshua Brundage преди 11 дни
It's cool that you got presents.
plumefossil преди 11 дни
Dump the rom
Adam Murray
Adam Murray преди 11 дни
Scars was my also really old now
captain khaos
captain khaos преди 11 дни
Here boy have some kind of random toy, dad don't have time for research.
Seagull преди 11 дни
OOOOOHHHH muta lore
lynnhart преди 11 дни
Ohhhh god! I think I might be doomed fellas........... The first thing that popped into my head after muta said “what version of Pokémon gold do you have?” was....... “Pokémon black.”...................... My mind has been tainted!............
bck pck
bck pck преди 11 дни
Scars was the best game ever
A1ru преди 11 дни
Mutahar makes me mutahard
Ege şanlı
Ege şanlı преди 12 дни
Can we get a rom? If it is uneqe some people probebly would like to preserve it. Also gun%
Gaming Cthulhu 31
Gaming Cthulhu 31 преди 12 дни
every night muta's neighbors are going at it
AGiLE-EaGLE1994 преди 12 дни
There actually ARE legit Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal cartridges that aren't gold, silver, or crystal color, they're rare debug copies without a save battery.
Moral E.
Moral E. преди 12 дни
But did you pop any Pokemon off with it? Tis all I wanna know mate.
G Attardo
G Attardo преди 12 дни
"Did you get to kanto or beat Red?" "Nah, but I got the gun." That fucking killed me
SiXndr преди 12 дни
Muta if you ever find that cartridge PLEASE find a way to upload it to the internet because that sounds like a fucking experience
Filthy Penguin TV
Filthy Penguin TV преди 12 дни
I used to watch you back in the day, and honestly, it would have been so great if you did a creepypasta reading of that in-game experience lol
Filthy Penguin TV
Filthy Penguin TV преди 12 дни
anyone else see the upside Kirby face in his window?
Josh Richardson
Josh Richardson преди 12 дни
Muta’s actually just writing a creepypasta
c h e a t e r. r p m
c h e a t e r. r p m преди 12 дни
I remember getting COD 3 instead of Medal of Honor: Airborne Sadface :(
Neo ExDeath
Neo ExDeath преди 12 дни
my cousin had scars and thought it was a nintendo game for years
Ahmad Ayaz Amin
Ahmad Ayaz Amin преди 12 дни
Nothing special, but I remember in first grade I was told to bring a glue stick to school. I think I had shit pronunciation back then, because when I told my father to buy a glue stick for me, he bought a glow stick instead. Couple days later the misunderstanding was resolved and I got a glue stick.
Calamity преди 12 дни
No way I actually loved S.C.A.R.S as a kid and I've not seen anyone who played it either. I forgot where my dad got that game from. I also had 'normal' games but this game was a part of my childhood.
Geetamer преди 12 дни
This was way less dark than i expected lol
Nick James
Nick James преди 12 дни
Muta, I'd say your father did a damn find job! You're a good dude, man.
Reaper Swords
Reaper Swords преди 12 дни
Gamefreak ruined Pokemon swsh for me :’(
willnix1000 преди 12 дни
Amazed at how much this channel has grown since the sonic.exe days.
cheesewheel преди 12 дни
Well I never got a bootleg or anything, but in a similar vein as your dad, my mom ended up buying me Pokemon Pinball instead of red, blue, or yellow when Pokemon was the hotness. It was a little disappointing at the time, but God damn I love me some Pokemon Pinball. I played the shit out of that game as a kid. I never ended up actually owning any mainline pokemon games until much later, however I did rent them a lot at the time, so I still spent a lot of time playing Pokemon at the time.
Rudebwoy преди 12 дни
You all guys are so lucky. I was like 'Hey dad if you can get me that game it would be super nice' and my dad would be like 'if you pay for it ill get it for you'
panda sniper100
panda sniper100 преди 12 дни
Pokemon gun
BaGGy Boy$™
BaGGy Boy$™ преди 12 дни
That’s the foreign parent talent lmaoooo mine used to get me weird ass shit growing up too 😂
Hugh Tahoob
Hugh Tahoob преди 12 дни
Muta was a kid when *Mats Sundin* was a beast for the leafs
Hugh Tahoob
Hugh Tahoob преди 12 дни
Young you = nice ventriloquist dummy 🤣
soy_saace преди 13 дни
i mean atleast their dad is supportive
Nick Kahlon
Nick Kahlon преди 13 дни
“No I did’nt beat the game but I got a gat
El Payaso
El Payaso преди 13 дни
Mick Rosser
Mick Rosser преди 13 дни
pls find it for a follow up vid!!! love you Mutard
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