i didn't get the new xbox :(

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30 seconds is all it took for every retailer to be out of stock, but on the plus side I'm glad for the people that got this box because Microsoft is really making a comeback. Thanks for watching!
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digduck преди 5 дни
I might consider xbox one series s
Fatal Creeper
Fatal Creeper преди 9 дни
I can't wait to get an xbox one someday so I can play dead rising 3
The Arbiter
The Arbiter преди 10 дни
now ea play tooo
AdamTheGamer78 g
AdamTheGamer78 g преди 11 дни
Dont be mad uncle
James Jackson
James Jackson преди 19 дни
"if you have to argue over -which- plastic box-" see Mutahar even agrees PS5 wins he is so right about Xbox's being plastic boxes
Skrilx_187 преди 20 дни
Just got my 1st pc, now I don’t have deal with this bullshit
Mokats преди 21 ден
But by the time Stanfield and elder scroll come out havent u paid for them three fold? Already?
Torrie YT
Torrie YT преди 21 ден
The new Xbox looks kinda dumb. So does the PS5, but not as dumb.
Matt Meyer
Matt Meyer преди 23 дни
Even better, they just added EA Access to Game Pass!!
Egg Boy
Egg Boy преди 24 дни
Plastic box master race
Thezwolf преди 24 дни
Personally I don't think game pass is that good unless you switch games alot
Dreamz преди 25 дни
Gamepass Is the Netflix Of Gaming
drewski преди 25 дни
My friend aleays asks me if i have a ps4 or an xbox. And i say i HAVE a p24 but- and hes like what the fuck is wrong eith you were you dropped on your head as a kid? I cant be seen with you.
David Forrester
David Forrester преди 26 дни
The s is garbage Most people will need an extra hardrive and that makes the system more expensive then buying a x.
Matt Something
Matt Something преди 26 дни
PlayStation will not get Elderscrolls. MS doesn’t want that money they want subscribers. The end.
Matt Something
Matt Something преди 26 дни
Gamepass is an amazing service but I think it’s understated having a community of +15 million gamers who all have the same +200 games.
竜神固定 преди 26 дни
$60 day one? more like $70 sadge
Windows XP
Windows XP преди 26 дни
Sad that good graphisk only are awaleble to bad version of minecraft
Windows XP
Windows XP преди 26 дни
To find out with plastic box is best we can look at raw preformance
Windows XP
Windows XP преди 26 дни
You know, u can just buy a frige and put a computer inside it.
Windows XP
Windows XP преди 26 дни
I dident get robubx rick asly stole them :(
Bret преди 26 дни
Tsmc allocated 13million more wafers to ps5 and xbox Soo... Easy as hell to get once they start pumping
Daemion X
Daemion X преди 27 дни
This man is such a wholesome a**hole
Vincent Sharp
Vincent Sharp преди 27 дни
I know this is kinda scummy, but if you keep making new accounts on your xbox and buying gamepass on them when your current one runs out, you only ever have to pay $1 a month
Spartincook Halo4tw
Spartincook Halo4tw преди 27 дни
Muta why not use a bot to scalp for yourself.
saws777 преди 28 дни
1st time I am not able to get an xbox on release
BurningEarth75 преди 28 дни
thre's also gonna be a lot of backwards compatibility built in to the xbox series x
FROSTY Burny master
FROSTY Burny master преди 28 дни
I'm probably gonna get the xbox series x on Christmas
Sachin Govind
Sachin Govind преди 28 дни
Hi Melvin.. Welcome to the cult
Darius Fields
Darius Fields преди 28 дни
The best you're gonna get from silent hill is dbd right now I'm pretty sure it's done
Dreaded World
Dreaded World преди 28 дни
I am a gamer etts
Jonathan Joestar
Jonathan Joestar преди 29 дни
I think we all know the best plastic box is the pc. Because it has glass too
The Pope Nutz
The Pope Nutz преди 29 дни
You didn't get it because you are brown
FBI преди 29 дни
Muta u should definitely buy Xbox BC gamepass unlimited includes PC game pass (what you have) and Xbox game pass basically PC gamepass but with twice the titles but you can only download them on Xbox obviously
kito преди 29 дни
PC AND PS5 > PS5 AND XBOX gamepass deal on PC. microsoft exclusives on PC. ps5 exclusive on PS5. pc exclusive on PC.
Perseus Bolt
Perseus Bolt преди 29 дни
I’ve been trying to get a switch since March😞
Centrist Offense
Centrist Offense преди 29 дни
never thought id get a new xbox but man I want elder scrolls 6
GG YT преди 29 дни
mission failed. we will get em next time
HeartOfGore преди 29 дни
PS and Xbox should make games where u can play online together... i found that PS don't wanna do that and they should :/
“IF YOU GET AN XBOX YOUR A VIRGINNNN” Normal people: If you care about console wars your a virgin
Devin Plays
Devin Plays преди 29 дни
honestly id say konami isnt even on the same level as Bethesda anymore. the only thing sony can do to one up or match microsoft is to buy Ubisoft or Rockstar at this point. but honestly they dont need too, microsofts purchase of Bethesda, in my opinion, doesnt make them better than sony in terms of IPs or exclusives, it just makes the playing field equal. sony already has GoW, Spider-Man, TLOA, Uncharted, Horizon, ect under their banner. microsoft just couldnt compete this gen, but they sure as shit can next gen now that they have TES, Fallout, Starfield, Wolfenstein, Doom, ect.
Thedark Brightlight
Thedark Brightlight преди 29 дни
Seagate wiped my games on my Xbox 360 so I am not getting the new Xbox unless if they have alternative hard drive
Wil преди 29 дни
Muta doesn't like console wars, I don't either, but I will say, in my OPINION Play station is better. Again, this is my OPINION.
isolate преди 29 дни
obsidian looking at fallout: 👀 microsoft looking at bethesda: 👀 microsoft and obsidian: 👀👀🤝
Ark Chiller
Ark Chiller преди 29 дни
I cannot wait to experience the new cod games campaign and multiplayer with ray tracing on the Xbox series X
Simon W
Simon W преди месец
What about ds lite gamers?
creeper izak
creeper izak преди месец
So the new xbox DOES support raytracing, I had a feeling it would.
yag mi
yag mi преди месец
sony sells out in minutes Everyone: WTF SONY YOU GUYS SAID YOU HAD ENOUGH Xbox sells out withing minutes Everyone: Its ok we forgive you WTF? lol p.s. not fanboying for sony just a guy on the sideline laughing at the shit haha
Meetra Surrik
Meetra Surrik преди месец
I love Microsoft
ReTemp преди месец
my original Xbox that's 6 years old recently broke and I couldn't Get the preorder it :( so now im :(
FoB952 преди месец
The new xbox looks like a tower. I dont like it.
Diego Aguirre
Diego Aguirre преди месец
Xbox is actually getting pretty based
KyLesCaster преди месец
Just be glad you are in a position to afford a console and play the thing.
godspeed преди месец
Think about a halo made by id that would be amazing
Dustin Whiting
Dustin Whiting преди месец
I thought you were gonna say you accidentally ordered an Xbox one X lmao
rc car
rc car преди месец
Also, mobile isn't "gaming" it's "gayming".
rc car
rc car преди месец
Why would you want an Xbox Series X when you don't even run Winblows on your "gaming PC" Muta? MGS is being remade and remastered on PS5. Screw Xbox.
Mr Goodman
Mr Goodman преди месец
I don’t know why people even try to pre order consoles
EPIC PUPPY TECH преди месец
fuck the plastic boxes! get the metal box!!!! #pcmasterrace
IIopopoII преди месец
I managed to preorder both PS5 Disc Edition & Xbox Series X. Just down to luck.
anime girl
anime girl преди месец
I have an old xbox 360. I played the old version of terraria and I play a spider man game or something..I'm not interested in spider man, I just like fighting and swinging from webs. When my FIRST MODEL PSVR broke...I was so upset. I'm getting an oculus quest for Christmas and I'm so excited.. also I have a ps4
Xb Pc_TTV преди месец
microsoft needs to buy atlus, I need my p5 xbox and pc port
King Nexus MOCs
King Nexus MOCs преди месец
Ok but Xbox is trash.
Sir Sneaky Beaky
Sir Sneaky Beaky преди месец
Ill buy a console when someone secures a jet set radio sequal
EnigmaticRPG преди месец
Yall are CRAZY buying that shit day one (or at least attempting to). You gotta wait a year so they can patch everything, release the second run that won't randomly catch on fire, and also drop $400. I know that's a lot to ask of like a 15yo, but as an AdultTM I will literally forget about it for 2+ years, so when I DO get around to buying the newest console... the pro version is out and all the games I want are GOTY Editions for $30 lmao
HumanErr преди месец
Sony needs to give you a free year of their game streaming service with the ps5 that might sway the odds
Welsh Dragon
Welsh Dragon преди месец
Just Go thank God you are not born in Iran! PS5 cost 15 times the amount of minimum wage
Welsh Dragon
Welsh Dragon преди месец
PS5 cost 300,000,000 Rials in Iran! Can you count the Zeros? That's 9 of them in a row! Gaming has died in this shithole of a country thanks to hyperinflation! People can't afford the games either nor can they can purchase gamepass!
Ianna Arisun ありすね
Ianna Arisun ありすね преди месец
When he said Gamerettes I was so happy because I'm a girl who plays video games :'')
Scotty Dee
Scotty Dee преди месец
Awe Pour Mutahar
IKillU4Free преди месец
4:53 Nice touch with the license plates
drunken mother
drunken mother преди месец
I love PlayStation too but Sony has always been on top, in terms of 1st party titles and exclusives. It's actually nice to see Microsoft being able to actually swing back for once.
Ellard Kurvin
Ellard Kurvin преди месец
inb4 Prey 2 Xbox Series Exclusive
drunk lad
drunk lad преди месец
Am I high cuz I thought this came out nov 10
Shloam преди месец
Lazy преди месец
I would get the xbox game pass, but all the games on there that I want to play are xbox only, and my xbox is like a 3-year old xbox one
King TDOT преди месец
I find it funny the American sites crashed but the Canadian sites didn’t 😂 I ordered my Xbox so smooth it was crazy the trouble my American friends were having
Wyhiob Carlile
Wyhiob Carlile преди месец
casually mentions that bethesda got bought, weird flex
GaySpoon преди месец
I agree that the Xbox series x looks good but I'm not sure if I'm gonna drop 500 on it seeing, how most of the exclusives seem to also be on pc. Any thoughts, is it worth it for a pc gamer?
Ikaros преди месец
When are we getting videos with the BOIS? Like the shitpastas?
Galiel Karmi
Galiel Karmi преди месец
Cheap laptop gamers gang wya?
The Dude Rolls
The Dude Rolls преди месец
Grand Ruby
Grand Ruby преди месец
If only Microsoft accepted square-enix and allowed ff games on there 😩
Tobi преди месец
hiram siqueiros
hiram siqueiros преди месец
the real winner here is Todd Howard, he managed to sell skyrim for 7.5 billion, the ultimate salesman xD
Tony Lujan
Tony Lujan преди месец
It took me 2 hours but I am very grateful I was able to get one from Best Buy.
Teh Foodie
Teh Foodie преди месец
Ohh no Indian man is mad!!!!!!!
phantom преди месец
respect to the xbox homies. I got my ps5 preorder day 2 so Im pretty excited about that
9oh7music преди месец
ppl that use bots are filth... like they don’t deserve a console. resellers are absolute trash humans. can’t create any sense of worth so you take things of worth and jack the prices up like u jack ur dad.
Bozy-Duz-It преди месец
you need to to a video on twitch bots haha
spyk преди месец
I've never heard muta say freaking
Questionable Logic
Questionable Logic преди месец
This generation is the Scalper's dream, truly
H R преди месец
I have been a playstation 4 owner for a long time and now I think I am going to buy the xbox series s and later on the ps5 on sale. Mostly because I know that game pass is available and I don't need to spend a lot of money out the gate for games. Ps now is cool but not as diverse as game pass.
Mr. Goodliffe
Mr. Goodliffe преди месец
Scalpers man
Ali Balyemez
Ali Balyemez преди месец
I miss how Xbox one and ps4 players called each other gay through memes n shit
Joshua Chitwood
Joshua Chitwood преди месец
Why not discuss the ups and downs of each console to see which one is better instead of shutting down the conversation by calling people stupid?
Low Tier Gonk
Low Tier Gonk преди месец
Im dont understand the console wars, me personally? Im getting the digital versions of both. Xbox coming first because, 1, its cheaper and i still have my old ps4, and 2, i want to play forza again.
Brian BB
Brian BB преди месец
I started playing yakuza because it was a ps plus free game at one point, and I remembered your recommendation. This game is really fucking good, I finished kiwami and just bought yakuza 0
Cortana преди месец
this video makes me love Xbox, xbox has been the console ive grown up with and the PS4 is nice but it isn't my favourite. i miss when Xbox was the biggest console ever.
World Kat
World Kat преди месец
I hope Fable comes to game pass on PC.
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