I Was Lucky Enough To Get A Playstation 5...

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For the first time in my life, I beat the scalper bots and secured the console I'm most excited for. The next generation is looking promising and it seems gamers from all camps have a ton of positivity to look forward too. Thanks for watching!
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Danny the Dan Man
Danny the Dan Man преди 2 дни
“1440p is now the standard” Me still 1080p: :(
Gaming_ Pal_John
Gaming_ Pal_John преди 12 дни
Mutahar is speed
Antonio Santiago
Antonio Santiago преди 16 дни
It broke the Best Buy website when it came out
luigiymario2 преди 17 дни
Not poggers muta, I would've thought you'd go with an xbox series x, the ps5 not only comes with videogames price increase for no reason while xbox price's stay the same, in everything they have shown on places like digital foundry the RTX they promised is fake news, the videogame raw power when it comes to resolution and fps it seems it's only able to push to 1440p and not the native 4k they promised but a "dynamic 4k" meaning that you'll only get to hit about half the resolution 4k when the fan is ramping up, any time else you'll get way less resolution and the performance peaks at around 5 teraflops out of the 10.something teraflops they promised
Fafnir's Blade
Fafnir's Blade преди 18 дни
Muta is an Ai confirmed
DonutDev преди 20 дни
muta is ascended
shen преди 22 дни
history is easy to forget people said the same exact thing for the ps4 pre-release, how it was incredible and put an expensive pc to shame. people also said the same exact thing for the ps3, justifying its price.
Justin Mabe
Justin Mabe преди 26 дни
7:56 I fucking Loved Siphon Filter man!
Justin Mabe
Justin Mabe преди 26 дни
6:38 Muta sounded like them old time radio advertisers lol
gas the weebs
gas the weebs преди 29 дни
Why would you prefer ps5 xbox will have Bethesda games exclusively on xbox
J RMusic
J RMusic преди месец
The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn looks amazing, but since the PS5 isn't backwards compatible I'm sticking to my PS4 Pro. Still got a toooooon of titles to play! Just snagged RE3 for 40 bucks new on the Labor Day sale.
Perseus Bolt
Perseus Bolt преди месец
Damn, that’s almost as bad as when people were selling hand sanitizer and wipes for 2k
OriginalDarkMew преди месец
I'll only get the new Xbox when GTA 5 drops on it...
cat преди месец
I went to the stores looking for a new PS4 because mine got screwed up by the update and they were sold out everywhere I went. it really sucked, its so odd i'd expect everyone trying to upgrade
alexis mejia
alexis mejia преди месец
I just got gaming laptop 2 month ago ima wait for next year to get the ps5 lol I get 120 fps on warzone on normal
Humongous420 преди месец
World: PS5 PREORDER...PANIC!!! Me: Still smacking my PS3 to get Fallout New Vegas to work.
IDRK Official
IDRK Official преди месец
We need skyrim TWO.... or elders scrolls 6
Whitestarmania Hub
Whitestarmania Hub преди месец
You got exclusive pre-orders in your email muta
bruh преди месец
Poor Nintendo fans
Galen S
Galen S преди месец
I see Muta sold his UNI
-LongboardSword Style
-LongboardSword Style преди месец
That endscreen is gonna give me nightmares lol
idriss Rayane
idriss Rayane преди месец
Pls No
Pls No преди месец
I’m getting a PS5 so I can let my sister play on my ps4
InkSansIsLit преди месец
ok why do i need a ps5 if all im gonna play is undertale and project diva
Marc T.
Marc T. преди месец
Lucky guy
Epicplauge преди месец
My dad used to come home and bea- Muta:POGGERS :0
PIKL Creep
PIKL Creep преди месец
Physical games are really good, I got Code Vein for like $15 new, but on the Xbox store it's like $60.
AyeNash преди месец
The Fend
The Fend преди месец
I managed to pre-order 4 legit…
Kevin Ennis
Kevin Ennis преди месец
Kids would bully you for not having nintendo? Damn, my buddy had a genesis and I always thought of it as, "wow now I can play this console with him that I don't own!"
Salvador Flores
Salvador Flores преди месец
Is the ps5 going on discount for black friday?
RedStarRising преди месец
Tfw the Series S is worse than the One X
Roza Gonzalez
Roza Gonzalez преди месец
I don't like ps but my brother's used to have one not the biggest fan but it's good
Adain S
Adain S преди месец
I just want demon souls
Lazy преди месец
It is so fucking tempting to go console now actually... but the fact that online is gonna cost money and games are overpriced makes it so it evens out with a pc's price
deviljoegaming преди месец
No matter how good the tech gets consoles should stay relatively cheap because that one of the main reasons consoles should exist
King Noe
King Noe преди месец
Congrats Muta considering they're selling out everywhere I hear. I'm not worried about the new systems luckily, just cyberpunk, gta6, & another god of war would be nice but other than those nothin else has interested me in the new systems. Hopefully the games u all get work on release with these, I heard there were a lot of problems with that on the current gen.
J Assoon
J Assoon преди месец
muta are you really getting excited about fucking 60fps...
GrayX преди месец
Cries in 1050ti
imthem4n преди месец
hay muda,i have to ask, how do you find the really mest up shit?
cyanmanta преди месец
I love being a late adopter. Everything is so much cheaper and hassle-free, and if something is going to be crap, I know it long before I purchase.
Endkeeper преди месец
that happend with the new RTX 3000 cards :{
T E преди месец
milquiades diaz
milquiades diaz преди месец
Lmao i got 2 pre orders
Clint преди месец
Muta turned into Michelangelo for a moment. #TurtlePower
JROC G преди месец
I'm gonna wait a few years. Maybe i'll be able to afford the PS4.
Novanev преди месец
Genuine concern but is my only option now just to wait till launch day or are there any site that keep getting restock
Resonance DeLaCroix
Resonance DeLaCroix преди месец
Same, got my preorder done on the 18th. Congrats Muta!
But what about stadia
fuad ahamed
fuad ahamed преди месец
richard barber
richard barber преди месец
bots botsss BOOTTTSS
Nick Sagistiano
Nick Sagistiano преди месец
U need sum sleep
Tommy Forrest
Tommy Forrest преди месец
I was botting the ps5 release and I’d personally like to apologize cause we completely fucked y’all over hard 👍
Pirate Pits
Pirate Pits преди месец
Spoilt? Um no im having to pay money for it lol
Stan преди месец
you could've just waited lol
ZorbaNoodle преди месец
they should of just made their own preorder site and make it so only preorder per hwid / mac address so bots cant buy
Magic преди месец
Jernos преди месец
I wouldn’t buy a console right as it comes out because remember the switch
Jernos преди 12 дни
@TreebeardXIV that does not mean all of them have problems
TreebeardXIV преди 15 дни
Bought my Switch day 1, zero problems.
erick f.dossantos
erick f.dossantos преди месец
meanwhile i am happy that nintendo is coming to brazil so now i only have to sell one kidney to get the switch and finally play astral chain, doom on the go, and next year mh rise and monster hunter stories 2
Melissa Lutz
Melissa Lutz преди месец
I love you. You have such wholesome content that I can kick back and relax to your voice, keep doing what you do :)
RageGamerDuck преди месец
man i swear i’ve seen this design like 4 tarts ago
ImpalaSSRulz21 преди месец
Ah you live in Canada aye lol
Vinyl5five преди месец
Ace Town
Ace Town преди месец
Millionaire buys ps5. Okay cool I guess, good for you lol. The ad revenu on this vid is probably gonna pay for it too, and the "out of stock" is just a nice experement for folks like you.
Turtle Turtle
Turtle Turtle преди месец
Lmao blackfriday has been canceled.
The 3D Printing Belgian
The 3D Printing Belgian преди месец
meanwhile my gamestore casually called me up and went "hey since you bought a PS4 we already put you in the list and you are cleared for day one PS5. you want it?" I wasn't even planning on getting one.
Jehanson преди месец
Cars And Zombies
Cars And Zombies преди месец
Please don’t tell me the actual price is $629 for the disk version which is the more underpowered option of the next gen consoles....
Sabagegah преди месец
Meanwhile I’m out here with my Wii and modded Mario Kart.
Timothy Harriott
Timothy Harriott преди месец
This is hardly spoiled this should have happened back during the 360 day’s
Full Vengeance
Full Vengeance преди месец
Yeah but fuck sony I wanted demon souls on pc
アニメの一般ユーザーファン преди месец
Ps5 is poop
EpicSmileyMan64 преди месец
There's only 2 games i am looking forward too for next gen, STALKER 2 and that obsidian game with the knights and shit, forgot what it's called. Just gunna wait till next year to buy a series X. Series X also has great backwards compatability so that another major win over the ps5 for me.
Alex Fernández
Alex Fernández преди месец
muta just in case you get anotha ps5 do you mind using your god like powers to teleport me one??
Melody преди месец
mobile gamer: ..........................
captain khaos
captain khaos преди месец
I see muta a man in his 30's? Questing after a plastic box. Me at 45: Where's my iPhone 4 I haven't used in 6 months...
ZeroSkillsNeeded преди месец
Time for Ps6 5000k graphics Leaked*
UnknownMaskedMan преди месец
My personal advice wait a year and half or two years before getting a PS5, extend the wait time by half a year if any news of the console having some sort of major hardware issue were to come out. That way you not only have another games to choose from, but your PS5 will last through its generation cycle without issues if you take care of it. Also looks like they trying to cash in on the backwards capability of the PS5, making the disc drive version a bit more expensive. Or they are slowly pushing gamers to go digital.
Jeffrey Bozko
Jeffrey Bozko преди месец
I love the specs of the new ps5, but why did they have to make it look like that lol.
Jeffrey Bozko
Jeffrey Bozko преди месец
Stay away from the first few batches, they always have problems.
A channel
A channel преди месец
Bloody Money Beats
Bloody Money Beats преди месец
Shoulda got an Xbox lol
Máté Knyihár
Máté Knyihár преди месец
70 euro for a game is just unimaginable my country's economy is suffering already at this point its a luxury to buy 1 game for 60 let alone 70? pirating it is boyssss
Trapnヹゴか преди месец
me who is going to wait for the PS5 Pro...
Chicken Lips
Chicken Lips преди месец
The ps5 pre order is so stupid in business terms
Korvus преди месец
Matthew. lmao
Matthew. lmao преди месец
yo my iphone got a virus i was watch anime on wed sites and a got a virus but google said it’s a ad pop up so idk
RajJ Gaming
RajJ Gaming преди месец
Ad pop up
Lehran преди месец
Here's the plan. We make a bot available to the general public that's really easy to use but it only orders 1 of whatever you set it to watch. The bots can fight other bot and the server requests can cause an even greater disaster to whoever doesn't know how to handle a launch.
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez преди месец
This is the toilet paper mess all over again. Lol
TinyTopHats преди месец
I had my dad drive me to GameStop to preorder one when I called and asked after hearing rumors on Twitter they were selling them. The guys in front of me got the last 2. Went back home and checked Twitter 30 minutes of browsing Twitter magical Geoff Keighley sounded the alarm that he got his PS5 preordered from Target. I signed up to Target's site so fast that I managed to some how preorder the damn thing before the bots got them all. I'm honestly shocked how I managed to get one that quick. This is also my first ever console I've preordered, and the PS4 Slim is also my first ever launch day console and I'm very thankful and proud to be able to own these consoles. Also gotta agree with you on having physical copies of games glad I'm not the only one who would rather own the physical copy than a digital copy that I could one day lose when store servers go down forever. Think about this one people you will never be able to download the games you own if a store's servers are shut down.
Mama Nic
Mama Nic преди месец
Man after my heart. Lol i didn't technically start with ps1, Sega genesis over here! 😁
Wolfgang 87
Wolfgang 87 преди месец
i'm still playing my ps2,,[can't beat ps2's fps black,] anyone here as broke as me,,,,and i'm still saving for a ps4,,i'm almost there,4 months in the making,,,,hey maybe there will be a price drop now the ps5 has come out,,ill get the ps5 when the ps6 comes out,,!!! one can dream
Hyper Mega
Hyper Mega преди месец
vicious cycle of rushed consoles being made during pre-order and launch and people complaining that its broken and not working
James Lamb
James Lamb преди месец
This pre-order chaos has me chuckling. Do people think Sony will let all these buyers ready to hand over cash go hungry? They'll be multiple more waves of stock coming.
Chunk Monky
Chunk Monky преди месец
Roger S
Roger S преди месец
2:42 those are rookie numbers
Tami Marin
Tami Marin преди месец
I think it's pretty scummy that the ps5 only supports ps4 backwards compatibility forcing you to fork out more money for PS Now in addition to PS Plus. I hate the shitbox but it's got me reconsidering when I heard it was offering multi generation games without extra cost. 😞
JustAndrew преди месец
The same thing happened to the 3080 and will happen to the 3090,3070 and the futures amd cpus and gpus too.Like in my country i wanted a 3080 and ibwas expecting that here in Romania they will not sold in a little time but i was dead wrong.It sold in like 5-10minutes...So yeahhhh... And btw you kinda forgot that some games are 30fps and have a mod so they can play 60fps rolf.There are many things that you kinda forgot about ps5 and xbox series x tbh.
adamkriaco преди месец
if i am a lowspecgamer (aka still has an i3 2100 and a gtx 750) am i still considered a gamer tho
Skye преди месец
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