Even Among Us Isn't Safe...

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This game blew up everywhere and has brought us all together, it's even brought all the smoothbrain script kiddies together as well, watch as we go down a shallow rabbit hole of Among Us nonsense right here on this website. Thanks for watching!
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SomeOrdinaryGamers преди месец
Getting that GFuel with code "SOG" isn't sus let me tell ya. www.gfuel.com
M-d vlogs &docbaseball28
M-d vlogs &docbaseball28 преди 21 ден
Link is not bad I am not trying to get you
M-d vlogs &docbaseball28
M-d vlogs &docbaseball28 преди 21 ден
Hey SOG I got a scam and spam and fack cheat and mod video for you to remember :bgpost.info/post/19pivZqnbqJmmYU/video
Ka S
Ka S преди 22 дни
hey do you know if blue stacks is safe for normal among us
ᴅᴇᴄᴀᴅᴇ преди 28 дни
Not Llama
Not Llama преди месец
How to be imposter everytime: The new Indian caller Edit:Srry if that sounds racist I just hate scam callers
Melon Pulter
Melon Pulter преди 13 часа
me when seeing the BEACH FISHING: oh u son of a BEACH
Danganronpa is very EPIC
Danganronpa is very EPIC преди 22 часа
# why no AC market
hullabeluga преди 23 часа
0:00 he looked up among us hentai lets talk about it
Sperm Cell
Sperm Cell преди ден
It's all fun and games until he installs an actual virus
The Shadow
The Shadow преди ден
The point of Among Us is to outwit your friends as the imposter, or be a detective as a crewmate. Cheating is cringe.
Ajay the Virginia Opossum
Ajay the Virginia Opossum преди 2 дни
Bruh my man's computer probably has so much malware
Quurze преди 2 дни
You can also lookup Spiffing Brit's video on how to easily exploit the game (which even he actually wants the developer to fix ASAP) and basically win practically every game. And when Spiff wants an exploit to be fixed, you damn well know that the exploit isn't fun for anyone!
James Martin
James Martin преди 2 дни
I wanna get a hack but not to actually use in public games I just wanna play in privately hosted games with my friends Idk if I can get banned tho and when i found out how easy it was to get a hack I didn’t cause it’s to good to be true tho I still wanna get the hack And use it against my friends I just don’t trust it
le fishe 69
le fishe 69 преди 3 дни
someone I am with injected a virus on my computer
Filth преди 3 дни
The fact that some of them actually worked
Jefuffle Kluse
Jefuffle Kluse преди 3 дни
Among Us hentai actually exists btw. Just thought you should know.
DogGaming 926
DogGaming 926 преди 4 дни
Any game with a chat button: *exists* Pedos: is for me?
isaac ramos
isaac ramos преди 5 дни
it's because of that hacker *ERIS LORI'S*
Reaven the Graven
Reaven the Graven преди 5 дни
lol I actually got a hack for the game with out that paid advertising things
lilk1dgamer преди 5 дни
6:16 killed me
anonymousgamer преди 6 дни
Who else is tired of seeing Among us in your recommendations
Gamer boi Streams
Gamer boi Streams преди 7 дни
Imagine a game being safe
Sliccs преди 8 дни
at 5:40 an ad randomly shows up wen ever you click. you just needed to cdlick get link and then u would have downloaded the 'hacl'
Jacob Hannibal
Jacob Hannibal преди 8 дни
8:54 "it doesn't know its being virtualized, but its being virtualized."
Grape Cola
Grape Cola преди 8 дни
Survey verification, that’s when you know it’s totally real
Dr Horticulture
Dr Horticulture преди 9 дни
Dumb hacks, for a dumb game 🤣😏
HAMnPORK GAMER преди 9 дни
Look at that spiff is there, one og the top search Only true hack imo
Mr. Zombie
Mr. Zombie преди 10 дни
blue stacks is safe only the things u download in that can be bad
Exter Yeet
Exter Yeet преди 10 дни
Always remember, hacking means admitting you’re too bad at the game to play it like everybody else does
Vanoss преди 12 дни
Among us gave me a virus
Walter Belmovic ADM8
Walter Belmovic ADM8 преди 12 дни
6:20 _if you cant understand my language just turn on the subtitles_ I was laughing so hard at this XD
Kiet Quan Tuan
Kiet Quan Tuan преди 13 дни
alternate title: among us sus
HALD-MATALONGOS преди 14 дни
HALD-MATALONGOS преди 14 дни
Andrei Ștefan
Andrei Ștefan преди 14 дни
I will be fixing a iphone 7
Cant3003 преди 15 дни
U sound like a surfer dude in cartoons 3:06
Mythical Dino
Mythical Dino преди 15 дни
I would get hacks and use them on discord cheaters lol like the III people and the people who say who killed them
chris преди 15 дни
off topic but does anyone know what extension he uses to get that youtube background at 4:35
Anathema Animals
Anathema Animals преди 16 дни
why does it seem like mootahar is slowly losing his shit?
Átyesz Pápesz
Átyesz Pápesz преди 16 дни
its so fucking sad how kids get viruses cuz they download stuff like this i used to cheat in slither.io lmao when likeidk jackcepticeye or wtf his name is and his friends played it
Jovan Filipovic
Jovan Filipovic преди 16 дни
So is Amoung us safe without hack or mods on mobile with personalized ads or not ?
Quirsten Jethro
Quirsten Jethro преди 16 дни
Why is this on a playlist of english dub Danganronpa the animation?
JR преди 16 дни
My boy's browser over here really be breakin unicode
Darian Kimberly
Darian Kimberly преди 17 дни
I have reported 20 different ads for this hack.
BennyDaBoy преди 17 дни
For an indian person your english is the best of all, when i first watched your channel i didnt knew you were indian.
akun akun
akun akun преди 17 дни
muta talking in india is what makes my life complete
James Gallant
James Gallant преди 17 дни
Why is this on the end of a Danganronpa Playlist?
ice преди 17 дни
wait so hackers get hacked? lmao yes
WHUCHEU преди 19 дни
I literally am getting ads that are encouraging people to get hacks on CSGO
Arthur Reign
Arthur Reign преди 20 дни
Wait a minute... This isn't Danganronpa: The Animation English Dub
Walter преди 21 ден
why is this in the danganronpa playlist
Red •
Red • преди 21 ден
SomeOrdinaryGamers is kinda sus ngl
Red •
Red • преди 21 ден
Abeon The Hobo
Abeon The Hobo преди 21 ден
I hope you have Shared Folders turned off on your VM?
Spicy T
Spicy T преди 21 ден
i’m confused this is a danganronpa playlist
M-d vlogs &docbaseball28
M-d vlogs &docbaseball28 преди 21 ден
Arvis games
Arvis games преди 22 дни
For some reason this video is in a random danganronpa playlist
Tostermaize 69
Tostermaize 69 преди 22 дни
i actually found one that works lol
Kristin Flor
Kristin Flor преди 22 дни
Why is this video in a Danganronpa playlist?
Azur33 преди 22 дни
Little sis: I won in among us Me: Really? How? Little sis: I hacked the game and won Me: Get the fuck out of my room (It baffles me that she's still hacking the game)
noelliepollie преди 22 дни
I like how one week later. All the servers get hacked hard
I was playing this last month and ran into someone who had no cooldown...We were confused as to why...I realized he was cheating. It really is pathetic if you have to cheat in a game, especially in a game like among us.
Beemy Breezy
Beemy Breezy преди 23 дни
one time i was playing among us and there was a 14 year old giving personal pictures to a 18 year old on among us they just said it in chat
Chris Nicholson
Chris Nicholson преди 23 дни
Danganronpa brought me here
TJ Bibo
TJ Bibo преди 23 дни
its funny how it says "among us hentai" in his search on youtube
Aiden Tale
Aiden Tale преди 24 дни
APKs ar very safe also axey is safe
Aiden Tale
Aiden Tale преди 24 дни
TIP FOR INSTALLING HACKS: Only trust mobile hacks if there from mediafire mega or happymod
Arhan Altun
Arhan Altun преди 24 дни
Its all fun and games until muta starts speaking enchanting table
DanDCool преди 24 дни
2.22M subss
AC games
AC games преди 24 дни
Wtf who cheats in among us that is stupid just like cheating in fall guys
DanFire Flare
DanFire Flare преди 25 дни
What do we report the hack ads under for maximum efficacy
Ali Rabah
Ali Rabah преди 25 дни
I wanted to get hacks in among us on mobile so I can get pets only and nothing else
Riley Garcia
Riley Garcia преди 25 дни
3:45 This doesn’t look *fkn fake at all...*
Dylan Enfield
Dylan Enfield преди 25 дни
I mean... I use AN1.com for hacked games xd I've downloaded a shit ton from there and I'm all good. (You need to use an android as they do .apk files. And yes, there is an actual among us with all hats etc) Please note im not scamming im not sponsored by them, im just sayin. Have a great day all
xx Charlie xx
xx Charlie xx преди 25 дни
i was watching danganronpa on a playlist i found. i finished it and the screen went dark, i let it play out then this copyright thing came on so i thought it was a part of danganronpa then this man fades in and goes hehehe Hey guys i kid you not i shat myself
Benedict Spetz
Benedict Spetz преди 25 дни
I hack among us, but I try not to ruin others fun.
JustImax преди 25 дни
finally someone else who has not got windows activated
Skyler преди 26 дни
7:37 Suspicious application? *sus*
vestaa преди 26 дни
3:35 "Congrats! You Are Will Receive your pack!" .....bruh
Pedrokiz2 преди 26 дни
the only acceptable hacks on among us is hat hacks
The Impostor
The Impostor преди 26 дни
I was going to play among us and then its says: Among us is a Virus
Vixy преди 26 дни
1 trick you can do on steam so you can buy among us way cheaper then it is since employees russia dont paid that much nor anyone gets paid that much in whole russia except corrupt politicians so you use a vpn connect to a russian server and there ya go you get the game way cheaper then it is *also muta that RDS gaming guy few months ago he only had like 6k subs then i checked it a month later it had 15k subs now its at 80k which is weird*
night light plays
night light plays преди 26 дни
thank you for pittying me i have a worse time already uwu
Original Name
Original Name преди 26 дни
I saw these ads on among us
Jennie Kim 제니
Jennie Kim 제니 преди 26 дни
9:21 “I think critical is right, I really do need to seek some help, I have a problem” You think, Muta? XD
CreeperSammyB AKA Gray the Foxwolf!
CreeperSammyB AKA Gray the Foxwolf! преди 26 дни
wait, but why does it matter if you hack in amongst ourselves you could join another game well it IS HACKS so ok
MCspider преди 26 дни
You can get all items for free if you delete the cc.gamemanager files
LeMeowjesty преди 27 дни
Why did I find this in an online 'Danganronpa anime episode" playlist..? I don't regret it
LeMeowjesty преди 7 часа
@shamwow XD
shamwow преди 21 час
because hacking and cheating brings despair
Hamilfan преди 27 дни
One of the few youtube critics that actually have some common sense and are respectable love ya man and keep up the great videos.
AkaiYoru преди 27 дни
What is the point of being the imposter every time? Doesn't that mean, that you become known as the "always imposter" and get picked every single game? And if everyone did that, who the fuck would be the crewmate then?
Suzy Hates Sushi
Suzy Hates Sushi преди 27 дни
Lol i downloaded the game free and got all the hats, skins and pets for free but it took me 6 hours to find out how to do it so nah no link
Dewi Fatimah
Dewi Fatimah преди 27 дни
666k views what??!!!
HyzenTV преди 27 дни
hacks are easy to get that's why i play with friends
TheGamingCyberman преди 27 дни
How the fuck is this in a danganrompa playlist
Karmatic преди 27 дни
When Mutahar started to raise his voice in Indian I fucking lost it
Mr. Impasta
Mr. Impasta преди 27 дни
FYI it said in the announcements that they will make Among Us accounts to prevent some stuff
Nate Bait
Nate Bait преди 27 дни
0:26 "among us hentai"
Maximusgamer0710_YoutubeOffical преди 27 дни
funnny epic hehe haha moment 6:26
Josh Perez
Josh Perez преди 28 дни
I know I’m not the only one who’s fallen for the survey download 2 apps to get 12000 coc gems
Esteban Hernández
Esteban Hernández преди 28 дни
Name of that virtual machine software pls?
Pg vGoat
Pg vGoat преди 28 дни
I slept over at my friends house. While I was sleeping his little downloaded among us hack. His excuse was " it said it's verified" 😂 he got a virus noe
Pg vGoat
Pg vGoat преди 28 дни
the demon5
the demon5 преди 28 дни
there was a hacker in me and my friends game and they got banned , i also found a hacker in my game where he could kill almost everybody at once
Ali !
Ali ! преди 28 дни
ur tha best
The L&K Network
The L&K Network преди 28 дни
Wait, my man Muta streams?!!!
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